BBL ppointment set. a lil scared about recovery! - Houston, TX

I made my decision today! I'm 43 and I've wanted a...

I made my decision today! I'm 43 and I've wanted a smaller waist all my life, not to mention a rounder bottom. I also have a scar on my left gluteus. Kinda embarrassing. :( I'm excited about the results and super nervous abut the recovery! Any tips about how to shorten recovery and manage the pain would help! I have low pain tolerance. Give it to me straight! :))
Girl, be nervous but have confidence that you're going to hurt for a few days and then have the body you've always wanted! Just remember the first few days are tough but it gets so much better after the first 5 days!!
thanks for your comment. I was just reading about your recovery..yikes! Is the profile pic current? If so, you look great!
Hi! My surgery is scheduled for 12/13 and I'm 42. Totally freaking but excited too. Was thinking of going back to work Day 3 but sounds like more like 10-14 days!!! Ugh. Never had surgery like this... Only child birth which was ok. Keep in touch and good luck


I'm taking 2 1/2 weeks off. Good luck to you! I'm nervous!! lol. But i'm excited about the results. I've been reading some of the experiences, so are good and some seem scary...



I took this today. I don't know if you can tell but I have a scar on that side of my cheek. Embarrassing:(

Stubborn belly...

I work out often and still can't get rid of the belly...:(
Those are good points! I know everything will be fine and I'm excited. Just want to be prepared. Good luck! Keep us posted! Sending good vibes your way!!
I am 42 and it's 5 weeks ago I had my bbl and full tummy tuck !! Omg I'm so happyyyyyyyy my butt looks so perky and my waist is so curvy my tummy tuck scar looks perfect so pleased with Dr.Salzhauer I flew from Austin,tx to Miami Florida and don't regret it at all !! The pain was worth it !!! Good luck
I appreciate your positive comment! I've been so nervous. :( I'm doing it and I'm trying to research as much as possible. How long before you were able to take care of yourself? I have support for the first 5 days. Then I might be on my own for a few days. Can't believe you are 42?! You look great!!

No turning back on the BBL!!

Today, I gave my down payment! I'm excited and still nervous! 3 1/2 weeks to go!
Don't be nervous, everybody's experience is different, but I think many of us that have had this procedure can agree that it is not painful, but it is very uncomfortable, from the garments, to not being able to sit, and having to sleep face down. You should be ok with only having help the first 5 days, but are you going to be completely on your own thereafter?
Good point! I might be for the most part. Why?
Again, everyone is different but I didn't want to be left alone for the first week, I still needed a little help for a few things, I couldn't bend down, still can't (17 days post). But it's not completely necessary I would have been ok if I absolutely had to be left alone. Just make sure they leave you food & water where you can easily access it. You'll be fine.

BBL post op supplies.

Hope all these things work for recovery! Getting prepared! Thank you, for all those that sent me messages!
I had my BBL back in June, everyone is different. It wasn't what I expected it was more discomfort for me. Your butt is swollen your walking like a penguin, you have trouble going to the bathroom to pee, you can't sit & you have to lay on your tummy. All discomforting. It's not so bad. The drugs help, LOL. I didn't experience half the things that some of the women did on here like the vagina swelling & cramping in the mornings. I'm going for a round 2 so what does that tell you? Best of luck to you.
Thanks for your input. It helps!
i'm still pre op but tried my arnica bcuz my shoulder has been sore for like 2 months and after just 3 doses it feels soooo much better, the soreness is almost gone!!! Arnica Arnica Arnica!!!

A scar on my left cheek.

Has anyone had any experience with having a scar/dent that needed to be filled in? This is my primary reason for getting the BBL. You can see it in my pic.

9 more days until my BBL

The date is drawing near! I'm still a lil nervous but more excited! I look at myself and think I'm going to lol different soon! I think I'm prepared for the recovery. I've been eating anything I want! Lol. I'll take a picture soon.
Lucky you, but enjoy because you want to make sure you eat healthy after sx. Don't be nervous lol, happy to hear you are more excited.
Thanks mesan! Your 1 month pic looks great!!
You're welcome and thank you :-)

Countdown to BBL

It's getting close. I can't believe I'm doing this! Lol. And pray that everything goes well. I wanted to share some more before pics. I also mesured my waist and butt.
Waist 33. Butt or hip 38. Hoping for 29 and 40. Lol. Don't know that I have enough fat. We'll see. It's got to look better that this.

Had trouble uploading photos.

