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3 months post op and about to run my 2nd 10k

I am a 35 year old mom of two, ages 7 and 2, both...

I am a 35 year old mom of two, ages 7 and 2, both c-section deliveries. I am 5'4, 140lbs and wear a size 6. The reason I am getting this tummy tuck is because I cannot get rid of this tummy fat. For the last year I have been very commited to my running, putting in 12-20 miles a week and nothing has seemed to help. I have tried diet and ab classes in addition to the running and still nothing. This is was my last ditch effort and here I am. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 7th. I am getting a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks with a herniated belly button repair. I am excited and very nervous. This forum has been a God send in the preperation. I have bought my juicer, compression garmets, support pillows and ready to get this over with! Wish me luck!

Surgery went well, took longer than anticipated....

Surgery went well, took longer than anticipated. Once the PS got in there, he found quite a bit of muscle tearing which he repaired. I stayed at the hospital overnight and checked into a hotel today. The hardest part of today was getting into the compression garmet and sitting in the car for a 45 minute ride. As the day has progressed I have walked more and I am starting to feel better. I am not going to lie though, this SUCKS!! The pain has seemed unmanageable at times and I am taking 2 Hydrocodon every 4 hours. My PS prescribed me a muscle relaxer as well but I have not taken any as of yet. I will update tomorrow..

New pictures - 4 days post op. Still very sore and...

New pictures - 4 days post op. Still very sore and hunched over. SO GLAD I bought the Comfort Drean Zero Gravity Pillow System: http://www.overstock.com/Bedding-Bath/Comfort-Dreams-Zero-Gravity-Adjustable-3-Piece-Wedge-System/6333001/product.html

Also, so thankful for my walker!

Post Op day 7 - Still hunched over, tire easy,...

Post Op day 7 - Still hunched over, tire easy, spreading pain meds out to one Hydrocodon every 6 hours and trying to walk 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. My back is killing me from being hunched over so Icy Hot (the roller applicator) as been a God send! I have been in a hotel room for 7 days and check out tomorrow, Post Op day 8. Tomorrow is a big day, I have my drains removed! I am soooooo lokking forward to this! I added pictures this morning. :)

7 DAYS PO - My drains are officially removed and I...

7 DAYS PO - My drains are officially removed and I can shower tomorrow!! YEAH!! On the down side, I now have this block type thing in my CG which makes for even less room. Everything is so tight I can barely breathe! My PS says I will need to wear this for 5 weeks and apply Aquaphor ointment to my incision. He explained that the block is specifically for those who have had lipo in addition to the TT. I have no idea how this block and my bulky CG with zippers are supposed to fit under my work clothes. I guess I have 7 days to figure that one out. LOL Next appointment is Monday Jan 21 for stitch removal in the belly button.

This lipo pad that I have to wear in my...

This lipo pad that I have to wear in my compression garment is bulky and uncomfortable but after putting on a bra and panties today, I can somewhat see some results (minus the swelling). YEAH!! Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my TT scar is easily covered, so kudos to my PS! See photo.

A few of you have contacted me about the price I...

A few of you have contacted me about the price I paid for my TT / Lipo / herniated belly button and muscle repair so I will just put this out there... The cost should have been somewhere around 9-10k. Because I had a herniated belly button due to a prior pregnancy my health insurance covered the majority of the cost. I feel very blessed!

11 days post op - Today has been a big day for me....

11 days post op - Today has been a big day for me. I am standing upright much better and just feel really good. Today’s achievements: 1) I found clothes I can wear to work on Tuesday so I don’t need to go shopping 2) a successful trip to the store (I drove as I am off all meds) 3) I came home and took a nap (store trip was exhausting) and laid flat on my back in my luxurious bed, no pulling or pain. Needless-to-say, fantastic day indeed! I added a pic.

Doing great! Standing and laying straight. No...

Doing great! Standing and laying straight. No complications so far. I have an appointment tomorrow to have my bb stitched removed. I go back to work on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Doing fantastic! I will post another photo in a...

Doing fantastic! I will post another photo in a few days.

3 months post op (after hernia and muscle...

3 months post op (after hernia and muscle repair/tummy tuck) and I am very active. I am running 3-4 miles 3 days a week and taking a kick boxing martial arts class twice a week. An on occasion you can find me at a Bikram Yoga class (hot yoga).

April 20th - About to run my second 10k race....

April 20th - About to run my second 10k race. Loving my results!
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Lookin' fantastic!
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Glad to see a fellow runner back at it!! You look awesome, and I hope you have a great summer :)
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Congrats on the run and your results are really great...you should be so proud of yourself for all you have accomplished
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Thank you sara59!
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You have worked very hard and it shows! Between yourself and your PS, you look terrific!
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Appreciate the kind words. =)
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=) I am very pleased with my results.
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LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you.
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You look amazing. I had a bbl in December but I have loose skin so this coming up December I will have a tt. Thank you for that scar medicine info. When do you start walking more straight after surgery? I'm kinda nervous, but the bbl was a pretty rough recovery.
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I was walking straight about 2-3 weeks after surgery. I would lay flat on my back and stretch my stomach muscles. I was determined to heal quickly. As for recovery.... TT is much different than a BBL. I would say I really under estimated the pain and recovery of a TT. The first 5 days were really really tough, and I have had two c-sections. Having said this, it was SO worth it!
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Yeah I had spoke to somebody that had a tt before her bbl and had asked her which was worse and she said the bbl is worse than the tuck. The bbl, I didn't start feeling better til maybe my 10th day. Lipo sucks big time. Oh gosh, so I'm gonna be hunched over for 2-3 weeks.... Eeeeek, that's a long time. At least I can sit. I say that because having the bbl, couldn't sit for 6 weeks... sucked. Yeah, giving birth without drugs was a piece of cake compared to the bbl.
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Whoa sexy! You are looking fab. Keep up the great healing! I'm only 12 days post op and stories like yours keep me going :)
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=) Happy healing!
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At 3 weeks post op did you fell well enough to go to the beach? Not to swim just relax and watch the kids play.
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3 weeks is doable. No activity but sitting and the sand and enjoying the weather, absolutely!
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Wow! You look awesome :). Yay on the running!
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You look fabulous! Love how low your scar is!!
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Thank you. My doctor marked me up in a swim suit before surgery. I highly suggest that for others!
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You look totally awesome!!!!
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Thank you.
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You are a poster child for the perfect result, just like Lourdes said!!!
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WOW - thank you!
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