Heyy, My bbl sisters. I've been looking at this...

Heyy, My bbl sisters. I've been looking at this site for months and I finally decided to join. Im researching ALL of the Doctors for my bbl. I've narrowed it down to maybe 2 or 3. 1.Dr.J in Atl, 2. Dr. Salama-Fl or 3.Dr. Cortes-Houston.

I live in Houston and I like the fact that you stay overnight in the hospital for observation. So I do plan on having a consult with Dr. Cortes before I look anywhere esle!

I'm 5'2 and weight 195lbs. I plan on losing weight before my consult! I would like to be at 165lbs before my surgery! I want lipo of my stomach, flanks, back and inner thighs & fat transfered to buttocks with atleast 1000ccs to each cheek. Also, 200ccs to each hip.

I've seen where the results look 1,000. times better when fat is added to hips to me it shapes the butt better! Well I'll be counting down the months & $aving money!

Hey just read your profile I'm I the same boat as u I want salama or Cortes.. Haven't had a consultation with Cortes but I'm planning on it soon.. Keep us posted about what doc u choose.
Will do! I have a consult with Dr. Cortes Jan 30th. I was gone lose weight first, but I decided that I'm going to take my fat with me just in case he says, he needs it! Lol. Good Luck to u! Keep me updated.
sophie25...Im going to Dr. Cortes in Aug. had my consult he told me to lose 25-30lbs. hes charging me 9,300. which includes hospital stay. and his doc fees. also the 2 garments and ins. for your butt up to a year. and he does not charge per area hes taking fat from my stomach, flanks, whole back. inner thighs, arms? chin? and putting 900-1000ccs in butt 200ccs on sides and 350ccs to each hip. So im getting like 1500 ccs of fat!!!! Im gone be soooooo Thick with it....its gone make somebody sick! lmbo. i cant wait. ill be posting my Ugh. pics sooon. (before surgery)

I am sch. For a phone consultation with Dr....

I am sch. For a phone consultation with Dr. Jimmerson on January 2, 2014 @11-2pm. I need my sx done before October!!!!!! I want it done for my Birthday????. I want my sx done @July or early Aug. If anyone want to give me their phone consult date or even wants to switch with me please let me know!!!!! I love Jimmerson booties!!!! Hes the best. I didn't want to travel but I know I want the best for my A$$. You get what you pay for!!!!!!

Welll I went for my consult and I love Dr. Cortes...

Welll I went for my consult and I love Dr. Cortes understanding to what I want for my new body!!!! He promised me that he can give me that hourglass figure that every women wants. I also love the way he sculpts the body to give you curves, curves & curves! Im sold! He willl be my doctor. Now I got to start losing weight atleast 25-30pounds..........

dr Cortes is a talented doctor.. I will c him November 1st for my bbl :)
Yesss he is....I will be looking at your profile in November. #Cortes. #wishing you a BIG BUTT & A SMILE!!!!!
Thanks a lot newbootyindec,. :) very excited for u n lol luv ur video clip at the end :)

wish pics

wish pics

Dr. Cortes is the way to go I was going with Dr. Jimerson but the wait for a consult is way to long. I've been waiting since 2013 for a 2014 consult, just way to long to tell me what you can do and how much it's going to cost. I called Dr. Cortes office this morning and I sent over my pics and now I'm waiting on a call back 2-3 days not a year. I know Dr. Cortes is going to be the doctor for me I can hardly wait.
Almost time
Yes honey we do can u imagine toddler lol..but I'm done I just need a big butt small waist n I'm gonna be the happiest mother in Ny I know dr Cortes gonna make us look like perfect movie stars. . ..good luck to u as well
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