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I'm so ready I had a son 8 months ago an I can't...

I'm so ready I had a son 8 months ago an I can't seem to get rid of my belly My boyfriend and me both like big buts so I figured instead of just getting lipo why not gain a butt lol

I've wanted a butt for 2 yrs now an I'm finally getting it I'm a African American female almost 5'8 an about 185 give or take depending on what I eat during the week I want to lose 10 lbs before my surgery because my ideal goal weight is 155lbs my current measurements are 34-38-41. I want to be 34-under 30-44 After my surgery an full recovery I plan to restart my insanity workout program. I don't want to lose to much fat because my doctor won't be able to give me the big butt I desire. Right now he says he should be able to get around 800-1000 cc in each cheek :) I plan to get lipo in my arms back sides an stomach. But after reading some reviews I'm considering asking to get my chin lipoed but I'm not sure how hard the recovery for that is I'm super excited

Welcome to Realself! I'm from Houston too, I was going to try Dr. Cortes but his prices are too high and his work is not that gr8, word of advice try Dr. Lapuerta in Houston! One of his grls is on here MrzSoto hers looks gr8!

So today I started insanity my goal is to lose...

So today I started insanity my goal is to lose 15lbs. Hopefully mostly in my gut back and arms. These are my real problem areas I actually like my but when u can't see my gut lol. I really hope I can stay motivated an lose these 15lbs in the next 35 days. I've came to the conclusion I really like how the BBL looks on slimmer figured girls slim in my opinion 150. I looked up the beautiful an thick Ms Amber Rose she weights about 145-150 an carries all her weight in her lower body. That's my goal an I know it's no way I can expect to get that type of appearance with my current waist size.
good luck bbl sister!!
Thanks ladies for your opinions and best wishes.
Good Luck on your journey girlie!!! Im glad your posting and writing about your journey! :D We need more Houston postings! :D Im also going with Dr. Cortes and my surgery date is for January :D Im so excited!!! :D

Day two of working out an I'm a try and get out an...

Day two of working out an I'm a try and get out an do something physical. I finally have my boyfriend 100% on board an he even said he will come with me to my next appointment to take about my goal. Which is good cause he's paying for it so of course I want his opinion.
Dr. Cortes is great at shaping his patients! Im sure you will be excited about your results. I know I am. I did not except for my waist to get as small as he made it (but of course Im happy about that). I look forward to seeing how your experience goes. How many CCs do u plan on getting?
Yeah my appointment is for Dec. 4th
OMG girl your around the corner!!! Good luck!! Oh i just saw bnsu13 results and im in awe!!! she also went to Dr. Cortes http://www.realself.com/review/houston-tx-brazilian-butt-lift-bbl?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=RevUpdd&utm_content=review_url

So my goal is to lose weight but its very hard...

So my goal is to lose weight but its very hard when you are on vacation in the south an go out to eat all the time :( Currently I'm 188 so I've gained 3 lbs to many that's not a lot but when you have 30 days to lose as much weight as possible it's pretty hard. However I've been working out during this vacation I've been rock climbing and playing tennis an things like that. I told my mom I was getting surgry but told her I was getting my boobs done cause I knew she wouldn't agree (she feels its a waste of money) an asked me to wait 4 yrs but I can't it's to important to me because my gut effects how I feel when I go out and plus I already waited 2 yrs. She will never understand.

Ps I really hope Dr Cortes is aggressive with lipo and the sculpting process that and my hips are the most important part to me. Don't get me wrong I want a fat butt to! :)
I love your results can u post a front view picture so I can see how your waist looks with your hips. An he says 800-1000 cc Im trying to lose weight because every other doctor said I should lose some weight so I can be as close to my goal as possible But Dr Cortes didn't make any recommendations about me weight so I'm not sure what to do
when i went to see Dr. Cortes for my consulation i asked him about my weight the only thing he said was to stay the same do not go up! lol so i would assume losing a couple pouds would be ok usually doctors state to be 25-30 pounds about your ideal weight. :)

So I'm about a month away from my big day an I...

So I'm about a month away from my big day an I haven't got a thing Im nervous and super excited at the same time I hope I love the results like so many women I see on here I have so many things to do I will most liky get my messages at the office but where do u buy suction hooks
Hey Texassweetie have u tried hardware stores? Oh also check out Foreverbooty she used like head band n put it on her thigh n hooked the suction cups there. I've heard this is a better idea bc some girls accidentally pull them out.

So it's finally starting to feel real that I will...

So it's finally starting to feel real that I will have the body I want soon Im so thankful that my boyfriend is getting this done for me All I think about is I can't wait to have a flatter stomach an some extra nice curves When I read about recover I don't really get scared cause it seems as its just some discomfort not real pain I just pray everything ces of beautiful Working on starting and living a healthier life cause I refuse to be one of those child who keep getting stuff done cause they can't control their weight No offense I just promise my self I'm a take good care of this new body!
Congrats on your journey. We share the same surgery date. Keep us posted.
Thanks Yea an sorry for the typos most of the time I'm doing post on my phone an don't review before I submit
I'm with you on that, first and last time, 2nd is definitely not an option for me either. Idk where we differ but I'm not looking for a ridiculously huge shelf, and my eating habits aren't that bad. just looking for a slimmer body and some nice booty, more natural looking though, and sexy. ;) your body is better looking than mine and I'm confident your end results will be fantastic!! god bless u & good luck!

So next Wed I go for blood work an everything at...

So next Wed I go for blood work an everything at the hospital super excited and nervous Hope everything goes well an I'm cleared to have surgery An my weight lose have went no where I'm 190 firm Idk what to do Besides try harder An eating out is a must stop But I'm not going to give up Just stay focused an telling myself I can do it If I can lose 10 lbs I'm fine with that lol
Good luck girl
Good Luck on your blood work and everything else!! :) Im so excited for you!! Im currently dealing with high liver levels so im worried they will not clear me for surgery if they dont go down :/
I wouldn't have guessed u weighed 190. U don't look it. Dont stress too much over it. I was worried about being 180, but he got A LOT of fat from my mid section. Im sure your results will be great. Im excited for u & Cant wait to see them!

Update on measurements So i looked up how to take...

Update on measurements So i looked up how to take your measurements an i did them completely wrong So here are my correct measurements

Weight: 185
Breast (34B)

Goal Weight: 165
Breast (34D)

Hopefully I can get these I will find out Saturday when I go for my consult :)
good luck i'll will be following to see your results :)
Good luck!
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