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Hello BBL Dolls! I am happy to be over here! I...

Hello BBL Dolls!

I am happy to be over here! I started out in the Mommy Makeover thread but I am taking a small detour over to big butt land!!

I have decided to get a BBL first before I do my TT and BA. I had four consultations with doctors in my local area for the mommy makeover but I wasn't completely sold. I started to look at doctors in other states and I keep coming over to the BBL thread. I quickly realized that I finally want a big butt!!!

I looked at tons of thread and I saw several ladies that had their BBL done by Dr. Hughes out in LA. I love his work because it looks so natural and not overdone.
So After talking with a few girls on here that had work down with him I called his office on Firday.

The girl that picked up was extremely nice and asked if I spoke with the Dr. Hughes. I told her no and she said he was in surgery but took my info and told me he would call me once he got out of surgery. I was thinking to myself yeah right he is not calling me. Long and behold two hours later Dr. Hughes called me. I was SHOCKED!!!!

He asked me what I wanted done and I told him a BBL He asked me about my health history, age, weight, and height. He also explained that he has out of town patients frequently. I asked him how long would I have to stay in LA. He told me 7-10 days.

He told me to send him pictures and he would determine approximately how many cc's he could transfer to my butt and hips.

I emailed him yesterday with my pictures and I promise you 20 minuets later he emailed me back. He said he could get approx. 1000-1200cc's for each check and some cc's for my hips. He also said if he could get more he will. WOW!!!!

He quoted me $8k for lipo to the abdomen, sides and back and it includes the surgical and OR fees.

So today I emailed him with wish photos and additional questions because I do not live in LA and wanted to know the out of state protocol. He answered all of my questions and told me he will try to get me as close as possible to my wish pics.

I told him how to I get the ball rolling to schedule my sugary for 2014. He said he will forward my information to Adam the office manager.

I am so excited..

Here are my current measurements
33" bust
31 waist
36 hips

A STRAIGHT BOX.. Less then impressive but that will change!!!!


Ok, so I am going to get the TT and the BBL. LOL, ok I know what you are thinking.. I keep flip flopping but after see 50 going on 35 pics from her TT from Dr Hughes I decided to email him to ask a few questions. He emailed me back immediately once again. After he replied I had additional questions. GEESH, I know....21 questions choose one.

Do you know when I hit submit 5 minuets later my phone is ringing and it is a LA area code. Guess who.. Dr. Hughes! Truly AMAZING. He wanted to explain everything regarding both procedures and how it can be a success but I have to follow his strict protocol and it will be a difficult recovery. I asked him should I gain weight because I wanted my BOOTAY big and juicy..lol He told me not to and he will get the fat..

I also asked about placement of the TT scar and he said he will get it low.

So ladies after that conversation, he put my concerns to rest and I am going to do both procedures.

The office manager Adam called me to set up a surgery date but I missed his call. I called him back but he was with a patient. So tomorrow I will talk to Adam. I told Dr. Hughes that I want a Sept 2014 date and he said that should not be a problem!!!

I'm on my way to flat tummy and big bootay LAND!

Flat BOOTAY is sad....


OK, so it is official I have decided to go with Dr. Ghurani in Miami. I booked my sx for May 20, 2014. I have exactly six months before my big day.

So let me tell you why I selected him because if you read my previous post I was sold on Dr Hughes and he is AWESOME.

I was on here one night and saw pictures of a recent patient of Dr. G and her results were amazing. So I decided to click on his name and I looked at and read all of the reviews and the photos of his work and they all are amazing.

I sent my pictures in to EPS and I received a email from Nancy. Let me tell you, she is such a sweet lady. In the email she stated that the doctor saw my pictures and I didn't need a tummy tuck because I only have a little loose skin and it should retract. That is excellent because not having that scar is a plus. He also said I was a great candidate. She gave me his quote of $7779 which including full stomach. flanks and back and $500 for additional areas. 2 garments, 2 massages& boppy pillow.

I thought the price was good and I like the additional add ons. Nancy and I emailed each other back and forth because I had additional questions. She responded promptly every time. So this Tuesday I decided to give her a call because I had additional questions and I wanted to find out what dates were available.

I called on Tuesday and Nancy and I had a great conversation. Once again she answered all 15 questions. Yes, I had 15 questions written down.lol After she answered my questions I felt confident that this was the doctor I was going to use so I put down my deposit. YAY!!!!

