7 weeks and 2 days post op! Doing great!

I am a 38 year old mother of three beautiful...

i am a 38 year old mother of three beautiful children (Madison 15 1/2, Tyler-12 this month, and David 10 months). Tyler is the baby who did on a number on his mom's belly. He went full term and weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces.....I am 5'7 and normally weigh 130 pounds, but I tipped the scale at 202 the morning of his birth. Anyway, enough about that.....The most exciting news to share with you today is about my TT and breast lift with implant exchange that I'm scheduled for at 11 AM on Monday January 16th, 2012....HAPPY NEW YEAR to me!

I will take several before pics and post them ASAP! I have read just about every story on this site, as long as there were pics. So manybof you have helped me tremendously in preparing for my big day....Thank You! The before and after pics have been the most helpful though, so I know what to expect and to what degree. I promise to continue to post pictures as I recover and the scar heals too....I haven't come across many scars after a year or two too see how much they fade and I am really interested to see those. I will be back later today (hopefully) with my before pics :)

Hey there,

Check out SassyMomma's review here. She has some 2 month scar pics. 32w/3 also has an incision photo.

If, after a while, the scar bugs you a lot, you can also look into scar treatment.

So very helpful! Thank You!!!

Hooray for you and the exciting changes ahead! Thank you so much for posting here on RealSelf. I'll see if I can find some scar photos for you to check out. It should fade a lot and, even visible, is better than extra fat and skin. Looking forward to following along on your journey.


I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to upload any...

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to upload any photos yet...I will soon. Not that I'm in a hurry to show everyone the goods in their current state...but for the sake of medicine I will do it ;)

I had my preop today at the hospital. I gave blood (blood count), tinkled in a cup (pregnancy test), was weighed in (for fun I guess). So far everything seems to be a go for Monday. I absolutely cannot wait! This is going to be so great! Right?
Wow, your day is going to be here in just a few days!!! I had a baby boy who weighed 10lbs 13oz 24inches and gained 75 pounds...so I know what that can do to your body! Soon enough we will both turn back the hand of time before the big babies did their magic on our bodies!!! Good Luck and Best wishes!!!
Thank you so much! I am beside myself excited! It is almost here for both of us! Good luck to you too...I'll be keeping tabs on your journey. I am excited for you and any woman who is blessed with the chance to turn back the clock on their body. It is an amazing feeling to know I won't have to pull my bathing suit bottoms up to my belly button out at the pool this summer! Best wishes to you too! I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for reaching out to me. I love this site!

So I went to see my PS today....got a last minute...

So I went to see my PS today....got a last minute phone call to come pick out implants. Ok..You don't have to ask me twice as I am completely obsessed with boobies now! I should probably back and say that back on December 23rd I had my original consultation with Dr. Basu and it was at that time I decided (with his help) to go with a vertical mastopexy, silicone implant exchange (I have saline from Dec 2003) and a tummy tuck.

Anyway, my saline implants are 375cc and my new silicone implants (the ones I chose today) will be anywhere from 550 cc to 650 cc. My PS stated that he will bring several sizes ranging from 550 to 650 cc and he will use what looks the best! He's the expert...as long as I still have my double D's :)

I am so excited and nervous. I can hardly wait for Monday to get here!
Hope you are recovering comfortably, Bepy!
How are you doing?

Day 3. I'm officially 3 days post op! I will say...

Day 3. I'm officially 3 days post op! I will say that the TT has been much more painful than I expected, but it doesn't matter because I would do it all again in a second.

So far so good with recovery... I pretty much keep myself reclined at a 45 degree angle in the recliner all day, only getting up when I have to potty. The pain is manageable, it's the weird numbing and burning sensations that get me....It feels like my tummy is there, but not a part of me....if that makes any sense at all. I can honestly say I wasn't fully prepared for the tummy part.....I had this strange notion that I'd be driving and shopping by today.....so not the case. If I'm driving by the weekend I'll be surprised. Certainly no shopping trips in my near future.

Moving around is a little tough. My lower back feels like it could give out on me at any time. I still walk bent over pretty good, but my sister said it's a big difference each day.....I stand up a little straighter from day to day.

I did brave the shower my dr said I would enjoy, but it was pretty tough. That was day 1 post op so I'll do it again tonight as it will probably be a bit easier. Seriously, I feel and look like my Grandma.....makes my heart go out to her.....walking bent over and struggling with the back spasms is rough.

I tried loading my before pics earlier today but they didn't make it. I'll try again as soon as my pain meds kick in. Oh, about the pain meds.....I read that most TT recipients try to come off of them pretty quick but I can't bare the thought of not having them....pain is a little intense and they work wonders for me. I don't feel sick or spaced out on them at all....mostly I just get sleepy.

