I Can't Believe I'm a Month Away - So Much to Do BBL w/ Cortes May 22nd

I've been going back and forth about getting this...

I've been going back and forth about getting this procedure done for the last year or so. I would get really excited then really nervous then decide the cost and pain was just too much for me. I'm approaching 30 (August 2014) and I want to look different and feel better. I decided to do some research and finally make a decision. I'm going to do it!

I researched a few doctors. I'm in Chicago and there are NO BBL specialists here so I considered Miami, Atlanta, and Houston. Ultimately I chose Dr. Cortes because I feel like his work was best documented. I was able to look at this site, blogs, his website, and even Youtube videos of the actual surgeries. I think that sold me.

I set my date this afternoon and I can't describe the feeling. I never thought I would be this nervous and excited. I didn't expect nervousness to be just as much of a feeling as happiness. My hands were shaking and heart racing after I got off the phone with Lucy. There's no turning back unless I forego my deposit and I doubt I do that unless something medically wrong occurs.

I have so many things running through my mind as I write this. I work a job where I sit a lot and I can only take off 10 days (14 with weekends) for the procedure. My job requires me to drive and sit pretty often and I'm getting nervous looking at all the comments where people discuss not being able to sit comfortably or at all 3 months out. Some other concerns are:
-I'm going to be in Houston 7 days, I see people needing a 2nd followup etc after 12-13 days. What will I do if that happens?
-Someone complained they did not answer his calls until they commented negatively on this site
-I'm going to have to wear my garment the whole summer! Chicago summer is easily 80-90 degrees :(
-I see folds in the stomach on several of his patients where it has gotten lumpy and hard. I was looking forward to wearing a bikini for my birthday in August
-How will I know the right things to do? Get the right garments? Change the garment if its not fitting properly?

So much on my mind but I am excited about my new body! The countdown is on. Just under 4 months away. I have 30 pounds to lose to be as close to the extra 20-30 he needs. Glad I have an outlet where there are others who can relate to my anxiety and excitement. Please comment to encourage and share tips. Thanks :)

Less than 4 months away!

So in preparation for my surgery, I've started trying to lose as much weight as possible. Dr Cortes suggested I lose 20 lbs before the surgery. I want to lose 30-40. I'm a little under 200 lbs and my ideal weight is 130-145. I don't want to hv to hv a really aggressive surgery if I can help it. I've heard that leads to burns and I'm super terrified of that. I've read you don't want to lose or gain alot of weight after surgery so you can heal and let things settle. I don't want to come out of surgery with just ok results. So I've hired a personal trainer, working out with him 3 times a week, and on a strict diet. I will send results to Dr Cortes' office after I lose 20 to get the ok to keep going. He wants to make sure he has enough fat to work with.

Anybody have any suggestions or similar experiences? Want to thank you all for your comments and your support.

Wish Pics

As I do more research into what I want to look like, the more I'm convinced that a natural projection is what I'm looking for. One where people may wonder or assume but can't be sure because it's not drastic. These are some of the people that come to mind when I think of nice butts but still kinda conservative. I want to look good in a bikini and a bodycon dress but still want to fit nicely in a suit without causing too much attention.

Now I'm thinking about moving my surgery date up, if possible. I'm scheduled for 5/22 but I have a big party on 8/2. I really want to be ready to move around and hopefully be into the "fluffing" phase of recovery. I'm going to call Lucy tomorrow to see if I can try and get an earlier date in May or a late April appt. Fingers crossed!

Anybody want to switch dates? Looking to move my Sx sooner...scheduled for 5/22

I'm scheduled for the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. It was great when I scheduled bc I would have an extra day off work without having to take a vacation day. Now I find out we have a mandatory training 6/22 and I don't know if I will be healed enough to fly to training and be effective. Anybody willing to switch dates with me, preferably sometime in early April would be greatly appreciated!

