Hi ladies!! So I have to say this site has...

Hi ladies!!

So I have to say this site has been such a blessing to me over the past few weeks. Reading all you guys' experiences has been so helpful and reassuring. I have wanted a BA ever since I was a teen. Since I never really developed much of anything by the way of breasts, it's left me feeling less womanly and more like a little girl. Mind you I am 29 yrs old. I am currently an A cup. I am a very petite 5'3" 110lbs. I have three children...ages 7, 5 and almost 3. I managed to get lucky and not really have much deflation of my breasts even though when my milk would come in with each pregnancy, my boobs would be three sizes bigger. While breast feeding I was a small D and absolutely loved them. Only to be left feeling disappointed when I stopped breast feeding.
My goal is to just be able fill out my clothes and feel like a woman. I can't wait to be able to go bra shopping and not have to worry about getting padded bras!!!!

Now... What I discussed in my first consultation was going with a 300cc mentor hp silicone implant, placed under the muscle with the incision in the infra mammary crease. I basically stated that I wanted to go as big as I could for my frame and not look like I have two big balls on my chest...lol!! With my ribcage being so narrow and me not really having a definite crease I was advised that this size would be ideal in the sense that I would have the least chance of complications such as bottoming out and so forth. I'm not gonna lie when I heard 300cc I was like omg that is not going to be big enough to give me the result I want. And all these random thoughts started running through my mind like what if 300cc doesn't even make that big of a difference, what if they are too far apart, what is the point of getting this done if I'm only going to go up by 1 cup size...and on and on and on...lol! But then we went and did the vectra 3D imaging and all I can say is this thing is so amazing!!! Ladies if you are fortunate enough to find a doctor that uses this you know exactly what I'm talking about. They took my picture and showed me what to expect with the 300cc and all my worries and fears were instantly gone. So I guess I will see what my PS says at my pre-op on the 10th. Btw...I forgot to mention my initial consultation was with one of the nurses on staff...this being due to the fact that I have known for years that I wanted this PS to do my surgery.

I will update as often as possible with any info or thoughts or fears I might be having. I am happy to say I can't wait to hear any feedback from you ladies who have already underwent a breast augmentation, as well as those who are in my position right now... Who knows, maybe I'll meet a boobie buddy!!!

Talk to you ladies soon!

I just had mine done 12 days ago. Going for the fill in morning. Has anyone heard of drs doing this? I was a little frustrated by this because I will be awake and don't like pain (even if its just a sting)! I paid to have entire procedure while I was under and out! Not awake. :(
Who is your doctor?
Dr. Ciaravino

If any of you ladies out there have any stories of...

If any of you ladies out there have any stories of what you did to prepare for surgery I would love to hear them. I just want to make sure I have everything ready for when I get home...as you can imagine with three boys things can get pretty crazy around my house. My husband will be home to help me for the first few days, so I guess I'll have to let go and let him take care of things....considering I am a control freak that is going to be quite a task, lol!!
Also, if you ladies who have children can share your experience of their reactions, that would be amazing. Did they even notice a change? If so, what questions should I expect? And so on...just curious. My nerves atr getting worse!!
I know exactly how you feel. My BA is next Thursday. I'm really excited. However, I'm getting more nervous the closer I get to the big day.

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Here is a list of supplies and things to set up for your upcoming surgery. I would suggest stashing some new books/toys. Make a grab bag of dime store prizes for helping mom or cooperating.  :)  Save these for when your husband is not able to help as much. Try working with them to do more on their own over the next week.     If you're like me, it's hard to let my husband take over with our 3 kids...even though they're older now, but it will be good for all of them...in hindsight!  ;)  My kids were told that mommy had to have some "construction work" (like road work,) done on her breasts as they were a bit broken down after nursing their little sister. I reassured them that mommy was not sick and was going to be ok. That was all they needed at that age and they don't even remember it 7 years later. Looking forward to your updates!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the advice!

OMG!! I can't believe it. Everything is paid for....

OMG!! I can't believe it. Everything is paid for. Decisions have been made. I got my surgical bra, my Scarfade gel, my prescriptions, and my pre and post op instructions. I am officially getting way too excited. In exactly one week I will finally have what I have been wanting for so long now...boobies!! I'll post a before pic in my surgical bra to compare with after shots, seeing as it will be my best friend for 2 weeks!! :)
Goodluck!! So exciting!!
Good luck can't wait to see pics
Good luck!! The vectra machine was super cool. I was glad my surgeon had one:-) my surgery is the day after yours. I think the 300s will look great on your petite frame. Do u know what profile your using?

