Pretty excited after talking wth Doctor Cortez .....

Pretty excited after talking wth Doctor Cortez .. Had my first surgery feb 22 2013 and my results left me disappointed waste of money guess i will be spending more money to get what I really wanted!! People please do ur research . Spoke wth Doctor Cortez and I feel confindent he will shape my body n give me that booty I'm lookin to have finally! ! My other doc only put 650cc in each cheek and doctor cortez said he can put about 1100cc 1000 cc per cheek... ugh why didn't I find him first. . Lol I'm super excited can't wait still recovering n butt still shrinking from first surgery :(

Deposit paid :) I can't wait and Doctor Cortez...

Deposit paid :) I can't wait and Doctor Cortez staff is so helpful

I'm more thn half way wth my payment... thnk god!

I'm more thn half way wth my payment... thnk god!

90 days count dwn..whoohooooo

90 days count dwn..whoohooooo

Really whn u think u have a friend n they turn out...

Really whn u think u have a friend n they turn out to b a jealous ass bitch!! Neways I'm bout all done wth payin my surgery off I'm ready baby ...

I take that back speakin out of anger!!

I take that back speakin out of anger!!

Goin Saturday to pay the remainder of what I owe! ...

Goin Saturday to pay the remainder of what I owe! I think I got my side kick back n pretty excited to see our outcome !! August needs to hurry the hell up. . Lol

This whole journey has been so stressful but I'm...

This whole journey has been so stressful but I'm hangin in there. . I'm confident this time around this doctor will do what he says n wnt run wth my money!! Just ready to b done wth surgery n enjoy my new body...

I'm ready!

Almost my time 2 1/2more weeks

9 days till my new body

Went today and did my blood wrk at the hospital. :) I'm super excited! !!!

wish pix

wish pix

5 days!!

Time is flyin by so fast now that I'm right around the corner!! Super anxious ;) Readyfor my new look 2014 watch out 2piece swim suit.. lol

doing some shoppin

Hittin the stores to get everything I need I knw its last min but hey its getting done..

Feeling Sick to my stomach! !

Super scared!! I was anxious but now I'm scared bout the recovein process... I'm a very strong person n I have a lot of support I pray to god everything turns out just the way I want it too n pray that this recovery isnt so bad. ... gn


One more day!!!! Omg my time is here been waiting for this day n I'm sick to my

6 more hours and my process is in session. .lol

Okay Im up I can't sleep... 6 hrs I can't wait n soooo happy my husband is off Thursday & Friday plus weekend to care for me...

before pix

Gained 15 pounds for 2nd surgery I hate my body n I knw doc Cortez goin to hook me up!


Another pix of the back...Asked Doctor Kutty to hook me up wth a nice butt n my results was trash!! Can't wait for Doctor Cortez to really hook me up. ;)

new booty

I'm happy

just took a shower

Love my new look

greatest husband

Thank god for such an amazing n supportive man! He doin everything to take care of me. From scale 1-10 I'm probably a 7 today .. my body looks bad ass just waiting for the swelling to go dwn some.. I keep u guys posted

horrible night

Felt my inner thighs on fire last nite plus they bth are very swollen :( I couldn't get comfortable I feel soo miserable I cried myself to sleep ... This morning I'm still very swollen on my inner thighs n lower back I can't wait to see Cortez tomorrow n get this drain off!!

in process

Day 7

I'm feelin a lil better

Today I can honestly say I'm moving a lil better n my inner thighs aren't so swollen .. will post pix later tonight


Thas a big butt

itch is driving me loca!!

Today was my first day out wth the family did a lot of walking much needed... I'm feelin so much better . I still have a lil bit of pain lil swollen in my inner thighs but feelin better as days go by... Liposuction on ur inner thighs has to b the worse pain I'm tellin yah!! My butt my new body I'm lovin it everybody in my family wants to do surgery I'm so glad I found the perfect doc to perform my bbl... my butt is bigg.. 1200 cc. N 400cc on hips my husband loves it he can't wait for a full recovery :)

new pix


oh ya


its me

Love tryin on dresses

big booty

Very pleased

booty booty everywhere

If u want a big culo go wth doc Cortez he the man!


Love it

can't complain

Side view look bigger in person

5 weeks into my recovery

Where do I start.... lol. I'm loving my results my recovery is comin along no more bruises my inner thighs feel bout 80% back to normal. .. My butt shrunk some but that was all the swelling that went dwn.. hips r off da chain.. I get a lot of people lookin at me even I go see doc cortez Saturday. . I have knots on my back so lets see what he tells me..

first nite out

Good nite wth my hubby n sista in laws

love it

New dress



got a good massage

It hurt but worth da pain

2014 watch out

What u think? ? ;)


Can't wait to fluff out


Just a pix

new me

No griddle..


Just goin thru it.... one day I feel like my butt is getting bigger next day looks small :/ one thing for sure my body is not how it use to b couple mnths I'm still itching its so freaking irritating! Stomach still has lumps its goin dwn lil by lil n especially my knots on my sides have gone dwn a lot.. I'm readyto b back to normal again!! Just ventin gn


I want more booty

11 weeks

Thanksgiving Day










Baby on the Way!

Hi beautiful ladies hope all is good!! Just found out im pregnant ;) super happy a blessin to our family! We had been tryin foe years nothin ever happend.. I will b postin pix im still lookin good n plan on doin a tummy tuck once I recover form my pregnancy. . Wish u all the best
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Thank you very much Doctor Cortez!! This man is truly a blessing for us women lookin for a new mommy look.. I'm so glad I found the right doctor this time around.. I got that baggin body.. New start new beginnings for me..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Congrats :):):):): may The Lord bless you with a happy healthy baby
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where did u get massages
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Alright now looking like the cat's meow!!!!
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Looks great gurl! Love your outfit too! :)
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Looking great ma. How r u?
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Im doin better . Thanks n ur lookin great lady
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That's good, yourr welcome!
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You look great luv
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Thank u
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Congrats great Valentine's just take it day for day its a long recovery but worth it! N go big on ur butt cuz once your swellin goes dwn everythin shrinks so go
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Lol ok! Praying for your recovery! I am so excited I can't wait!!!
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Your body is banging! I hope Dr Cortez hooks me up, I have surgery with him on Valentine's Day. I'm so nervous any advice?
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Thank you ladies!! N yes I want more booty ;)
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Looking very nice.....
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looking good ma!!! :)
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Thank u babe
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You look great! I'm definitely asking. For at least 400 ccs in the hips!
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Go for it!! The bigger the better
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You're looking very good! Still got booty greed, or are you good?
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