Nancy did tell me to gain 10-15lbs because I want hips and serious projection..lol According to the doctor I have a "long" booty. I don't think so..lol

I am thinking about adding the axillary area, arms and inner thighs. What do you guys think?

So what's next:
- I scheduled my two week vacation
- I am looking at flights but they are very expensive now so I will keep my eye out
- I am using my parents timeshare so I have to find a place for 10 days. According to my parents it will cost $199 per week with there timeshare.
- Look for rental cars
- Make a list of supplies I will need
- start gaining weight but not to fast I have 6 months and I don't want to gain more than 15lbs because my face will look FAT

Did I forget anything?

I have started my countdown. My hubby is so excited for me and ready to see the difference. He is nervous about the recovery.

Ok ladies that is it for now.

Any advise would be appreciate!

Vacation Approved and Condo Booked

Hi BBL Beauties! I am one step closer to my big day. I requested my vacation for two weeks and it was approved. I am so excited about that.

Today I booked my condo. I am using my parents timeshare so I called the agency tonight when I got to my parents house to pick up my girls. I got this really nice rep on the phone and he was very persistent in finding me a place for two weeks. I have been looking on their website for two weeks but couldn't find a place that had the dates that I needed. The rep was able to find me the time I needed at two different resorts.

The first place is in Ft Lauderdale from the 17th -24th and I have to move to Hollywood FL from the 24th-28th. There are no parking fees which is a plus because I saw several locations that charge you a fee to park. My total for my stay is $279. I have to pay an additional $60 once I check in for a cleaning fee. Both places are a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen.

I am so happy I took care of that because I noticed that the available condos are going fast. I have to google to see exactly how far I am away from the office and surgery center.

I am thinking about flying there on Saturday so the hubby and I can have three days of fun before I am a hot mess in pain. I want him to have some days to enjoy.

The only thing I have left to do as far as my travel arrangements are booking the car rental and flights.

I have to admit when I gave the rep my card number to book the condos I looked at my hubby like it is really going down. I felt some kind of way. I think I was more nervous. I feel fine now. When I got my confirmation it showed that I only have 167 days before my reservation. WOW! Man that is not long at all.

I really want to thank all of you ladies that shared your journey because it truly is a life saver. I have learned so many valuable things from you all.

Ok, Until next time!

My Realistic Expectations

Hey Dolls!

I am getting closer to my day. I only have 5 months before I am on the other side of bootyland..

I want to talk to you dolls about my expectations from the sx. Before I found RS, I wanted to have a proportionate body. After having my kids all the weight I gained was in my torso and because I have a very short torso and long legs I look like the character from Despicable ME. After finding RS, I am obsessed with a BIG OL BUTT! OMG, where did these feeling come from. I always wanted a nice round butt with projection but now I have transformed my thoughts to this hugh video vixen butt.

I have to come back down to reality. My body frame is not made to have a BIG OL BUTT! Don't get me wrong, I still desire a nice butt but I am really looking to be contoured and more proportionate and have a nice size booty to fit my frame and not look like I exported the booty.

So RS has definitely had my expectations very unrealistic for what my anatomy is working with. LOL, sometimes you have to check yourself and I had to check MYSELF..

So now that I'm back to reality, I have started gaining weight. I'm up to 138lb. My goal is 150lbs. I will say I started feeling some kind of way because of the weight gain but my supportive hubby insured me that this is for a purpose so I am cool now.
I also completely stopped going to the gym because if I go I will lose the weight I gain and I don't want that.

That's it for now ladies!


Emotional Rollercoaster

Hi Dolls,

I hope all of you are doing great and healing nicely.

I wanted to update you on how I'm feeling. I am so excited about my sx but I would be lying if I said I haven't been on a emotional rollercoaster later.

I am really struggling with the fact that I have never had any type of communication with my doctor. I think to myself that I am CRAZY for booking a sx without even talking to the doctor via phone or email. I know this is common for the pratice but damn. I know I will have my pre-op the same day of my sx..like right before he operates. GEESH, am I ok with that? That is the question I continue to ask myself.
I am typically great with making decisions and sticking with it but I don't know about this one.

