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I have done my research for months and months and...

I have done my research for months and months and decided to have my bbl with Dr. Cortes! I've always been very self conscious about my butt and have never had one. I'm a thicker girl and that makes it even worse. I was going to have this procedure done locally but found that it wasn't a specialty surgery that any of the local surgeons performed (I based it on their before and after photos). So I'm flying to Houston on Dec 3rd for my pre op appt and getting me a booty on dec 4th! I have worked out everything as far as travel and don't even have the support I would really want to have (my mom's pissed). But I am still so very excited!! Now I have to work on gaining the 10 to 15 pounds that Dr. Cortes suggested that I gain, which shouldn't be a problem! I'm 5'4 and 178 lbs now so my goal is to hit at least 190. I already feel huge!!! Smh! I'll post a before pic once I have my after!! I'm too insecure to even post it here lol :-( 47 more days!!!!


Hello. Welcome to the bbl club. I will be seeing Cortes for a tt on Dec 20th. I already had my booty done in Miami with Salama. I want to be in the same state and close to my kids. When I got my bbl done in Miami.. they told me to stay 9 days. Flew back to Texas and had to sit on my butt the entire time due to turbulance. It was no fun.. I thought my butt was going to be a flat pancake again but it was fine :)
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Were u okay on the plane? Thats the part I worry about the most. Im staying for 6 days.
Welcome and congratulations to u!
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How do I get your surgeons name linked to their profile? Mine is not under his reviews. I think I did something wrong.


Hello. I'm having my surgery with Dr. Cortes on January 16,2013. I would like to see some pre-opt pictures do you have some? I will be following your journey. I'm excited for you. Your surgery is less than a month away. Yeah you ; )
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How far out was Cortes booked? I live in Austin TX an I'm setting up a consultation for this week just wondering how far out he is already booked! I'm so excited for you an sorry your mom is not being super supportive
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Man girl, I have the same dang problem now! PM Kirsty hun. I heard she can fix it;)
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