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Ever since I was a teen, I wanted big breasts! the...

Ever since I was a teen, I wanted big breasts! the women in my family are all heavy chested and curvy woman. I was the oddball being tall and thin. During my teenage years, at first it was hard to accept that I was small chested and I could not fill in my clothes like other girls. Once I was in high school, I was involved a lot in sports and I lost even more boobs that I barely had. I finally started working and just got around with buying VS pushup bras that would fill me in nicely. As I got older my boobs grew a bit (yay) from being pretty much flat chested to what I am now- a 32 B. With the wonderful support of my fiancé , I am finally ready to take the plunge and get a BA! :) I have been planning this for about a year and have done MUCH MUCH research on breast augmentation and plastic surgeons and back in April 2014, I was ready to start going to consultation with different plastic surgeons. While internet searching and researching different surgeons, there was one that really caught my attention and I went there for my consultation and loved everything about the place! The place is called Bancroft-Feldman Plastic Surgery and their facility is in Sugarland, Tx. When I went for my consultation in April as soon as I walked in the door, I felt welcomed. The place is modern and such a relaxing environment. My fiancé went with me that day to accompany me since he knew this was something I really wanted. :) Dr. Feldman and his patient coordinator, Jeannette, were very nice and did not make me feel pressured or awkward at any moment. Dr. Feldman went throughout the entire procedure and pretty much answered every question that I had before I could even ask it. I am scheduled to have the procedure in three weeks (Aug. 14) and am super excited! I have a pre-op appointment in 10 days to get my prescriptions for the medications and also just to make sure the size cc is the correct size I want. Currently I am planning on getting 371 cc in both of my breasts but I may want to push it up because I am wanting a D cup in the end.
Do you have any before pics? We have similar stats. Im 5'6", 125lbs. I'm getting 375-400cc.
Yes :) im new to this so I didn't know how to post pics but once I get home, I'll upload them. Are you excited about getting yours? I'm thinking of going up a bit to the 400cc .

twenty more days

So im getting pretty excited about the new boobies . MY fiance is probably tired of me talking about it lol. I'm doing this without many people knowing like idk, I am doing this for myself and feel if I'm open to the people close to me know about this, they will judge me and tell me things blah blah blah... lol any opinions over this? How should I respomd to negative comments?
I'm also scheduled for August 14, so excited! And when it comes to negative comments just ignore them, I haven't really told people, I want to tell the whole world but I know they will judge me, so I'll just surprise them when I have my new boobies. Good luck!
You are right. I told everyone I knew and they were so supportive. I wanted to tell the world and did and I didn't care what anyone said. It's our bodies and we can do what we want.
Eekk its less than three weeks before our surgery!!! Yeah I'm just going to keep it to myself and a few close people that have already known I'm gettimg this done. I'm glad my surgery is in the early morning that way I can get on the road to recovery a lot faster :)

ALMOST two weeks away!

soo... I live a very busy lifestyle. this is what my day consist of... wake up at 8am and work on homework until 10 am, get ready for work and work from 11-7:30, then back home and hop on to my online class from 8pm-11pm... exhausting!! this is only on Mondays and Wednesdays though :) Its a prep PCAT course because I'm taking my Pharmacy School entrance exam the first week of September! wish me luck!!! back to le boobs- so quick question girlies, normally around the week before I get my period, my breasts get super tender and they hurt. Im scared to know how much that pain will be once I get the new boobies in... I normally don't get pain when I am on birth control but decided to get off the BC for the last three months that way my body does not have any sort of medication in me that might complicate recovery time etc. Is the pain manageable? especially since I am supposed to get my period like a week after surgery. after I recover, I am going to buy myself a sexy corset lingire... its always been a dream for me to wear one and actually be able to fill it up :)
Congratulations on your decision! I got the 371 mid profile under the muscle as well which was filled with an extra 50 cc because you 'lose' cc when you do under the muscle. I really love mine, they are swollen right now still and I am a little less then two weeks into my recovery. I went into my period late in the day of my surgery. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it because no period pain pill has anything on the stuff they give you after your surgery. The area that has been bad for my is the sternum area and for sure the tightness that you get in the morning. I would wait a little bit to buy the corset though! My boobs are still really swollen and I know Im not going to get a good idea of the size for a bit. I didn't tell anyone that I was doing it and from the reactions I have had when I see people now, they don't notice but I have been wearing baggy tops. Good luck and I am sure you will look amazing!
Yeah, thats what my doctor told me that I was going to lose some cc, thats why I think I'm going to go a bit bigger. Thank you for your tip about the pain meds! i totally forgot I was going to be taking those and yeah that should help with the cramps and pain :) I am planning on wearing baggy clothes for a while and I even went ahead and bought bigger scrub tops for work to make them less noticeable! so is it hard to breathe when you wake up? I hope it goes away!
No not really, 'morning boob' is just a bit weird haha. I've never experienced that it was hard to breathe at all. What I have found is just that they feel really tight. Like when you squeeze into a sports bra that is way too small. But that's just me, everyone is so different. It really hasn't been that noticeable for me after the second third day. The massaging helps it a lot.