I would have never imagined this journey would cause so much stress for me from doctor selection to am I gaining to much or not enough weight. It's crazy and consuming my thoughts.

Have any of you ladies felt/feel like me? I would love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's.

Weight Gain

Hi Dolls,
I hope you had a great Christmas! Happy healing to all of you...

Here are a few photos of my weight gain. I am currently 142lbs from 135lbs. I'm shooting for 150lbs. If my face doesn't look really fat I will shoot for 155lbs.

I'm thinking about adding my arms and inner thighs.


I purchased vitamin C and iron pills to start taking now. I am anemic. As of 8/13/13 my:
Hgb is 11.6
hct is 36.4

I am taking two of the vitamin C pill for the 1000


Happy New Year's

Happy New Year's my BBL Dolls! 2014 is our year to get our big ole butts..


Hi Ladies! To all my BBL sisters that already had their sx I wish you a speedy recovery. To the rest of us, we are one day closer! 

I have been gone for a few weeks dealing with straight bull. This blog entry is my personal experience with Vanity and Elite regarding the Ghurani hype. I wanted to share it with you. Your experience may be different than mine but if this entry helps one person than it wasn't in vain.

It all started when I read several blog entries about Ghurani going to Vanity and how he may not be at Elite.  I looked on Elite's website and noticed that Ghurani wasn't listed as one of the 
doctors. I called elite an asked for Nancy but she wasn't there. I asked the lady on the phone about the rumor about Ghurani leaving. This was a concern because I was booked with him later on in the year. She informed me that he is working at Vanity and she said he is still doing sx there once a week.  I called back two days later to speak with Nancy.  When I called Nancy answered the phone like it was a home phone just hello. When I said hi to her she replied but her tone was very cold like she was being bothered. Definitely not the warm welcoming person I delt with in the past. I asked about Ghurani and expressed my concerns. She was so short with me telling me that yes he works at both places and confirmed that he is doing bbl sx at vanity. You can tell she received many calls regarding this issue.  This is the thing that had me definitely reconsidering my decision. I tell her that there is another person that is scheduled on the same day as my sx at vanity.  There was a brief pause...she says in a not so nice way.. "well I guess he is going to do her sx and come here and do yours". Wow! 

Fast forward two days, I call Vanity to inquire about Ghurani.  Jessica is who I speak to. NOW, I WENT AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT EVEN CALLING THEM but I did. Shame on me. Jessica tells me how Ghurani is there full-time now and he will not do sx unless you are paid in full at Elite. She continues to tell me that they have been receiving a lot of calls to book with him because he is a great surgeon. I expressed my conerns about rumors about ladies booking with one surgeon and than showing up and they put you with another surgeon.  She said "oh no, we do not do that it is illegal to go that".  Next, I told her I read a review about how a girl flew all the way there and was denied sx AFTER she was cleared by the surgeon at vanity. She had an answer for that, "the girl did not tell us she was 250lbs so we couldn't do it". 

Once again going against my better judgement I said ok. 

She gave me her email to send my pictures for Ghurani to view them. I send them instantly while still on the phone with her. She tells me that if I put down my money today she will give me a deal. I said Ghurani hasn't seen my pictures yet. Low and behold, Ghurani just got out of sx and is looking at my pictures. I am crazy I know..lol im like when did he get out of sx? Ok let me speak to him? More instant lies, he just left but he said you are an excellent candidate. She said I will call with him tomorrow so you can speak with him. She said hold on and when she came back she said if I pay in full I will get additional discounts. So I DID! GUYS THIS IS EMBARRASSING BECAUSE I have an investigative nature but even with all of the lies I knew she was saying I still decided go with it. I informed her that I wanted in writing my sx date and that Ghurani was my doctor.  She sent the information and it was all correct with the pertinent information.  I said to myself maybe this will be ok..WRONG##

Next day, no call from her or Ghurani like I was assured.  I send her an email later that night asking her what happened to my call from Ghurani.  Several days go by and no response to my emails or calls. 

During this time of me trying to get in contact with Jessica, I read about the young lady that received a call from Vanity three days before her sx telling her the doctor would not do it. Wtf  At this point I knew I was done with Vanity. 