2 more days how exciting! I think your 29 waist is a very reasonable expectation, just make sure you keep good compression.
Hi MBLove! I'm recovering now and it's not so bad. Just follow doc instructions to a t. Only one pain pill so far. Hardest is getting in and out if bed. First night is the most challenging but I had nurse to help. Going tell folks at work that I strained a back muscle to explain my slow moving. Good luck to you! Think positive!
HI Ready4next42! Oh my gosh, you are a soldier! I'm happy to hear that you aren't having a bad recovery! looks like we have or had the same body shape. I'm two days away...thank you for your optimism, I need it. And that's a great excuse about straining your back. lol. I can't wait to see more post pics!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

I can't believe the day is almost here! Please pray that everything goes well. All prayers are welcome:)) I will try to update as soon as I can. I'm spending the night at the hospital so we will see.
Hey MB! So excited for you. Hope everything turns out great. Oh DMSO is spray some athletes use for swelling and pain. First night nurse sprayed me all over every hour (alternating sides). Really helps but very messy and stinky. Wishing you best sx and recovery. Update when you can.
I'm so excited for you. I'll be thinking if you tomorrow & praying for a safe & successful surgery. Please update as soon as you feel good enough just to know you're ok. Good luck!
Thanks, Mesan! You are so helpful through this process. I'm trying not to freak out! lol. I know i'm going to have my own experience and pray that I will manage it all gracefully! lol. I can't wait to see the results:) going to bed on my back...i better enjoy it!! lol. Good night and thank you for the prayers!

Today is the day!

I'm up and excited! I keep thinking of all the different recovery stories and wondering which one mine will be most like! I guess I'll find out later today. Prayers please :))
Prayers be with u, can't wait to see the new u

I'm home now!

Well ladies thank you for all your prayers! Day 2 post op. Super sore. It not so bad. Except that laying on your tummy is not most comfy. I like the result through the garment. I took a bath, not so bad. I haven't taken any pain meds yet. I think I'm going to skip the Vicodin and just do the muscle relaxer and Tylenol :)
Whoo hoo you made and not too bad right? The belly sleeping sucks. My neck is sore. Ooh I love baths but my ps says I have to wait 4 weeks min. Good luck with recovery. I'm trying to do everything right but in the end it's just a lot of waiting. Pix plz when you're up to it.
Yes I will post as ASAP. I'm excited bc today I was able up get into and out of bed by myself. :) progress. I'm happy with the results and hope that when the swelling goes down that I'll still have my curves. No regrets here!! And big ups to my mom, she's been awesome taking care if me. ;)
Happy to hear you are doing well & that you like what u see. Good idea to skip the Vicodin if u don't need it. I would only take it to help me sleep. Happy healing!

Three Day Post Op

Ok here are some pictures! There is still a lot of swelling, but I am very happy with the results so far. Pain management and discomfort is the name of the game! Lots of sleeping but I am getting up every three hours to walk around. Doctor was only able to harvest 400 per cheek.
Hi MBLove! Looking great girl!!! Min bruising and nice shape. You need to put one of those panties on for before and after. You means he put back 400 per side.... How much was total lipo? Hope healing continues smoothly. Congrats!
He took out 3300 cc total but on harvested 850 good fat cells. I'm happy with what I have as long as it doesn't shrink much and the pain goes away. I'm day 4 today.
Nice sculpting, very natural fits you're frame. HAPPY HEALING!

Fist 5, meds, bath, sleep,repeat...

It's been tough, but I thank God for my family, especially my mom and sister. They have waited hand and foot on me. I love the results so far and hope that my rear shape stays even after swelling goes down. I'm also hoping my tummy area won't look lose....I've got it wrapped tight.

I can't stress enough how awesome the Pez has been. sleeping on my sides is not so easy because i can feel that it touches where the doctor injected the fat and i don't want to mess with that. I'm kinda getting use to sleeping on my belly....i guess because there is really no

The biggest goal right now is to STOP TAKING THE MEDS. once i can do that then i know i'm good. :) I've not had the energy to try on any clothes because the waist and booty still hurt to the touch.

i tell ya....what a sacrifice and no regrets yet. Thank you God for seeing me through this vain decision of mine...:)
Happy healing. Looking good! No drain?
No ma'am. My dr doesn't use them. I can't remember why. Day 6. Everyday is closer to full recovery. First week is def tough.
Aw you just reminded me of how awesome my mom and sister were during my recovery, it's pricesless to have such support. Your tummy skin looks good, I'm sure it will retract well, specially with you keeping it tight. If you are feeling pressure on the injected areas when you sleep on your sides I think it's a good idea to just sleep on your tummy. I didn't have any fat injected in my hips but I never slept on my sides, I guess I was too paranoid lol. Even now, I've received the green light to start sleeping on my back, but I think I'm going to wait 4-6 more weeks, I am only starting to sleep on my sides for a little bit.