Working Out Like Crazy

This morning was such a disappointing morning. I'm working out like crazy to lose weight for my surgery in May. I hired a trainer and eat very well almost all the time. I say almost because I took a couple days off and enjoyed my Valentine's Day weekend. I had a burger, couple glasses of wine, and a cupcake. I hadn't weighed since I started trying to workout and eat right (3 weeks ago). Got on the scale this morning and I only have lost 2 pounds. Seriously, I'm beyond pissed. I feel so defeated right now. I'm spending money and living in the gym. For 2 pounds. That makes me even more stressed about being about to lose 20-30 lbs I wanted to lose. I'm worried about weighing 200 lbs and then still needing to lose weight after the procedure. Losing weight could mean losing my results too. Not a good morning :( Trying to stay focused and motivated as I meet with this trainer I'm spending money on. To be fair, I do see results in the way my clothes fit and I've lost a pants size. Just looking to see the scale move fast! I know I'm gaining some muscle but damn! We don't do much with weights, more cardio and endurance training. Gonna try to push through this yucky feeling and keep going. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers dolls :(

Back on the wagon

Today was a much better day! Shortly after writing my post yesterday I got bk on the scale (my protein shakes run straight through me!) and I had lost 4 POUNDS! So I've lost about 9 lbs in 3 weeks. I can deal with that! Got bk on the scale this am after eating really good and doing an hour of cardio. Down 1.4! So the inflammation and water weight I caused myself by being a bad girl this past weekend is starting to level it's own self out. I will continue to hit the gym hard and eat good. No more 3 day breaks for me. I'm trying to get to 165 by my date! I know Dr Cortes wants me at 175-180 but I believe he will hv plenty of fat to work with at 165. I don't want to come out of this at more than 150.

I'm looking forward to my Skype consultation with him on Saturday. So many questions to ask and I want to be able to see his face as he answers. Something about that connection will reassure me, I think. Some of the questions I have for him are:

1) is he certain he understands my goal? I want a small waist and a natural heart shaped booty. Hips that compliment small waist and new ass but not to noticeable where they look enhanced.

2) I'm concerned about the burns some ladies have experienced. I've heard mixed reviews about why they get them. Some say from Sx and others from the garments. I was reading through my consent form and it does say that burning from the aggressive LIPO and hope close the cannula gets to the top layer of skin can occur. I know he cares about all his patients but can he take extra care to make sure that doesn't happen to me? :)

3) how long does he expect results to last with proper diet and exercise? Is there any way that I can help keep my proportion the same a year, three years from now? I stalk this site and usually I see lots of posts and comments from people within their first yr post op and nthg after that. Wondering if he has any photos of previous patients.

4) does the place where fat is harvested from determine is sustainability? I'm been reading and some people (docs) seem to think that fat from different areas of the body are more likely to degrade, especially the abdomen. Wondering if this is true and if so, what are the best areas? Take all my fat out but only put back in from areas that are "long lasting fatty areas"

5) I'm coming home about 10 days after surgery. Need more information on who I should have take stitches out and follow up with should I have complications.

6) will I need a tummy tuck? I hope not! But seeing some people in my weigh range (200lbs, 5'1) and they have been told they need one. Will be disappointing if he thinks so but it is what it is I guess

7) I read a post where he said that people sometimes have unrealistic expectations for example a Kim K or J Lo butt when their bone structure height etc will not allow it. What does he predict mine will look like after? Does he have any type of virtual way to give an idea

8) people that live in state get their preop done a cpl weeks before. Should I be having some labs done before I head out there? I think everything will be fine but don't want to get all the way out there to hv to make a change in plans.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head but I have lots that swirl through my head during the day and especially at night as I dream about the swimsuits I will be able to wear (these will have to change if I need to have a TT!)

