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29 with 2 Kids-Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Fat Transfer to Hips - Houston, TX

Surgery date is not scheduled but i am hoping to...

Surgery date is not scheduled but i am hoping to get it done the first week of July. I live in WA and I will be traveling to Houston TX to have surgery by Dr. Cortes. I have reviewed surgeons in my area and frankly, they have no experience in working with ethnic women. I want to have surgery by a doctor who has a general idea of what African American women feel is beautiful in addition to having a great amount of experience performing surgery. I know people in Houston so it won't be a big deal to travel there and stay for a while post op. I am 5 ft 5 i weight 247. I know im still on the heavy side but i have lost 23 pounds. I hope to lose another 30 to 40 more before the procedure. Much of my weight is in my breasts (40 H/I) and abdomen. Eventually i may get a breast reduction but i will see how much the go down with the weight loss. The stomach is the biggest problem so that has to go first. Everything else can weight. I have read that Dr. Cortes is aggressive with lipo and can contour my body to have a more balanced shape-that is what i am looking for. I have slightly wide shoulders that carry my bigger breasts and I want hips to match with a smaller middle. I have a butt, but it looks small compared to my big stomach and HUGE breasts lol. Anyway i am continuing my weight loss journey and i will post things as they come along. I sent my pictures to Dr. Cortes' office today after calling about an out of town consultation so I hope to hear something back soon! I want to be happy to shop for clothes and not consious about how i look. The loose skin will be there no matter how much weight i lose...


Good luck with your bbl journey. I am scheduled for June 26 with Cortes .I am also trying to lose weight before my date. Good luck with your weight loss too. Your going to look fabulous!
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Good job on the weight loss so far
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Thank you!


Sorry I haven't posted my update but I have been so busy! I recently came back from Pasadena...man was it nice. Anyway-last week I got a call from Dr. Cortes office. I was informed that I needed to loose 25-30 more pounds before the tummy tuck. This is certainly more motivation for me to get those extra pounds off. I will post pics of my weight loss progress...stay tuned!


Best wishes on the weight loss! Mines is scheduled for May 22nd and I'm trying to lose as well!!! Keep us posted!!!
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