Amazing Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Cecil Yeung in Houston TX

Had my original rhinoplasty by a very nice plastic...

Had my original rhinoplasty by a very nice plastic surgeon in Dallas in 2005 with suboptimal results (see photos). Had a revision rhinoplasty 5 days ago by Dr. Cecil Yeung in Houston TX. My only regret is not going to Dr. Yeung originally. Had he done my original rhinoplasty I would not have needed a revision. The doctor in dallas was very nice and I prefer not to name him. Dr. Yeung specializes in facial plastics including rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facelifts, blephs and other things as well. He is an amazing surgeon and produces amazing results. I am a physician in Houston and recommend Dr. Yeung for any plastics procedure as in my opinion he is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the entire country. After my first rhinoplasty I was left with a bulbous tip, my tip was rotated significantly to the left and from a profile view there was still a slight hump in the middle and the tip projected to far out. Dr. Yeung corrected all of these things and did an amazing job.

Here are some photos from the post op period

The few days post op weren't bad at all. Pain was very minimal. I had pain medications just in case but honestly I would have been fine with plain tylenol (I have a notoriously low pain threshold so I was surprised at the minimal post op pain!). There was of course some swelling and black eyes which was to be expected, but it was much less than I had expected. Honestly apart from the looks I feel like I could have gone back to work the next day! Dr. Yeung had to take some cartilage from my right ear (other sources had been depleted with the first rhinoplasty). The pain from this was minimal as well, I just couldn't sleep on the right side for several days.

Before and after photos from original rhinoplasty

Her are my before and after photos from my original rhinoplasty in 2005. I also had genioplasty performed at the same time (permanent alternative to chin implant). Genioplasty aspect was fine, but looking at the before and after photos from the rhinoplasty I now realize the plastic surgeon in Dallas didn't really do much. The post op photos are only a few months after my surgery, therefore there was still some swelling that does a good job of masking what the final result was. For the final result see my preop photos prior to my revision rhinoplasty. In my opinion my nose looked overall either the same or maybe slightly worse? The genioplasty aspect of it looked great and therefore overall I felt like my appearance had improved (solely because of the genioplasty/chin)

One more thing from my original rhinoplasty

For my original rhinoplasty the first plastic surgeon I saw actually referred me to a plastic surgeon in dallas who "specialized" in rhinoplasty. The thing I learned from this experience- for rhinoplasty make sure the doctor is board certified in FACIAL PLASTICS. These doctors have completed an ENT (Ear nose and throat/otolaryngology) residency in addition to a facial plastics fellowship and they should be board certified in facial plastics. "Memberships" to various groups (rhinoplasty associations, facial plastics associations etc) mean nothing. Make sure the physician performing your rhinoplasty is board certified in facial plastics and completed a facial plastics fellowship. The doctor who performed my original rhinoplasty was indeed a board certified plastic surgeon, but was not board certified in facial plastics. It took me 10 years (and a medical degree) to realize how important this is.

1 week after surgery

Here are photos without makeup, one week after surgery. Very little swelling, the black eyes are super easy to cover up with makeup. No more swelling around the eyes.

9 days post op!

Finally got the steri strips off today. Still with a little swelling but my nose looks amazing. Absolutely perfect. I wasn't expecting it to look this amazing. Dr. Cecil Yeung is truly an incredible surgeon. For a revision rhinoplasty to turn out so perfect is incredible. With makeup on you can't even tell I had surgery last week. Thank you dr. Yeung. I will post more photos in a couple of months with the true end result.
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful interactions. Dr. Yeung is incredibly nice and most importantly he is an amazingly skilled surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi - how were you able to choose Dr. Yeung for your secondary? I am not seeing many reviews for him on realself or other sites.
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Hi, I just had primary rhinoplasty done by Dr. Cochran (it sounds like he is the one that screwed up your primary) and though there is still swelling, I am not liking the results. How did you choose Dr. Yeung for your secondary? There are not too many reviews for him on realself or other sites.
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hi nrg14, sorry you don't like your result. what do you think it's wrong with your nose?
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You look amazing!!!
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You were totally gorgeous and perfectly presentable before your revision, but I can see what you wanted fixed and why- a bit similar to my issues. Gorgeous!
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Ps- Did you have grafting done? From what source?
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Your nose looks beautiful. Your doctor did an amazing job. Congratulations!
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Yes, it's truly amazing! !
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Hello, dropping by to say thank you for the advice!
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Thank you so much for sharing! I don't think I would have looked at your pre-op nose and thought you needed a revision, but the after photos look fabulous and I can totally see why you did this. :)
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Great advice ! most of us are regular patients and do not know the difference. I think someone who is " rhinoplasty specialist" should be a certified facial plastic surgeon. It's amazing how doctors website can be misleading, " a rhinoplasty" society member does not mean anything. I ve studied law , and they will not let you practice law unless you pass the board exam and be certified. surgery is more serious than legal issues in my opinion. certification should be a must before a doctor can call himself a specialist in plastic surgery. your review is very helpful, thank you for all the pictures. It's always nice to see a nice review supported by pictures and a person willing to share details. It's frustrating to find great reviews saying how great the doctor was on fixing really bas nose but no detail about the surgery itself or picture, and the person has nothing else on her/his profile other than the review and do not respond to any messages. wish you the best healing and thank you agani.
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so happy for you, you look amazing.! congrats. I think I know who was your surgeon, I too had my primary with a very nice doctor ( rhinoplasty specialist in dallas) and the outcome is bad . now I need revision and he offered a free revision. wish you great healing! enjoy your nose.keep us posted.
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I am glad your revision was a success. Your nose looks great already! Congrats. I had my primary in 2001 and was not happy with the results. 3 months ago I had a revision and glad I did. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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Zooster, how are you, I ve contacted your doctor ,dr "kofi" after reading your post, he was so nice and so helpful, he would email me back on a weekend and late at night if I send a message at night!! he added me on skype to have a skyp consultation as soon and he is back from vacation. that is just great and nice of him to respond personally on his free time.
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Hi nothappy111. I'm glad to hear that. You'll even like him more after your consultation! Good luck and please let me know if I can be of any help to you!
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thank you! it's scary journey. It's nice when to have patients like yourself sharing details and pictures .it does help. my nose is different than yours, you wanted a smaller ,I need to rebuild my nose as it was made smaller ,and it s collapsed now. what i liked about dr kofi so far , is the fact that he made himself avalaibl on skyp and he gave me his personal email so i can email him anytime. his sent his last email while in vacation!!. considering that I don 't have my primary surgeon personal or at least a direct email adress. I have to email his assistant.
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