32, breast fed 2 babies, 125lbs, 5'4" Athletic, Time to get some shape up top!- The Woodlands, TX

I have just begun my journey which so far has...

I have just begun my journey which so far has consisted of doing research, reading stories on Real Self etc. Having a BA is something I've thought about doing for along time, but knew I wouldn't do it until I was done having kids. I am a mother to be of 2, nursed the first and planning to nurse baby #2. My husband a fully supportive if it is something I want to do. I've always been an "a" cup size, athletic. After my first baby I did go back to an a size, not too saggy, maybe only slightly.

Other mama's experience?

I'd love to hear from other mamas that went through something similar. What size you went with, were you saggy before from breast feeding? Did you get high or moderate profile etc. My goal size would be no bigger than a C cup and I am also a runner and would be afraid any bigger would "get in the way".

Pictures Pre-BA after nursing 2 babies

Here are some pictures of me currently. I lost a lot of volume after baby #2 to where my nipples even sag. It's so gross to me.

So it's kind of an inside joke/challenge between my husband and I that I told him when I close my first real estate deal, I'm getting new boobies!! So I'm pretty close to having that goal attained and I'm hoping by Christmas I'll have some new girls! Currently I weigh 125, 5'4", althletic build. I workout probably 5 days a week now and run half marathons a few times a year. I do more weight training now and my goal is to compete in a fitness competition next year. The more muscle I gain the worse they get too. I should mention I have a 4 year old and 13 month old.

I've been researching doctors in my area and have a doctor I will probably consult with that comes highly recommended.

There isn't. Day that goes by I don't think about having this done and for no other reason than for myself. I'm always so self conscious about being so flat and so tired I padding and push up bras, which by the way, 'A' cup padded bras are too big! Sheesh!

Consultation Done!

I had a consult with Dr. Mark Schustermann yesterday. Everyone there was so nice and I really like him. We had a meet and greet then he measured me. They took 3D images and then we talked about sizes. He pulled up my pictures on the screen and with the 3D imaging they grew in front of my eyes! It was pretty cool to get an idea of what they would look like. He showed me 400cc and 450cc. I was a little bit surprised about the 450cc just based on pictures I had been looking at in my research. I was thinking upper 300 so the 400 was actually happy to see him say that. He said I have broad shoulders and plenty of tissue to fill and when he showed me the 450s they actually look better. there wasn't a whole Lot of difference in the pictures but it did look fuller. I told him one of my biggest concerns was that I did not want to my boobs to look super fake like high balls sitting on my chest or that painful Tight look. he said absolutely not I would never recommend something like that for you I don't do anything like that here. I've looked at pictures and his gallery and his statement matches what his work looks like from what I can see in pictures. almost every single woman looks natural and very well done so I feel like I can trust him and his opinion. My friend recommended me to him and she swears by him, I trust her as well.
I also asked about my aereola size and if he thought I needed a reduction, silence they are small. He said no and if he thought so he would tell me.

I completely forgot to ask him about looking at the side of my leg which when you look at it it's like this celulite bump. I don't really know how else to describe it. I'm in really good shape and I've had this thing on the side of my leg for as long as I can remember probably since junior high. I think it's one of those things that will never go away no matter how in shape I get. When I call today I'm going to ask if he can take a look at it at a pre-op appointment and let me know what he can do. If he think there's something that he can do then I'll probably have him do it at the same time as my BA. I've uploaded some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. I Have improved my backside by huge amounts this last year and slit of the celulite has gone away due to exercise and good diet, so I know how to do it, but This bump thing just doesn't go away. That's the only reason I would consider having it removed.

They are currently scheduling for the end of January and early February so I could potentially be doing it within the next couple of weeks!

2nd Consultation

I had another consultation with Dr. Schustermann today about my outer thighs. He agreed that it is an area that will not go away unless I do something about it. He said he would do smart lipo in that area. I plan to do both that and BA at the same time. I should get a call later today to schedule a surgery date and finalize the cost. I am really really excited to finally get this all done primarily the BA.

Surgery Date set!

I booked my surgery for February 24th!! It was the earliest date available. I'm keeping my fingers crossed something opens up sooner. If not that's ok. I have my pre-op appointment this Friday. With that done I'll be able to move up the date in the event someone cancels. I'm still on the fence about doing the Smart Lipo for my outer thighs. Really it's only because of the extra expense and it's not something I ever thought I'd do. I definitely would love to have it done. We'll see at my appointment this Friday. It's only going to cost $3,000ish total and they even came down $2,000 since he isn't having to do much. So I really can't complain.

Luckily I have my mom close by so she will be able to be here each day to help with my two little ones. My hubby is very supportive too and pretty excited for me. He completely loves me how I am but he knows how much this means to me and I know he'll enjoy them too ????. He's a big help but we'll both appreciate having my moms help! She actually had her's done 20 something years ago after my youngest sister was born and has never had issues and knows what I'll be going through. I'm lucky to have a great support system.

I can't wait and I'm so excited!! Still unsure what size but I will get a better idea at PreOp. Until next time lovely ladies!!

Pre-Op done! 450cc Under

I went in today for my preop appointment we hasn't came with me. I wanted to try on two different sizes. The doctor had recommended based on my breast with and shoulder width and excess tissue that I go with the 450cc moderate profile under the muscle. I was afraid 450cc would be too big and wanted to try on the 400cc or 420cc. I'm kicking myself now for not taking pictures before when I was trying them on but oh well. After trying on both sizes there really wasn't a huge difference between the two. Knowing that the 450s will look like the 420s under the muscle, I decided to go with the 450s. My husband agreed and he thought I looked awesome in either one. I was worried 450 would be too big from all the other pictures I've seen online but most women that I've seen, go with high profile and started out bigger than I am now. I'm basically absolutely flat so I can see how this will make me look very proportionate. I'm also going with moderate profile. It was so cool having the Sizer's in my shirt and just feeling how it would feel to have something up top. it's just something I can't describe which I'm sure a lot of you ladies know what I'm talking about. I wanted to take them home with me!! I am so so so excited!!!. I am also first on the list if there's a cancellation prior to my surgery date which is scheduled for February 24! I also decided to go ahead with the smart Lipo on my outer thighs since the price was so good and it's a relatively small amount he'll have to do on me.
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