31, 2 Kids, Mommy Makeover... BL, BA 425cc high profile, TT, and Lipo - Houston, TX

I have had 2 kids and got to my highest weight...

I have had 2 kids and got to my highest weight (non pregnant) about 6 months after my second was born. I was starting to "let myself go". In June of 2012 I changed directions. And now, I'm 70 pounds lighter ( 100 pounds lighter than while pregnant). My body has been through a lot!! I made it back to a size 6, but some areas still bother me.... Tummy, thighs, and chest. So I was set on a tummy tuck until I really began my research and learned about the MM!

doctor search

I have had 3 consultations. My first was with Dr. Gill. My first impression was fantastic and after I left I was ready to book. Him and the PC, Michelle were awesome. I really liked how caring they both were and how nice the office was... Down to the smallest details. I thought it was great that they gave me a big plush robe to change into instead a of typical hospital gown or paper gown. It really enhanced the entire experience. My second consult was with Dr.Vitenas and from the phone call it felt like a sales pitch. On the phone Cherie mentioned a body lift instead of the TT and BA that I wanted. I said that I didn't feel that was needed but thought to myself surely the doctor will know best. When I got to the office the day of the appointment, parking was HORRENDOUS and I actually walked into the office 2 -5 minutes late. As I was parking, I did go ahead and call just out of courtesy. When I signed I didn't know the actual time but I know I estimated up. I then waited in the lobby for 45 minutes!!! Waiting 3 ladies came in and went back.... But one was talking super loud on her phone (got on my nerves since I was already frustrated, and the other lady brought her toddler and fast food in which most doctors don't allow and again I was annoyed because I hadn't eaten and here I am smelling nasty fast food while I am starving and now had been waiting 35 minutes) sorry! When I finally was called back Cherie (PC) mentioned the body lift again. I told her I really didn't think I needed it but I guess we can see. I also asked about the lipo. She then had me wait and the Dr came in to ask a bunch of questions. His exam was more thorough than Dr gill. So I began to give Dr vitenas benefit of the doubt despite his office. He also seemed more knowledgeable. He took me to take some before pictures and showed the difference between the TT and lift. The lift DID look good. As I was listening to him with his co workers he was kind of rude and demanding... Another negative for his office. I asked my questions and then Cherie and I talked some more. But the whole visit FELT different than Dr Gill. It was very uppity feeling and I felt like I was being looked down on. She continued the sales pitch with the body lift and presented the quotes.... The BL was double in price. And 18000 more than at Dr gills. If I went with them for just TT it was still a little more, but after he made it so clear that a TT wasn't what I needed and that he couldn't do a TT for me. I began to think it was because he is more comfortable with the BL and prefers them so much so that his TT aren't as good?? Idk but I was sold that he would NOT be my Dr. The last thing that probably bothered me the most was Cherie's attitude towards realself. She said a few things like oh I know you read on RS this or you saw that but WE.... Like ALL the people posting are wrong and don't have a clue because her and the office are far more superior. She kept asking how many doctors I would see... And I responded with as many as necessary. I don't want to just choose I want to find someone I feel comfortable with and feel they are knowledgeable etc. And again she said I know RS recommends that "3" so once your done with that third... You should know. I cut her off and repeated my first answer.???? we didn't connect like Michele at Dr Gill's. Last consultation... Dr Basu! I walked in and felt like I immediately knew. His office was welcoming. The ladies were all nice and friendly and relatable. I was called back quickly. Elizabeth felt like a friend asking me the questions before I met the Dr. Everything in the office appealed to me. I knew my choice was between Dr gill and dr Basu. It was going to be tough. But when Dr. Basu came in... The decision became less tough. He was so knowledgeable. I have epilepsy and a VNS device under my arm. He not only asked for clearance from my neurologist but went into detail on why the device might need to be shut off. Gill at least said we needed clearance but didn't mention much about the VNS specifically and then V didn't even say anything about my epilepsy (yikes)! Another thing that set Basu above the rest was the pain meds he uses that last 3-4 days... I have seen reviews on here from other ladies as well. The third thing was the BA technique. So I told Elizabeth and she worked with us nights and even weekends to help my husband and I all get on the same page. Tomorrow I will be making my appointment!!!

Round or teardrop

At my consultation with Dr.Basu he mentioned that I would probably like the tear-drop implants better due to my wants of a more natural look. I found these pictures online and I am still not sure. I have some time to decide but anyone want to give their experiences and advice?

seems so far

I have made the appointment and now I just wait?! It seems like the surgery is forever away and I'm so excited, but I am so anxious too! I have a thousand thoughts, at least, going through my head! What do I do from now until July???

gaining weight????

