March 10th BBL Surgery - Houston, TX

Hey u guys I am having my BBL march 10th! One...

Hey u guys I am having my BBL march 10th! One week! I am so nervous about the recovery period and pain...will someone please talk to me about it. I want to speak with someone who has actually went through their recovery...I have researched my dr. and i think he has all the credentials...I already ordered my garment just concerned about not sitting in the 3rd and 4th week...I am in school and i am using my spring break week as one week of recovery...


**Using the restroom
**Driving after 2 weeks? Is is possible? I know i will use a soft crate

there are so many things!

Hello everyone! i am on day 10 after my surgery...

hello everyone! i am on day 10 after my surgery and i must say i have had my ups and downs but at the end of the day it is worth it. i wanted this so bad i gave up my spring break for a week of recovery. so far so good! i will upload pics soon. i will need to get the before pictures from my doctor. but i love my butt so far its cute good size not too big. no nikki minaj.! or a video girl bottom. this surgery is not something to play with you will have symptoms and side effects to medicines. your body needS time to heal:) i am getting my stiches taken out today. have an appointment at 11 am. wish me luck!!:))

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glad u say it's worth it!! do you mind sharing you dr's name and ur result pics?
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How are you feeling? Do you like your results?
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AS far as my surgery, I had absolutely no bleeding and very little bruising. They took from my flanks, thighs and back. The pain meds made me so sick. Today is 2 weeks from when I had my surgery and I go back to work on Monday. You will not sleep well for at least a week. I would say the hardest part for me was not being able to sit and the compression garment is not fun.
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YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Go Jasmine and her new booty!! LOL you must give us the run down on your first week... there is so many of us having the surgery within the next few days and weeks. Please Jasmine tell us some things we should and shouldnt do... Whats your advice?
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hey you guys read my update will have pictures soon!
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How did your surgery go?
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Hey jasmine I hope all is well... lets us know how things are going I hope your loving you new "booty" cant wait to hear from you.
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Good luck today, Jasmine! I'm thinking happy thoughts for you. :)

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I just had mine done on 2/24/11 in Orlando. The pain is significant on the first day but I found I didn't need pain meds after that even though I was uncomfortable. Since Ididn't take the pain meds I had no trouble with going to the bathroom.
As far as going to the bathroom goes, I squat to urinate but for bowel movements, I lift the rim and disinfect it (in my own home) and I rest my thighs on it- NEVER THE BUTT - with my butt hanging over the toilet. This can be done by resting sideways on the seat, not facing forward. I am not in that position long because I go pretty fast. Make sure you do not interpret this as being okay to sit on the seat. It is like sitting on the roll they teach you to make to put under your thighs.
What surprised me most was the itching. It is INTENSE! I took Benadryl but this did not help. I lost alot of sleep over this for it has lasted about 10 days but it is waning. It started on the fourth day after surgery. doctor said it was okay to shower from the morning after surgery. You will still have a drain. Mine had a little loop on it so I put a string through it and tied it around my waist while I showered so it would be dangling and pull.
Driving....I just tried out the rolls that you are supposed to sit on today since I am going back to work tomorrow. I didn't actually drive, though. I figure I could make it to work for 15-20 minutes with those in place ( under the thighs and low back) but you couldn't do it for long.
Make sure you have someone you are comfortable with to take care of you for the first 24-48 hours as you will need help getting to the bathroom.
Hope this helps!
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Welcome to RealSelf's BBL community, Jasmine. Only a few more days until your new booty. :)

To answer your question about using the bathroom, a lot of women use a funnel (or you can cut the bottom out of a two liter bottle of soda and use that as a funnel) so they can pee standing up. Otherwise you just have to hover. I suppose you could sit but I'm not sure I'd risk damaging your results, especially in the beginning. If you're having trouble (anesthesia can do this), Milk of Magnesia can keep things running smoothly. :)

Check out "10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Butt Augmentation" for some more pre-op tips, and good luck next week! I'll be following your progress on this post.

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