Surprisingly six days later of not returning or replying to my emails Jessica calls. She is acting like we are BFF's. I was very serious on the phone and she snapped out of it. She then started asking me why I chose Ghurani anyway?  I said what do you mean? She is like Fisher is so much better than Ghurani and Fisher is famous in Miami. He's done more bbl then any doctor.  I'm like where is all this going? She says, I had my bbl with Fisher and she sends me fake ass pictures of some girl on the operating table. I said send me pictures of you in outfits so I can see that. Here she go, I don't have any right now.. really im done.

Next day, I call her early in the morning and tell her I am canceling.  She asked why. I told her I not dealing with the lies. She said well it's going to take some time to refund because care credit will have to call you. I knew that was BS. Once I got off the phone I sent her an email outlining our conversation and that my credit will be on the card per her. She replied saying that is exactly what I told you. It will take a week. This was great now I have evidence that I cancelled and the money would be refunded.  I knew this would come down to a dispute and I needed proof. I replied back to her email saying I will give them a week and if the refund is not there I will be calling back.

A week goes by and you guessed it NO REFUND!  I call and they patch me over to her. She like how can I help you...im like the refund is not there. She's asked me did I make a payment. . I was pissed and was like what does that have to do with anything. . My hubby was there and he told me to calm down and just play along. So I was like no. I'm not paying because I cancelled.  She said they processed it on the 16th. I was like I need to speak to a manager.  She said they were unavailable.  I told her transfer me to the billing dept. She tells me can you speak Spanish because they all speak Spanish.  I said I have someone that does. I called her and I was like ok transfer me. She was shocked! She had the nerve to say someone will call me back. I was like no I need to speak to someone now. So Evelin came on the phone.  I ask if she need to speak Spanish.  She said no she speaks English.  I explained the situation and she said hold. She came back and said the refund was just done today and I will have it on Monday.  I was like Jessica just told me it was done on the 16th. She said no today and I will see it Monday.  

It's Monday and no refund.  I call Vanity and speak to Evelin.  I tell her the refund is not there.  She said they did it that day. I said I need a confirmation number.  She puts me on hold came back and rambled a four digit number.  I say can you email that to me. She did.

Once I got off the phone with her I called care credit and put in a claim. Money refunded! 

That is my experience.  This was my 19 day Nightmare. After this I am not interested in going to Ghurani.  Before this, I posted an entry about having concerns that I have never spoken to him. I am not comfortable with that and after this madness I have to move on.

One good thing that came out of this entire experience is that I connected with a really sweet rs sis. We really leaned on each other and shared crazy stories. .

Vanity Drama I forgot to mention..

I received PM messages from RS sisters about Vanity that did not feel comfortable posting below which is fine. I was basically asked what do I think they should do as far as Vanity because they are using a different patient coordinator other than Jessica? I will address that question but first I must include a important detail that I completely left out of my review by accident and feel this is a pertinent piece of information.

When I read the blog of the young lady that received a unprofessional grammatically incorrect email telling her that her doc cancelled her sx I wanted to ask Jessica about it. When I received the call from Jessica and she was trying to be my BFF I asked her about that situation just to see what she would say. This is what she told me paraphrasing,
Jessica- Oh, I know the girl you are talking about.
Me- Ok, so what is up with that because she spent money and her time and you send a email to cancel
Jessica- What happened was she came down from where she lived because she wanted to have a consult with Fisher. We did her blood work and she had really bad diabetes.
Me- What are you talking about? I'm Talking about the girl that Ana sent a email to.
Jessica- Yes, I know who you are talking about. We told her to go back home and get her diabetes under control and have her doctor run a test and send it to us closer to her sx for Fisher to review.
Me- Ok then what
Jessica- We received the information from her doctor where she lived and it was WORST then it was before and that's WHY Fisher said no.

Ok, now I seriously doubt that information she gave me was the truth.

Now, to address the pm. In my humble opinion, I would NOT care if I was using a different coordinator I would cancel and get my refund either amicably or contact your credit card provider to start a dispute claim. Vanity has proven to be unreliable and unprofessional. GOD forbid something goes wrong during your sx and you have complications. I know the price is extremely attractive but honestly it isn't worth your time and WE deserve better. If you are unable to afford a different doctor hold off until you can. It will cost more in the long run in the event you have to go to another doctor for a revision.

