Consultation 8/17/13!! - Houston, TX

Consultation tomorrow. I am super excited about...

Consultation tomorrow. I am super excited about that. I have been researching BBL for about a year now and I just recently ran across this website. After seeing Dr. Cortes work, I am extremely anxious to see what he can do for me. If any of you ladies have any advice please comment. I am very open for advice!!
wooowww, hope all went well, have checked his results and they look good, I will have my bbl in Europe though, but best of luck
Everything was great..!!! Can't wait for my transformation!!!
Good luck on your consultation & journey.

Consultation was great!!!

My consultation with Dr. Cortes was great. He is a such a nice person and Lucy was amazing! All of my questions were answered and Dr. Cortes was really involved with helping me make final decisions! was GREAT!

But now what I wasn't expecting was for Dr. Cortes to say is that I need to gain 15-20 lbs! I thought I had plenty of extra lbs he could use! Guess I was wrong! So now I get to eat whatever I want...YYYAAASSSSSS!!!!

So I will be setting my date for later this year! Super excited! Can't wait...
Can you give us your current height and weight?
5'4...149lbs!!! But I carry my weight in my mid section....
Yeah, I was shocked too when he told me to gain weight. I was 5'3" 150 lbs at my consultation. Since then I've gained 5 lbs. Got 5 more to go.

Inquiring information

Hello everybody. Did anyone get there surgery financed by CareCredit with Dr. Cortes? I would like to ask a couple questions.
I got it with care credit -- apply for care credit through his website and label him as your doctor - it should approve you for the amount !
I paid it all with Care Credit
Call Lucy from Dr. Cortes office for more information about Care Credit she can help you with the process

Sx date...March 2014

Finally set my date! Let the count down begin...I'm super excited and can't wait!!!

Weight gaining challenge!

Time for me to start gaining weight! Let the eating begin...I have to gain 20 lbs by March! That shouldn't be too hard being that I love to eat! I can't wait until this transformation! BBL here i come! Future Cortez doll...

Date approaching fast

Well ladies I have a task of gaining 20lbs before March. I thought it would be easy but it's not. I have only gained 10lbs since November. I eat all the time...I eat late and at night and junk snacks. Any suggestions on how to gain weight quick? I'm afraid I want have enough fat for the procedure, even though I think I have plenty. Lol!!! Also can somebody send a list of items that I'm actually going to need for this surgery journey? I have been reading a lot about an abdominal board and this triangular device for lower back that will give you that "scoop back"!!! Whoop whoop!! I have one more question...about the herbal pills that help with inflammation and water weight.?? I am very excited about this transformation. I have been reading a lot of great things about Dr Cortes! I hope he can give me that coke bottle shape with booty for days!!! That's it for now...looking forward to hearing from my BBL sisters...

Wish pic

My surgery with doctor Cortes is in march as well!! And were the same height and were the same weight until I gained the 10lbs he told me to gain. Mostly in my face though. :( keep in touch! I will be following your progress. :D
I just hope I can gain enough....I want nice full booty with amazing projection. What is your day in March?
What day in March is your surgery . Mine is on the 24th . We can follow each others journey
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