So of course I would get a cold (or something) 1...

So of course I would get a cold (or something) 1 week before my surgery....uuuuugggghhhhh!! Its nothing serious, just some drainage (causing a scratchy throat), nose running every now and then...but my main concern is the post nasal drip. So I called my PS office to notify them because they asked for me to call if I get any cold symptoms or anything within a week of my BA. I am terrified I am not going to be able to go ahead with everything on the 17th. I'm freaking out because I already paid for everything and I do not want to move my surgery. Any of you ladies who have had a similar experience, I would love, love, love to hear about it...because there is no way I'm not doing this come Wednesday...
Totally off topic, but I LOVE the shoes in your profile pic :-)
:-) yeah!!! I'm OBSESSED!! Haha
I've seem to come down with a "cold" too!! My husband and I both think its just my allergies made worse by the construction next door. Im not running a fever or diarreah or anything like that so I'm sure well be OK. Just do your best to rest and plenty of water to flush it out.

So after a lengthy chat with my anesthesiologist...

So after a lengthy chat with my anesthesiologist this evening, my anxiety is pretty much non existent. I am soooooo ready for this to be over. I have to be at the surgery center at 7:30am Wednesday. So that means I need to be walking out my front door at 5:30am. Thank goodness my mother in law will be keeping my boys tomorrow night, so I can get as much rest as possible. As if that won't be hard enough already... I'm pretty sure I will be taking a Valium tomorrow night so I can get some sleep. Because my mind will be racing.
I am glad I got the first surgery of the day, so I don't have to go all day without eating. I do love my food!! Lol! I saw thus sports bra at target today and just had to get it. Can't wait to not have to wear padded bras! So I am planning on posting a few more before pics tomorrow, seeing as it will be the last time I see my itty bitties :) Goodnight ladies!
I'm so excited for u!! I am 18 days post op today. I am also petite 5' and 97 lbs. After breastfeeding I was left with nothing. I went wth 300cc's silicone unders wth moderate profile and LOVE them!!!! Trying on clothes n bras is so much fun now!! I don't have to put a top back on a rack because it's too low or cuz i won't fill it. I was a 32AA pre-op and right now I'm a 32D but in clothes u can even tell. No one has noticed. I didnt tell very many people. I was always wearing push up padded bras before. Now I don't have to =) Good Luck!!!! Can't wait to see ur post op pics!!!! So exciting!!! I'll be praying for u!!! Pls keep us all updated on how ur doing. I kept a journal by my bed so I can journal everyday of how I was feeling and I took pics everyday =)
Thanks AsianGirl82!!! I absolutely cannot wait any longer. I am so glad you shared your story with me! That makes me feel so much better knowing your results, because that is exactly what I was wanting to achieve...and knowing that you were able to do that and you LOVE them gives me a little peace of mind and assurance that I DID choose the right size. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes!! You better believe I will be taking a TON of pics!! =)
I know exactly how u feel!! I wasn't scared at all. I was very confident in my decision and with my surgeon. I was more anxious to see what size I was going to be and if I would be proportionate. I didn't want the fake boob look but u didn't want to only go up one size after paying $6,100. There better be a difference if I'm paying hat much! Lol =) But I didn't want it to be obvious. I told my dr I trusted her judgement. I want to go as big as my body would allow with still looking natural hoping to have a full C cup without going over 300cc unless it was to correct any asymmetry she noticed after placing the sizers in. Right now I'm a 32D but can fit into some 32C depending on brand. I'm really happy wth them and got what I wanted. I printed pics of what I wanted to achieve and what I didn't want. I do have to say that I did do through a lil depression after surgery thinking I went wth the wrong size but after only 1 wk post op my implants dropped nicely and have looked better as each day goes by. So be patient if they don't look exactly what u want right after surgery. It's like 2 different surgeries happening at once. They will drop and fluff differently. Just be sure to wear the uncomfortable white band as much as possible to help implants fall into place. I only had to wear mine for a wk and was able to wear any bra after i saw my surgeon at my one wk post op apt. I just barely found a supportive n comfy sports bra for only $5.99 at Ross yestrday. I'm almost fully back to normal and feel great!! Praying for a speedy recovery for u wth no complications!! Can't wait to see ur after pics!! It's crazy how fast everything goes!! Good luck!! Sorry for rambling...I haven't had many people to talk about it wth. I didn't tell my parents for sister cuz they would be upset. Only my husband and a couple friends know. It's nice to find someone who will be going through the same thing as I did. I've wanted this since I was like 15...I waited for Mother Nature to visit and she never came...lol =) Now I'm 31 and wanted to do something for myself that I've wanted for years!! Really excited when I found ur post!! Happy thoughts and prayers going ur way!! Wish u could give u a big hug!! Lol =)

