Not this one, read 2nd review. Dr Cortes is a Thief!!

So my very best friend (more like a sister) and I...

So my very best friend (more like a sister) and I had our consult yesterday. We went to his conroe office. Very nice office, friendly staff, wait time wasn't long at all. She drove from Galveston and I drove from SW Louisiana. My husband and I had tons of questions and he very patiently answered them all. We both paid our $500 dep and scheduled for sept 20.
Just a lil about me... Over the past 7 months I've been on a weight loss journey. Starting at 222 now at 177. I'm 5ft 1/2 inch (that 1/2 in does count :) Dr Cortes told me to maintain only. I was a little bummed about that cause I still feel like I need to lose 20 lbs. I'm a SAHM with 6 children (2 of which are step children) I only say that cause they are not here full time. I have a very supportive husband and I feel like I've worked hard and this will add to my confidence.
Congrats on your weight loss! I know its probably hard to stop the weight loss after you have been doing so good but the bright side is that Sept. is right around the corner. So excited to follow your journey and I know Dr. Cortes will give you exactly what you want. You gone look good girl!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you. At first I didnt know if I could go through with it but now Im so excited!
Congrats to locking in your date! I'm planning in seeing Cortes for my bbl and ba in October/November :) I'm 5'5" 140 lbs now but he told me to be 165 lbs for sx (after losing over 80 lbs in past yr n half) which made me sad too but gonna trust him to take out all the fat n put it in my ass n hips..

Obsessed much?

Ever since I've decided to make this wish a reality I've become obsessed. I have an addictive personality to begin with. I've slowly turned my bad habits to good ones. Overeating to calorie counting, smoking to working out. I like to think that I'm just keeping myself informed, realistic and prepared. But throughout the day I think of the surgery several times. I read blogs, reviews, look at pics. I run through all the "what ifs", I think about how I will look, what I will tell people if they ask, how to deal with family/friends who disapprove. Anyone else in this boat?

Out of towners, post op issues?

So I see a few ladies have had to go back and get cortisone shots and/or new garments because what the initially got didn't fit or compress correctly after surgery weeks after surgery. So for those of us who are traveling what do we do? How do we even know if we need the shots or new garment?
Congrats on your sx. I am considering Dr Cortes. I will definitely follow you. Congrats on the weight loss as well.
Ok thank you. I'm aiming for a surgery date in September as well. good luck to you!!!
is your quote for the bbl only? I emailed him pictures for a consult but I'm thinking about just flying there for a consult in person

Hope they get this fixed!

At my consult on may 20 I put down $500 and was told I had 4 weeks to pay 30% and the surgery had to be paid off day before pre-op (which I am scheduled for the day before surgery). I asked to make sure since the paper they give you in the info packet said 3 weeks and she said he does give you 4. Well I just called to get the correct amt and the lady informed me no it is 3 weeks and the surgery has to be paid in full 3 weeks before surgery!
I explained that this in NOT what I NOR my friend were told. So I guess someone is going to call me back.
You have up until the day of you sx to pay for your sx is what I was told. Mines is scheduled for July 8th and I started paying in April as long as your making payments and staying in contact with them it okay. Im paying cash for mines as well and there have been times were I couldn't make my scheduled payment they would send letter in mail but its just protocol. Hopes this helps!! Good Luck, you think your obsessed now wait until September lol!!
His wife is supposed to call me today. I spoke with the other lady twice yesterday and both times she said the surgery had to be paid in full 3 weeks before scheduled date.
Yes his payment but you have up until day of sx to pay hospital fees..

Well that makes sense

Ok so the Dr portion of the fee has to be paid 3 weeks prior to surgery. The hosp portion can be paid the day before surgery.
Congratulations on your weight loss!!! You picked a good Plastic Surgeon. My appt for a tummy tuck is in December. I can't wait. I will definitely be checking in on you ;)

Quit squats....

I lost 50 lbs!!!! Sorry just needed to scream that. Anyway I workout (cardio and light lifting). 40 mins 5x a week. And I used to do squats like crazy. Everyday 100+. I was doing everything I could think of to build my perfect butt through exercise. Now that I have for sure decided on surgery I completely quit the squats. (Still workout, just quit squats) I guess I'm thinking why put so much focus on what he is just gonna fix anyway or could I even be hindering my results by trying to still workout that area. Anyone else????
Yes! I'd like to say congrats to u as well on ur weight loss!! Very joyous :) I will c Cortes on nov 1st.. Ur big day is almost here!! Excited :)
Is your surgery scheduled for the 1st?

