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This is my first time ever blogging so please...

This is my first time ever blogging so please forgive me if I do this wrong :) I guess I should start of by telling you a little about myself. I am 26 years old, mom of a 9 yr old and 6 yr old. I am 5'4" and weigh about 145 lbs. I only breast fed my sons for about 2 weeks total. I have been married to my high school sweet heart for almost 12 years now. He is my everything and has been very supportive through out this whole process.

I have always had some difference in breast size but it seems that after my second son was born there was a big difference. 1 breast seemed to almost stay the size it was when my milk came in and the other went back to normal size. I would say that I am an A cup in 1 breast and a B in the other. I am VERY insecure. I do not like for my husband to see me naked and I refuse to look at myself in the mirror. I dont like to wear tight fitting shirts because I feel like people are going to notice.

My husband is amazing, he has been supportive of my decision to have this done. He doesnt think I need to have it done, but for me to feel better about myself he is accepting of it. I am beyond nervous! I guess my main fear is that I will be put to sleep for the procedure and never wake up. I feel selfish, my boys could possibly grow up without a mother all because I want boobs!

I am also afraid of the finished results, the pain doesnt scare me at all. I have been through so much in my life, I know this is just another obsticle that I will and can over come. But I am just worried that they will not look like I want them too. My surgery is scheduled for March 12th and it seems to be going by soooo slow! I am on this website daily reading others stories and most of them seem to calm my nerves. I will not be posting pictures on here simply because I cannot stand to look at myself. I know pictures help, but I just cant do it :/ I would love to hear anyone who has reassuring words for me! Or anyone who has possibly had a BA done in Houston. It is always comforting to hear nice things about the surgeon who is holding your life in his hands!

Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf! I have the same EXACT breast issue as you with one A and one B after nursing. I just put a "cutlet" in my bra on the smaller side and call it my prosthetic. I will say that it doesn't work so well when I actually want to go swimming.

I'm glad you're able to do this for yourself. Are you going with saline or silicone?

You dont know how good it feels to hear that everyone you have spoke with is happy about their decision to have the BA done. I dont now know anyone personally who has ever had it done that is why I chose to join this website. It feels good (most of the time) to hear the stories that women share on here. I know you are still swollen and they are sitting high, but for the most part do they look like the asymmetry problem was taken care of? That is the main reason I am doing this. Its not so much for wanting bigger, fuller boobs, just want to feel confident in my own skin! Im looking forward to getting this over with so I can start the healing process and feel proud of my body! Thanks so much for the review :) It really does help!
This is a big decisicion. It's awesome that you are not taking it lightly! Everyone I know who has had breast aug wishes they did it sooner and also say they wish they went bigger. On feb 24th I had a full mommy makeover. My breast aug was the part I was most worried about. I also am asymmetrical with left being appx 35 cc's smaller. I am still in the process of shrinking my whole body but I am widest on the bottom. My surgeon chose 421 cc for my right breast and 456 cc for my left silicone. He preferred saline because I have a good amount of tissue but I wanted the more natural feel of silicone. I asked for...don't laugh , stripper natural. I love the round perky breasts but wanted to feel like the 40 year old business professional I am! My breast still sit high and I was told yesterday that it could take three months to fall into place. I've waited this long to be a full d what's a few more months. Good luck on your journey! I'm rooting for you from California!

Well this time next week I will be in SURGERY!!!!...