Lastly, after this experience with Vanity I decided to research a way to file a formal complaint because this is a licensed medical facility. Surely, they have to follow some standards and guidelines. I found this website http://www.flboardofmedicine.gov/complaints-process-faqs/
This is the Florida board of medicine. You can file a formal complaint against a facility.

This is my take on Vanity and my advise. I appreciate the PM's and the comments below.


This train is moving forward!  After that fiasco with Vanity, I was more determined to get this sx. I knew things where not going to end well with Vanity so I got in contact with a few other surgeons for a consultation and decided to move forward with Dr. Salzhauer. 

I had two consultations with him over the phone and with Skype and I am happy with my decision. In no way do I feel like I am settling choosing him. I love his results and even more the fact that you can talk to him personally and multiple times if you need clarification.  I was able to get the same date so I do not have to loose money on lodging.  I have 105 days until I have my sx and once again I am excited.

My Modest Wish..

Hey Sweeties! I am getting closer to my big day. I only have 98 days before I am transformed and I can't wait. So last night the hubby and I are getting ready for bed and of course we are looking at butts..lol So he told me to stand and pull in my waist so he can take a pic. He tells me that once I get my waist reduced I shouldn't need a lot of hips. He really said I don't need any and I was like hell to the yes I do... I was like I need mad hips and he disagreed. So he pops my picture in the plastic surgery app and take in my waist and gave me a little hip action. Lmao so I'm like let me see and I love it. If I can look like this from the back looking from straight on I would be happy.

What do you think?

Plastic Surgery App

If I can come out of surgery with a semi flat stomach a smaller waist and a booty with projection like this.. I would be A ok!


Hey Sweeties, I got home from work and threw on some jeans so I can play around with this fabulous app. Man, I am loving this app. I am hoping and praying Dr. Salzhauer can get me to look like this. Lord hear my prayers!


Hi Dolls, I hope all my BBl queens that already had surgery are healing and recovering nicely. To the rest of us, it's about to go down.. Are you ready? I know I am.

Tonight I get home check the mail and what do I see..a package from Dr Salzhauer office. I was so excited my 5 year old asked her dad what is mom doing..she is so excited. Lol! I open the package and it is a professional looking hard cover book with the pre and post op instructions. You can tell they put some thought into the presentation. I also received Dr Salzhauer's WonderTape he developed and designed. You put it under your booty to lift and shape. Love it! I have to take a picture when I try it out. I really like the added touch of the personalized book. It has my name on the first page.
Guys, I am so ready to get this party started I don't know what to do with myself. I only have 90 days to go but it feels like eternity.

I plan on purchasing my supplies this weekend so I will keep you dolls posted.


I had my first booty sx dream last night woke me up all disoriented. Ok, so I head into sx telling the doc I want a big juicy booty.  I wake up and I wasn't in any pain. I look behind me and I see this tiny butt. I asked the nurse how many cc's I got and she said 700. I started crying and the nurse was like oh well. I ask her did i have more fat and she said yes he took out 7000cc's but your butt was tight. Oh No!

After work I am buying some Palmer's coco butter so I can start rubbing my ass and hips. I read on another blog that it really helped. 

I told my hubby about my dream and he laughed his ass off. He was like get whatever you need to prepare that ass for optimal results. He said when we get in the room with Dr Salzhauer he is going to tell him to make my wife ass look like a caricature put 2000 cc's in each ass cheek because he doesn't want me to go for round 2. I laughed so hard... i said that would look ridiculous. He said in a smart voice isn't that what you want. ..WTH ..AWW NO!  but seriously I think he is sick of me talking about cc's.


I made my first purchase for my sx. Yay! I ordered three maxi dresses from ebay. The total including shipping was $28.97. I already own 2 maxi skirts so I will bring that and a pair of leggings.  I pack light everywhere I go so this trip is no exception.  I will post once I order my supplies. .

Thank you ladies for your support. . This site is a great resource.  I really don't know where I would've been in my journey without it.


I am having serious wardrobe issues at work particularly.  On the weekends I stay in yoga pants and a cami so I am cool. I have been avoiding social gatherings as much as possible because people that know me knows I stay fresh.lol.. So I am cancelling left and right because I know for sure i will get many WTH looks. My clothes are all wrong on my soon to be big booty small waist body. What a difference 12lbs can make and I still want to gain 8 more. Anyway back to my work wardrobe issues.  

