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Ok I'm not so bad right now but after 4 kids, age...

Ok I'm not so bad right now but after 4 kids, age and marriage. I do want him to enhance what I already have. I hope things turn out good I have my fingers crossed.
wish I knew someone who's going in the same, or around the same time I am..

Im coming from out of town so if anyone know where I can find a close, clean, and reasonable place to stay close to the hospital for after care while im there, please share

2 WKS left guys!!! lol

OMG I have to be there on the 10th and its a go from there... im so excited, and scared at the same time! I cant wait to get this over with... wow ok had to come on here and vent ...woo ok back to business (at work) lol =)

closer, & closer

Ok so tomorrow I will be heading to Texas for my first apt on the 11th. I'm so excited to get this over with. I'm feeling nervous, excited, fat, confused, all at the same time...lbvs. I'm not dressing or feeling pretty because of the weight i had to put on. I can't wait to get this over with so I can go on with my life.
I'm scared to workout in fear I won't have enough fat, but walking and working out is what keeps me calm. .. I'm not sleeping. . This can't be good. ..

Ok sorry guys I just had to vent a Lil

I'm Here!

Ok ladies I'm here. I saw Dr Cortes I'm feeling less stressed and more excited now...=) This time tomorrow I'll have a new shape... hopefully its a better one..
Ok I need to find a place to get my prescriptions filled before tomorrow. Next time im on here I should be posting pics =)



Hi ladies I did it yeeeesssss, its over. I think everything went great Dr Cortes is awesome. I'm swollen of course it has only been 24hrs but I'm looking better then when I came in. Lol I'm excited to see what I'm going to look like after everything goes down and in its place

One Pic

Surgery until Oct 14th, Pic very next day Oct 15 th

pain & fuller

Omg the stiffness & the pain. .. And it looks like my butt is getting bigger. .. hubby says it looks different since the first pic so I'll be taking more


Hey ladies, I'm healing, getting better still very swollen, itchy and in pain Expecially my legs Outch!
My results are good but I don't like so many holes and the way they were closed but is still early this can change.
What I do need is another garment, one with the butt out.
Does anybody have the T on the best but lifting garment? I day that one because it'll give that seperation under the butt I'm looming for

1 Week legs

I'm still very swollen and bruised all over but here's a quick shot of my thighs. . Again still very swswollen

pics in outfit I had on before op

Can you see a difference?

Just fyi

I know I seen a lot of ppl getting the hips with thier bbl, I did not. I think it looks more natural without


Ok ladies its been 3 wks I'm almost feeling normal just pain in my back, and omg my legs, the legs are the worst thing ever shhhhh! I have to have them rubbed hard everyday just to take some of the swelling out so I can walk some what normal, I thought I could squat down to pick something up and it felt like my legs were about to tear...... They looked like sausages lol.
But anyway everything is going good, I dint have any regrets about my doc Cortes.
I don't have this huge butt but I have a nice big 1 ;)
Haven't put on, nor tried on any jeans. My only concern was my man and keeping him off of it... touching, squeezing and he even was about to smack it one time I walked pass omg I had to catch him. ...ugh he was the biggest problem lol.
He's a few pics I just snapped nothing special no touch ups just raw pics

cut off my pics lol

Ok I posted some pics but they look like they were cut off I don't know if it's just on my end but I'll crop and repost them again

new pics

Just a quick update.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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Girlfrend Dr. C gave you the BUSINESS!! lol.. Love your results!!
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Booty looks great!!!!! Question: What kind of garment do you have on in your Nov 6 pics you posted?
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Thank you. I don't have on a garment in Nov 6th pic, Nov 25th I just had on what the call butt lifting panty
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My bad. I got the dates mixed up. That's what I was meaning... lol Thank you
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Where you order your butt lifter from? I like the lift it gives you and the "cuff" it gives you
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OMG honey your booty looks so perfect. Cortes did a damn awesome job on you.
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Aww thank you!
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My pleasure hun, you seriously look breathtaking.
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Lookin good!!
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thank you!
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I'm loving the projection! Cortes did good!! thanks for uploading your projection.
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Thank you and no problem =)
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Wow u are lucky to work from home. I guess your sitting most of the time then? I am looking forward to seeing your new pics.
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I wish I could sit lol.. No sitting not yet, when I'm at my desk working I have the chair backwards and I'm on my knees (lbvs) or I straddle the chair almost like a Chinese split with each leg over the arm rest, I come up with all sorts of creative ways so Im not just laying down. I haven't done much drive but when I do you know those travel pillows you take on airplane? they hep in keeping you off your bottom.
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Sounds like you have a great plan on keeping off of your tush while in working mode. I work from home too but I will take about 6 weeks off from my work. So your still sleeping on your tummy? I hear u cant have sex for 6 weeks, are u managing well obstaining from it.. I know it will be very hard for me but even harder for my man with my new butt
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Girl please! 6wks.....LoL as long as you stay off that butt you'll be fine =) you can get on top in a squar position, not sitting on him, laying on your side, and then other things; ) but this not that type of site lol!
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Squat not squar lol
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I guess our minds need to work harder if we cant wait the 6 weeks lol. I guess the squat position might work best. Your right doll this isnt the type of site to talk about s-e-x haha.....
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Lol ;)
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Looking good doll. I love the projection. I wish u had pics taken from the back too so we could see more. You look great sweetheart. Have u gone back to work yet?
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Thank you! well I work from home (Thank GOD) so I've back to work since the 16th lol. I will take more this evening I just snapped those before heading out
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Hi Hun do you have any befor and after pics of your projection??
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I will look for some. I wouldn't say his projection is all that great, it's just more fuller but keep in mind it's only been 2wks so I'm still swollen and hopefully haven't fluffed yet. I'm going it gets better =)
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I just pics yet. If I had the money I would certainly go to Cortes. I need the Mommie Makeover. :-) Your results are making me anxious! Lol
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I dont have any pics yet. I'm 5'9 and 165. Slim everywhere except mid sec and no but and hips. I will be saving for that bbl.
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