Well this time next week I will be in SURGERY!!!! Time still seems to be going by soooo slow! I dont think there is much left in my house that I can clean or disinfect lol my sons probably think that I am going nuts. My 9 year old has asked me several times why I am going to have surgery. He is aware that something is going on but I havent explained to him what just yet. Maybe when he is older. I just told him not to worry, mommy is fine she just has to have a little something taken care of. I reassured him that I am not sick and I will be home and back to normal in no time at all. It seems so easy to reassure my son, why cant I convince myself?!? I guess it is only womens nature for us to worry. I guess in my heart I know I will be fine, its my mind that keeps playing tricks on me! I really hope that this week flys by fast! I have my final appointment with my doctor this Thursday at 11am. It is a 5 hour drive for me to my doctor. I will be staying in a Hotel for a couple of days after surgery to recover. I am so not looking forward to a loooong 5 hour drive home after surgery! But I guess that is all part of it! Everyone keep me in mind and I would like to thank everyone that has left me such kind words. It really does feel good to hear words of encouragment at a time like this. Thanks again :)
Hi Laredo3852 :) Im very excited for you! Hang in there with the anxieties, I have been dealing with plenty of them as well. (being put to sleep, results, etc) Youre right though, this site has been wonderful :)
Before I read what others have said I am going to post a comment. Reading the above was sooooo good for me. My surgery is tomorrow and my journey has been a long process but I am now here. :) Yippy! :) Anyway, I have had past surgeries but I am still totally freaked out about not waking up this time!! I think that whole Michael Jackson thing has given anyone going under this feeling. The nurses that called to confirm my surgery picked right up on it with me. She went onto say that Michael had no one monitoring his sedation and that I would a full team and would also be hooked up to monitors showing all my vitals, etc. That did make me feel allot better. :) Second, the selfish thing, I can totally can totally relate to that as well. It's our nature as women to always sacrifice for others. I am less than 24 hours and I am still doing this. So because I am better at supporting than encouraging of myself, I am here to tell you to go for it! You deserve it, you are worth it and I know how personal this is and how I know it will change my life! I think breast augmentation has gotten a bad rep due to all the Hollywood stars, models, etc. doing it primarily to further their carears. But I bet more women do it for personal reasons like ours but that doesn't sell magazines, etc. so we don't hear about it. I love this website! It has really opeded my eyes and to encouraged me to stay on course. I'm yet to read one blog, review, etc. where a women is say, "I doing this to further my career." Every woman has their own personal story and I am so glad we are blessed to be in a time where we can do something about it. :)
It was very comforting reading this! So I guess we helped eachother! I seem to have the same frame of mind as you. I see soooo many women that have had BA for all the wrong reasons and they are all fine, why wouldn't I be??? it only seems natural to have a fear of being put to sleep, we wouldnt be human if we didn't. But with that being said, I feel like it is time I did something for me! I love my husband and my sons are my world, which is why they should understand that mommy always puts everyone else first, this is something that I needed to do for myself. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am not insecure about anything else, of course I have some stretch marks and the little mommy belly that we all get, but those dont bother me. I feel like I earned those. My breasts however are something that I was born with and no matter how hard I try I will never be able to fix them UNLESS I go through with this surgery. I have weighed out the pro's and con's for years now and I finally decided to just go for it! I have to agress that 99% of the stories on here are encouraging and help me feel a little better about my decision. I have learned alot from other womens journeys and I hope that by sharing my own, I can help others also. Good luck tomorrow, you will be fine! I will say a little prayer for you tonight :) Keep me posted on how it goes! I will be waiting lol

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I cant believe it got...