I am still wearing my size 4's but that will end at any minute.  Right now I can still button my pants but it is tight as all get out and my muffin top is no longer a muffin but a cake top. I'm scared to cough in fear of popping my pants button. Smh I have to wear business attire and my suit blazers will not and cannot close. This is ridiculous and let's not talk about my fat face. I am not trying to spend money on clothes until after my sx. 

What have you ladies done with your wardrobe for work? 

Thanks Dolls


Hi Doll! I ordered my supplies this past weekend.  Thanks to the wonderful ladies that answered my questions about what are must haves for sx. My packing list is minimal. Here is what I will bring with me to Miami in 82 days!

3 maxi dresses - $29
2 maxi skirts - already have
Cardigan sweater- already have
Leggings- already have
Flip flops for the shower -I have to buy
3 pieces of lipo foam $ 22.50 +$8 shipping total $30.50
Colace -$9.48
Dial anti-bacterial soap 3 bars -$2.99
1 pack of Chux pads (25)- $12.95
Arnica tablets -$8.39
Arnica gel-$ 6.69
Gauze - already have
Bandages -already have
2 packs of baby wipes-$4.00
Cami- already have
Thick maxi pads-I have to buy

I may add additional items if necessary. I want to bring only things I know I will use and not waste anymore money. I know myself, if I buy something and I don't use it I rarely return it.


Hey ladies,

I received my supplies and maxi dresses.  I am pleasantly surprised about the quality it's not bad for the price. I am loving my lipo foam.  It is super soft. I know it's early but I am going to pack my suitcase with all my supplies and dresses. 

I am ready ladies! I will call my doctor at the end of the month to schedule my physical/clearance for the 4th week in April. I hope she is cool and doesn't ask me to many questions.  On the clearance form I have to write in what type of procedure I am getting.  I'm only going to write liposuction. Lol

The only thing left to do is book my flights and rent a car. Did I already say I am ready. Lol... I spoke to the hubby and he has agreed to update for me once I'm out of sx if I'm not up to it.I don't know about you but I am stalking this site when i know someone is having sx because I want to read all about it. So I will make sure he updates that day and with details and pictures. .

I almost forgot, I received a really nice thank you card from Dr.Salzhauer office. I have to admit I am very pleased with my experience so far.


Hi Dolls! My days are moving closer to my grand finale.  Time was moving so fast when I was at 100 days out but for some reason it is moving so slow to me. I only have 60 days before I fly to Miami. 

There isn't much to update from my last entry. I have my suitcase packed and I'm just waiting. I have gained more weight.  I am currently at 152lbs. My goal is 155lbs.  I decided to start a light exercise routine 45 days out so I can build up my endurance.  I haven't been to the gym in 5 months and I am out of shape.  I have to admit I like the way by booty looks at this weight minus the stomach and back fat. My booty is actually looking semi juicy. The hubby even made the comment that my booty was looking good and I may not need the bbl just the lipo. PUMP YOUR BRAKES HOMEBOY! IT'S NOT LOOKING THAT GOOD. LOL

I have been reading and seeing pictures of all the Salzhauer beauties and he is doing the darn thing in Miami. Ladies, thanks for sticking around post op to share your stories and pictures.  It is so helpful and it keeps me motivated for my surgery.  This journey is very taxing and to read and see success stories is very comforting for me.

Happy healing ladies!

THANK YOU NeedMoreJunkInMyTrunk0129!

A big shout out to NeedMoreJunkInMyTrunk0129.
 We finally met last night over dinner and had a great time. She was so gracious to bring me a new box of pur absorb.  Thanks sweetie! It will definitely help improve my iron count. Home girl already have booTAY and an amazing shape. Once Dr. Salzhauer gets a hold of her she is going to be the next Stephanie Santiago! 

It is amazing how one day I'm surfing the web researching different procedures....I stumble upon real self, start a blog and meet some amazing ladies!


My condolences to Sisterless and her family. She lost her sister recently in DR and her story literally brought tears to my eyes. It is hard for me to be excited right now about my upcoming sx when I know this beautiful doll lost her life. May her soul rest in peace!

I really applaud you Sisterless for sharing your sister's story during your time of grief.


