BBL. Please Share Your Experiences With Dr. Cortes - Houston, TX

Has anyone on here had a BBL with Dr. Cortes in...

Has anyone on here had a BBL with Dr. Cortes in Houston Tx.? If so, how was your turn out good or bad? I haven't seen anyone one on here that has posted any before and after pics after having a BBL with Dr. Cortes. I am scheduled later this year and I would really like to find out if he really does good work..

hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood, gl on your journey keep us posted.  Im in tx also and was considering him but seen no good booty jobs so i opted for dr.salama in on your journey, keep us posted.cant wait to see your results.

I'm so confused about this whole thing. I have one...

I'm so confused about this whole thing. I have one doctor that says he will only gives me between 600-800cc and another that does not give you anything less than 1000cc. This is making things so hard for me in figuring out which method is better.. Ugh.. Help!!
I'm also going with Dr. Cortes he's an amazing surgeon. Check out his utube videos trust me you won't be confused anymore. Good luck to you.
I didnt read the comment that was posted below so i cant speak on that but I have chosen Dr. Cortes for my surgery, I like that he is local and that he keeps his patients over night. I think its more of a personal choice as far at who you feel comfortable with. Your welcome of course to read my profile and ask me questions :) ill do my best to answer you why i chose him Good Luck on your journey!
Having a debate on here is not my objective but I will state that Dr. Cortes needs to find someone else in his office to represent his name because that comment was not wrote well nor was it professional.
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