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I cant believe it got here so fast! I cannot wait to get this surgery over and start the recovery process! I just want to wake up in the OR room and know that everything is okay. First thing I am doing when I get to go home is calling my sons. I am so worried about dropping them off today with their grandma. I know everything will be fine, but its in my nature as a mother to worry about my babies. Well enough about the stressful part of this whole process. I went last Thursday to have my pre-op and also register at the hospital. Discussed some things with my PS, decided to have a slight lift on my right breast due to my size difference. He says that my left breast is an A and my right breast is almost a C, which I already knew thats why im having the surgery :) But to try and get the girls looking as perfect as possible he said I needed to lift the right one so my nipples are both at the same level. Sounds like it makes sense to me. Last thing I want is to FINALLY have the same size boobs and have one nipple looking up and one looking down. I have to admit when he first mentioned the lift I was a little taken back. I knew in the back of my mind it was going to need t be done but for some reason I was hoping he was a miracle worker and could do it without a lift. I had a very long ride home that day (about 7 hours) and it slowly started to sink in and the scar wasnt so bad to me anymore. Im pretty comfortable with the idea now. And of course the price went up lol as well as the lenth of my surgery but again, it was expected. My house is clean, my bags are packed and I am ready to go! Everyone keep me in mind and say a little prayer. I will post an update as soon as I can tomorrow! Thank you everyone for all your well wishes :)
Hey Laredo! I just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. Your gonna do great! How exiting... Try to get some sleep tonight. Post as soon as you feel better. I wanna hear all about it. Best Wishes
I am going with with 420cc. I wore the sizers around for a while with an extremely tight shirt and at first they felt really large but I got used to them quickly :) I don't think they were too big, but going from nothing to that size is a big change. One that I'm sure I will adjust to quickly lol
I decided on Dr. Straka. He came highly recommended as well. I looked at his website and was pretty much sold on his before and afters. So when I met him and felt at ease it was a done deal. : ) I looked at your PS website. Beautiful work. Im so exited for you. We are about the same height and weight. How many cc's are you going with?? On my preop i decided on 380-410 he is going to use the sizers, I just want to make sure I go big enough, but not too big.

Well I just arrived in Houston! I have 1 hour...

Well I just arrived in Houston! I have 1 hour until I need to check in at the hospital. I have to say that yesterday was by far my worst day! I dropped off my kids with grandma and drove away crying my eyes out. I questioned all of this, was it really worth it?! It was really hard. I met a man last night who had the most comforting words of wisdom for me and it really eased my mind. I walked out of wal mart thinking that god put me at there with the stranger for a reason. It was his way of saying everything will be okay. I only slept about 2 hours last night and I was so upset I couldnt eat a thing yesterday. Needless to say I am really regretting that now. lol I'm starving! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and stories of encouragement. can't wait to get out of surgery and share my story! Sorry for all the typo's lol doing this from my phone. Wish me luck!!!!

Well ladies, I made it!!!!! I have to say it was...

Well ladies, I made it!!!!! I have to say it was not that bad at all. I ended up being called to the back as soon as I got to the hospital which was a good thing. Everything happened really fast. Everyone at the hospital was AMAZING!!! As soon as I woke up from the surgery I was throwing up. I knew it was going to happen because I did not eat the day before and I was up feeling sick to my stomach. I threw up several times for about 20 minutes right after I woke up, but they gave me 2 shots to call my stomach down, I stayed in recovery for about 2 hours and my surgery lasted about 2 hours. I am not in very much pain, more so pressure and stinging around the incisions. I will let you know how my follow up goes tomorrow! Good night!
Yay!!! I'm do happy for you! Let us know how your follow up goes today. Did he put you in an ace bandage?
I meant to say so happy. Congrats!
Hope you are doing well! Get some rest and let us know how things went as soon as you are up to it :)

Well I think this is considered day 3 post op. I...

Well I think this is considered day 3 post op. I am feeling pretty good. Still cant seem to get up and do to much without the pain coming back. Actually it isnt really a pain, so much as them getting really really hard and the pressure becomes to much. I am still taking the pain meds but I have cut them in half. They are still very hard and high, which is expected. I cant wear a bra for 6 weeks!!!! :/ I am not excited about that at all! I went for my post op the following day and he showed me how to start massaging them, that was NOT fun at all! I dont think the massage hurt that bad as the stretching of the incisions is what was hurting me. I have been doing them every chance I get. I can shower for 5 minutes a day with warm water which is nice. I still have some burning around the incisions but nothing to bad. I held up my old bra against them today and I finally noticed a difference :) It didnt even cover half of my new boobs! I kinda wish I would have went a little bigger but I know they still need to drop alot. And honestly I would have rather went to small than to big. I am just soooo glad they are FINALLY even! He did such a great job at getting them even. I cant wait to go back and have the bandages taken off. I still havent seen my right nipple. But so far I am completely happy and say it is totally worth it! Anyone out there waiting to have the surgery done, please dont be nervous. I wish I would have just listened to all the other ladies on here and realized that the surgery was going to be a breeze. The first 15 minutes after surgery was the only really crappy part about it, I did not enjoy the nausea at all! I have to go back in 2 weeks to have the bandages taken off, until then a whole lot of relaxing and enjoying my hubby taking care of me :) Good luck to anyone having their BA done soon! You will be fine!!
Ok, now I am feeling a little of what I have heard the girls talk about on here. My left breast seems to be dropping quicker and the right. (only to me) today my left one almost looks and feels like a normal big boob but the right one still feels high and without a better way of saying it, "tubular". Does this make sence? Has this happened to others? And how long did the uncooperative boob take to adjust to match the settling one?
By the way, please excuse my typos, etc. every time I hit send suddenly they all stand out to me. ;) LOL
How funny that you would mention this issue! Just last night I told my husband how my boobs were finally looking different. My right breast seems like it dropped, got softer and my left is high and hard :/

