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I have just begun my journey which so far has...

I have just begun my journey which so far has consisted of doing research, reading stories on Real Self etc. Having a BA is something I've thought about doing for along time, but knew I wouldn't do it until I was done having kids. I am a mother to be of 2, nursed the first and planning to nurse baby #2. My husband a fully supportive if it is something I want to do. I've always been an "a" cup size, athletic. After my first baby I did go back to an a size, not too saggy, maybe only slightly.

Other mama's experience?

I'd love to hear from other mamas that went through something similar. What size you went with, were you saggy before from breast feeding? Did you get high or moderate profile etc. My goal size would be no bigger than a C cup and I am also a runner and would be afraid any bigger would "get in the way".
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Even though it is rewarding, breast feeding can take a toll on your breasts! Here are some before and after photos of other RealSelf members who went from an A to a C cup. You can also click on their profile names to read more about their experience. Have you started researching doctors yet? Keep us posted!

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I've breast fed 2 babies total of 3 years. I got as big as a full B/small C pre baby was small B and post nursing A/AA. Haven't had my surgery yet but would like to be a C cup myself. Are you expecting? We are done having children and I feel good about proceeding with BA. Good for you for waiting till you wean 2nd child. :)
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Thanks! Yes Im due in 3 weeks with baby number two, then we are done. My husband and I have decided to go ahead with a BA once I'm dine nursing. I'm excited for another baby and getting my bush back. I got in great shape after #1 but have always been so small on top, I've always felt disproportionate. I am looking forward to it! I will keep up with your journey as well. I will love hearing about your experience!
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I meant body not bush haha! Guess I shouldn't try to type on my phone!
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