Preop pics

Preop pics
Yay Bepy! You did it!! Looking at your before pics (which are amazing already, by the way) you are going to emerge from this looking like a supermodel! :-)
My back hurt a lot the first week too...try to lean on things a lot (counter, furniture, etc) because sometime you just gotta get up am move around but standing for long periods of time is rough.

I was off the pain meds at post-op day 3/4 but only because I thought they were giving me headaches, making me loopy and causing constipation (triple threat lol!) so I switched to just Tylenol. But stick with it if you need them! No need to put stress on your body from enduring pain. Just make sure you are doing something to prevent constipation (stool softener, Smooth Moves herbal tea, Milk of Magnesia, etc.). It only gets easier from here, Bepy, I promise! :-)
Thank you MaumeeMG! I didn't even tell my family I was doing this, with the exception of my husband and sister.....with my clothes on no one could see the mess I had going on and I knew they wouldn't understand my struggles. They would think I'm just super vein. I was so happy to find this site.....Everyone has similar issues and truly understand. Having you and all the other moms that can relate has been a blessing to me.

Today I'm 4 days PO. Feeling much better. I did take my pain meds though. Only because my ab muscles burn....when I stand up it is almost unbearable at times.....and momma needs a shower, BAD!

I'll have my sister take a few pics for posting. She's probably going to freak out seeing me naked.....not sure understands how much repair work was done....I hope she can handle the scars. I'll pay special attention to her expression....see what she thinks.

I think the pain meds have started giving me headaches too.....I'll probably go for Tylenol this afternoon and see how that does it for me. I would like to get off all of it....not much of a medication girl.

Oh and thank you.....I tried the smooth move last night.....nothing yet, but I am hopeful it works. The stool softener I've been taking 3x per day since Tuesday hasn't helped.

I appreciate your notes.....So nice having someone to talk to about this process :)

I've only told a small group of people, too. Mostly friends, only a few family members. I feared they would "judge" and I just wanted to get to the recovery side without negativity, you know?

If your ab muscles are burning when you are getting up/down you might be inadvertently using them too much. What has worked for me is utilizing my legs and butt, much like a squat stance, when I'm sitting or trying to stand, as well as using my arm/shoulder muscles by grasping someone's hand or using a table/furniture to help. That leaves your ab muscles out of it - don't want to pop those stitches!

Are you taking percocet for pain? If you it already has acetaminophen in it - don't take extra Tylenol on top of it unless you've skipped a dose! What worked for me with my headaches (which I got mostly when I first woke up) was a dose of pain meds and a cup of coffee.

The Smooth Moves will work - give it time! Gross, but you might be in the bathroom a little while. Have a little folding table next to the commode and a couple of mags there so you have something to do when it's "go" time. ;-)

Glad your sis will be there to help. Looking forward to your post-op pics!

Happy healing today! :-)

4 Days Post Op today...yay! There is a big...

4 Days Post Op today...yay! There is a big difference from how I felt yesterday and how I feel today. I was finally able to shower by myself....I just had to had sit down the whole time. I blew dry my hair, while leaning up against the sink. Yes, things are improving. Also, even though it still looks scary, I can tell I'm going to be very happy with my augmentation and TT. I can tell you how relieved I am. I was very worried I end up looking like the bride of Frankenstein! I am posting three pictures from this morning after I got out of the shower. I'll be sure to continue to post my progress :)

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me. You have made this journey much easier!
Hmm, you're probably right. Her picture and info is posted in his Cypress office where I visit. I will ask his staff when I go for my first post op appointment this coming Tuesday....now I'm curious!

I ended up with 500cc style 25 silicone implants. I love the way they feel.I had saline for 8 years and these are a thousand times more natural feeling.
I see you have a small vertical incision too. I ended up with one and was a bit disappointed. It does stick out of the top of my undies a bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy though! Huband figured that's where my old belly button might have been and I think he is right. Maybe I didn't have enough skin to pull all the way down.
Yes, I do. My PS warned me that he would probably have to do it....That's a good assumption and makes sense, however the first thing dr Basu said to me when I came to in recovery is "you really had A LOT of skin." can't imagine I didn't have enough to pull down, but I didn't ask what purpose a vertical incision serves. Anyway, he said it will disappear in time and even though I too am disappointed, it's a billion times better than the saggy skin and stretch marks ;)

I went straight to your page to compare and yours is very hard to see. I don't think it's noticeable unless you're looking for it. You really look amazing!

Hi everyone! Today marks my 6th day postop....Yay!...

