U can't tell me nothing!

To start I have always been comfortable in my own...

To start I have always been comfortable in my own skin, to where I felt I looked fine, yet my clothes never fit right. Therefore, I decided to look into BBL.

My sister and I have similiar shapes and we are both getting the procedure done on the same day. We've paid our deposits and our date is set for Jan 17, 2013 and we cannot wait!

Also, we both wear sizes 12-13-14 in jeans, so we are more plus size... Im 5'6 220 lbs .

Ok girlies we my sister and i have paid. Our...

Ok girlies we my sister and i have paid. Our deposits of $5295 each, which is only doctor fees....we are super excited and cannot wait! We have also purchased our rainbow light multi vitamins , bromelain, and arnica montana 6c which was a total of $52 from our local whole foods store... we have reserved our hotel for 5 days , excluding one night we are staying in the hospital.. we are gettin double beds and splitting the hotel cost and gas ...

We started our multivitamins brought some arnica...

We started our multivitamins brought some arnica Montana 6c from the local whole foods store, and paid our deposit for the doctors fees, $5295 to be exact... 11 days left to becoming big fine!!

Well y'all our surgery is scheduled for in the...

Well y'all our surgery is scheduled for in the morning and I am filled with Anxiety! The anticipation of it is what is killing me!

We had our surgeries and recovering well......

We had our surgeries and recovering well... Everything is swollen stiff! The first day was horrible for me but its getting better...

So my sister and I had our surgeries on jan. 17...

So my sister and I had our surgeries on jan. 17 And it wasn't bad... The recovery was a killer for me... Taking meds staying hydrated and peeing like crazy... Ill update with some pics soon....

This is a pic 5 days post op... It still has to...

This is a pic 5 days post op... It still has to take shape and fluff!! I like it tho!

Ok today made 3 weeks po and I must say I feel...

Ok today made 3 weeks po and I must say I feel great... We had a lymphatic massage on yesterday And if was the best....our stomach was swollen due to fluid and the normal side effects of lipo... Our ps gave us some lidocaine mixed with cortisone to reduce the inflammation, and I must say it did do the trick.... We Are wearing our garments still... I'm wearing a squeem and it is really reducing/ flattening my stomach... Overall I am happpy with my results... Just waiting on my stomach to go down some more to really See my shape....my portportions have really changed and I am happy...

My stomach has went down alot... After the surgery...

My stomach has went down alot... After the surgery I looked 6 months preggers... Dr Cortes injected cortisone and lidocaine in our stomachs and within a few days my stomach went down, now I have frequent urination, which I believe is caused by the injections...

I've been wearing a size xl squeem since about 2...

I've been wearing a size xl squeem since about 2 weeks after the surgery and my stomach has went down so much I can wear it comfortably on the second hook... I think I need a large... I tried on some tops and I use to be an xl now I'm fitting a medium to large...I have not been able to look down at my toes since about 12 years old, so I am in awe right now... I am happy about the surgery and I think it was worth it... Just waitin on my stomach to go down some more... Other than that I'm back to normal...my clothes are fitting better.. I use to wear a 13/14... Now I'm more like a 12... My waist/ love handles are pretty much gone.. I wear tights with so much confidence, and men just be looking... Even tho I think in big fine I still don't over do it and dress cheesy with it...I did not tell my boo I was getting the surgery and he just keep looking trying to figure out...he's grabbing my ass more and im thinking he has to know... But I'm but saying nothing and he's not asking either... So in going with the flow... I hope he don't ask becuz i don't know what to say, and really don't feel like explaining ish... Lol

Check out my sisters profile... We both did our...

Check out my sisters profile... We both did our surgeries on Jan 17....

Well its been 3.5 months since my surgery and My...

Well its been 3.5 months since my surgery and My ass is still big, not sure if it fluffed yet... It is giggly I can twerk really good now....I will update new pics soon..I also noticed slight pain in my ass when sitting or laying I'm assuming its healing... I take arnica weekly and get massages biweekly... Walking daily for cardio...I'm down 10 lbs since the surgery, not sure if its the Lipo or what....

2 months

2 months

Look back at it!

Jingling baby

I feel good all over!

Well yall its going on 5 months post op and everything is good...Only problem is there's a stiffness every few days in my stomach, sides, and back area...Like a little tightness...it takes 6 months to heal from surgery so im giving it time...I like my new shape...I sometime forget to flaunt it instead of hiding it like I use to when I had nothing back there... I started a new diet called personal trainer food in which I only eat meat and vegatables for lunch and dinner, breakfast I eat oatmeal snack is pickles, almonds, granola bars... Just trying to maintain the lipo, and feel and look healthy...I was eating fast food daily, so I decided to invest the money I spend on fast food and eating out into healthier food.

I feel good all over cont...

I'll let yall know how my diet turns out...So far the food is delicious...I don't want to lose my ass but I do want to get a flat stomach someday...Im also walking for cardio...thinking about joining the gym again idk yet.

cheesy booty

Feelin good about my results so far!