So I'm NOT supposed to be gaining weight to have my procedure... I didn't HAVE to lose either. However since I booked my appointment, I feel so fat and bloated. I have even gained a couple pounds. Part of that is because I am not able to run like I used to due to a knee injury, but I'm just worried I'm too comfortable with the idea of the surgery taking care of everything. (Which I know is NOT the case). So any advice or support in keeping me from gaining 15 pounds would be awesome... I would actually like to lose about 10 before the big day!


Okay my weight gain is on my mind and freaking me out. So I have decided to make you guys a part of a commitment I'm making to myself. I am going to work out 5 days a week. Each time I do I will mark it off in my app. Once I have done it all 5 days I am going to update here. Now usually it will be Mon through Fri, but today is Tuesday. I missed yesterday and I am starting off RIGHT. So that means a Saturday workout will happen! Hopefully I can get the scale going in the right direction!


OK... Proud to say I worked out for five days this last week AND ate better. I lost 2 pounds but still have a few more to go before I get back to where I was. Then I would still like to lose about 10 more total before surgery. My goal is to be at or below 145.

wish pics....

Sooo I have seen people put their wish pics up.... And I have been hesitant because I don't want to get my hopes up and too high of expectations... On the other hand I want to have some idea of what I want and to show my doctor.... To see if I am on the right track or DO have to high of expectations...

more pics

Some wish pics didn't load

the dreaded and infamous plank shot

This morning while working out I decided to take this disgusting shot for my before memories... UGH!!! Just a couple of months before that is gone!

Neuro Appointment

Today I have my neurologist appointment and I'm hoping to get the clearance I need for surgery. Today marks exactly 2 months til the big day, so I hope he gives me the ok! Also... completely unrelated. .. last night I got my hair done and my hairdresser and I were talking. A lot of the conversation was about eating right and losing weight. She had just had her second baby and is trying to lose and she knows my weightloss story. Anyway she started talking about the effect losing a lot of weight would have on one's body and skim specifically. I have not been telling anyone about the surgery. I don't really have a specific reason why, but I just don't feel I need to blast it to the world. Anyway as she was talking I was trying to avoid saying anything. It was brought up again when I was paying and so then I just told her. I told her about TT first then lipo and last the BL/BA. And she was excited and had a million questions, but I was like why did I say anything. I don't plan to deny it once it's over but I just don't feel I need to tell everyone before or after. Anyone have similar situations or feelings??

Neuro clearance

My neurologist said my seizures would not be an inhibitor for my surgery! Yay! I have the green light from him. Now I'm at 59 days and my stomach is churning. I'm so dang excited, but every "what if" is popping into my head. I thought after I saw the neurologist I would be less worried but I'm just more anxious. Ahhh!


OMG... yesterday I went to a water park and I caught myself constantly checking women's waists. I was seeing if the "perfect" tummies had scars ha...and how the good tummies compared to the others (and my own). I was crazy. I guess I'm just so used to looking at pics here for my "wish" look or the before and after. I hope no one noticed!! My countdown shows 56 days and some hours until surgery. Time is flying and I'm SOOO excited yet anxious. I have a million thoughts going through my mind. I started making lists to ensure I don't forget anything... or at least to attempt not to forget anything. :)

Less than 50 days!!

Yay! It is getting so close! In one month I will be going to the office for my pre-op and making my final payment. It seems like time flew.... I am so excited and nervous. I just want to wake up with the results! :) I have been making my lists: questions, supplies, and to do. Hopefully all the things I have to do in the next 49ish days will keep me busy and I won't forget anything!
Today I weigh 158 and want to be no more than 145 by surgery date. Totally do-able. I just need to get more focused. I see results of other ladies and you motivate me.

:( work out?

I was looking at my past posts and read the update/post about my commitment to working out. Well I was doing well for a couple weeks and now I am not doing it again! :/ I miss it.... it is not like I dislike working out, so why am I NOT doing it. I guess I just have a lot on my mind. I hope next week I will get back to it. I am a teacher and I will be off. I'm hoping to get some early morning workouts in.... any motivation is welcome!!

42 days wow!

