March 10th BBL Surgery - Houston, TX

Hey u guys I am having my BBL march 10th! One...

Hey u guys I am having my BBL march 10th! One week! I am so nervous about the recovery period and pain...will someone please talk to me about it. I want to speak with someone who has actually went through their recovery...I have researched my dr. and i think he has all the credentials...I already ordered my garment just concerned about not sitting in the 3rd and 4th week...I am in school and i am using my spring break week as one week of recovery...


**Using the restroom
**Driving after 2 weeks? Is is possible? I know i will use a soft crate

there are so many things!

How did your surgery go?
Hey jasmine I hope all is well... lets us know how things are going I hope your loving you new "booty" cant wait to hear from you.

Good luck today, Jasmine! I'm thinking happy thoughts for you. :)


Hello everyone! i am on day 10 after my surgery...

hello everyone! i am on day 10 after my surgery and i must say i have had my ups and downs but at the end of the day it is worth it. i wanted this so bad i gave up my spring break for a week of recovery. so far so good! i will upload pics soon. i will need to get the before pictures from my doctor. but i love my butt so far its cute good size not too big. no nikki minaj.! or a video girl bottom. this surgery is not something to play with you will have symptoms and side effects to medicines. your body needS time to heal:) i am getting my stiches taken out today. have an appointment at 11 am. wish me luck!!:))

glad u say it's worth it!! do you mind sharing you dr's name and ur result pics?
How are you feeling? Do you like your results?
AS far as my surgery, I had absolutely no bleeding and very little bruising. They took from my flanks, thighs and back. The pain meds made me so sick. Today is 2 weeks from when I had my surgery and I go back to work on Monday. You will not sleep well for at least a week. I would say the hardest part for me was not being able to sit and the compression garment is not fun.
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