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First, I found this site while researching for my...

First, I found this site while researching for my own answers. I am scared and very nervous about my upcoming procedure. I have chosen to get a 360 circumferential body lift. I have not been out of the 200's since I was about 15 yrs old and quite frankly I am tired of not being able to see my toes and vagina! My highest weight was 309lbs with both of my daughters, this was just a 18 to 20lb weight gain each time. I spent years in the 280's, lost it and was at 199lbs in Aug of 2007. Of course, it was easy with marriage to gain weight and end up the 220's, then 230's, then who knows when it all came back. A year in to separation and finally divorced! THANK GOODNESS! I am happy to say I have been in the 250-60's for about 7 months. I know this is not a huge weight loss, but for me it is much more than that. I have kept it off and that is what is important to me thus far. I am active and everyone that knows me can tell you I am on the track walking and jogging or at our free recreation center 1 to 5 times a week. I do the ab challenges, the squat challenges, you name it. I am a lot more conscious of my food intake than I ever have been before. BUT, I am just big. I feel my best at the weight of 215-220, and ideally that is where I hope to be, even by the end of this year. That may sound crazy, but when if you are like me, you know exactly what I am saying. I am beautiful inside and out. I know this because I get told this way too many times to think otherwise and also because, I can see it. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but guess what? While I am working out and sweating my butt off, I don't want this thing flapping up and down. I don't want to look uncomfortable and I definitely do not want to feel it either. I went to a doctor expecting to be told no on June 25th and I was not! I know a miracle is not about to happen to me from this surgery, but I do know I am going to be more physically fit so that I can get more physically fit, if that makes sense? I think I have a BMI of 39 or 40 and from what I have read, that is unsafe. I also have high blood pressure, but it is under controlled by meds. The doctor did not deny me because of this, so if you are questioning a consultation, just go. Get the answers from them, not from all of us who may or may not be helping. I also have a lot of fat, not just the loose skin. I have yo yo'd a lot in the last 20yrs of my life. I think they realize that some of us are just big and that even if we are active, this flap is not going away. I plan to post some pictures soon and will definitely keep up with the post op as well. I want to inspire one person, the one person who is just like me.

-Kristi 5'7, 260lbs


Looking forward to seeing your amazing results! Who did you choose? I consulted with a couple of surgeons in Houston that had beautiful work on larger women (Cortes and Patronella) I have some metabolic issues and haven't been at a normal weight in years despite exercise and clean eating. I was 196 the morning of my surgery and today weighed in at 180 even with the swelling! I ended up going to a surgeon in Dallas because I wanted the no drain method really badly (I'm super queasy about anything "yucky" lol!)
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Oops I was meaning to add that only one surgeon (not the two I mentioned) said anything about my weight. I was really expecting it too. I even asked one point blank and he said many women will never be at an "ideal" weight and what hes most concerned about is a stable weight that can be easily maintained.
hey thanks for the reply to my first post. I do plan to post some pics, but geeze I am pretty nervous about doing it. I will though. im also extremely nervous because 7/21/14 is quickly approaching and I feel like im about deliver a baby! I feel like nesting and doing things around the house that I could have done ages ago yet all of a sudden they seem so important! haha.. my biggest fear is not making it out alive! I have 3 kids that I need and I know they need me. ugh but if I can get past that, im good. not too worried about the drains. I chose Dr. Casso, he is off of Nasa Parkway. I felt super comfortable with his. I see him again next week for pre-op. It will definitely hit me then I know it. I seriously have no miraculous expectations, but I do feel like im making a good decision to do this while Im young enough and have the WANT in me to keep my life on the right track!

7/19/14 Before Pics

I am scared and nervous with a hint of excited. I am scheduled for 7/21/14, 2 days away! I have no idea if I am truly ready for this, but here is to jumping in feet first. I have gotten some medical power of attorney paperwork done, vehicle power of attorney, and hugged my coworkers like I may not be coming back. I am a realist and understand, poop happens. With all morbidness to the side, I am trying to get my house in order. I think I have definitely been nesting. I work today and tomorrow, then have surgery bright and early Monday morning, so my mind is racing. I know I am going to forget something!!