a little sad about my cc that i will be getting.

so yesterday I went to my pre-op appointment and am still super excited about my BA next week. only thing is I am being picky when I can't be. I am getting the moderate plus profile look and since Im so thin and my chest width is narrow, the biggest cc i can go is 371. :( i wanted to go at least 397 but they won't fit. only other option is to get the high profile which i can go as big as 475 cc BUT, I don't want the up-high fake look. soo I'm a little disappointed I wish my chest was a bit wider lol but still excited!! i got my prescriptions yesterday and am only eight days away from my surgery!!! has anyone been denied going bigger because they're so small? I "test tried" on the 475 HP and they were WAYY too big for my tiny frame lol
I have ultra HP and (take a look at my profile not my display pic) they don't sit really high up or anything! Xx
I wanted to get 350 ccs and my PS told me no cause of my small frame, she also said I would have a higher chance of stretch marks so I'm going with 325ccs HP. She said HP cause I'm a little saggy :(
I agree that natural look is probably better than shelf look :) but even if u were wider in your chest and could go to 450 moderate plus, the implant will spread the same way. Yes it's more cc but also a wider diameter so it would distribute the same way a smaller size distributes on a smaller chest :) does that make sense? Lol

finally new boobies!

What a day! Finally had my surgery today at 7am. ;) was supposed to take 90 minutes but only took half the time. I don't remember anything except the dr telling me that he just put the medicine in my iv. I have been pretty much asleep all day until 4. My pain medicine and muscle relaxer are semi working they're just so swollen and I am still in pain. I tried ice bags but I have the strap on and its thick and the coolness won't penetrate. Any tips on anything else to be aware ?of
Keep the strap on and do exactly what he says. The strap will help with swelling and pushing them down. Dr. Feldman is great ... I just had a 3 month check up with him.
Yay! Can't wait to see your results! Post pics!
I can't wait to see them either! I can't take off the bra or strap until monday but will definitely post !

5 day update

It was been quite a crazy experience! I slept most of Thursday and Friday as well. I had a great nurse (my fiancee) lol he was soo kind and took great care of me. On Friday I wanted to walk around a little and not stay on the couch all day so i went to the grocery store with my fiancee and just picked up a few items. As I walked, I felt a little bit of pressure on the inside crevice of my left boob like where my sternum is at. We got back home and took a norco and the pain went away. Saturday was my fiancees dads birthday so we went to their house and just chatted and talked- nothing crazy! I felt great saturday I didn't need to take any pain medicine until very late at night when i got pain in the same area. Sunday was another relaxing day for me I just laid on the couch all day watching netflix lol. I will admit that every single morning I did get that "morning boob" or whatever its called but as soon as i started walking, the pain was like completely gone! Yesterday was my first post op appointment and my doctor said everything looked amazing except they are still riding high so i have to keep wearing that stupid death strap for another month :/ lol. Today was my first day back at work and wow was I NOT ready!!! nobody at work knew i got the surgery done but since i wear scrubs and the sports bra squished everything down, nothing was noticeable. well I have a light working job no heavy lifting just mostly on my feet and typing on the computer. I guess my body and muscles must have been REALLY relaxed because today by noon, my same left breast was super sore and I had to take the strap off and went home early because I did not feel well. I took another norco when I got home and I feel great now and hope i can do better tomorrow at work.
You look great for 5 days post :) that darn strap - grrrhhhh hated every minute of it. Mine just came off today (3 weeks post) - I am sooooo happy, first night without it - my back will thank me!
My left boob has also been hurting in the same spot. I went to my doctor yesteray and he says they look good but I need to start massages and I also have a small hematoma on my left boob which is the reason for the pain, but he says it's totally fine and should go away on its own. I went back to work today and I was not ready for it, my boobs feel so heavy and I'm still a little stiff. Btw hows showering for you? I'm still having a hard time and can't even wash my own hair I'm scared lol.