There are lots of people joking about people using their taxes to buy a new body. I'm able to pay for my surgery in full right now so that doesn't apply to me but I don't like that people will be anticipating/assuming that bc I look different that I did. I want to respond to some of these people and let them know how long the wait with Dr Cortes is and if you didnt make an appt well before tax time you probably won't see him til the end of the year. I'm not knocking anyone who uses their taxes to get this done, by any means necessary. Just don't like that people will be using this as another opportunity to be negative and gossip.

I need to start looking for an apartment to rent but I really hope Lucy can move my date up. I don't want to pay for a flight and a place to stay to only have to cancel a few weeks later. I'm going to wait to book a flight and a place until sometime the end of March. Hopefully by then I will have a new date.

One thing I can say about his office is I have called Lucy about 15 times in the past few weeks and she always gets back to me with a pleasant attitude. She never seems annoyed that I ask some of the same questions or come up with new ones the day after. Truly seems to have a good heart. She is one of the reasons I feel I chose the right surgeon for me. Comprehensive care and I don't feel like a dollar to the office. She was kind enough to explain to me the process behind switching dates with someone to move to April. Because my surgery requires 5 hours, she would have to wait until someone cancels who has the same amount of time booked in the operating room. Again didnt seem rushed or annoyed and I really think she is gonna try to move me. Unlike people who will tell you anything just to get you off the phone.

I am going to write a list of the supplies I need and start picking things up little by little so if I do get an earlier date I'm not scrambling at the last minute.

This site is my savior and keeps me sane throughout the day. Stop by ladies and show me some love, I have a few dolls that I check on regularly. Hard to keep up with all the Cortes dolls!! Will be posting before pics soon. I need to take some tonight.

Just had my skype consultation with Dr. Cortes...

Just finished talking to Dr. Cortes a few minutes ago. My initial thoughts...he is so warm and likable! He made me feel comfortable and look forward to meeting him. I have alot going through my head right now, nervousness and excitement are probably my top two feelings right now. I was able to ask him all the questions I had and I have to be honest, he didn't give me all the answers I wanted. But...that's a good thing! I would rather be told the truth and know what I'm getting myself into than be told fairytales and be disappointed when I get done. So I'm just gonna numerically list all the info I can think of, hopefully it's not too all over the place.

1. He really couldn't tell me much about his predictions for my new body. Because it was over skype and he can't see my skin, feel how soft or hard my fat is (would determine how easy it is to harvest the fat), see my exact body measurements (to determine how small my waist can get or how big my butt would be). I decided after he told me this that I'm going to fly to Texas next month after I've lost (hopefully 10 more pounds) and get some more info.

2. I may need a tummy tuck. This was probably the most disappointing news I got on the call. I really didn't want to have another surgery and because I've been smaller recently (I gained 50 lbs in a year) I didn't think I would need one. But I guess this explains why my stomach was never fully flat, even when I had lost a lot of weight. He said my skin has stretched so much that there's nothing we can do to fix that if it's needed, it's need. I don't have any kids yet and I'm concerned about spending so much money on my body prebabies. I'm not close to having any any time soon but geesh that means I might have to have another after. This is just a lot to take in.

3. About 70-80% of the fat stays after the procedure. It will be there forever. But gaining or losing weight in the future could change things.

4. He cautioned me not to lose too much weight. He wants to be sure he would have enough fat to use to sculpt my butt and hips. I told him I'm 193.8 (lost 9 lbs since my consult on 1/24) and I would like to lose an additional 30 lbs. He didn't outright say it, but he was very clear that he needs to have enough fat to work with.

5. He stressed that everyone's results will be different. That many women come in with pictures of skinnier women or women with no stretch marks and expect him to be able to make them look the same. He said it's necessary to have realistic expectations for my body type. He cant make me look like any picture. But he can make me look good. That was disappointing too. I think I went into this hoping I would have these picture perfect results even though I already know that no two people will look the same. Only reason it was disappointing was because it was reality. Tough pill to swallow but it is what it is.

That's about all I can think of for now.

It's Getting Closer and Closer...