Ok it's taboo but...?

I know some ppl consider this subject taboo but its been on my mind. Risk of death. I am struggling with the what ifs? I mean am I willing to DIE to look good? I have a family friend that passed during skin removal surgery. (His was in Mexico) and I guess it just has me freaked out. I know there is a big difference in out of the states and in states doctors. So that helps.
Anyone else willing to share there thoughts? Fears? Comforting words?
I'm soooo nervous and anxious! My surgery date with dr Cortes is June 21st. Less then 2 weeks away. I'll be posting before and after pics soon!
Tryed to find your page.. Was gonna follow your journey
Yes I have to put up some before pics. They'll be up before Friday! :). Been a short journey. Lol. I decided I wanted this in may and went to see dr Cortes. Booked my surgery the next day. Thanks to all the reviews on here, I decided he was the one before I even got there. Lol

What if I have to change me date?

Do I lose the 500$ dep? Or is it just as simple as changing it?
Sure u could change date as well without losing ur $..
Thanks. Gonna take a little longer than we thought to get $ together
I was just told that if you cancel you lose 500 dep and 30% of surgery cost. Thats over 2000. Was anyone else told that?

Can you get a TT then a BBL?

I initially planed to get a BBL then a TT but we had an unexpected expense so I'm thinking the TT will have to be first. But I was thinking maybe in a year I could get the BBL. I should be at goal which is 155lbs at 5ft 1/2in. So I'm thinking ill have to gain but I would hate to mess up my TT. Has anyone heard of TT then BBL

"Deep breaths"

Ok so my husband said he thinks we can buckle down SAVE, move the date and get my bbl then my TT 6 months later. Ms Lucy is gonna be so sick of me calling
Dang, you're booty obsessed like me! I call it "research'' ! BOOTY research!! heck, how else are we gonna know what types of rumps we want, if we don't inspect 'em all?!? Sorry to hear about your monetary setback; I hope you find a big-ass bag of money! Everything will work out lovey :^)
Thanks, it's coming, just not as quick as I wanted
Yes you can have the tt 1st and then the bbl. One of Salama's patients did it that way. If you go down on my comments she is Mizzflatazz2phat, something like that. Look at her results. She looks amazing. I can't wait for my tt. I will be following you on your procedure ;-)

Who's doing both? TT and bbl?

I copied this from my comment on someone's page, I completely agree with dr Cortes about not having them done at the same time but what decides which one first....... My stomach is rather large with excess apron, at my consult I had lost just under 50 lbs. my highest weight was 222 at my appt I was 177 (5ft 1/2in). Dr Cortes told me not to lose anymore, even though my Goal is 155. He said that he needed the fat to do my bbl. I feel like at 177 after bbl my stomach will still be big and grose and how am I gonna show off my bbl if I refuse to wear tighter pants cause of my stomach that looks like a butt in the front. I am down to 170. But I have until next April til surgery so I'm not stressing. He said to do the bbl then TT. But I'm wondering why? I mean I get not having TT first then having to gain to have bbl but then again having bbl first and still having a big stomach seems crazy too.

I wanna be a loser.....

Lol ok so as I stated before I started at 222 and was at 177 at my consult. Dr Cortes told me to just maintain even though my goal is 155. And I trust him, but at 5ft 1/2 in I still feel so fat. My hubby fusses cause I've lost about 7 more lbs. when my surgery was scheduled in oct I was thinking I could maintain for a few more months til surgery but rescheduling sx til 04/14 that means I have to maintain at a weight I'm not happy with for almost a year. I wanna be a loser... Lol I wanna keep losing. I guess in my head I'll get down to 155 then try to quickly gain a mo before surgery. Any input?
TT should always be done first before a bbl because try laying on your side without touching your butt. yea dnt work lol... my friend did both and there were no more side projection and i had a breast aug and had to lay on sides and mines is the same
I'd have to get them 6 mo apart
I'm glad that I stumbled upon your blog. If you read mine, you will see that we both suffer from the same dilemma-decision of choice... I finally decided that I want my MM 1st, because my gut is massive! Ain't a damn thang cute about walking around with a "TrafficJamBooty" and a humongous gut! I figure that I have an ample amount of fat deposits in my shelf and inner thighs to use for my bbl. So, I'm going to be following your journey!

So frustrated....

