Little friend (4.5lbs to be exact) gone and I'm loving the new me !!!

I am a 38 year old mother of 2, ages 18 and 17. I...

I am a 38 year old mother of 2, ages 18 and 17. I was always small (size 0)and 4' 11" prior to my children but having them 14 months apart really did a number on my belly. Not to mention a Full incision hernia repair when my 17yr old was 7months old... My body was stretched to its limit and then some. I am very active and excercise (cardio) at leat 5 days a week for 1 hr daily, though I have lost 38lbs it just is not going away in my belly. Seems as though it just gets flabbier... So I have opted for a Tummy Tuck.

I went for my consultation on Sept. 21 and scheduled my procedure for Nov. 10, 2011... I will be having an extended TT(due to my torso being so short) with Lipo on my love handles. Though I know it will be painful, I know that in the end I will be much happier with my body... Let the countdown commence......:-)

Haven't decided on photos to upload yet


I am having my TT on November 9th. I am a bit nervous needless to say but if I can get through it I know it will be worth it :)
It is exciting to think of the end product!
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Congrats on your upcoming surgery. I am scheduled for the 17th of Nov. You are having yours the day before my 40th birthday. Keep us posted and good luck
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You're a little less than a month away! I'm excited for you. It sounds like you've worked hard and deserve this! Please come back and let us know how you're feeling as the big day nears.

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24 days to go !!!! I actually hadn't counted the...

24 days to go !!!! I actually hadn't counted the days until today... That is just around the corner and now my mind is running with all the things I need to do.. I am lucky though I have a WONDERFUL husband who takes such great care of me.. I talked to a friend who is going to loan me her recliner for recovery. I tested it out and it is extremely comfortable so that's a definite plus... Love reading everyone's thoughts it really helps me ...

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So last night in my Zumba class I was approached...

So last night in my Zumba class I was approached by someone who suggested maybe I should lose more weight before having this surgery.. Nevermind the 40 I have already lost with nothing but pure healthy eating and excercise 5 to 6 days a week... I felt like my balloon had been deflated. I know there are people out there who only want to discourage but why can't they just not say anything if they don't have positive things to say. They really have no idea how nerve racking this is and what a huge decision I have made just for me... I just smiled and politely told her my PS told me I had done the work and was ready for the next step in my journey... I just needed to vent. I knew that this was a good place to put it out there since everyone knows exactly what I'm going through...


Good luck ms ladybug.... I am in Houston too. I hope your day goes well.
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cpeak, my in the Houston Area
Dr. Camille Cash -
she was referred to my by a friend of mine who is a nurse and has worked with her patients and her in recovery.. Her and her office have been extremely helpful, supportive and informative in my journey. I know what you mean word of mouth is important.
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I am new here but it looks like at least one of you are from the Houston area. I will be moving to the Houston area this summer and I am waiting to have my TT until I get there and hopefully loose some more weight in the mean time. I was just wondering if anyone has recommendations on a good Dr. in the area? I have been looking on the internet but word of mouth is the best. Please keep us posted on the process and recovery, this is all very interesting to me. Good Luck!
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Well had my Pre-Op today.. Got my before pics, all...

Well had my Pre-Op today.. Got my before pics, all my prescriptions for after the surgery (and Valium if needed for the night before) registered at hospital and made final payments... It's as good as done.... I am so excited... My Dr. yesterday grabbed the my side flank area and said see all of this, this will be gone in well as your little (Big to me) Friend in the front..Now just to make sure all my ducks are in a row and my house is clean and ready for my big day :-)


Ladybug, goodluck! Update us when u able to.
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Ladybug are you ready??
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Good luck ladiebug!! Your countdown has officially begun!
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Well its 3:30 am and the day has finally arrived I...

Well its 3:30 am and the day has finally arrived I am pretty calm at this moment which is a welcomed switch from.the emotional roallercoaster the last couple of days, but I am so ready for this so Wish me luck and for all of you having yours today also or in the next couple of days HOLD ON TIGHT we are joining the flat side. Will update As soon as I can.


How are you doing? I was 11/10 as well. It has been a tough 2 days, but hopefully better now!
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Hey ladybug--- checking on u. Get some rest and check in when u feel up too it.
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Been thinking about you!
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Well Ladies Finally get to do a little update.....

Well Ladies Finally get to do a little update.. Had surgery on 11/10 and it wasn't to bad, my dr. did a fantastic job - Just really been trying to get plenty of rest and take it easy. The pain wasn't too bad really, or not as bad as I made it out in my head. My stomach muscles were the worst. But it has been so worth it. Been pretty swollen but can still see such an amazing difference. I had 4.5lbs taken off which they said was alot. I have been reading everyone's updates and glad everyone is doing well. Just wanted to send out a little update.. Hang in there everyone we made it..


Woow u looks amazing Hun .. I'm having tt with bbl on April 26 wish me luck ..
What is the name of ur dr ?
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Glad to have read your recent review! Glad u recovering well! Ttyl
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Happy to hear you are doing good!
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