morning boob gag!!

Yesterday waa my first day where i went back to work and did NOT need a pain med at all the entire day! Only pain i felt is if i needed to bend over which i tried my best to avoid. But the "morning boob" just hurts soo much! I am having to wake up like 15 minutes earlier than before just to sit up and let the heaviness/soreness go away then i am back to my normal routine. I go back to my second post op in a week hopefully everything looks great!!
Thank you! And yes i hope i get the approval to take mine off next friday lol. Aahh yours look amazing! Congratulations! :)
Thank you :)

soft around the edges!

soo my boobies are still hard in the middle part but the outer edges are starting to soften and i can push my nipples in without them hurting yay! I have been feeling excellent mostly sore around the axillary area i guess since I move around my arms a lot.( but no lifting whatsoever) omg it was soo hard to shave my armpit today i just really needed to lol. they're a lot more bouncier too so i am very happy with that :) i am still wearing the deathstrap lol but hopefully just one more week of that :) i will be uploading a day 10 postop pic :):)

finally got sized for a bra!!

omg yes finally! friday i went to my doctors office to get the steristrips removed and the doctor said everything looked great and that I was ready to start wearing regular bras. so yesterday I finally went to the mall to get sized. I know I have heard many people say that VS bra sizes are not accurate and well.. yeah the size I am measuring made like noo sense to me lol. you have to remember that for years I have been a 32b and for the lady to tell me that i was a 32 DDD yes, DDD like i couldn't believe it. I think I'm probably a smaller bra size in other places but yeah, tried on the bra and the boobies fit perfectly snug in there haha. its been 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and I am feeling fantastic. I get get some pain every once in a while but it goes away eventually. I will post pics in my new bra soon! :)
You look AMAZING!
Your results look great! I actually bought that same VS bra for my first post-surgery bra. I only wore it while I was out and about on errands and as soon as I got home I'd change into a sports bra. The underwire made me kind of sore from rubbing near my incisions if I wore it too long, but that went away after a week or two. You may want to go by Soma and check out there bras and get sized. I got a few from there and some to sleep in as well; super comfortable and great fit. Pre-surgery I was a 32B (like you), at VS and now I'm a snug 32DD. I can't bring myself to buy a DDD bra! Haha. I also found that the 34D is comfortable in most other brands. I am 10 weeks post-op now and still have some tenderness around the nipple area. My boobs have softened up quite a bit, but are still firm around the edges. I've started sleeping on my side (with pillows) because I can't stand sleeping on my back! I wear a really tight sports bra to sleep and stick a pair of socks between my boobs! Hahaha!!! I know that sounds completely rediculous...you should have seen my husband's reaction when he woke up in the morning and found a pair of socks between my boobs! Priceless! I found it keeps them in place while sleeping on my side, they don't shift...and best of all....I no longer wake up with the dreaded "morning-boob!" Geez, morning-boob is painful. :)
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

He is an amazing doctor! I would totally recommend him to anybody! Office is beautiful and every single one of the staff members from the receptionist to the nurses and the doctor himself are the most kind and caring people ever. Truly a wonderful experience. He specializes in breast augmentation and will be straight up and honest about what is a good size depending on your body. I never felt pressured in any way and he answered every single one of my questions when talking me through the procedure. I would recommend anybody to come and get a consult from this wonderful doctor and meet his staff!

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