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Had bracioplasty on 5-1-13. I am now 4 months out...

Had bracioplasty on 5-1-13. I am now 4 months out and still pretty sensitive. The scar goes from armpit to elbow and have to Say takes some getting use to. I still wear the compressions whenI know I will be over using (ie: cleaning house) to help with swelling. The scars are still red and raised, but my PS assures me when they turn white they will not even be noticed. So I wait for that day. Until then I wear 3/4 sleeves. I think its a mental thing for me.
Thank you so much for sharing! It's great to see other people on Realself who have had Brachioplasty, and to be able to follow the healing/ results. I'm now 2 weeks out and loving it! I haven't seen my scars yet, they are under steri strips. Eventually, I'll post a better pic, but what a great difference this surgery makes!! Best wishes, and thank you again!!
Do you have any "bunching" at the end of your scars (down by the elbow)? I do, it was "puffy" there and now the puffy is gone but it looks like the skin is pulled as in if you pull a thread and it bunches...2 inches on one arm and maybe 1 inch on the other...I do think this will need to be recut, but this is something that can be done in the PS's office. This is in the area where my drain tubes were, so I think it was just stretched too much...How about you, any areas that are different from the rest?
I don't have any bunching. My drains were in my armpits and I begged him after 3 days to take them out. So he did with the promise that I would keep my arms elevated and I did. Maybe that's why I still have so much swelling...hummm...but after 4 monthsI would think that should be gone. I bet the bunching will relax and resolve over time.

Arm Lift Scar

Does anyone feel self concious about their scar in short sleeves? Im generally very confident, but its been 9 months and my scar is still very red. I dont want people to see the scar and question me about what happened. its nobodys business. How can i hide the scar (besides makeup)? i tried that and it just gets all over my clothes. Thank You in advance for any suggestions

arm lift update

I had my arms done 1 year ago and I am happy for the most part. The only issue I have is with this banding that occurs when i bend my elbows (see pics). The scars are still very pink, but my body takes a good 2+ years to turn any scar so I'm not to freaked out about that. I am a little surprised about the sensitivity along the scar line though. I guess just like everything else, it just needs more time too.
Your arms look amazing!
I have never seen a arm that bands like that before. Do you think over time it will stretch a bit? I know it's been a year. Would a fine thin lipo technic work to lesson the pull in that area? There must be something that can be done to make that banding stop...I have had some sensitivity in my left arm only...not always but it's been over a year, so I wonder when that will be gone completely. It doesn't happen often but when it occurs I am always surprised by it. Since my arms have a lot of hanging skin they were NOT pulled too tight at all, in fact not pulled enough.
My doctor said he could lipo but I'm afraid to do that because my arms are nice and tight. And then other doctors say give it more time. So idk...smh
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