Havin a harder time putting up the money then I thought I would. I have gone back and forth umpteen times about which to get first. My org plan was bbl then TT. But now I'm thinking TT and then a year or so bbl. The only thing is dr Cortes told me to stay at 178 for bbl. my goal weight is 155. So if I get to goal weight for TT how do I gain after a TT for a bbl?
As you can see I have very excessive sagging. Which keeps me from wearing fitted clothes, which I also think doesn't help the appearance off my butt cause I wear all my clothes lose to hide belly

Side shot for TT ?

Hey chica, My GOD I can't remember if you made comments on my blog, but if so then you would know that I struggled for the longest on which procedure to do first also and basically for the same reason. Didn't want a phat donkey with a matching stomach! BTW,Congrats on your weight loss! I'm 5'10 beginning weight of 299 in mid March and now down to 266lbs and trying to get to 240 by October. My stomach is nearly identicle to yours and best believe Dr. Cortes is going to have to give me the tt 1st!!!!! (I had my bbl consult with him last month and I'm going to fly in next month for my tt consult). I'm not worried about not having enough fat for my bbl when the time comes because I have a large shelf, back rolls, and fat meat in my upper inner thighs for him to transfer to my ass. But yes it is an agonizing situation to be in especially when you feel that your body needs so much work. OAN I'm going to send you the name of a lady who is your height and similar tummy. She had a tt done and she looks SPECTACULAR! !!!!@
Akane919 is her name. Look up her blog and tell me what you think!
Wow! I just quick scrolled thru your pics. Great job! Your loss really shows!

$6000 - $8000?

So I've been following a few ladies who've had the TT with Cortes, and their cost range from 6-8k. I was wondering if anyone knows why such a large range?
Don't quote me on it, but I believe the lower range is for a easy case, and the highest cost is for the difficult case which of course takes more work and time.

TT cost more than BBL?.

I'm confused. I keep seeing ppl getting a TT from Dr Cortes for like 6-7000 at the most $8300 but I just switched my bbl to TT and the price went from 9503 to 9591. So a TT for me is more than a bbl? When I asked why they said cause you have to be turned over to lipo back. But so doesn't everyone else? I'm so bummed! Anyone else have a quote from dr cortes for TT?
A couple of typos......fill in the words LOL
I hope I don't end up writing a book here I came over to read your profile... My doctor also told me at 160lbs, I was fine , I didn't need to lose anymore prior to surgery... I didn't do anything different in the month and a half prior to my surgery I Continued my healthy style of eating With moderate exercise... Actually can't even call it exercise because I hate exercising... I walk, bicycle, & work my yard. So if you happen to be A few pounds less At the time of your surgery.... It will be just The all that much sweeter the outcome... Exercise and dieting everything in moderation And you can quote me!! LoL I to have an excessive compulsive personality...dahhhh! Congrats on your 50 pound weight loss!!! Something tells me you love yourself.. How old are you???? I haven't come across that in your profile yet, As far as telling people about what you're doing for yourself... This is your body your life, Your time.... I told very few people, I have an inner circle.... People don't have to know... This is a need to know Attitude... ;-) The subject you call Taboo... Yes it's in everybody's mind.... I spoke to my surgeon, About this fear... I didn't want to mention it to my husband he was worried enough as it was. My surgeon said Tummy Tuck's In his opinion were a very straight forward predictable surgery As far the butt lift I'm not about the butt Can't help you there... LoL Reading about you wanting to continue to lose weight... Stay healthy with your lifestyle and be moderate... You'll probably a bit You just don't have to kill yourself with Obsessive workouts... You're 5 foot and a half inches tall In my opinion your goal weight 155 To 160 To be beneficial.., Once you're on the flat side.... You might even like your butt...BUT It's your body Your decision, In your life... You're on the right track... Keep Chugging along... You might even want to do a squatter to Ha ha ha LiveLoveBelieve (((Hugs)))
Lol ohh your an OCD member too? I have the t-shirt, the mug and baseball cap, which I keep in individually labeled gallon ziplock bags lol. Just kidding. I started losing almost a year ago, oct 18, and I've list about 61 lbs now yay me. My initial goal was 175 which I got to and wasn't satisfied so changed to 155 and I'm nearly there and thinking of adjusting to 130ish. I'm not one to be super skinny. I like thick just not chunky. And my hubby prefers the thick side. He often voices that he doesn't want me to get too small. But I have to say everytime I think I have it figured out by body is like ummm nope, I think I'll switch it up. I am 34 married, mom of 4 bio and 2 step. (5 girls, 1 lil boy) I find that I'm much more open about my surgery now that I've decided on TT. I do definitely want a cute butt but financially it's just not gonna happen. My butt just looks sad. And since my front butt gets in the way of wearing cuter clothes I'm hoping I can accentuate it better when I have a flat belly. I wanna ask my dr if he lipos in the scoop area in your lower back. I'm hoping between the lipo, flat belly and squats I can get it lookin a lil more happy.

