Ready for a New Body in 2015

Im new to RS and I don't know where to begin so...

Im new to RS and I don't know where to begin so for right now I'll say I'm 5'7 240 pounds. I've been trying to lose weight for a very long time. When I do lose weight, I lose in it in my butt and that itself is depressing. So I decided months ago to have a bbl with Dr. Cortes. I heard he's the best at what he does. I saw his before and after pics for bbls and I'm in awe on how he transforms womens body. I know I need to put down my 500 dollar deposit and I will in a few weeks. Hopefully he has available dates in the first 2 weeks of January. I wonder if he gives discounts to people who pay in cash... let me know if he does please.. I will post pics of my horrible body asap.

As promised.. my horrible body pics

I hate the fact that during and after my pregnancy I blew up. I got so many stretch marks (GOD WHY ME) and no cream in the world can get rid of it either.

Time to lose the FAT!!!!!!

I currently weigh 240 I need to get down to at least 210-220 by December. This will be a challenge for me. Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. I struggle with it everyday. In order for me to have the best results I have to lose this fat. That's all their is to it. Wish me luck girls! I'll need it. I'll keep you guys updated on this fat loss lol.

My WISH pics...

Still doing research on Doctors..

So I'm loving Dr. Ortega & Dr. Cortes. I will put my deposit down in 3 weeks. I have a real big decision to make. I just hope I don't make the wrong one. I want the best results possible. I'm also thinking about getting breast implants as well. Does Dr. Ortega do bbl & breast augmentation at the same time?? I know Dr. Cortes does not. Let me know what's up ladies of RS.

Damn really though.

I'm struggling with my eating habits. I don't know if I can lose 40 pounds by December. I'm just in a fucked up mind set right now. I need to get it together. Any advice on WEIGHT LOSS RS girls...

I love Dr. Cortes but.....

I love Dr. Cortes but.... I'm going with Dr. Ortega. I got quoted today. 4500 for the surgery plus 500 to stay at the recovery house for 5 days. So a total of 5,000 dollars. Since I'm moving to MIAMI in December I think this is the best way to go. I'm putting my deposit of 300 dollars down on Next Wednesday or September 1st for the Date of surgery on Dec.12.14. I just have to lose 40 pounds before that day (not easy) I talked to Ms. Karla and she was very helpful no complaints so far. I truly hope everything goes right...

how to I change my DR. on RS????

How do I change my doctor on this update????

weight loss and 300 dollar deposit.

Been working out and eating right these days... I check my weight every Friday. I'm hoping to lose as much of my belly and arm fat as possible. I put my 300 dollars down on Wednesday the 20th of August. I hope Dr. Ortega still has Dec 12 2014 available or I can't do my surgery this year. I will be pissed!

weight loss/boob job and bbl talk

Well I seem to be losing weight. I went from 240 to 235. That was a hard 5 pounds to lose. 35 more pounds to go by December. I've been eating nothing but chicken thighs and fish with lots of veggies (I love broccoli) and lots of fruit. I drink at least 6 bottles of water. I'm working out at least 3 times a week. I take yoga, cardio kickboxing, Zumba (which is my favorite), and also boot camp and Im going to start swimming once a week. A couple of laps won't kill me just my hair. I will put down my 300 dollar deposit on Wednesday the 20th I'll let everyone know how that went. Karla seems nice and she answered my questions as I run my mouth a lot lol. Hey I got so many questions. I did email her some more questions and I hope she emails me back as soon as she can. To everyone having surgery this month I wish you nothing but the best. To all my fellow Ortega DOLLS don't forget to take lots of pics I love seeing his work. I'm definitely telling him I want a donky booty and nice hips with it. I'm going back asap for a boob job lol saline implants size full C. After you have a baby breast are never the same.... Real talk!

It's OFFICIAL.....

I made my 300 dollar deposit today! My surgery date is December 12 2014. Yasss! I'm ecstatic. I talked to Alba at spectrum and she was nice. Answered all my questions and concerns. I can't wait to have this bbl surgery. I want that DONKY BOOTY... and hourglass figure.

Vitamin Question....... RS

What vitamins do I take pre surgery? I know iron is one of them. Help, please girls..

counting down the days until....

Counting down the days until my surgery. I think of how much better my body will look. I really hope I lose the weight I need and Dr. Ortega makes me bootylicious. I will definitely tell Dr. Ortega that I want ass.. ass.. ass.. and lots of it. I pray to God that I love my results and have no complaints. I'm about 4 months away from having my surgery and that's all I could think about. Im ready to get rid of all my old clothes and go shopping for some new clothes... I want look and feel great. Again, I cant wait until I have my surgery... I'm counting the days down. I still have to figure out what vitamins I need.

Um... I'm pissed the F.. OFF!

Wtf is going on with my body. I just gained 3 pounds for nothing... NOTHING! What is going on.. I'm about to say forget doing this naturally and start taking diet pills for faster weight loss. This is really insane. I need to lose weight by December so.. I gotta do what I gotta do.. diet pills it is.

weigot loss update.

Um.... well.. it's going.... lol. I cut down on working out because I'm in too much pain these days. I'm eating well and sticking to my die... it... (diet) plan.. lol. This diet is killing me but I'm making it happen. Good luck to all the ladies that are having surgery this week. Happy healing.
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Hang in their girly! Great job on you eating lean n clean! U can do this!
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Thanks girl. I'm trying.
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Girl im in Houston and was about to pick him for my doc but decided I wanted Ortega instead.
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I like Dr. Cortes but he was too expensive. I did research on Dr. Ortega and his work is awesome.
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Careful!! The weight gain is more than likely muscle! I started my weightloss journey a couple months ago and I too had to lose 20 pounds before my sx. I started crossfit and eating right. I gained 4 pounds and I was furious! I did notice my clothes were not as tight as before and I was shrinking. That is probably what is happening to you. My trainer told me that as soon as I was done gaining my initial muscle weight that I will begin to lose fat weight and inches. Don't be discouraged. Continue the natural way, I know it is difficult but you will be happier that you learned to control your appetite without pills. This is a true lifestyle change that you are making! Good luck! :)
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Thank you. Your absolutely right! I woke up this morning and loss 5 pounds. I was frustrated but I know I have to do this the right way. Thanks for the encouragement. I needed that Necia512.
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Congratulations! You are very welcome! I was told to eat 45%protein 30%carbs (healthy carbs from veggies) and 25% fat (healthy fats) (avocado, almonds, and lemons are good natural fat burners). I don't know if that will work for you but it's a start. :) I use myfitnesspal app to log my food journal. It keeps it simple and counts the calories, and macronutrients for me. :)
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I'll definitely try that myfitnesspal app. Keeping track of my food everyday will really help me. Thanks girl.
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I herd one of dr Ortega offices offer the bbl for 4000 I think it cg cosmetic or something ima try to get that deal
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That's a good deal.
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Hello, My name is Vivian and yes Dr.O prices $4500 for BBL any many other promotions in all of the procedures.
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Hi Vivian I extremely happy about the promotion for the bbl surgery. At spectrum do you guys have garments and if so how much are they?
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Yes you would have the first garment included in the promotional price if you want to buy it additional one we have it in the office as well.
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Sounds great! THANKS!
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Why is it he works three surgery centers and they all charge different prices yet its the same doctor?
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Contact kirsty @ and she will change it for you! Great choice in your switch both choices u couldn't go wrong!
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Oh she changed it for me already. Thanks Sexeeangel
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