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Lost 100lbs with lap band had breast lift and arm...

Lost 100lbs with lap band had breast lift and arm lift took off 6 in on both arms breast went From DD to lg D as you can see in my pics it was a much needed procedure. I have had lots of complements to how much younger I look. Pain on initial right after surgery was very painful but got better over time.


Congrulations! Your pics look great. How are you doing now 2 months po? How recent are your after pics. Looking forward to following your progress.
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My after pics are the next day had surgery on July 30 in the early AM it was like a 7 hour procedure and the pics were taken the next morning after the doc took off dressings. I was back to work at 3 weeks out I have an open area under my right breast that is healing well but other than that doing fine.
Is it open because the incision reopened (this sounds dumb but I don't want to assume) and how was that treated? I ask because I had a TT incision reopen and had to pack it so I am always interested how others' are treated. Thank you.

2 months out

Here are some updated photos as of today still have a wound

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Arms 2 months out

All healed


Congrats on the MAJOR weight loss! Happy healing. I'll be following your journey!
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what a transformation! congratulations!
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Your before and after photos are amazing. Yes, you do look younger! Glad to hear the worst part of the pain is over. Praying that the wound heals soon as these can be stubborn. I can't believe you were back to work so soon. Looking forward to your updates! (Have you seen @jenniferhammond88? She just had her arms and breasts done too...but with implants. You're lucky you didn't need implants!)

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Just an update on the 15th going to get a revision. He's doing this in the office have a couple of unwanted skin on left arm so hope all goes well ordered a fajate compression garment that has sleeves so hope all goes well


Also, thanks for posting your photos. It is very hard to find images of breast lifts without implants.
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Please let me know what you experience during the revision in the office to remove that skin. I may have dome in office revisions and I am wondering what it feels like, how long it takes, if you can see everything that is going on, etc. Thanks and good luck with your revision.
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Best of luck to you- you are looking so much better and I hope you are feeling it too.
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Surgery today

Appt at 3:45pm will get revision done hope all goes well send before and after pics later today


I updated


Well I went for revision in doctor office yesterday. It was an experience prior to the revision upper arm measured 16 in on both after revision with all swelling 15 inches I was numbed with lidocan I felt some if the cutting and suturing but it was all well my arms look more toned after the swelling goes down they should be about 13 inch around now I could have seen it all but did not look. At the begging my arms measured 32 inch around to probably about 13 in. That's 19 inches of fat and skin!!!! Sure am glad


Good to hear about your revision, I have heard it's not uncommon at all to need some sort of revision on the arms many times even having two surgeries. Looks like I will need some sort of revision too. I had a small area at the bottom of both arms that had some bunching or "pulled thread" looking area. So I will either have a in office redo or when I go in for my LBL had them redone. I most likely will go for the quick fix and another go around of healing doesn't sound too good...
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Very good! Congratulations!
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Wow, amazing to me that they can remove so much tissue in the office with only a local anesthetic. How long did it take? Could you see what was going on? It did not freak you out? I am planning for in-office revisions in March and I want to know from the patient perspective what the experience is like. Your arm transformation is amazing! Enjoy!!!

Revision pics

Here are photos of my arms after revision


I got a breast lift and it looked nothing like that ouchie girl! Hope your ok . Happy healing and I wish you the best!
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Almost 2 weeks post

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Sux months post breast lift and 12 days post arm lift

Well it's been six months since arm lift and breast lift so hear us updated pics

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Forgot arm pics


100lbs lost! That's inspirational! I tryna lose weight myself. So far I lost about 40 to 50lbs (not sure what my starting weight was). If I was to go by the outdated BMI chart, I would have about 140lbs to go before I get to a so-called "healthy" weight. But realistically, I plan to lose about 90lbs before I seek surgery, and about a 105lbs to go to get to MY goal weight. And I'm doing it all on my own - and for the first time in my life, I actually BELIEVE I can do it! :)
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That's great I hope you stick with it hard to go but worth it!!!
Thank you! :)

Little over 3 months since revision

All is going well looking into scar therapy all healed and looking nice. Does any one know of good scar treatment for hypertrophic scars???


I used biocroneum silicone cream... it really did well for my scars!
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your BOOBS look friggen GORGEOUS! You must be very pleased yes? Very happy for you and your results AND your bravery!
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10 months post

Healed some swelling right arm needs lipo but when I get bbl I will take care of that for my weight I think my arms are appropriate would love smaller but okay


Angel ur arms look great , if you lifted some weights you wld be swole;-}
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Thanks I will start lifting after TT next month once cleared I want to be a fitness competitor
Looking good
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Follow up

Went to the doc yesterday for a follow up appt got some Kenalog injections into my scars hope this helps I go back in sept. He wants to do more so let's see what that appt brings but in mean time getting my panniculectomy done in like 5 days oh so ready


Did the kenalog injections help the scarring? Let us know how your follow-up goes. :-)
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Yes flattening a little :( got to back
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. :)
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