2 Weeks Out and Seeing Some D&F Progress

I'm a 23 year old woman with a minor case of...

I'm a 23 year old woman with a minor case of tubular breasts. I have hated my breasts and my huge aureolas for years now, and have finally decided to do something about it.

Currently my breasts are a 34A/34B, depending on which one you're measuring. I'm hoping to be a full B or small C by the end of this process. I have had several consultations with my doctor, and we are going to be using 300cc silicone implants. I'm really nervous about going too large, because my worst nightmare are obvious implants (no offense to the women who have/love them! Just not my style). My dr has assured me that 300 will not be too big.

My surgery is tomorrow at noon - I'm a little nervous, but even more excited! I will keep everyone posted with how things go.

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Well, I am 6 hours post-surgery, and, on a scale...

Well, I am 6 hours post-surgery, and, on a scale of 1-10, pain is 4. Here's how the day went:
We arrived at the surgery center at 10:00, checked in immediately and was taken back and prepped for surgery.

Around 10:45 my parents came back to sit with me. My doctor came in, went over our goals and asked if I had any questions one last time. Then, a the OR nurse and anathesiologist came in to check my charts and discuss the process. Even though surgery was set for 12, we went ahead and got started at 11:30. After a slight burn and someone rubbing my arm I was out cold until I woke up around 1 in recovery.

The pain was intense. I am not a whiner and have a decently high pain tolerance, and it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. I was given Valium, which helped slightly, but was still in pretty good paint for the next 30-45 minutes. During that time, my doc came in to check on me and said that everything went really well. Around 1:50 they wheeled me out to the more public recover room, and I drifted in between sleep and being awake until 2:20. My parents came in, the nurse went over some paperwork, and then I was wheeled out to the car.

After we got home, I popped a Valium and 1 Tylenol+Codeine and passed out for a few hours. Now, at 6:00, I am up and feeling great. I have not been nauseous today at all, and have held down some chicken noodle soup, two Sprite Zeros, a half-sleeve of Ritz crackers, and a liter of water. Tonight's dinner is looking like an apple, cheese, and crackers with a main course of Campbell's chicken noodle, lol.

For now, my boobies are cinched pretty tightly to my chest with an ace bandage. They sore near the incisions, and it feels a little weird to take a fully, deep breath. My chest muscles feel great, on the whole, and a few pokes at my boobs tells me that a) they look like natural boobs, and b) I have cleavage!

I will post more tomorrow after my one-day check in.


Congrats on your new boobies!! It's so exciting. Rest up and feel better.
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congratulations, my surgery is tomorrow, so nervous too!!!! getting 310cc so similar to you, happy healing for you :)
Good luck with the surgery tomorrow, I'll check in with you and see how it goes!

First off, I'm sorry for all of the typos...

First off, I'm sorry for all of the typos yesterday - goes to show what Valium and pain meds will do to you : )

It's been a bit over 24 hours since surgery, and I am feeling so, so great. Unbelievably so. No nausea, minimal pain, minimal soreness. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being nothing and 10 being unbearable pain, I'd say I'm at a 2.5. I have taken 2 Valium today and 4 Tylenol.

Earlier this morning I had a brief appointment with my doc. He said that the boobs like just as expected. I have a 350cc moderate profile silicone (!!!) in my left breast and a 300cc moderate profile silicone in the right. It's a bit bigger than I expected, but I'm just going to see what happens. His nurse estimated that I will be a full C by the time it's all said and done. My dr comes highly, highly recommended, and I have to trust his judgment. My implants are also under the muscle, which makes them appear about 10% smaller, so I'm thinking it'll look more like 315 right and 270 left, which is more on target for what I was thinking.

Since I've been home I've been taking it pretty easy around the house. My bed is propped up with several pillows between the bed springs and the mattress, so it's raised like a hospital bed without all of the pillows directly under my head. I started a few exercises today, pushing up and down on the implants for 5 seconds each. It hurts, but I want to help them drop and fluff as quickly as possible.

Overall, I'm feeling awesome. They look good (I think? Any input is appreciated!) and I'm feeling quite... womanly : ) I'm currently wearing a size medium zip front sports bra. I also have a 34D Under Armor sports bra that fits well, though there is a bit of room in the cup.

Also I forgot to mention in my original post: I'm 5'10 and 155 pounds.


I only hope my recovery goes as smoothly as yours is going!
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Hello ladies! I actually feel like my recovery is...

Hello ladies! I actually feel like my recovery is too good to be true. I've attached some updated photos from day 2.

Everything is going really well. I slept from 8 to midnight last night, had my antibiotic and 1 Vicodin at midnight, woke up at 6 and took 2 Tylenol, got up at 6:30 and have been going all day. I ran errands, went out to lunch, and have been doing things around the house. I took another Vicodin at 9 AM, 1 Tylenol and my antibiotic at 2.