Ok now i get it

So ms Lucy called me. Love her btw. She explained the difference in price was because TT includes abs back flanks and bbl has those and thighs and arm. When i switched from bbl to TT arms and thighs weren't taken off. So my quote is closer to 8500
Anyone know how to delete a photo off your review?
Glad she clarified the pricing for you.

Similar body and I'm loving her results!

LiveLoveBelieve I read your story and you're almost in the same situation as problem is I hate waiting. I originally went in wanting my arms...breast lift w/o implants and bbl....Dr.Cortes said its too much surgery at one I ended up deciding to get TT...BL..Armlift and lipo of flanks and thighs with fat transfer to hips. That should give me the hour glass shape I want...then hopefully my plan is to wait a year and get BBL with or without butt implants if I don't have enough fat
Hows things goin
Hi, I read your blog and it was really helpful. Congrats on the wait loss. I am struggling with the same dilemma. Trying to figure out what to do. I actually have a consultation with Dr Cortes on Monday. I going to ask for the hourglass tt with fat transfer to the hips and plan to schedule maybe July 2014. I hope everything works out in the consultation. I am tired of going to see ps. Have you decided on the TT? Are you getting the hourglass tt with fat transfer tothe hips?

Tummy tuck anyone?

Just wanting to keep in touch with some of dr cortes TT patients
I got your message. Check your inbox.

Yes please

Beyond wish pic

Loss of motivation

Over a year I lost 65 lbs then for three months nothing! At first the weight melted off so that kept me motivated. But since the stall I find that no matter if I try hard or hardly try I see not physical difference so I've lost all motivation :(
Side note I've sent in my pics to Dr Cortes a few times to see if he thinks I need to lose more and if so how much before TT. My consult is 2 weeks before surgery and I don't want to go in and have him say I should have been smaller. Or risk not having optimal results because of weight. And two weeks isn't long enough to really make a difference.
Before I get on my soapbox let me be clear... I love Dr Cortes and Ms Lucy. I think his work is some of the best. And Ms Lucy is very nice and always understanding. I only wish he'd possibly hire more staff to answer emails/phone calls. It's disheartening to have questions go unanswered for months, or to be told to send in pics but not get a reply. Some people don't bat an eyelash at 9k but for me, myself and my family are sacrificing SO much just so I can do this. This really is something that my family is "feeling" financially. Something we are really having to SAVE for. I'm blessed that they are so loving and supportive to reward me with this for my hard work. So I'm spending 9k I figure maybe someone can answer an email. I understand his business is booming right now and not everyone has my experience. But personal touch is one of the reasons I chose him. Maybe I'm not pushing enough, cause I don't call every month. I just figure they will be responsible for my very life best to not agitate them.
Once again I'm completely sure this is the surgeon I want. He's the best. Just be prepared to be very patient!
hi doll im sorry your having trouble getting your questions can inbox me or text any of the staff at 936-760-2696.
Thanks love, I'm Inboxing you now
Great job on the weight loss. I know everything will turn out as you envision it. I almost went with Cortez as i am in Houston as well, but went with Dr. Cardenas as I can get so much more done. I have had 2 surgeries prior in Mexico with great results...Good Luck!!

Ready to get busy...

Working out that is.. Oct 2012 I was at 222. By oct 2013 I was down to 159ish but no matter what couldn't get that number to budge so I took dec off and ate everything I wanted and as much as I wanted. I'm now up to 162. Crazy I know. Hardly a change. BUT it gave me the reboost on motivation! So here I come January! Ready to get 30 or so more lbs off!

Hubby is doubting :(

Anyone have this problem? My husband was super supportive in the beginning but now says he's not so sure about this. Says he is scared that he could loose me over vanity. He is terrified something could go wrong. I've assured him over and over how great of a surgeon we have chosen. The benefits of having procedure done in hosp and an overnight stay just gives it that extra safety. HE is having surgery cold feet. Anyone else go through a similar experience?

