28 Years Old, Overbite, Openbite, Invisalign and Braces - Houston, TX

I've had ugly teeth for as long as I can remember....

I've had ugly teeth for as long as I can remember. It's my biggest insecurity, by far, and has hindered me in a lot of ways socially. I finally made the leap to do something about it instead of constantly being unhappy with my smile. Mind you, my insurance doesn't cover for any ortho work so this is all out of pocket. My doc has decided to set me up with Invisalign for the first 3 months then I'll be getting clear braces and will have those for 9 months to a year. I don't know if that'll be long enough to fix my teeth but we'll see. So far, the invisalign is okay. It was really tight as first and cut up the inside of my mouth quite a bit. I filed down the top so it wouldn't cut me anymore and its been fine ever since. Weird thing about my invisalign is my doc is having me wear my first tray for 6 weeks (what?! I know, right? I don't understand why either) My first tray already feels loose so I'm thinking I'm going to make an appointment and tell him what's going on and maybe he'll change how long I'll wear the trays. Anyway, as crazy as it may sound, I feel like I can see my teeth changing already. I actually like wearing my tray and can't wait to see what my smile looks like at the end of this long overdue journey!
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