So...it's 3:50, I have been out of surgery for...

So...it's 3:50, I have been out of surgery for about 6 hours now. Thanks to all you ladies on here I knew what to expect!! I got 300cc silicone, under the muscle. And I cannot explain how I feel right now. I am just elated that it is finally over!! I am really out of it and just so sleepy right now. So I will update you guys tomorrow sometime.
Lookin good! Hope you have a good night and feel good tomorrow.
Thanks Paisley!
Looking good ! Hope you are feeling well and resting.

My first night was actually okay, considering I...

My first night was actually okay, considering I was up every so often to take my meds. But I was actually comfortable considering I just had surgery. My girls are high and tight, but not as much as I was expecting...and I have very little bruising, only at my incision sight. Dr. C is a true artist!!! So here is how my morning went yesterday...

I got to the surgery center at 7:30am, despite the morning rush in Houston...and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck. I absolutely hate being in bumper to bumper traffic with a a bunch of idiots, lol...no offense to anyone!! But I just don't understand why people just can't drive. I mean we are all headed to work or somewhere in the morning, granted I know at that time there are more people on the road at once than any other time, but seriously. There is no need to be driving 20 mph on the freeway, put your foot on the gas and off the brake and JUST DRIVE!! I really don't understand it...lol :)
Anyways, sorry for rambling. Back to the event at hand.

So after I checked in they called me back the room, and I waited on Dr. C to come in for one more chat. He examined my breasts one last time and confirmed that we were going with the 300cc...and surprised me when he asked if I wanted him to remove a skin tag I have had above my right breast since...FOREVER!! And I must say that very eagerly said "yes"!! I was going to ask him about that, and he brought it up first...I got so excited about that I even got a laugh out of Dr. C, and as he was walking out he said "that made you really happy, that's it, snip snip, call it a day!" I guess you just had to be there, lol, it was hilarious, and it took my mind off of my nerves.
It wasn't 5 minutes before the nurse came and got me to take me back and get my IV started. And let me tell you this, once it was in my anesthesiologist came and gave me some of the good stuff to relax me a bit, I took a pain pill, a muscle relaxer, and something to control my heart rate. Then I vaguely remember the nurse asking if I was feeling sleepy, all the while my anesthesiologist was putting meds into my IV...I responded "yes I am" and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up in recovery.

When I woke up the nurse was talking to me, asking how I was, and all I could say was I have to go to the restroom. I also could not stop shaking...thank God they had these heater thingies that that put under the blanket with you that blows warm air up towards you...think of like a blow dryer without the annoyingly loud noise. I don't remember much of what I talked about with the nurses, but I know they had to be laughing at me. Lol! I was cracking jokes and saying all kind of random things. I do remember that one nurse kept complimenting me on my hair cut and saying how much she liked it. She asked to take a picture of the back, because she said she could never get anyone to stack her hair like mine was. They always tend to it it too short in the back she said. I was like, "yeah. The guy who cuts my hair is really good. I call him Edward Scissor Hands!! He may be all over the place when he is cutting, but he always does an amazing job." LOL!! =) So she helped me sit up, took a picture, and showed it to me. I remember saying omg, my hair actually does still look good! Hahaha, only I would comment on how my hair looks after I just had surgery.LOL!!!

All in all I have to say that I built this whole thing up to be a bigger deal than it actually was. I can definitely say that this is the best money I have ever spent, and I would do it again in a heart beat!!

Night 2 begins... I can already feel that I will...