Just to clarify

Thanks to Mariel for the help. I did get an answer to my email. I appreciate the help :)
Congrats on your weight loss!! My hubby was hesitant at first but then he came around. I think it's just fear of the unknown. Now we look at wish pics together and he knows all the bbl terminology!
See my hubby was all good with it, then he slowly started changing his mind. He isnt the type of person to "not support" me so this has been kinda hard


Made me a motivation wall...

Realistic wish pic

So here's a side view of my dreaded apron and then me pulling it up to see what I look like underneath all that. I was trying to get a realistic view of what I might look like after surgery. And then in the tights I'm squeezen them buns, hoping a million squats might get me there.
Anyone else do this lol?


Let's try this again

Removed my pics

Unfortunately I underestimated how easy it is for "outsiders" to get my pics so I am totally willing to inbox anyone but for the mean and inbetween time, they are gone


So were any of you ladies smokers before surgery? I started smoking when I was about 11. Crazy I know. Ive averaged 3 cigs a day for yearssss. I had quit for a few months at the time of my consult so didnt think to ask. But unfortunately started again (about 2 cigs a day) a while back.
I AM TRYING to cut those out too but how far before surgery do you have to be smoke free?
I know you shouldn't smoke after a surgery im not sure about before with a tummy tuck.
90 days prior but of course the sooner the better
Well i quit 77 days before. Hopefully since I was only having 2 a day it will be out my system sooner

Aaahhh Im freaking out

I have 76 days til my TT. What should I be doing??? I spent so much time freaking about other stuff I havent prepared
Good luck and keep us posted luv
Thank you ma'am will do

Anyone there?

Haven't been getting much love lately and I'm feeling like a basket of worries :(
Dear patients: I want to thank you for being part of my practice. First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, if at any given time, you have not been able to communicate by phone with my office. Our practice has undergone an unprecedented growth. For this reason, we have implemented a new text system where you can communicate during business hours to one of our live operators. The number to text any concern or question is 936-760-2696. I hope to serve you in the nearby future to satisfy your desired cosmetic needs. These include the hourglass tummy tuck, the wonder breast lift, the wonder breast reduction, and buttock augmentation with high volume fat transfer, among other techniques that I have invented. Thank you for being part of my practice and God bless you all. Truly yours, Wilberto Cort├ęs Plastic Surgeon
Thanks Dr so glad y'all are working on this. Lack of communication is the ONLY thing anyone could have complained about.
Feeling very frustrated with the lack of communication. Making me doubt if I should be doing this...


Has anyone else had luck with Dr. Cortes new text system? I sent him some questions via email last week no answer so I text them yesterday morning but still no answer. Like I said before I'm very confident in Dr. Cortes skills but it's very nerve-racking when you cannot get answers to your questions. I'm coming from out-of-state so I'd like to know how many days after surgery do I need to stay in town and how many visits post op I need to expect. Also since I change my procedure early on there were some changes in the billing like to get a corrected bill. Please tell me someone else has had better luck than me

Hey do yall know...

another real self user said that she got to ask the anesthesiologist questions it would be nice if we could do the same but I don't know if we get to talk to our anesthesiologist or is that straight through to the hospital? Should we call them? And has anyone heard of complete nerve damage due to lipo or tummy tuck as far as not being able to feel those areas after?

Let me be clear

Just want to clarify any time that I have spoke to Lucy or anyone in the office they have been polite I just think they need to hire more staff. Failure to communicate over such a huge venture is a scary situation.
Hey there... I finally posted a pic so that way you can see my results so far. Hope you're doing good girl.

Thank you!!!!

A great big thank you to MzPhatBooty. I really needed to talk to someone who has been through and understands. I appreciate our talk

How long do we stay?

Im driving in to have surgery with Dr Cortes (3-4 hrs) and am preparing to book my room. So how long post op should we plan on staying??
I can't see any pictures of before and after
Go see my other review
7 to 14 days in my opinion. I saw women on here that still have there drains in on the 12th day!!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Cortes was very genuine. He seemed to care about my wants and concerns. He patiently answered all my questions and I had A LOT. I've followed several of his patients and I think his work speaks for itself. I was first concerned that he would not go as big as I'd like due to photos on his site. After following current patients I see he gives each person what they want as long as you are realistic. I also like that his before/after pics show real results due to him taking them once swelling has gone down.

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