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Arm Lift/Breast Lift with No Implants - Houston, TX

Today is one week post op from having a mini arm...

Today is one week post op from having a mini arm lift and an Ultimate Breast Lift with no implants. So far, I haven't had much pain. I do take the pain pills at night to help me sleep because my arms tend to hurt towards the end of the day. I can't raise them above my head though. I have to sleep on my back too. I don't feel like I can drive yet.

My breast look great. My nipples are a little puffy. I don't know if they are just swollen or what, but I need to ask the doctor about that.

I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that they gave me, but I called the doctor and they called in new ones for me. I have red blotches like a rash on me and around my incisions under my arms. It kinda hurts, but not too bad. I had my drains out yesterday. My right one didn't hurt much, but the left one hurt really bad. I feel lots better without the drains.

The day after surgery the doctor removed the bandages and it hurt bad. I was crying and asked to sit down and some water and the doctor immediately got me some water and let me sit.

Feel free to ask any questions


I don't need a full arm lift but can't find anyone who has actually done a minilift. How extensive are your scars and would you be willing to share photos?u
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

How are you feeling now? Are you healing okay? If you don't mind sharing, did you need the arm lift because of weight loss, or general excess skin?

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Hello, I'm doing better. Seems I was allergic to the adhesive tape and the doctor told me to remove it and I did. It's a lot better. I have lots of fluid in my arms between my shoulder and elbow and it's very sore, but I'm healing nicely. In 2005, I lost 80 pounds, so I had some skin hanging. Not much, but enough to where I wanted it gone. Thanks for asking.

Pics of Mini Arm Lift

These are taken 1 week and fours days post op. I have lots of fluid in both arms still.


I've added photos. Surprisingly, my incisions are from up above the armpit from front to back for some reason. My husband and I are not sure why that is especially since I only got a mini arm lift. We're hoping the the incision will not leave a big scar and go away soon. I have a follow up with my doctor next week and we will ask him about that. Hope this helps.
After thinking about it for a bit, my incision doesn't go down the arm but under the armpit. Maybe that's the mini arm lift.
So cool that you only needed the mini lift. I have a scar all the way down my upper arm....

Two weeks and four days post op

We actually found out I was allergic to the adhesive tape they used to put over my incisions. The doctor told me to remove them and the red rash almost immediately disappeared. The redness has gone away, but I still itch every now and then. My nipples are not puffy anymore. I had a lot of fluid between my shoulder and elbow. It has gotten better, but it is very sore because I'm still a little bruised in that area, but I am getting better every day.

I'm driving now, but still can't raise my arms over my head without it feeling like it's stretching under my arms.

I'm not taking pain pills anymore, just ibruprofen if I feel like I need it. Wearing this bra for 24/7 is driving me nuts. I can stop wearing it for 24/7 after two months, so that will be December 17 and I'm counting down.

The doctor and his staff are amazing. Every time I email them a questions, Elisa emails me back almost immediately every time. She is wonderful.


Dr. Basu is great he did my arms and they look great just listen to him and do what you are told and the scars will fade I love my arms now
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horndeski is very intelligent and caring. His staff and assistant are wonderful. I highly recommend going to him. They answer questions immediately.

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