Today I went for a jog... the 2nd in 3 days. That's great because I had to take off for so long due to a weird knee pain. I have been wearing a brace now:( and I'm slower but I'm doing it!! Anyway I'm determined to get a couple of pounds off before this surgery sneaks up on me! I took a picture of my midsection after my run. I can't believe in just 42 days thats will be gone.... BUT I am sooo excited it will be ha!

measurements and compression garment

As my BIG DAY gets closer I have been reading and researching NON-STOP.... I am trying to find the best compression garments and how to get the right size as well! I have been hesitant to take measurements because I really didn't want to face the numbers I guess. Today I did it because I NEED to make some decisions on the garment, plus I would love feedback from others on inches lost post-op (during swelling and after). So my underbust is 31, bust 36, waist 29, hips 39 and thigh 22.
I would love for my waist to be 27 and hips 37 (but that will have to be on my own, unless lipo) and thighs 20... is that realistic?!

From the beginning

The left is after my first baby and the right is after both babies and my weightloss!

30 days

Today marks 30 days until surgery! I am getting more excited by the day but with the excitement comes the nerves. It's such a huge deal!!!! When I started this process I don't think I really quite understood how huge a deal this really is, but now being a part of it and reading stories of women who have gone through it... wow! A huge Thanks to everyone who is sharing on this site and updating with all the great info...I really think it is what has kept me sane the last couple of months! I also was able to gather a bunch of supplies (and keep a running list of those I still need) due to information shared.
Supplies I've gotten our plan to get:
Rental recliner
Maxi dresses
Front closure sports bra
Medical/puppy pads (not yet)
Stretchy headbands
Dry shampoo
Female urinal
Compression garment (waiting)
Walker (not sure)
Scar treatment (not yet)
Gauze (not yet)
Coconut water

I'm doing this from memory...I'm certain I have forgotten something. I will let you ladies know of anything else. Please tell me if I need to add something!!:)
In other news, I have been doing better about paying attention to my eating and exercising. Although the loss is TINY I have worked out almost everday if not every other day for a couple weeks now . I'm super excited my knee (knock on wood) is allowing me to run!

side and seated

I've been wanting to take these but not really wanting HA... anyway finally did and I also took one lying down. Anyway just 29 days... so trying to cross things off my to-do list!

Wish pic

I erased some old wish pics and I'm adding these. ... I hour my expectation is not too high. I was told to bring the pics with me on Tuesday so we could discuss them.

weight loss

Ok I have been much more committed to eating better and exercise has been much more regular. I am down to 155. Which is 7 pounds since I started to get back to it. I would like to get to below 150 for surgery. Pre op is Tuesday and I will have about 2 weeks after that appointment. I can definitely do that! Any advice for last minute questions/ pre op?


Yesterday was pre-op and the appointment went great. I paid...ahhhhh! That was a harder for my husband (which we will get to in a minute) but made it so real for me. And got my size picked out: 425 CC. I am super confident in my doctor and his office, but that seems huge! Like I said though, I am super confident in their knowledge and trust they have guided in the right direction.
So let's back up.... I said the appointment was great, but some of the events leading up to and after were not. Yesterday my appointment was scheduled for 8 am. On Monday my babysitter backed out on me. (My husband's family) so we asked his sister for help and she was less than willing nor helpful. Thankfully the doctor's office was going to allow them to come with me. I REALLY was not ok with that, but his sister and sister-in-law left us no choice. Just after I talked with Dr. Basu's office, his cousin came to the rescue. No questions asked, she said what time I got it. (Still his family but he didn't grow up close to her and still prefers his brother and sister over her...yet they do this stuff all the time). So anyway...YaY we had a sitter and planned to leave giving ourselves 45 minutes to get to the office, due to morning traffic. My husbanf husband was not helping get the kids ready nor himself and we ended up leaving WAY later than expected. I knew we would be late but thought just a few minutes and hoped it would still be ok. Also my husband had to go straight to work after so we left from his work driving one car (so we didn't have to pay extra parking). When we FINALLY got to the appointment. We were 20 minutes late :( I had called and they said it was fine. But now my husband was suddenly in a hurry, as opposed to the morning when he just sat in bed! Anyway he said we had to leave no later than 9:05. I told him i don't want to rush and I dont think rescheduling at this point would happen (with babysitting drama and timeframe). They gave me 100 pages to sign and that took 10 minutes alone. My husband whom lacks patience to begin with was getting super annoyed knowing we would run out of time. They called me back and it was 9 by that time. He said again about rescheduling and having to leave. I told him I wasn't leaving. He LEFT me there!!!!! Without a car or anyway home! I just continued with my appointment. I figured there was nothing I could do right then and I didn't want that to ruin my appointment. Afterwards I was able to get a friend to pick me up, but it would be a while. So I walked 2 miles to a lab for my blood work. When my friend picked me up and brought me to my car (at my husband's work) I told him I was there and he told me to tell her thank you and buy her lunch....like it was an arranged pick up. I was more than annoyed. When we finally talked last night he basically owned up to being scared and said the appointment made it real. He has been reading too many negative things and bad "what ifs"... and paying for it meant no turning back. He also said there was a small part of him that thought I might change my mind. So I guess he was hoping I would just have left with him and canceled?!!! I don't know! I am super upset with him though because he was supportive and is supposed to be the one taking care of me and now he's freaking out! :(