Night 2 begins... I can already feel that I will get more sleep tonight. My swelling is very minimal, mostly just very tight. And the long lasting pain reliever my surgeon puts around the implant is finally starting to wear off, so I am getting sensation back in the underside of my breasts. I must say my right side is quite a bit more sore...but I have read from a few ladies that whatever your dominant side is, that is the breast that will be sore longer and drop slower. So, we shall see. I can't stop looking at them!!! I am waiting patiently for them to drop and fluff!! The next few days/weeks are going to be interesting. I can't wait to see the changes "the girls" go through!!
I hope all you ladies have a good night!! Congrats to all those who joined the boobie team today!! And to all those who are still waiting, I can now say from first hand experience...YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!
U look great!!! I'm so happy for u!! Can't believe how good the "girls" look just 1 day post op!! That's awesome!! Yay for boobies =)))
Thanks =) yaaaay for boobies!!! I absolutely love them already!!
You look AWESOME!!!!!!

Day 3 post op...and I have to say I am feeling...

Day 3 post op...and I have to say I am feeling better than I expected. I have a very high tolerance or pain, but I haven't even had "pain" per say. Just a whole bunch of soreness. I have been able to raise my arms above my head since the day of surgery, mind you I don't do it much for fear of messing something up. Is that a normal fear? I feel like if I do too much or move my arms the wrong way I might tear something or move the implant to soon. I Have been sleeping, in between taking meds of course!! My husband calls my bed my "coffin" because of the way I have it set up with pillows...lol!! It is kind of funny =)

Not much to update, the girls are getting softer, still tight, but not as high :D
I am getting burning sensations below my breast where my incisions are...they are bearable, and they come and go. Nothing I can't handle. I guess it's just part of healing. I will take some pics and post them later!!!
I hope all you ladies have a great weekend! =)
Looking good
Thanks Violet!!
Sounds like your surgeon and nurses were wonderful!! You look great too. Your recovery sounds pretty good so far:) I am in the boat of making this a bigger deal then it is and I'm so nervous! Haha that is funny about your hair, I think I'd be like that too!

Day 4 So it is really scary how well...

Day 4

So it is really scary how well everything is going...so well, I keep feeling like something bad is going to happen any minute. I have to remind myself several times a day that I just had surgery 4 days ago. The one thing I can say is that the tension in my neck, shoulders and back is insane. Nothing unbearable, just extremely tight throughout my entire upper back. Shoulder massages and muscle relaxers are my best friends!!!

On to the girls!!! I uploaded pictures to show what I'm talking about, but I just don't know what to think...maybe I'm being too critical. My right side is dropping a little faster than my left, and it seems to be a little fuller around the bottom...I'm assuming this is due to the "dropping and fluffing". Is it normal to be scared that the other side won't drop and they will be uneven forever!? I'm so neurotic, I swear. Lol! Anyways, I'm sure all of this is normal, and all part of the healing process...it has only been 4 days, I have to keep telling myself that. The girls have a ways to go before they are fully healed.
I have my post op appointment tomorrow at 9:45am so I will have plenty of questions, and hopefully I get thumbs up from my PS. I hope you ladies have a wonderful Sunday!!
Congrats!!! Glad your recovery is going well! You look great :) Looks like we ended up getting the same size too. Are you required to wear a tight "strap"? Also, any suggestions for getting the tummy back to normal feeling? I've tried milk of magnesium and smooth move but neither are doing much at this point, even after cutting back on pain meds :(
Thanks!!! =) No strap required. But every PS is different. I was told to try colace. I couldn't find any so I got the generic brand that is the same active ingredient. It seemed to help me. I also chose to go with a softener instead of a laxative, because I didn't want to end up going the complete opposite and end up with diarrhea. I'm sorry you are still having stomach issues :( I'm not totally back to normal yet, but it's getting there...slowly. lol!
Well, I am finally feeling a little better today! I tried colace and got some probiotic greek yogurt so hopefully I will be back to normal in a week or so. Also, I finally go the go ahead to ditch the strap and wear a underwire bra :)

1 week TODAY!!!! I can't believe it's already...