Yea indeed

Big sexy

Feelin sexy! I'm happy and that's all that matters!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

After seeing Dr. Cortes previous patients results, and we went with it! I believe other doctors were cheaper but in our perspective quality is more important!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hello, Any new pic?
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Hey hun, just wondering if the tightness and stiffness has gone away completely in your stomach and back?
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It's still on an off... Depending how you sleep or lay In the bed... I have a follow up appt with Cortes in aug ill ask him about it then...
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Oh wow...okay please keep us posted.
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Hey there... I'm kinda in the same situation. I don't want to lose too much weight because I'm scared to lose the booty. My tummy is awful, I will be getting a tt with Cortes in Dec. One thing is if you walk, try and walk on a treadmill but on a high incline so that way you're building your butt muscle but yet working out and sweating and doing cardio to help with the tummy. It's so hard because you don't want to do too much cardio to where u lose yoir precious booty. Good luck babe with the diet. Well not diet but a lifestyle change... clean eating ;)
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Thanks chic! I been trying to figure out what can I do...
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hi ladies *adding my 2 cents* i don't think its right to BASH these ladies who RESPECTFULLY said their OPINION! At the end of the day I thought thats what this site is about. Newcomers and vets telling their stories, commenting, and helping. If someone is being disrespectful then ok let em have it but if their just stating what they feel or see I don't see the need to attack...Elegantlybooty had a look she was going for(as does everyone on here) and she has the results that shes happy with. Congrats to her!!!! The whole process is not an easy thing to go thru.Oh and sidenote im not a newcomer, ill b 6 months post op in a week :^) Everybody should be respectful as long as respect is given.
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Thing about it, I never attacked anyone but I do feel that they shouldn't put someone down if they are stating that they are happy with their results on their own post. Let that person be happy Instead of telling them what they don't see a difference in. Those comments coyld have been kept to themselves. That's all.
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It's all good girly... Not worried about anyone's opinion... I know for sure it's a huge improvement... i been getting attention from guys but now if u see the attention I'm getting, my results speak for itself...
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Not worried at all girly! Thanks
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Not to sound neg. But I just think you took your pics way to close up! You really cant see any curves or much shape & projection?!?......Wish you had a full body pic to show. And not with a black dress!!!!!!!! #just saying how I feel. #glad your happy with your results. #Cortes....
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I will take different pics not as close up, my results speak for itself...
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I think you look terrific! Very natural and classy. Not everybody wants a huge butt hanging over the sink! Don't pay the newbie know it alls any mind! RS used to be a nice place. Not any more.
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Exactly! All that matters is that YOU are happy with your results because you did it for YOU! Not any body else.
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That's so true, Blasian. Some of these women have to understand that not everyone wants or needs to have an enormous, exaggerated hips and a donkey behind. Ginormous behinds are now in fashion because SOME in the media have declared it to be so. It is very bad form to come on someone's blog to make negative comments. Only insecure, mean spirited women put others down to make themselves feel better. I think that elegantlybooty's results look beautiful!
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Okay!! And for myself I don't want that gigantic butt, because I don't want all that wrong attention. My thing was I need liposuction to get rid of these dang ole love handles, so I said might as well use that fat to give my butt a lift instead of them throwing it a way. My point is...everyone is not wanting the same results for a BBL and if elegantlybooty is happy about her results then we all she be happy for her instead of judging. We all know how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror and the person that's looking in the mirror is the biggest critic of themselves. So yes, she sees a difference in her ass because she see everyday!
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Agreed. I wasn't really interested at all in having a larger butt-- just hips. and there was no way that I was going to gain 10 or 20 pounds pre op. I must add that I find it tacky when newbies who haven't even HAD surgery feel the need to go around offering their unsolicited, uninformed opinions. . I won't be popular for saying this, but I maintain that huge booties are largely a fetishistic, limited and culturally driven phenomenon. I know this because I get just as much attention as the huge bootied women, and so do my slender, beautiful, well proportioned friends. I Didn't mean to hijack elegant's blog, so I'll leave it there.
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Not worried about someone's opinion girly thanks...
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I'm glad you are happy with your results but I really don't see a difference.You stomach is flat but I meant no harm only truth.
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You can see the difference and I agree with you! A doctor can only do so much, and the way a person results turns out is different for every one of us. I can not wait to get mine, I feel the same as you a out wanting a natural look and not a big ol donk that will not look right with my size.
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Thanks for the comment... Everyone is different, and will not have a big ol ass...I'm happy with mine... It's crazy how ass makes such a difference in your look...I like the natural look Becuz people won't have to figure out how your ass got soooo big... The natural look, looks much nicer and it looks like we're born with it...once all those Chicago get their surgeries they'll see..
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LOL!! Okay!!!
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Nope, I think you look great... Looking at your pre-op size, pre-op build, and the results that YOU wanted I think he did an awesome job... I feel that anyone who has anything less to say should first gather the funds to have the surgery; Next, have the surgery; Then, give their thoughts... You had your surgery and you look good!! Sorry, that's just me speaking out loud ;)
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Thanks girl! I don't have time for the negativity..I could care less what any one thinks...I happy, I'm good, and my results speaks for itself...I see the difference every day, while everyone is only viewing a pic...trust n believe me there's a difference...
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