Yesterday at the pre-op appointment the nurse recommended that I take a daily multivitamin. Well I got a one a day women's multivitamin and I am feeling super exhausted and have had headaches all day!:/ anyone know what this could be from or why?

goid Good bathing suit sites

I have less than 2 weeks and really want a bathing suit for before my surgery for pre-op photos to compare. I have looked at several places and want the perfect suit!! Also, my husband just surprised me with a family cruise to Mexico during Thanksgiving, so I'm even more excited! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

WHOA less than 48 hours until TOA!

Big day.... I took my last (of my own) pre-op pictures in my new bathing suit and my recliner got delivered. I have been successfully checking things off my to-do list. My house is all clean and tomorrow the cleaning lady will come to give a good deep clean! I will focus on food and small last minute things tomorrow. I also found a shower chair and walker for $15 so I will get those tonight or tomorrow, but super excited because they weren't must haves for me but since I got the deal I took it. I may not update again until Monday evening or Tuesday morning from the flat side! (Crazy to think it is that close!!!!!)

today's THE day

Wow.... I made it and feel surprisingly well...right now! I'm sure meds will wear off and thay will change, but plan is to stay ahead of pain so wish me luck!

First post op pic

Nothing to see really buti want to keep pics coming... especially while I have energy


I'm already bored... I am taking small cat naps... but nothing very long. I thought I would somewhat enjoy the resting but I'm bored and it's only been a couple hours!!!:) anyway I did find out I got 400CCs for my chest and tt he removed 2lbs skin.... idk about tummy lipo but thigh lipo was a little over 400CCs!!! Love that. ... cant wait to start running again!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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Yay! Welcome to the flat side!! Sounds like he did an amazing job!!
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Oh I really think so too. When he called last nigjt to check on me he explained that my tummy muscles were in really bad shapd and he had to do a 2 layer repair. This gave me more extra skin and allowed him to get rid of more . Also he originally thought I would have a small midline incision but that wasn't necessary due to the extra skin!!!! I can't wait to see the results! Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts!
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I'm bored too :( and my ass hurts from sitting in this damn recliner lol.
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Ha me too!
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My bottom is going numb constantly so usually I try to walk a little extra when I am up for bathroom breaks.
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Congrats for making it to the flat side!! I'm 2 weeks behind you and I can't wait! Keep the updates coming as I will be following your journey. Happy healing to you!
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Thanks! New Look 2014 I will probably be updating like crazy since im confined to the recliner ;) I'll keep you posted...those 2 weeks will fly by! Good luck!
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Congrats! Happy healing!
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Can't wait to see your after pictures! Glad everything went well!
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Thanks! !! I hope to update soon!!!
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Glad you made it! Get lots of rest!!!
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Thanks! I have been taking tons of short naps since home... like 15-20 minutes
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Thinking of you! Hope all is well!!
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Thanks so much. ...ALL done!!!!!
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Yay! Welcome to the flat side! Glad to hear all went well! Do you stay overnight or are you home now?
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I'm home!!! Thanks so excited!!
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Best of luck to you!
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Thank you!
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Good luck!!! I'll be praying for you! Can't wait to see you on the flat side!
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Thanks! I saw your update! Looking good so far! How are you feeling?
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Really I feel fine. The most painful part is my back pain from walking hunched. I'm taking 1 pain pill about every 8 hours.
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Just wanted to tell you I'll be praying/sending healing thoughts/rooting for you, for your procedure tomorrow! I cannot believe it's already here. Try to relax and know that you will probably sleep most of the day after you come home. Let others take care of you and rest so you can give us the scoop about what your experience was. We are here for you and over time, you are going to LOVE your results!! Countdown to the flat side :))
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Thank you so much! I'm soo excited but very nervous. I'm trying so hard to finish my to-do list. I will be updating later because I did get my bathing suit and my recliner is getting dropped off this afternoon, so I will post pictures! Less than 48 hours until I have to get there and begin!!!
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I like Roxy and VS.
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