32, breast fed 2 babies, 125lbs, 5'4" Athletic, Time to get some shape up top!- The Woodlands, TX

I have just begun my journey which so far has...

I have just begun my journey which so far has consisted of doing research, reading stories on Real Self etc. Having a BA is something I've thought about doing for along time, but knew I wouldn't do it until I was done having kids. I am a mother to be of 2, nursed the first and planning to nurse baby #2. My husband a fully supportive if it is something I want to do. I've always been an "a" cup size, athletic. After my first baby I did go back to an a size, not too saggy, maybe only slightly.

Other mama's experience?

I'd love to hear from other mamas that went through something similar. What size you went with, were you saggy before from breast feeding? Did you get high or moderate profile etc. My goal size would be no bigger than a C cup and I am also a runner and would be afraid any bigger would "get in the way".

Pictures Pre-BA after nursing 2 babies

Here are some pictures of me currently. I lost a lot of volume after baby #2 to where my nipples even sag. It's so gross to me.

So it's kind of an inside joke/challenge between my husband and I that I told him when I close my first real estate deal, I'm getting new boobies!! So I'm pretty close to having that goal attained and I'm hoping by Christmas I'll have some new girls! Currently I weigh 125, 5'4", althletic build. I workout probably 5 days a week now and run half marathons a few times a year. I do more weight training now and my goal is to compete in a fitness competition next year. The more muscle I gain the worse they get too. I should mention I have a 4 year old and 13 month old.

I've been researching doctors in my area and have a doctor I will probably consult with that comes highly recommended.

There isn't. Day that goes by I don't think about having this done and for no other reason than for myself. I'm always so self conscious about being so flat and so tired I padding and push up bras, which by the way, 'A' cup padded bras are too big! Sheesh!
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