My breasts are definitely softening up - the left is dropping more quickly than the right, but that makes sense because the right is larger. I'm doing my exercises as suggested. My breasts are sore along the sides, under the arm and down about 6 inches. My incisions are a tad painful, but nothing that's stopping my movement. Also, I'm thrilled to say that I've got 70% of my nipple sensitivity - that's something I was quite worried about! Also, maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think that my aureolas look too large now that I have proportionately sized boobs... my surgeon said I may have to come in for a second surgery to make them smaller, but for now I'm feeling like they look kind of... alright?

Maybe TMI, but I haven't had a bowel movement in a few days and I'm normally quite a regular... any advice? I'm trying not to be too concerned.

I largely attribute my quickish recovery to good health, fitness, and nutrition. I worked on bulking up my chest and back muscles before surgery, and I feel like that strength is helping me carry the added weight. Today I've stuck to raw, whole foods - green smoothies, raw nuts, and vegetables - to try and give my body the best possible stuff to recover with.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that I have been rubbing a...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have been rubbing a lot of Vitamin E oil onto both breasts 3 times a day. I found some oil that is in a bottle (not in the capsules) so it's easy to put on. Hoping it will help me avoid stretch marks.


i agree Ur areolas look prettymuch the same..i was considering reducing one of mine but didn't and am Soooo glad i didn't waste my money. Ur boobs r looking good. so glad u love them already.
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Congratulations! You look great and I think you'll be very pleased with your final results. Was there anything specific that prompted you to move forward with the surgery, other than not being happy with your breasts? Glad to hear you recovery is going well. Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Looking forward to more updates!

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Another great day. I'm off my pain meds, but...

Another great day. I'm off my pain meds, but making sure to take my Vicodin as prescribed. I condensed the pictures so y'all had a way to make an easy comparison. As you can see, they've dropped more since day one, and my nipples are higher up on my breasts. They're also a bit more "squishy" now. It looks like my issue is reversed - now my right is a bit bigger than my left. Honestly, though, I can't say that phases me too much right now.


I just looked at your photos - I totally agree, your areolas look great and totally proportionate!

So. Tired. Today. I am just beyond exhausted; I've...

So. Tired. Today. I am just beyond exhausted; I've been pushing hard lately, and I think I should take it easy for a bit. Tonight will certainly be an early night!

Posted day 4 photos - I'm continuing to drop a bit I think. Does anyone else have slightly squeaky boobs? Lol for lack of better way to describe it, my right boob kinda.... squeaks when i push it inwards. Does this go away??


One of mine squeaked too! You just reminded me and I checked it again. . . it has stopped!
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You are looking great!!! My boobs squeak too, it was weird at first but I read about it before luckily so didn't freak out too much. :)
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yes mine squeaked too for couple days but. goes away quickly.
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I'm still keeping my boobies lubed up with Vit E...

I'm still keeping my boobies lubed up with Vit E to help avoid any marks and help the skin stretch as gently as possible.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my areolas won't become any bigger. It's kind of weird: I can feel my "real" breast on top of the implant, because the implants are under the muscle. You can't see the difference, but I'm hoping that because the implant isn't directly pressing on the areolas that they will not be affected. That logic could be ridiculous and wrong lol.

Decided to try on some of my old bathing suits last night.... let's just say, it's a whole new world : ) Also, posting some photos from today.

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Hi girls - Well, I'm two weeks (and one day)...

Hi girls -

Well, I'm two weeks (and one day) out now. I'm really really happy with my results, and I 99% attribute that to my awesome surgeon. I already recommended him to one of my friends.

I've had no bruising, no pain, no problems, and no complaints. I cannot believe that I had surgery 2 weeks ago... I feel totally, 100% myself, which is awesome and so unexpected!! My rightie is dropping more slowly, which is annoying because I look a little unbalanced, but I think that things are going to be fine... eventually! How long does this drop and fluff business normally take??? At least you don't really notice it in person : )

Boobs are totally squishy, though the left a little more so than the right... such a change from the rock hard implants I had two weeks ago. I put up a few new pictures I took today. Hope all is well with you girls!


Wow your recovery sounds really good! I hope mine is as easy as yours sounds. That would freak me out about the squishy noise but I think it's pretty common and if it goes away that's not so bad. Are they unders? It's great they are softening up quickly too!
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Holy crap your before pics look just like me!!! I'm glad to see yours are turning out so good, it gives me hope for the future! I hate the shape of mine and was scared they would never look good. Congrats!!!
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Thank you!! There definitely is hope for those of us with slightly "off" boobs : )
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