Well I am a little over 2 weeks post op and I feel...

Well I am a little over 2 weeks post op and I feel pretty much back to normal!!! YOO HOOO!!!! Let me tell you that it was not easy. I was one of the unlucky ones who went through depression after and it was not nice at all. I wasnt depressed over my boobs, im not sure what it was. I was just very emotional and sensitive, never happy, couldnt find it in me to get out of the house. It lasted about 4 days or so then I was back to normal. I went last Friday and had my bandages removed. I was SOOO afraid to see my scars I didnt even look at my boobs until later that night. After the 6 hour drive home I finally worked up the nerve to walk into the restroom and lift up my blouse....well to my surprise it was AMAZING!!! My scars, at not even 2 weeks post op were almost invisible!!! Its been about 5 days since the bandages came off and man does it bother me. They itch so so so bad!!!! The bra I bought over a week ago from VS in a 36C became to small for me so my hubby took me back yesterday and to my surprise I measured at a 36D :)))) I couldnt believe it! It feels so great to have boobs! I loved bra shopping! For the first time ever. I havent had any pain, I sleep on my side again, my only complaint is the itching and the depression. Other than that, my boob job was a walk in the park! My right boob has softened and dropped while the left is being stubborn. But it doesnt bother me, they look great! I would be happy to answer any questions about the whole process, I know there were several women on here that helped me out tons!!!

Good morning ladies! Have a question, hopefully...

Good morning ladies! Have a question, hopefully someone can help. It has been a week today since my doctor removed my bandages. Everything is going great but I can't take the itching anymore! I knew they would itch due to healing but it is driving me insane. Hopefully someone can't recommend something! Thanks :)
Hey Laredo! How are things going?? Hows the boobies?
Hey there! Things are going great! It has been a month and 2 days since the surgery and I honestly look and feel like I never had surgery at all! No issues what so ever. They both have dropped into place and are soft. My scars look really good. The itching after he took off the bandages was horrible! Probably my biggest complaint about the whole process which isnt bad considering it is a major surgery. I would do it all over again if I had to. How are you doing?? Still going crazy on the size issue? I can honestly say now, dont worry about them being to big! They wont be. I am another one of those statistics that wishes they would have gone bigger :( I am VERY VERY happy though. My husband and I have already discussed that when I have my next surgery we will probably go to around 550-600cc. Although I am a 36D right now, it doesnt look or feel like it to me. So much so that NO ONE has even noticed. My best friend didnt even find out till I told her last week. And I have seen her alot since the surgery. Once I told her, then she noticed the fullness and got jealous. LOL but other than that, you cant even tell. You will be fine, I PROMISE. You have to remember that when you try on the sizers they are placed over the muscle and fat so they look MUCH larger than once they are put under the muscle. I think I would have been pleased if they would have stayed looking like they did with the sizers. But its okay, im not complaining. It is all a learning experience and next time I will know to be specific of how I want them to look. I will be in Houston on the 11th of May. Will you be there?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Doctor V did an amazing job finally giving me the even boobs that I have been dreaming about! All the staff at his office and at the hospital were AMAZING!!! I wish I could personally thank every single one of them. They made me feel very comfortable through out the whole procedure!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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