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After having a tummy tuck revision, bracchioplasty...

After having a tummy tuck revision, bracchioplasty and breast augmentation in 2011. with Dr. Cortes and loving my results, I decided to venture once again with cosmetic surgery and, once again, trusted my surgeon with putting a little more junk in my trunk! Last Wed, I went under and as much as I enjoyed everyone else's stories, I want to share detail.

It's been almost three weeks since my surgery--and...

It's been almost three weeks since my surgery--and today for the first time since the surgery, I put on my jeans.....and in all honesty, I couldn't stop looking at my See, you have to understand one thing about me---I was always the "buttless" girl in the group and being Puerto Rican made it even worst as everyone expected me to have a big booty. Well, I didn't and when my mother in law made a comment about my behind or "lack thereof", I decided to go back to Dr. Cortes and finish what I started since he had already revised an old tummy tuck, my arms and my boobs and did an awesome job!

I gained some weight after my first procedures, so I was a little nervous about going back to the doctor. My shape never changed and neither did my waist but I hated my back and the fact that I didn't have that desired butt! I also knew that I needed to be realistic about my expectations. I couldn't expect the doctor to make miracles and I wanted him to tell me about the best he could do without doing an actual cut again and lifting my butt. See, I heal horribly and the last thing I wanted was another cut. Dr. Cortes, as always, was a sweetheart. He immediately sat with me and we discussed what I wanted. He was pleased that my expectations were realistic and I scheduled my surgery for April 24th! Yay!

Day of the surgery: For some reason, I was sooooo nervous. Not sure why. It wasn't the first time I go under for PS and I already knew the doc and his his hospital staff, yet, I was nervous and I voiced it to everyone that spoke to me!!! Once I was taken into the pre -anesthesia room, everyone made it a point of easing my fears. Dr. Cortes came in, spoke to me and truly made me feel so much better......but so did the cocktail they put in your IV as they roll you into surgery.....I was laughing at the nurses teasing each other and the next minute I heard "Ms. Ramos, can you turn yourself around", which I immediately did, feeling soreness all over, and then I heard "Oh, wow, she did that quick".....and I was being rolled to my room.

I don't remember much about getting to my room....except that I was beginning to feel more aware and was feeling less and less sleepy. I felt sore...and some pain, but truly not as horrible as I thought it would be. I made sure those pain meds kept coming though....just in case !!! lol.. I hated laying on my chest......I had my nipples done so that was a bit uncomfortable. The worst part?? lol....your butt facing the TV. I was bored out of my mind!!! I wanted to walk.....and so I had the nurse stay with me while I walked around the room. Truth is...I wanted to see what I look like. That is when I felt the butt.....I had no implants but it feels as though you have two bowls in each, no major pain thanks to the pain meds....but very uncomfortable.

My husband showed up with my daughter.....and after "wow" "omg" and "Dr. Cortes is my best friend" I figured he was I could barely sleep due to being so uncomfortable and I was hungry....(eating is very hard when you are on your stomach) I spent the night watching movies on my phone....Thank you Netflix....I would pass out but wake up again!
So the second day....I woke up a little more sore....but very awake. Once the catherer came out...I had to pee and ladies.....I couldn't sit on the toilet....the burning pain where the drain was at didn't allow me I learned to pee like a guy. Yes....we can do that too!! lol. If you learn the skill you will not wet the toilet. I was ready to go .....ready to get better! Dr. Cortes showed up and we talked a bit and he told me what he did...1000 cc's to each cheek and he said I could go home whenever I wanted to that day. I had no ride home until turned myself around now that I was disconnected to everything and watched TV, but still falling asleep throughout the day. Finally my husband came to pick me up. I was able to walk all the way to my car....but getting in was the challenge.....I ended up laying accross the two back seats on pillows...butt up in the air...

Get someone that will care for you!! Don't do this alone. It is not easy. You will need help putting on your will get dizzy a lot as you will need someone to help you with food and meds. I slept alot all the way up until Sunday. Tried to rest as much as I could as I knew I was going to go to work sooner than I should. Never sat....always with my butt up ! Five days after my surgery I went into work. It was horrible!!! Getting ready in the morning took forever but mainly because I would get so hot and dizzy ....I only made it half a day the first day!! I stood all day and made sure I wore compression stockings to help with my circulation. After the first week, I went home with legs the size of elephants, by the end of the weekend, all was down lol!