1 week TODAY!!!!
I can't believe it's already been 7 whole days since I got the girls!! I have spent the last week reminding myself I just had surgery, because honestly, I felt really good 2 days out... The only two drawbacks would have to be the bloating (ugh) and the exhaustion. Both are on the downside right now, pretty much gone, and I feel even more amazing as e days roll by!! But definitely the first two to three days was pretty much impossible for me to keep myself from passing out at the drop of a hat, lol!! Yet, at the same time I couldn't sleep...makes no sense, I know! I think that's why I was so exhausted all the time. I was sleeping for like two hours at a time, and sometimes I wouldn't even be fully asleep. But in that stage where your eyes are closed, your entire body is relaxed but you are still alert and aware of outside stimuli. Anybody else know what I'm talking about?

I'm happy to report that sleeping is now drifting over to the more regular side of the spectrum, and soreness is almost completely gone. I only take my muscle relaxer like twice a day, and extra strength Tylenol as needed...which isn't very often. Yaaaay!!! The girls are dropping. SLOWLY!!! But they ARE dropping! =) I love them already, so I can't wait until they are finished dropping and fluffing. And since I had no swelling, I know they won't be getting any smaller. I could not be happier about that!! I started my massages on Monday, and I can already see an improvement in softness and movement. It is really crazy watching the changes they go through on a daily basis. It my be so small that only I notice, but every little bit put them closer to the "final product"!! Haha!! I love it!

That's about all I can think of right now...sorry if it is all over the place. Lol! My ADD kicks in and I lose my train of thought pretty easily. I'm just too excited about all of this!!

I can say without hesitation that this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. And the best time in my life to do it!!
I hope you ladies have a great hump day.
You look great for just a week!
Thank you!!!!
You're results look awesome! I love the pink sports bra. I get my BA in a week and I'm getting nervous!! I'm getting 350cc HP under the muscle. Any suggestions for a quick recovery? I'm very anxious for the pain afterwards

11 days out and I feel great!! With every day that...

11 days out and I feel great!! With every day that passes everything gets better and better. I absolutely love my new additions... And I'm happy to report that all of my tops and dresses still fit!!!! I just actually fill them out now. :) I couldn't be happier! Have a great Sunday ladies...and an amazing week!! Xoxox
The new girls look great!!! Isn't being a part of the boobie club the best!! LOL =) So glad ur recovery is going so smoothly!!! Thx for all the updates! Have a wonderful day =)
Thanks!! And yes it is the best =) how have you been? I hope all is well!! =)
I am doing great! Thx for asking =) I'm loving the new girls and how they fill out all my clothes!! Like u said..they just fit better! I am almost 5 wks post op and can't believe how fast it's gone by for both of us. U look great and better yet u feel great! It's funny how we have to remind ourselves that we just had surgery lol =) Yay for boobies!!

2 WEEK Update: So I finally got to take a...

2 WEEK Update:

So I finally got to take a "normal" shower this morning...without having to worry about getting my tape wet. Let me tell you, when I took it off I was pleasantly surprised at the look of my incisions. I will post pics of them later.

But all in all, everything is going well. The girls are dropping at a steady rate and getting softer and more moveable as the days pass!!! I am absolutely thrilled with my decision to do this and with my results so far!! I cannot thank my PS Dr. Ciaravino and all of the amazing ladies in the office. They all exceeded my expectations in every way!!


*** I meant to say I cannot thank them enough...lol!!

*** I meant to say I cannot thank them enough...lol!!

One month post op!!!

Not really too much to update. The girls are healing amazingly. D&F is in full effect!!! =) I have been blessed with with an awesome recovery so far, and I have high hopes for it to continue on the same path. I am loving how my tops fit. I have not had to replace any of my clothes...except for bras of course. Haha! I haven't been "officially" sized yet, but I have bought a couple of bras for everyday wear... No padding!! 32D!! So freaking excited about that! I couldn't be happier! They are perfect, in every way. Exactly what I wanted and expected!
U look great dropping perfectly
Thanks tTracy!! You're looking good! I hope you have been doing well :)
i love ur results, the more i look at reviews the smaller cc amount i want to go. My dr recommended 400-425 but i think thats too big for me :( Im 5'1" and 118 lbs. I love ur size, it looks perfect on u!

I just couldn't resist!!

