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BBL Part 2- 7 months post op with pics *51 inches of butt* - Cute and Curvy Cortes Doll - Houston, TX

Hey ladies, this is a continuation of my original...

Hey ladies, this is a continuation of my original BBL blog. You can read Part 1 of my story, by clicking the link.

Hi Lady Bugs!!!

Soooo the Super Doll Kirsty has made me another page! Hopefully I won't break it! I'm on my way to Cortes today for My Mommy Makeover Pre-op and as you know he will add lower hips and more to my butt and lips! You guys I'm sooo excited! I need a favor you guys!?!? CAN YOU LADIES GO OVER AND SUPPORT MY MOMMY MAKEOVER PAGE!?!?! PLEASEEEEEE! Thanks beautiful dolls!

late updates

cutie pie

hi ladies!

Please go over and check my Mommy Makeover (Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift) blog! Your support is very much needee and apperciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Burn Update!

Hello ladies! Many of you have been asking for a burn update. Well its completly healed and here a picture of the scar. I've been using Ambi on it!


4.5 months post p.o. bbl. 6 days pre tt!

Night before Mommy Makeover! Go show my page some love!

Twas the night before sx and all through the house, everybody's going crazy, getting all of the last minute items ready. I still have alot of paper work to do and my pre drainage massage tonight!!!! Pray for me dolls!!!! BE SURE TO GO SHOW MY MOMMY MAKEOVER PAGE SOME LOVE . IN THE MORNING. SX AT 1230!!!!

on my way

Been on road for 45 minutes. Going 55 in a 75. Snow and ice on the road. Pray for our safe arrival. Good thing we have a German made car.

hi nn ladies

Im recovering. Go to my Mommy Makeover page . Im in a bit of pain.mostly my back and lower Tummy. Come support me. Pics added.

hi dolls!

Come over to my Mommy makeover Page. Im 10 days post op!

17 days post Mommy Makeover

late post

Ladies please dont forget to go over to my mommy makeover page and show some love!

re add


Corset and Panty Girdle.

Omg I went to Fredrick of Hollywood and got fitted..nits soooo tight and they only had one In the store for my short torso. Im greatful n then other one was cutting my butt.


Good luck to my sis MzPhatBooty who should be having her Mommy Makeover in about 10 minutes! Shes going to look awesome and recovery shall be a breeze. It was awesome meeting her yesterday! !! We shall gave a reunion soon!!!

Hi Ladies!

Please go checkout my mommy makeover review! Ive added new pics!

6 months post op next week

wrong butt pic above

Hi Ladies!

Im doing better. Been on the antibiotics and had to start another one today for a UTI/bladder infection :-(.

Well here are my current measurments:
Breast 36 inches
Waist 31 inches ( down 3 more inches)
Hips/Butt 51inches

Dr. Cortes is amazing yall, and hes still not done with this masterpiece...one more sx to go...im excited AGAIN!!!! Thigh lift in a few months!!!

in a small vedette 100

Hey ladies! Im in a small (34) vedette 100 now. The medium was too big... I sti do t feel small..my belly feels fat. Llol. But I know its still very swollen and kinda numb. Ill post 7 week post MM pics tomorrow so please go support that page...my scar is almost invisible! !! GOOOOO TEAM CORTES!!!

Size S/M belt now!

7 weeks

7 weeks with medium vedette 100 and xl vedette 203

Dr Cortes and I

Didnt realize my ass was so huge!

This was at 5 weeks post op mommy makeover / lost files from my husband, I didnt know he took these ;-)

2 month MM anniversary! 6.5 month post BBL!

DR Cortes did and excellent job!

small vedette 100 and xl bottom

Waiting on my large bottom in the mail now.. this xl isnt tight enough on my lower abdomen anymore !!!


9 weeks post MM and 7 months post BBL

ALL A $$!!!!
Wilberto Cortes, MD

Very good doctor. Excellent staff. Good bedside manners! I recommend this PS for most cosmetic procedures. I'm already scheduled for my TT and BA. He does great work!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Looking good
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Sis....im ova here in stitches! If u dont get that "dble wide lethal weapon" off of hubbies face! Girllllll u two funny she tried that! Screaming n my mr. Brown voice...lol
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Looking good girl and I like those shoes too
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Ooh whee mama! You look freaking amazing!!!! How are you feeling? Sorry it took so long but wanted to check up on you. I've been offline for like a month...but I'm back now. Glad to see you looking and feeling sexy
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Thanks x3 maam. Go over to my MM page... more pics there!
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Ok boo. You and bbtw and all y'all's pages
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Lol ikr!
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Wow' such an amazi the ng journey, I am amazed at your before and after pictures. Dr. C is truly the American Man for Bbl' but you had a great body for him to work with. I wish I had all of available fat, I was told to gain weight geez. Thanks so much for sharing.
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Thanks for the compliments doll and youre welcome.checknout my mommy makeover blog!
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Omg! You look great... I can't wait until December...
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Thanks doll!
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You look Grrrrreat...that booty is on it!!! I am scheduled for July 22 for a BBL. I'M a little nervous, but a excited!!! I would like to chat with u since u have been where I'm going, it that possible? Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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Thank you doll... yes private message me.
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Wow your booty is out of this world! You look amazing!
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Thank you very much doll!
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Sis.......listen do you hear that noise? Those are sirens from da POPO but n y'all neck of the woods it's da STATE TROOPERS!! u unda €#%~¥ ARREST! imma call you and dr C da BOOTAY SNATCHERS! Donate a third of DAT big ole cake bowl to me and you still have more than enough to Twerk and still drop it like its *>"}**€ HOTTT! (In my BERNIE MAC voice!) lmbo!!!!!! You look good mommie every day. Goes by!!!!
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Lmbo!!! Thanks for the compliments ma! I can tell its getting huge. I get stares everyday from people and see them whispering lol... its annoying sometimes but I like the attention!!!
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Ok but u deserve every bit of attention so wrk it! This summer u gonna shut the beachboardwalk DOWNNNNNN! Husbands and significant others going to get hit m da face or put on da coach for a week! Just shaking up da land b4 Judgement day! I bet ur hubby just shakes his head?
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Goodness gracious!!!!!!!! BOOM BANG POW!!!! You're gonna be causing some WHIPLASH after you go by girl! Just amazing in that dress!
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Thank you doll! I almost smothered my husband the other day when I sat on his face lol!!!
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Have mercy woman!!! Going and taking the man's breath away... literally. Probably feels like a courageous stunt man ;) Bless his heart. Lol! Enjoy that sexy body of yours babe :)
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LOL, THAT'S WHAT I'M talking about!!!
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Whew Lord! *Wipes Forehead* HOT MAMA!!! Lol! I'm Really Can't Wait Now!!! Ahhhhh!!!
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Lol funny part is my ass didnt start growing, shaping, and jiggling until 6 months po!!! So patience is key!
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