31 Year Old Mother of Three - Houston, TX

I have never turned to surgery for anything but.....

I have never turned to surgery for anything but...I have been unhappy with my figure since god knows how long. I have an interverted triangle shape. No hips and really broad. I did my research for about a year. I found Dr. Cortes, my surgery is coming up soon. I would really like to get feed back on how the recovery and results are, I have seen quite a bit of before and after pics which i was really impressed, but none of a woman with my body structure. I am reassured that my body type is okay. Just that i have to gain another 15lbs.

I feel like crap

these are my before pics,, after gaining 15 lbs,, I need a miracle

good massage therapist

I need a good massage therapist and good hotel!!

a little nervous

I sure hope I can get the results I want, haven't seen a whole lot if women shaped like me on here,,

time is ticking!!

4 weeks until my surgery,, I'm so ready this gaining weight is killing me!!

some pictures


not bad




some girls wanted to see what I look like I am okay with showing my face


14 days!!!

the days are passing so quickly, today marks my 2 week mark, I'm anxious and a little scared seeing these ladies go through this pain. I started talking my heal me supplements,I just pray this will help with the healing process, my hotel is booked and all my supplies are packed and ready to go,,

Last night

Well tonight is the last night i will be my old self...Surgery tomorrow,,i am ready to be on the other side....The whole healing process scares me, but no pain no gain. I have gianed 30lbs for this surgery, And i feel like shit..i have never been this big before even when i was pregnant....I am so ready to get this fat in the right place...


I'm still really stiff,, sorry I haven't updated just been focusing on healing

really swollen

still really swollen, how soon can I get massages

after shower


ready to get this drain out so I can try on some new clothes

4 days post

I feel a million times better, the swelling has gone down, except in my butt,, which is good, im still woddling like crazy but it's more comfortable day by day,,I get my drain out tomorrow hopefully

more pictures

omg cortes is a genuis,,,I love my shape,,I will post more pictures tomorrow with my dresses on.. my butt is still very swollen.I have never had an hour glass figure now I do

some pics

my booty is still swollen

front view

Feeling emotional

Today was a hard day for me..i was so emotional cried over nothing..I don't do drama...and some people live for it,,anyways my healing is coming along my butt is actually starting to soften up already...I don't know if this is normal or not..I truly hope my butt goes down a little..its a little big for my liking..but i will see how it is in a couple weeks..Thank you ladies for all your support.


I am so happy with my new body,,,, he did exactly what I wanted,, nothing to big that looks unnatural but some thing natural

loving my new booty boob lift next in Dec


I'm trying to post pictures

I look completely natural not to big and not to small

3 months post

Well i am looking for a good doctor for a mommy makeover..any suggestions
Dr. cortes

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You look very good hun. Cortes is the best there is period.
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Yes he is now fora mommy makeover
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He is great at mommy makeovers. He is truly an amazing surgeon.
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You look good..cortes did a good job
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Thank you
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Oh wow your results are fabulous, gives me an ideal of what I might look like , I'm kinda shaped similar to your before , top heavy, may I ask what your height and weight was pre op , I had to gain weight as well I've put on 15 pounds , I feel huge , can't wait to get back to my normal weight after surgery, also do u know how many cc, s you received, thanks in advance.
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I weighed 194 when I went in for surgery
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What did you weight after? And did you loss any more weight after thst. I just don't want to loss weight in my booty. That's the first place where I lose fat first.
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Glad your feeling better like u I had to gain weight I've gained 10lbs and I feel like s!#t. I can't wait for him to vacuum the fat out. I feel so nasty I've never been this heavy. I hate the way this extra fat makes me feel. I have another 90 days before I can feel like myself. So glad to know I'm not the only one who feel like crap when they gained weight.
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I gained almost 30lbs by the time it was over with.. it takes an emotional toll in you
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Wow 30lbs and I'm complaining about 10lbs. Gaining weight really sucks but I know I'll be happy in the end.
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o yes you will,, I'm loving everything about my body
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Did Dr. Cortes remove a lot of the extra weight that you had to gain for surgery?
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yes he did
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Did he remove the amount of extra fat that you gained in total? How much?
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I gained 30lbs total
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I've lost 11
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I'm going up and down too in the beginning for the most part I'm standing steady at 195... 196. I feel so sloppy can wait for august 5th
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Type o... can't wait for august 5th.
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And did he remove 30lbs?
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So after sur get you was 11lbs lighter?
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I felt like crap for a long time
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he can't remove thirty pounds it's too dangerous to remove more than 11lbs
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So I guess he probably shouldn't have to me to gain 10-15 pounds I won't be anywhere near my ideal weight. I'm 195 now so after surgery I'll be 189ish that's to much weight I'm most comfortable at 170.
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I thought I would feel gross I'm 185 and I'm happy so gaining the weight was worth it.
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