Second week was fine. Oh how I missed sitting on my behind!!Sleeping has still been hard because of the tossing and turning, but its better than before. My butt doesn't hurt....I don't think it really has ever. I think the pain has been more from the lipo on my legs and waist.. Black and blues are gone ....compared to the first week!

Now, here is something that I learned from the first set of surgeries, so I was ready....and this is something I did on my own, and it was never part of the instructions Dr. Cortes gave me, so if you decide to do it, its on you...but in my first set of surgeries the itching when healing was horrrrrrrrrible!!! I couldn't stand it and would jump in the shower hoping to get relief but sometimes it wa so unbearable I would scratch in my sleep till the spot was I bought two things that have helped me is a stinky cream called Sarna and the other is Allegra! One pill lasts 24 hours I pop one and spread cream on me....and the itch is minimal!!! Big relief!!

Wed is week three and I am so happy with my results. Still swollen a bit but love the way I look. Still iffy about sitting even on the yoga roll....but I do when needed. Still sleeping with my butt up in the

I love Dr. Cortes!! I know he will be my PS for life!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cortes is a skilled plastic surgeon that understands that silhouette that each woman is trying to achieve. He is very realistic and tells you if your expectations can be achieved or not and if not, what he can do to help you. He is funny and makes you feel comfortable, yet he is very professional....I guess I have nothing but good things to say!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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U look great
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you look great!! do you plan on putting up any before pics??
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I was wondering how you are, and if you had any pics of ur TT and/or update pics from BBL. im planing on going to dr Cortes but bbl then TT for me. What made you do your TT then bbl
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Ill post some pics later on this afternoon. Doctor will do whatever you prefer, but he recommended in my case TT first. It was a smart decision. You can flatten your tummy and when you get the BBL----POW!! lol.....Awesome!!!! lol... Think about it....if you have a bulging tummy (like mine was.....) I don't think I would have enjoyed the results of my BBL as I do now. He me...and don't be afraid to ask him anything!!! Even if silly.....he is very very smart and if looking at you may be thinking a million things to make you look good---but he understands what you are looking for!! I had a few friends get TT with other docs and they are flat in the front...but no waist...some still have a pubic mound...which now looks worst! He lipos it all....and gets your base ready for you BBL :)
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See that's what I don't understand. My stomach is rather large with excess apron, at my consult I had lost just under 50 lbs. my highest weight was 222 at my appt I was 177 (5ft 1/2in). Dr Cortes told me not to lose anymore, even though my Goal is 155. He said that he needed the fat to do my bbl. I feel like at 177 after bbl my stomach will still be big and grose and how am I gonna show off my bbl if I refuse to wear tighter pants cause of my stomach that looks like a butt in the front. I am down to 170. But I have until next April til surgery so I'm not stressing. He said to do the bbl then TT. But I'm wondering why? I mean I get not having TT first then having to gain to have bbl but then again having bbl first and still having a big stomach seems crazy too.
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Everyone is so different and the body shapes so and I may just have been a completely different case. In the end he will do what you want.....maybe he needs that fat first...and maybe I had alot of easy access fat on back and legs. Trust him...he will give you the best advise.....If you want to go ahead and do the tummy tuck first...he will do it...Dont stress about it!! Youll look fabulous!
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You look amazing! Lbs.
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Hi Kalena...just to make sure someone is there to help and to trust your doctors instructions!!! Also, there is a foam roll they sell at Academy that is BCG right where the yoga rolls are at that is much sturdier than the yoga rolls that are used to sit once you can after the surgery. Keep us updated..!!
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Thanks ;-)
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you are so funny lay across the car seats with butt in the air kmls lol... congrats on ur new booty girl I cant wait for my follow up with him I need to loss 41lbs so he ca tell me my price .. I hope I can get it done before my vac is up .
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U look great
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Wow you look great. Glad all went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery
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Hope all is well. Updates? Pics?
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I just put up an update. I am putting up pics. Doc has befores, I don't. If you need anything or want to get information, let me know!! Ill answer any question!!! :)
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U look great!! My sx with him is in October ...any suggestions/ advice? Thanks.
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