Dr visit today

He's running late. Still get tired easily. My butt is a little more painful today. Feels heavy, harder and itchy. But at least the Lipo is feeling better. That was the worse part of recovery. Oh and guess what? I started my period! Yaay!! Lol. Great timing. Anyway...
Dr Lapuerta said I was healing beautifully. And that he was going to use my pics for the site. Lol.
I want to thank all off you for the tips, advice , prayers and sympathy. Especially GOD, my mom, sisters. Day 10 is def a better day. Looking forward to more positive results. Haven't taken any pain meds today.
I got tired easily up until about a month post op, and my butt still feels sore at times, it's a long healing process but so well worth it. Wow you're going to be a before/after, sounds amazing, but I can see why, you got very nice results. Congratulations!
Thanks, Mesan. I didn't get a Jlo but it def looks better than before. I'm happy I made it through the first week. It was tough. Thanks for always responding with positive words. :)
You look great!

Before and after pics

I hope I don't lose too much since I'm still swollen.

15 days post op

I have been feeling good. No meds other than Tylenol occasionally. The worse part was def the Lipo recovery and the uncomfortable sleeping and not being able to sit. I wear myself out. I have a question ladies...

I'm trying to figure out when massages are recommended? I couldn't imagine anyone touching my in any of the Lipo areas. They are still swollen and very tender. Yet there are areas that seem a little hard and wonder if a massage would help that. Thanks!!
You look beautiful! I love your shape! It's very natural but still VERY eye catching. I hope your recovery continues to go as smooth as it has. Xo
Thank you, D'sWifey! It's been quite a journey. No regrets. I'm glad u think it looks natural. That's what I was hoping for. Back to work on Monday and just worried about how ima work at my desk all day without putting pressure on the new ass. Lol. Have the boppy and all the lines ima make up to keep folks from wondering. Lol
From what I've seen every dr has different recommendations about massages. I know some drs require like 3 per week right after sx, but my dr does not require them. I think on this particular topic you should ask your dr and follow his recommendation. However, I got my one and only at 1 month post

Garment time!

I was amazed at how many garments I was able to collect from my sisters and my mom. Just a tip ladies ask your friends and your family, most ladies have garments that they have purchased in the past to try to shape and slim down and then never wear because they're so comfortable. Well I am using all of them and saved some money. :)
Hey girly how are you doing? How's your booty holding up?
Hi!! I'm doing great!! Back at work, stitches take off, and feeling better everyday. Still sleeping on tummy and sitting on boppy, going to stay off of it until it feels totally normal. I've lost some volume, but I'm still happy overall! My waist is smaller, and all the bruising is gone. No regrets. I'll post pics at 1 month post op. How ru???
LOL, you're really taking the garments seriously, good for you! Great tip, I had a few garments myself, so I did save some $. But then I remembered this amazing faja I bought about 10 years ago, unfortunately I gave it away because I lost a lot of weight and no longer needed it, well I finally remembered the name of it this week, went online and bought it, so far the most expensive one I've purchased ($150) but I know it will be worth it, I'm so excited and can't wait to get it. See if you can find more fajas though because these might start feeling lose in a week or 2.

I made it to 1 month! Lol

I can't believe it's been a month. No regrets! Looking back it wasn't that bad. I'm about 80% I think. I still have swelling and numbness. But totally manageable. I'm still not sitting on my bootay. I was only able to get 400 cc per cheek, which is not much. So I'm waiting until it feels totally normal. I still feel some hard areas on my butt. Sleeping on my belly sucks, but not as bad as I thought. It's really mind over matter. Anyway, here are some pics. It's not a JLO but I'm happy that my waist is smaller and the dent (flaw) was corrected. That was my goal and not necessarily a huge butt. I only took pics with clothes. I'll do some skin pics once I see less swelling. Cheers my BBL ladies!!
You look fabulous! !! CONGRATS!
You look great!!! Have you taken any recent pictures? I am strongly considering Dr Leo for my bbl and really want to see his results once all the swelling is down. It seems he only uses fat that has the very best at survival, and thus uses less fat. How much fat did you lose since the swelling went down? Any recent pics?
Oops I ment to write
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Very happy with my choice. He took great care of me. Always optimistic and gave it to me straight. He said it was going to be painful but that I could manage, if I follow his instructions. Thank you, Dr. Lapuerta!

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