I guess I am concerned with compression garments, I own none. I am trying to get a recliner, I know I wont be able to get in my bed. I also have no idea if I should have medical supplies on stand by or do they send me home with stuff??? Anyways... I am going to try and enjoy my next two evenings. My 2 youngest will be with their dad the next 10 days and I get in to worry mode. Anyways with the help of my teenager and amazing boyfriend, I think I can get through the hardest part... the first 10 days post op. =/


You are going to be so happy with the results. I haven't had my surgery yet but I can only imagine. I don't have nearly as much excess skin so I can only imagine how thrilled you are going to be. I am scheduled for next month so I will be eager to follow your story. Prayers for an uncomplicated surgery and speedy recovery!
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Thank you. I'm on a rollercoaster ride. Tomorrow morning is coming waaay too fast! Keep me posted on your surgery. I wish the best for you too.

Out of Surgery

Woke up from surgery and it felt like I was only out 5 minutes. Everything went well. I'm in slight pain but managing it quoth morphine. I know it will hit me when that drip is out. I want to share with you what is affecting me most. Emotions. I've been so big for so long that my brain isnt understanding such a big part of me is gone. The doctor removed 30lbs of fat/skin. I literally broke down in tears when I sat on the edge of the bed to get up for a bathroom break. I'm so used to my stomach sitting on my legs and it wasn't there. So this is crazy. I'm going to go now, but wanted to update anyone who may be reading my story.


ThisYearEverythingChanges... I'm in search of and doctor at this moment I would love to see your results and consult with your ps...when your feeling better...I'm in California...
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Thanks for sharing with use your surgery... Blessing and prayers going your way for your safe healing. Hope to see some pictures...
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Congrats...Happy Healing, can't wait to hear a update and see some pictures!!!!
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post op day 2

Feeling the burn and plenty of pain. I am very hunched over and a recliner is my best friend right now. As soos as drains are out I will post pics for a better "after" pic.


You are looking great! I'm so happy for you! Keep feeling better!!
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Thank you. Going in friday for a check up. I do have a lot of purple blochiness near incision. Right now I'm assuming it's just bruising.
Nana, I will keep you updated. I imagine some of he best PS are near you in Calif

3 days post op

Cabin fever stir crazy im going a lil coo coo. Managing pain very well. Maybe 2 pills a day. I felt a lil feverish last night but im ok now. I do have some dark purple blochiness. I think its just bruising. Ill post a pic. I see dr tomorrow and over the phone he didnt seem too concerned with it. Anyways im hanging in there. Im just bored out of my mind. Getting up is difficult. Standing too long takes my breath away. Oh and after 3 days of no bowel movement, I finally went. I was not able to wipe myself. Im sure it was the toughest thing my 16 yr old has ever had to do for his mom. =/ I owe him $20 at least. ;)


Congratulations! You are so brave for sharing pictures. I am looking to do a total body lift within the next 2 months and would appreciate if you shared pictures often. I'm extremely excited and eager to learn through others experiences. Best of look! I'm sure you'll look fab!
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post op 4 morning

Just had about 7 solid hours of sleep. First time in a week. My back hurts so bad i have no words to describe it. I'm sure it's from skin tightening? My scar will be kind of high on my back it seems. I havent really seen it. As far as the front, the incision is super super low. Its like Iin the crcreases of my thigh/stomach meet up and so low on my pubic area that where I pee from is probably less than an inch away. My "area" is so swollen its nuts. I just assume its because of the cut but man it hurts and the purple blochiness hasnt gone down. I see Dr Casso today, so I will let yall know if this is typical or not. Im extremely miserable right now, its almost 730a and I have to pee so bad but getting up already hurts thinking about it. My boyfriend is asleep and my teenager is asleep. They don't want me moving around on my own but I don't want to wake them. I'll do it solo. =/ I will let you know how the appt goes.

Patiently waiting to get through this first week!!

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hematoma? bruising?

Heres a pic of my very low incision and what it looks like 4 days post op.


Congrats. I am looking to have this procedure in summer 2015. Who was the doctor? Does anyone have any surgeons to recommend in the southeast?
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post op day 5

I slept in my bed last night propped on pillows. It felt great! I was able to get and start my day. Cleaned drains and took my first shower. Of course I have the bestest best friend in the world. She stood in there getting all my hard to reach places. Which there are a lot of them. This is the first morning I got up and started moving around where I didn't feel so hunched over and the burning along my incisions on my back seem to go away. I could say that all of this is just because it's 5 days later or maybe because I took norco an hour before getting out of bed. I don't know. I've been up 3hrs now and besides exhaustion from all the standing and hot shower, I feel really good. Ok, so if you're following me on here right now I mentioned the purple in my pubic area. Well tje pimple sized blisters are much bigger. I called my dr just now ( Saturday) he answered his cell phone, no problem. Anyways, he says to expect they may pop and leak out. I was told to put antibiotic ointment on any that open and that he will decide how to take care of it monday. Most likely but cutting out the area and restiching it. =( I'm sad about this because I don't want to be slowed down anymore than I need to be because I have to get back to work. Anyways I'm posting a pic. I know it can be a lil graphic but I want whoever needs this indo to see how ugly it can be.