So....I saw this bra and just had to have it!! Btw, I know I'm not supposed to be sized until three months, but... Let's just say, curiosity killed the cat! Hahah :) so I'm in Victoria's Secret just browsing (yeah right) lol...when I say what the hell, let's just get sized just to see if I was right...so I get measured, and sure enough, I measure 32D. So here I am, standing in the dressing room wearing this unlined Demi bra and it fits me like a glove. Only thing, it's a 32DD!!! And I'm measuring 32D!! The wonderful lady helping me then proceeds to say maybe its just the unlined that fits better in the DD? So she goes and grabs three different lightly lined Demi styles in 32DD for me to try...and what do know!?! They all fit amazingly!! I do not look like a DD at ALL!! And I do fit a D, they are just uncomfortable and tend to squeeze the girls.
I am just not sure how I feel about today's events? I mean I'm not complaining, I didn't go in with a certain cup size in mind. I just said let's go as big as I can for my frame without putting myself at a higher risk for complications. But I was definitely not expecting to end up being a 32DD!! I guess this just goes to show that there are so many factors that go into every single woman's outcome...it's not at all just about CCs.

I just thought I would share my experience today, hopefully it can help ease some minds about the dreaded CC debate.

Xoxo :)
Looking great. I got measured and they measured me at 32D but I measured and got 34D I bought a none underwire bra in a 34d and it does squeeze me. Tried on strapless 34d and no way would it fit lol
Lol! So you totally understand the problem with these fittings! I think I'm actually in between D and DD lol!! VS should totally start making half sizes! :)
I got my BA on May 16th in Austin. I love your results :) & I want your new bra! It's so sexy.

I can't believe how time flies!

It's been 6 weeks already! And if you didn't know me you would totally believe that I was born with these babies!! Lol!! Not really much to update from 2 weeks ago...just thought I'd post a couple new pics! I am extremely pleased with my results so far. I couldn't ask for better!

Good luck to all you ladies whose surgeries are upcoming! :)
You look amazing! Reading your story has made me even more eager for my BA July 25th !!! I hope my recovery goes as smoothly as yours haha
Thank you!! I'm glad my story has effected you so positively!! July 25th can't come soon enough, right!?
As soon as I saw this I was thinking great new boobs and I realized you went to Dr. c where I plan on going as soon as I save up for them! I'm glad to have seen this! They look fantastic!

This made me so FREAKING HAPPY!!!

BIKINI!!! Yaaaayyyaahh!!
Have you been massaging them? Looks amazing! I got mine yesterday and I am soo sore and tight.
Thanks cutebbs!! And Congrats!! You're gonna be sore and tight for at least the first few days....at least that's how I was. I am massaging, but I wasn't given the OK to start until my 2 week mark. Every PS is different. It gets better daily!! Hang in there! It is soooo worth it!
Oh my goodness love your story! You look simply gorgeous dear! I hope my recovery an boobs come out close to yours lol :) was there anything in particular u did or had to prepare before surgery?! Mine is June 27th!

WOW!! Time flies...

I know its been a while since I've updated...but there really hasn't been anything new or special to report. The girls are doing GREAT!! Best decision EVER!! I feel like I was born with them! And I absolutely love that they look so natural. :)
Thanks girl!! And yes that is perfectly fine...flattering actually :) You look amazing, BTW!!
:) thankyou! I'm so happy!:)!!! Mind if I post a comparison picture of our boobs? Lol

just a few new pics...

You look fantastic! I can't wait til mine settle in and drop like yours. Waiting to wear those beautiful lacy un-padded bras! And to look as awesome as you in tanks!
Thank you!! I know the feeling :) It was kinda slow and not much noticeable progress with D&F at first... but then it was like I woke up one morning and SURPRISE!!! I'll have to say it was the best surprise EVER! HAHAHA Happy healing :D
You look perfect ! Once I get my boobs and write my review mine will be similar to yours:) this is a nice site to have. Amazing real life stories!!!


Not sure why these didn't upload earlier...but no worries , I fixed it!! Hahaha!!
Love your results !!!!!! Congrats ! I am getting a BBL next month but I am considering in getting a BA ... Do you recommend Dr. Ciaravino???
Yay for you!!! I too have 3 kids (2, 3 1/2, and 6 1/2), I'm about your size and was blessed with good genes but little boobies. I just had 300 ccs put in a week ago. I have been worried I didn't go big enough and can't stop obsessing. Thanks for sharing,your story has reassured me that I just need to be patient;)
I was afraid I'd be going too small with 300cc! I'm going Mod+ though, not sure if that'll be that big of a deal or not. But you look great! I hope mine look as good as yours!
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