Allergic Reaction to Restylane - Tear Troughs - Houston, TX

I have gotten Restylane injections under my eyes 4...

I have gotten Restylane injections under my eyes 4 times previously and never had an issue. In Oct 2011, I received Restylane in tear troughs and Juvederm in nasolabial folds from "med-spa" (nurse inject).

Beginning in Feb 2012, my eyes started swelling and given the last injection was 3 months prior - I assumed it was not the Restylane and went to urgent care believing I had orbital cellulitis. Went through the full gammit of doctors - urgent care, opthamologist, family doctor - and treatment - antibiotics, CT scan.

Finally went to dermatologist and she determined it was the Restylane. Went on round of steroids and went through 3 months of hyaluronidase injections, as well as steroid injections. Last injection was in mid-May. Doctors office never reported to Medicis, so I did (which may explain why adverse reaction reports are low).

Will not be using Restylane again and will be long time before I consider use of fillers under my eyes. Will be looking at laser treatment to tighten the skin under eyes soon.


The HA is finally all gone, but has left even deeper troughs than before. I am getting Radiesse filler from a fantastic dermatology physician group. It doesn't fill as well as the HA fillers, but it does lessen the after-effects from the allergic reaction. I think it (HA allergic reaction) is definitely under-reported!
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Hi - I am having the very same issue 6 months out from Juvederm. It's horrible and most doctor's can't understand or believe because reactions are rare and maybe under reported. No more fillers for me. This has been really torturous. Only benefit for me was to get real about loving what is. How are you doing now? Hopefully great!
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My eyes look like your photo but I just got mine done yesterday. Is this a bad sign? Or normal swelling for day two? My eyes look like a balloon. It's my first time and I'm worried the nurse put too much in my eyes.
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