Hope you're doing well. Following your story for updates!
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Following your story! best wishes!
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Hi i totally understand and please post picture after when everything heals! Hope you are feeling better,
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going back under the knife 7 days post op

So my lil purple area may or may not heal properly without being cut out. But ive got to get back to work asap so I opted to just get in there and get it over with. I go back in the morning at 7am. The doctor charges nothing and the anesthesiologist fees are covered by my insurance since this is now considered necessary and not elective. Anyways. This far along I am sleeping in my bed pretty comfortable now. I don't roll over or anything like that, just s


Oh goodness! I think going in now will be for the best. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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continued. .

My phone rang and my last post went up incomplete. Anyways I was mentioning my sleeping propped up and it feeling pretty good. I do have discomfort all day doing different things but I'm happy that I'm up and moving around even if just a little. I've ran to walmart, barnes and noble, and take the kids to daycare with assistance getting them in and out. I'm scared this revision is going to put me back on my healing time but its best to just get it over with. My very low pubic scar after 2nd surgery will now be brought up a lil, more under belly button now I think. I'll post a pic now and one after surgery. I'm hoping my posts help someone out there. Im just typing how I think or talk and realize I'm all over the place sometimes. =) also I want to note I have high pressure and was very over weight this issue I'm having isnt that uncommon for people like me.


How was your doctor's appointment?
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Well I got one drain left. I'm happy about that. Got all my stitches out except for the ones I got yesterday. I'm not in a binder until Monday possibly. However my incision that was very low in my pubic area is now about 2 inches from my "you know what". It's not a natural look to me but maybe it will change once the swelling goes down. I'd rather look a lil weird than never heal. So it is what it is. =/ I'll post a pic tomorrow.
How are you feeling today?
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revision of the abdominal wound

I had poor blood circulation after my 360 body lift near the incision closest to my pubic area. The scar was very low and within 2 days it was already turning purple. Yesterday i had that area removed. The results are not pleasing to my eyes, but it was better than leaving it and it never healing.


Do you have any pics? I am curious to see your incision where you think it's still fat.
How can I send one?

10 days post op from 1st surgery

I'm ready to go back to work. Super bored. Can't do much around house rather be making a paycheck. I have back pain quite a bit. I'm able to do a lot for my daughters. Just improvising bath time( they shower more now) and cannot pick them up. Otherwise I'm OK.

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8/1/14 pics

After pics so far. Still swollen but I'm functioning.


You look amazing! Keep up the positive feelings :) thank you for sharing your journey with us.
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How are you feeling today? We went to dinner last night and my hips are killing me today. Swollen, I guess. Recovery is painfully SLOW! And I *really* hope that I'm still really swollen bc I do no like how my midsection looks.
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I tried replying yesterday and it kept asking me to log in when I already was. Girl my mid section looks deformed but I was so much bigger so that's probably why. I'm down to 234 from 261 on day of surgery. I'm hoping the water retention is leaving my body so I too can feel not so swollen. Recovery sucks!!!! Lol but I say imagine both us next summer? I'm sure we are going to look back at this and be soooooo happy we went through it when we did. =)


I came home with 4 drains. Getting in the shower for the first time was Heaven. These drains got on my nerves. Naturally you don't want to tug on them, it hurts! So, I put them in a plastic bag and my best friend stood in the shower with me. (it's 3 ft by 6ft, just remoldeled..) she actually had to help wash my lady parts cus quite honestly I couldn't really bend forward and even 14 days after surgery I'm having to wipe back to front when showering and going to the bathroom. Maybe some of you are luckier. Anyways, back to drains... I still have 1 in since I had that revision surgery 6 days ago. I found that sitting it on the ledge made me nervous, I pondered..... where the hell can I hang this nuisance!!!!! Well, a lanyard my friend a mofo lanyard! Hehe hehe =)


You are looking really good after your second surgery. I wish someone had told me about this surgery when I decided to lose weight years ago - I think it will give you a real lift once the swelling goes down to have all that weight removed.
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Thank you. I am feeling so good about myself. I am bulky up top and not really liking that but ehhh I'm still me and have lost 26lbs on the scale in 2wks so geeze I'm not complaining. I am definitely swollen. I can feel it for sure. I went shopping for about 2 hrs with my son. I got a few shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. It was crazy looking at myself in the mirror.
Just take it easy - it must be incredible not to be able to lift up your stomach - I know I always hated being able to do that. Just enjoy that wonderful feeling of feeling lighter and thinner.