So I'm just about 2 months and 2 weeks from my surgery. My consult is scheduled for 4/12. I'm going to fly in for the day and fly out (talk about an expensive and short trip!). I've lost a total of 13 lbs since scheduling on 1/28/14. I'm now 189. Looking to be closer to 165-170 before surgery. I took my measurements today...

Bust: 36
Waist: 39
Hips: 42

I would like to be 34-29-42 when he is done! I don't want my hips to be so wide that it's very noticeable I had a procedure done. I'm still very excited at this point. Looking forward to seeing the new changes, getting past the recovery and moving into the fun part...enjoying my new body. I have been starting to feel small pangs of guilt for not going about this the natural way. Like it makes me less of a good person. Weird probably, but honest. I think people look down on others who have a procedure done because its seen as the "easy" way out. When actually I think it's a combination of it you have it to spend, why not? Besides, it takes a lot of dedication to lose weight or gain it for a surgery of this kind. Not to mention the recovery period and the fact that if we don't change eating habits and exercise regularly, it's all for nothing!

First before photos

I've been dreading posting these...these are the pics I sent Dr. Cortes for my quote

I'm less than 2 months away...time is flying. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?!?!

I'm excited. Nervous. Scared. Anxious. This is literally all I think about when I have a free moment. As it gets closer to my date, there are so many thoughts that go through my head. NONE OF THEM ARE THAT I THINK I MADE A MISTAKE. I've scoured this site and his gallery probably memorizing the pics I've seen of his work. I'm so nervous I won't get the exact results I'm expecting. What I liked about Dr. Cortes from the beginning was his honesty. That he couldn't promise me somebody else's body. That how much fat he could extract and transfer would be based on so many things and he couldn't estimate anything because he hadn't seen me or felt my skin (elasticity, tone, etc.). So I made an appt to have a face to face consultation. I REALLY wanna know what to expect so that I can mentally prepare for my results. He told me that he thought I would need a tummy tuck but as my body is reshaping, I don't think I will (fingers crossed).

Anywho, I booked my flight to go meet him and the staff up close and personal! My consultation is Apr. 26th, if anyone is in the office/area, let's meet up! I'm flying in that morning and right back out that late afternoon (I'm spending so much money on the procedure I didn't need to waste any on a hotel overnight).

I've been working out like a mad woman! I work out consistently 5 days a week. I meet with a trainer 3 days a week and then do an hour of cardio after our sessions. On my two solo days I do about an hour of cardio and abs. I'm definitely starting to see a difference in my body. If I wasn't before, I'm definitely a believer in strength training. There are times when I have slacked on my diet and I haven't gained much, if anything! I love the fact that my body is burning calories when I'm doing nothing at all. I started out at 202.6 lbs (I'm 5'1 1/2) and I was told I should lose 20 pounds for best results. I was shocked because I wanted to lose 40 to be at my ideal weight post op. I shared my concerns with Dr. Cortes and he told me that he didn't think that would be necessary or leave him enough fat to work with. I'm down 15 lbs since my Skype consult with him (it was 20 but I have slacked a few times :(). I am still planning on losing 17-20 more lbs (God willing) prior to surgery. I will be 162-165 preop if I meet my goal and I'm sure I will have plenty of fat left (my BMI says I should be closer to 130 to be at a healthy weight). I'm just going to keep losing and hopefully Dr. Cortes will agree when he sees me in a few weeks. My plan is to EAT CLEAN. I remind myself this is 70% diet and only 30% gym. I'm killing myself in the gym and I need to be doing the same at home! I'm cutting out all refined sugars again (no breads, snacks, pops, etc) and foods high in fat (fried food, beef, pork, etc.). This should help me get back on track and see the weight loss I'm looking for.

I take a multivitamin everyday and tonight I started lotioning with "Palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks" ($5 at Target). It's supposed to help with skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks (I already have a lot of them). I read from another RS member that this helped her so why not try it? I figure the more elastic my skin, the easier for him to transfer fat because the skin won't be too tight. And hey, if it helps with some of these claw marks I have, that wouldn't be too bad either.

