I always thought I looked a little masculine,...

I always thought I looked a little masculine, especially as I got older-late 20's. So, I approached my husband when I turned 30 and asked if I can get a rhinoplasty. My date is Aug 28, 2014 at 9:30 am.
Very excited! I have a small hook and a bump on bridge, and my nose is a little crooked from the front.

T minus 20 days

20 days till surgery. On aug 13 I go for my pre-op. I googled my surgery facility, and I think it's beautiful inside. They have a nice recovery room, at least I think it's a recovery room. Well, I must say it is hard to concentrate on anything else except my surgery coming up. I ran a at home business with my husband, so my husband is anxious for this surgery to be over with so I can get my head back to business :)
Question, for anyone who likes to workout how long till you started to lift heavy weights- 2-6 weeks I assume.. Speaking of working out I am about to go lift with my hubs right now.

Pre op appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow is my pre op appointment. 2 more weeks until my surgery. I am super busy with work, so thank goodness my surgery coordinator, Michelle called me to remind me. Nice woman:-). I am excited, anxious, nervous, happy, a little scared. I can't wear make up to my surgery, which sucks because I gave bad acne and acne scars... Kinda of embarrassing. I'm wondering if I can wear cover up make up and just wash my face when I am in the back before surgery.. Kinda of a silly worry for a big day.. I will keep you u



Preop visit today

I went to my preppy visit today. All went good, my dr took some more pics and I got my meds filled. I was wondering if any of y'all bought Vaseline, peroxide and q tips for nose cleaning-also did you guys buy saline spray at cvs. It's says in my instructions i just am scared:-). Also, I was wondering of any of y'all who work out and follow a strict diet- we're y'all able to eat the strict diet after surgery- or did y'all just endure in soft foods- which were healthy. As far as brushing teeth how did y'all brush teeth.. I was told to brush upper teeth with a washcloth with toothpaste-funny right? Try not to smile or purse lips for 10 days, apply lipstick/Vaseline with a lip brush. Was it hard to drink out of a glass. Well, the countdown continues. I will update y'all soon.

Better pics of my nose profile

Hey guys,

I just wanted to upload some closer pics of my nose profile. I hope you can see what I see.. I have a small bump, my nose is a little crooked on the left and my tip is slightly squared shape...
I am going to have these minor things fixed. Expensive, but most likely worth it.

Post op

Well I finally went through it.

Uneven nostrils on day 4

So today my nostrils are uneven. My right is more swollen than my left. They have been the same size until today. Also swelling was the worse today though . It is a rough Labor Day. On the right side of my throat has a huge ulcer in the back of my mouth that popped up today. Feels like a bad toothache/canker sore. I know this is from the tube when I was put under. Question... Anyone had uneven swelling on nostrils on day 4? Let me know please. I am so paranoid. My surgeon is taking off my cast this Wednesday. I called his after hours and left a message,
Hopefully he will call me today.

9 days post op

Hey ladies,

Sorry i been longating my update. Work takes up most of my time. Last weekend I felt horrid from the sore throat from the tube down my throat, the swelling, the pain pills made me too loopy, and extremely emotional. I stopped taking my pain pills 3 days ago and I feel like myself again. :-). I went and got my cast off last Wed. I was allergic to the glue and steri tape do I have a rash on my nose. I'm putting hydrocortisone and it's going away. When I went last Wed. To remove my cast I Waldo had to get some plastic stuff out of nose. I started crying and felt mucus run down my face. I thought it was blood and I think I overreacted due to the pain pills and just being emotional from the outcome of my nose. I had to explain to my surgeon I was crying because I thought I was bleeding down my face when he took out the plastic things in my nose. :-). Funny event at his office was because of me :-). I love my new nose. I am still swollen because I went to see him yesterday to get my stiches removed and he said I'm swollen a little so I have to gety stiches out this Wed. My nose looks like a little button nose. I am so happy I chose Dr Siegel! He is professional, calm, sweet natured Dr. with an amazing talent for faces. I am uploading some pics today as well. Also, I notice I have darker circles under my eyes than usual. I read this is normal after rhinoplasty and usually goes away in 6-12 weeks. In some cases it can take up to 12-18 months to go away. Crazy! They say it's blood that us trapped under the eyes. Also, I am walking about 2 miles a day since last Wed. I got the okay from my surgeon about taking supplements for working out. He said I can do some light workouts starting Monday, and to not start lifting heavier until 10 more days from today. So I excited to get back in the gym with my husband. He misses his gym partner- ME! :-).
I will keep u guys updated soon! Thanks y'all and have a safe and good weekend!