15 days post op

Had a good day. Woke up way too early but eh it comes with parenting. I feel pretty good overall. I get tired easily and still lay down every few hours to rid my back discomfort. Nothing really important to report, just getting back to normal one very slow day at a time.

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drain scarring

So I'm curious if these drain holes leave nasty scars? My sis had hers in her pubic area but all 5 of my holes are in my upper/outer thighs.

Advice on taping after showers etc... use paper tape. I used some crap I already had from years ago, in one day it was a raised up bumpy rash. Use paper tape!


I hope you're feeling great today! With your positive attitude, you'll be better in no time! Have a lovely weekend!!
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Thank you. I am enjoying my weekend so far. I went back to work friday for about 5 hrs. Then saw the Dr. Got my stitches out and last drain. I go back in 2 weeks. I was off today and have been all over houston. I am beat!!!! I work tomorrow for about 6 hrs. Trying to start off shorter days.
I hope you're healing well and feeling great!!
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tomorrow makes 3 weeks

I cannot believe how much has changed about my body in the past 20 days. It's been a roller coaster of emotions and physical discomfort.

I'm happy, very much so.

The main thing bothering me today is my pubic area under the incision is extremely swollen. I don't what to do but stay in compression garnets and use hot water bottle between my legs. I hope this goes away fast.


Our 3 week surgery-versary! I go back to the doctor this afternoon and I expect him to release me. I'm REALLY DREADING going back to work tomorrow. So much so that I am literally nauseated. I have such a stressful job and my commute is over an hour one way. Feeling depressed again today and feeling guilty about "wasting" so much money. Hopefully getting out today will help. How are you doing with work? How are you feeling? Hope you have a great day!
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Thanks for the update. Hope the swelling goes away soon. Hang in there missy.
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3 weeks and in a skirt

The most feminine I've been in a long time!

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what's this white plastic thing? anyone?

I got out of the shower last night realized I have a patch of incision that's not quite closed. I noticed something white hanging out and thought it was a worm! My boyfriend pulled it out. Uhm it's plastic and probably a part of a suture? I don't know. If you do, let me know. Thanks.


Hey there!! How are you feeling?
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Yes, a dissolving suture. It would've freaked me out!! LOL ***removed 3rd party link as not permitted on the site***
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Thanks. Lol. I really was pretty confused.

34 days post op

Life is "almost" normal again. I'm bending over to pick up stuff again with no problems, reaching to grab stuff in the car, leaning back to pacify children with snacks/drinks while driving, and the best is well I'll leave that last thing to for your imagination. My confidence is soooooo much higher than it ever has been. I'm making a list of things I want to do that I've never been able to because of my size. Not necessarily weight, but that big ol gut just got in the way of so much. I want to cliff dive! I want to go ride go carts, play laser tag/paintball again, I can't wait to travel and not be scared if the sea belt is going to buckle over me on the plane. I am eager to live life and match my experiences to my personality. I'm starting today walking 30 mins after work at least 4 days a week. I'm hoping it's not too much for me. I've wanted to run a 1/2 marathon for yrs and this time nothing will stop me. I'm just so excited for my future once I'm healed and feeling 100%! The love of my life asked me to marry him a few days ago too.... I'm smiling on the inside way more than anyone will ever know.


Girlfriend what a life change.... You look fabulous you really do. Just so happy to know that you able to do much more for yourself and family. I will be in the same shoes as you, being able to do more foe myself BC I'm so indenptent. I like things done only my way. But, can't complain my lovely daughter and husband have cared for me. We'll post some more picture want to see your results...
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You look great girl! People do not realise that the procedure is really invasive surgery and not like having a mole removed. You are going to see improved results daily and learn to love your new body. You deserve all the praise for your life changing decision and I wish you all the best for the future.
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Dr. Casso

I have nothing but positive words for the doctor, his staff, and the St Johns Methodist hospital staff. I'm very pleased with the service I have received. My issues with my incision was not the doctor's fault. I have high blood pressure and over weight. Complications are more likely to happen to us than others. I knew going in. =/

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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