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My goal is to get my shape back from when i was a...

My goal is to get my shape back from when i was a teenager did consultation already im 5"4 weight 187 pds Dr. said he dont want me to lose no weight i will be grtfing lipo from arms inner thighs full adbomen he's charging me $5699 but the remsining balance is hospital fees etc. im so ready actual havent schedule a date but wil this week.lets start saving

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Hey bbl fam. Im going with Dr. Cortes too in Aug.2013. Im 193 lbs & 5'2. I was gone lose weight before my consult but after reading your blog. Im not. Lol. I'll wait till the consult. Kmsl. I want to keep my fat if its gone make my booty fatter! *Good Luck!*
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Welcome Necolewant2bmadeover :) Im also going to Dr. Cortes for this procedure! My surgery is in Jan. 25th! I hope you post pics and write about your journey :) I know its weird do to but it helps a lot of girls on here :) thats my main motivation to post! lol
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I will also be going to Dr. Cortes. My appt is next week. We are about the same height and weight. Did he tell you an estimate oh how many ccs he could inject?
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congrats on the consultation. thats always the first step. welcome :^)
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hey girl,

welcome to the sisterhood, I was also looking to go to cortes, but another doc caught my attention, gl on your journey, please keep us posted I really want to know what he has to offer...
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