I bought some really cute maxi dresses today (Target for $29.99). I love shopping for maxi dresses, I can't imagine how much I will love it once I have a booty back there :). I'm trying to buy more thicker strapped dresses since I will need to hide my garment straps. That's the only thing I hate about having my Sx done in the May. It's gonna be hot as hell and I will have to wear the garment and clothing that will cover it up :(. So far I've only bought dresses. I figure they will be the easiest to put on and it will definitely be hot in Houston. I'm also gonna take some yoga pants and other comfortable, loose clothing for sitting around in the hotel.

I'm starting to make my list of things to buy. I will update when it's finished.

It's crazy how a site can unite so many people, each with their own story and journey. I don't know what I would do without this site. It evokes so many emotions, but mostly, a feeling of inclusion. I belong to a group of women that experience the same thoughts and questions and there's no judgement. I love that. You guys feel like family!

I need to post more "before photos" but I don't want to!

Pictures don't lie. They show you exactly what is there, even when you don't want to see it. That is why I haven't taken any more preop pics. Not trying to lie to myself but geez, I don't want to see it. I get excited when I see my progress, clothes fit better, etc. but when I take those pics, they show me that I'm not too far away from where I was. That things aren't as good as I thought or hoped :( Until tomorrow ladies, good night xoxo

It's Getting Real - BBL with Dr. Cortes May 22nd

As the date gets closer, this definitely gets more real mentally and emotionally. I didn't sleep much last night, thinking about all the things I have to do and alot of nervous energy. I got up early this morning trying on clothes that I CAN'T fit yet and I got nervous. Im a 10-12 and I would really like to be an 8. I am so scared that even after this surgery I won't be able to fit into all my clothes again. (I was small up until about a year ago and I gained about 40 lbs :( ) I don't want to buy new clothes or be this large in frame.

I called Lucy this morning to send in my updated pics. Dr. Cortes got back to her right away that I should NOT lose any more weight :( . I was disappointed because I was looking forward to another 10 pounds off before the procedure. I told Lucy my concern and she was very reassuring that they were going to suck all the fat out, even if I don't want it all transferred to my butt. I'm trusting her and Dr. Cortes that they will be able to meet this need. At the very end of our conversation she told me 175 was the ideal weight for my height for the procedure and I'm 179 so I got reexcited, that means I can still lose another 4-5 lbs! So I'm on a mission to lose those and then I get to meet with Dr. Cortes in person next Saturday.

Once I spoke to Lucy, for some reason things got even more real. I don't know exactly what it was, but our conversation seemed more immediate and it reminded me that my surgery is a month away. We started talking about where I'm staying and my preop appt at the hospital and then I realized it, I have done

Accidentally pressed the save changes button...It's Getting Real Continued BBL 5/22 with Dr. Cortes

NOTHING to prepare for this trip. I immediately got online and started looking for somewhere to stay. This is a more expensive time to go (my surgery is Memorial Day weekend). I didn't want to stay in a hotel because I am slightly claustrophobic and being in a hotel room for 2 weeks just doesn't sound like fun to me. I wanted to stay in an apartment as I do when I travel for leisure. I found a couple in the medical center and boy are they nice...and expensive! Granite, hard wood, balconies, pools (for my mom), and in house gym facilities. The one I fell in love with was booked a few days before I got on the ball. So I started scrambling for another place to stay. When I priced hotels and the cost of food and lack of space, it equals out to the expense of the apartment.