*waldo- *I was told I

*do I have a rash-*so I have a rash

13 days post op

Well I am still swollen, mainly my bridge, tip. Still em waiting for all swelling to subside. I feel a small bump when I run my finger down my bridge but I heard that is normal, and it's callus growing over the healing bone. I am very careful around my nose, I accidentally walked my nose with a towel last Sunday but my surgeon said I'm fine unless I get whacked in the nose real hard. I'm very careful. :-). I go back and see my surgeon in 6 weeks :-). Happy Friday!

*em-*am. *walked-*whacked

This spell check is annoying on small iPhones screens. :-)


Also, I just want to let you guys know it's normal to have my nose look bigger than when I first had my cast taken off. The cast was holding the swelling down. I see my bridge is way more swollen now my dr does not use tape on my nose because my surgery was not complicated. I do notice more swelling in my bridge than when my cast first came off last Thursday. :/ my tip is not as swollen as before last Thursday but my bridge is more swollen.

1 more thing

My bridge is swollen that 3/4 of my profile and I don not like that profile side either... At least not yet. :-)
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful staff members, very experienced facial plastic surgeon. Super nice, professional, and pleasant

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Thanks for posting some new pics. Your nose looks great! Congrats again and I know you have to be happy! He did an awesome job. :)
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You still look HOT! :)
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Your so sweet. Thank you so much, you made my night. Lol.
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YW! It's the truth :) Have a Great Weekend!
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I think it looks beautiful already. It's normal to get swelling after the cast.
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Can you post an updated photo? I'd love to see the new results.
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You and I had the surgery on the same day! I'm having some uneven swelling too. My right nostril/side is bigger than left. Lots of swelling still. Love your nose, by the way!
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Thanks! Good healing! How's your swelling doing?
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It's definitely better than what it was when the cast came off. My tip and nostrils are still pretty swollen - so they're kind of flaring out. I'm still a bit self conscious about my front - although, the profile looks great. Are you still congested? I still can't seem to breathe normally out of my nose. Happy healing!
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you look great--did he reduce your tip at all or did he just correct the crookedness
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Yes I love a lot of before and after photos from all angles too. Thanks for keeping us updated! Love the new nose. Your before nose was cute too, but I do see an improvement. Looks good!
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Thanks. Yes. I had a squarish tip, so he raised the Columella so I had more of a feminine look.
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Thanks. Yes. I had a squarish tip, so he raised the columella so I had more of a feminine look.
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Sorry, my iphone replied to the wrong question.
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You look so cute! You're just adorable and I love the new nose. Congrats!
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Thanks PinkChic. It's a lot smaller/button like. I still have swelling- more noticeable in the front tip/ checks and jowls. I still look kinda of like an avatar/alienate the front, :-). That's normal for the first 2-6 weeks. I will keep y'all updated soon.
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You look Beautiful!!! I liked all the pics :) Happy Saturday and i hope rash goes away asap.
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Thanks! You too. I uploaded a bunch of pics because when I see reviews I like to see a lot of pics. Lol. My rash is getting better everyday. Have a good weekend back. :)
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The pics are helpful with the transformations. Thanks :)
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My nostrils were uneven after surgery...and are still uneven. I am 7.5 months post op. Hope you heal well.
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You look 18-20 and you are bEAUTIFUL you do not look masculine. Happy Healing!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see your result. When do you get the cast off?
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Thanks! I get it off this Wednesday. I hope for best. I will post pics on Wed. Have a goodnight!
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The swelling in my nostrils has been slightly uneven too and differs over time but now I am 3 and a half weeks post op and things seem to be evening up. Try not to worry and let the changes in swelling happen in due course. All the best with your healing and I hope you are pleased with the final results :-)
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Thanks sweetie! I am calmer after hearing some feedback. I appreciate it bunches! Have a safe holiday!
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