What a relief! I finally booked my flight for the hubby and I. I was holding out for cheaper fights but I am really down to the wire and the prices were not dropping. The cost of the flights were $771 but my hubby had 13000 points on his credit card so it actually came out to $640. That is a great price for two non-stop tickets. Now I just have to rent a car and I am set!

So check your credit cards and sees if you have any available points to put towards the flight cost.

On another not, I emailed Dr. Salz today to ask him questions. I also sent him recent pictures of my weight gain to see if I needed to continue to gain weight. He replied within a few hours. I absolutely love his patient interaction.

He is definitely creating some lovely butts in Bal Habour. Big shout out to all my BBL Salz's Dolls that recently had their sx. They are looking great and in 48 days I will have my Salz body!

Ok ladies that is all for now.. I will chat with you ladies soon.


Hi Dolls! A big congrats to all my Salzhauer hotties that recently had their sx. I hope your healing process is a fast one.

Ok, so I am down to 38 days before I fly to Miami and 41 days until I get my new and improved version of me. I will tell you I have been feeling down the last week. I have all these negative thoughts in my head and it was getting out of control.  For some reason, I am really struggling with this extra weight and what I look like. I know this extra weight is for a reason and purpose but I can't shake it. It went as far as me emailing Dr. Salzhauer and having a candid conversation about my current weight and making sure he will lipo it ALL. He assured me he will be aggressive with his lipo and he said "I will not leave you fat". Ok now I'm good.

Onto others news, I called my PC doctor to schedule my medical clearance appointment and she will be out of the country for a month.  I started to panic. I called several urgent care clinics and they do not do medical clearances. I spoke with Ruth the medical coordinator and she emailed me a request for all my labs that I could take to any place that does labs. She also told me that I could go to a doctor in Miami the day before for the physical portion if I couldn't find a doctor here.

Luckily I found a doctor that will do everything for me. I faxed over my lab information and the letter from Dr Salzhauer office to make sure there are no misunderstandings about what I need.

So ladies book your medical clearance appointments early just in case something comes up and you have to make adjustments. 

My appointment is April 30th!


Hi Dolls, I don't have much to update. I am down to four weeks before I am all fixed up. I am booking my car rental today and it will cost me $268 for 12 days. I am getting a midsize vehicle. I hope it's big enough for me to lay in the back seat.

I will email Ari on Monday to find out when I will receive my prescriptions for my meds so I can get them filled.

That's all I have going on. Happy healing to everyone in recovery.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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I know you're excited! You got a great price for the car. I paid about that much for 5 days for a small car.
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Can't wait :) that's not a bad price for the car. You got a good deal Oh and Arianny is back Wednesday so don't freak if she doesn't respond.
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Good luck
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Thank you sweetie!
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Glad you were able to work out the medical clearance issue. Time sure is moving fast. As for your current weight, hope Dr. Salzhauer's assurances make the extra padding bearable for the next 5 weeks or that you have left.
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Thanks lady, me too. I was panicking about the medical clearance. I feel much better about the weight gain after emailing him. I'm down to 5 weeks. I can't believe it's almost here.
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Just had a Red Bull with my lunch so im kinda hyped right nowww lmaooo!!
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Lmao.. you really keep me going. You are my BBL GURU!
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:P Awwww we keep EACH OTHER going cause you know my flat ass be having done issues sometimes too lol
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You crack me up because your ass is definitely not flat. Lmao
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Woop Woop!!! Almost there babe!!! Girl Pleaseeee shut all them bad thoughts out your head pretty soon u and the hubby will be drunk in love on kitchen tables him grabbing all that good good!! :)
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Lmao...so true.. girl I have to get it together. .
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Sorry that your feeling down hun. Remember it will be worth it in the end!
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Thanks sweetie! I have to remind myself if this. Girl, your body is banging. I am so happy for you..
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Thanks luv :-) I'm still on the emotional rollercoaster too but I'm being patient!
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sorry just looking forward to having mine done!
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No problem! This site is about sharing. I put down $4k. When is your sx?
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how much id you have to put own?
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Good luck!
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Thank you!
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Love the rewards points! We spend so much $$ on getting this sx every little discount helps
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Yes it does. I underestimated all the expenses. I hope your recovery is going well!
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Good luck doll! I'm 12 weeks post op, Dr Salzhauer and his staff are wonderful!
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Thank you! Wow, it's been 12 weeks already. Time went fast and your results are amazing.
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