I said a prayer that God would make a place available that was convenient and what I was looking for. I took a deep breath and went back to work. God is real and when you call on him, he answers! I got an email from one of the leasing agents that I spoke with about a month ago and she told me she had a special on a 2 bedroom unit for the time that I'm staying there. The place usually rents for $219 and she was renting it for $90 per night because the lease happens to be up the day I need to check out. As long I could check out by 10am on 6/2, the place was mine...a 2 bedroom apartment with access to the mall, stores, etc. and all the amenities I wanted. Price: $1484 for 13 days!!!!! I was ecstatic. Now my mom can have some privacy and enjoy the pool, gym, coffee bar, and shops in the area while I recover. I felt bad having her holed up in a hotel room for 2 weeks. So my stay is taken care of, now I just have to book our flights and get started on my supplies.

I have been keeping a list of questions for Dr. Cortes next week. Can't wait to get some answers! I've been putting off getting supplies, for some reason I keep putting this off. I don't want to buy things I don't need or forget stuff I do need so I just don't think about it. Crazy and unproductive, but I guess I have no choice now! I have been taking my multivitamin and slathering cocoa butter massage lotion on like nobody's business.
Some of the things I plan to buy this weekend are:
-alcohol swabs
-protein powder (for my shakes postop)
-dial antibacterial soap
-hand sanitizer
-medical tape
-red solo cups
-new wash clothes
-laxative (idk if I should buy some pills or milk of magnesia, help?)
-Arnica (should I buy pills or tablets)
-large panties

Some of the things I already have:
-maxi dresses
-face wash
-house shoes

I'm still confused on a couple things: What kind of boppy thing should I buy? What are these boards people are buying and what are they for? Do I need the pool floats? Anything I'm missing that is huge? I was told I should wait to get a squeem or any type of garment until after surgery, that Dr. Cortes will give 2 to me. And also, that compression stockings for my legs and arms are supplied.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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Good luck. All of my blogs should help you out some!
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justme2013: I too, have soooo many thoughts/concerns/what if's running through my mind right now!!! I read stories and have come to find out that everyone Deals with it pretty much the same but heals differently. I don’t yet have a sx date but I hope to get one soon. What did he say about your post op follow up date?? Will you have to fly back again in another 10-12 days???
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Good luck on your journey!
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Thank you!
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Hi hun how did you get a skype consultation with Dr Cortes, did you ask for one? Im having my sx in less than 2 months but I havent been offered one.
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Hey lady, I called and asked for one. They immediately gave me a date and time, within minutes. They just ask for your Skype name. He sent me a request and called at our scheduled time. Super easy, I just think it's something you have to ask for.
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hang in there hun! results will come......its chemistry.
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Thank you doll!
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Told you!! lol
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Dear patients: I want to thank you for being part of my practice. First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, if at any given time, you have not been able to communicate by phone with my office. Our practice has undergone an unprecedented growth. For this reason, we have implemented a new text system where you can communicate during business hours to one of our live operators. The number to text any concern or question is 936-760-2696. I hope to serve you in the nearby future to satisfy your desired cosmetic needs. These include the hourglass tummy tuck, the wonder breast lift, the wonder breast reduction, and buttock augmentation with high volume fat transfer, among other techniques that I have invented. Thank you for being part of my practice and God bless you all. Truly yours, Wilberto Cortés Plastic Surgeon
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In so excited for you!! In going in with him march 3. I'm not nervous yet. Should I be? Lol
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I don't know about nervous, at this point I only feel anxious and excited. Go look in your journey :). Have you started purchasing your supplies?
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I have most of them, I just need a few things here and there. Like under shirts and panties.
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What about you?
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No I haven't started. I need to. I took a pic of your pic of supplies you got (I think that was you, I look at so many people all day). Will start collecting my stuff
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Hoping to start collecting everything next week.
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Congrats and good luck
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Congrats!! Best wishes with your journey... I'm going with Cortes also! I chose him for the same reasons you did. I'll be following your journey... :)
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Congratulations ... Are you getting butt implants also ? You said you have to gain or lose 20-30 pounds before surgery ? My surgery is with him on Feb 10th ! I'm sooo excited , can barely contain myself. ! : )
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No implants, just a fat transfer. I wish my date was sooner. Good luck tomorrow!!
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Good luck on your journey!
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