Hi everyone! Today marks my 6th day postop....Yay! 6 days Dow, 5 - 11 months to go! I have spent the past two days reading more TT stories and have realized I have had unrealistic expectations from this entire process. I think I've been a little negative, but I'm honestly really very happy. Yes, I HATE having to be down, tiring easily, not being able to laugh without worrying I might prolong recovery, taking pain meds, sleeping in the recliner, not getting the laundry done, or any of my household duties for that matter. Most of all though, I miss holding my 10 month old baby boy. Work, well I don't miss that at all,...LOL. Okay there, I got my negative thoughts out and that's the last of that. From now on my focus will be on recovery and getting back to living my life....but remembering this is a new beginning as I spent day after day yearvafter year wanting to do this and now I have and I can't believe it. This is going to be the best gift I've ever bought for myself, I just haven't fully realized it yet ;)

I took my oldest to the mall yesterday to have her hair done and it was a little rough. I took two pain pills when we left home at 10:30 for her 11 am appointment....by the time we left the mall (where I basicically just sat and waited) at 1:15 to go to lunch, I was uncomfortable teetering on pain, and exhausted.

We sat down for lunch at 2 and by 3 PM we were back home where I took two more pain pills and stayed in the recliner and did nothing until I woke up this morning at 6 AM. NO PAIN MEDS for 15 hours and I was still okay.....feels like I'm finally on the road to recovery! I did take one pain med at 7 AM due to a few tinges (burning ab muscles) of pain.....I am not going to suffer for any reason if I don't have to.

Anyway, I read a story on here written by a woman who had her TT in South Africa. US docs must think woman are invincible as she spent her first 3 days post op in the hospital....I wish! That would have been so nice....I had so many questions the first three days about what is normal or not normal etc etc....Just had to wing it and I think I am going to be ok, but wasn't easy. I have read also that the first 3 days are the hardest and things get better from there....so true! Thank the Lord. I was starting to regret putting myself and my family thru this and then me be so unhappy and complaining. Let's just say I'm finally on the other side...better late than never right LOL.

I will take a few more post op pics today for posting,...I am anxious to compare my results to my 4 days post op pics.

Have a wonderful Sunday....You all deserve it! And to all you tummy tuckers going in this week, Congratulations!!! And Good Luck!! I will be thinking about you and hoping and praying for everything to go well and for your speedy recovery :)

Last drain out tomorrow! Thank the Lord....Really...

Last drain out tomorrow! Thank the Lord....Really annoying! I will post my 11th day PO pics tomorrow when I come home from the PS's office!

I am so stinking happy I did this!!
Hope all is well! Can't wait for an update :-)
I think your size looks fantastic!! It does not strike me as too large, and I think your frame is smaller. You are gonna be soooo happy!!!

Hello Real Self Friends! Today I am 20 days...

Hello Real Self Friends!

Today I am 20 days post op and feeling fantastic! I had my second drain removed on 11 days post op and that was the moment I couldn't wait for. I think that lil puppy was keeping me from getting better. Needless to day, that was 9 days ago and so much has changed since then. New pics posted below.

Take care!
Had my 2 month postop. Dr. Kim confirmed that my vertical slit was where my belly button was. She said if she hadn't worked it like that they whole incision would have been that much further up. If I didn't mention it before - you look great!
You look amazing!
You look fantastic!!

Hello To All My MM Friends! I was 7 weeks post op...

Hello To All My MM Friends! I was 7 weeks post op this past Monday, March 5th. I feel great! My doctor stated that at around 4-6 weeks the internal sutures start dissolving and well when I was at 5 weeks and 4 days post op I started having problems with my right breast lift incision :( My body rejected the internal sutures causing my incision to open in three places. It is more annoying than anything because after everything it took to get to this point, I just want to be all better!

They started me out by having me put batadine on once a day (I thought I was helping myself by doing it twice-BIG MISTAKE). Batadine kills good and bad bacteria. Doing it twice a day resulted in having one small opening to becoming extremely inflammed and two more openings. I went in to see my PS and he told me to STOP all batadine and start applying neosporin and gauze twice a day. I went in on March 5th (after almost two weeks of this and not getting better) and they asked me to stop neosporin and start wet/dry packs. A wet dry pack is gauze cut into a piece the size of the small hole/opening in my incision soaked in prescription saline and placed on/in the hole. Then I take dry gauze and tape it to my breast. The point is to pad it pretty good and keep the wet in place so the cells can grow together....apparently they grow in moisture. I change this packing out once a day. I'm on day 3 and things look a little better. Of course, nothing is going to be quick enough, but I am learning that with this process, you have to have patience :)

I will try to upload my most up to date post op pics next week. I might even post some pics of these holes so everyone can see what I'm dealing with and they'll know that even though it doesn't happen to everyone, it does happen and its ok.

Take care! Good Luck to all of my fellow recovering MM friends and those that are awaiting their big day! You're going to be so happy!

Dr. Basu and his staff have been great in helping me and getting me through to recovery. I still can't workout but they said I should be good to go next week (8 weeks post op).
I love your results you look so good!!
How are you doing? Have you healed?
It's getting better...Just sucks. My scar on the right side is inflammed and looks bad compared to my left side...which is fading nicely. How are you?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Basu is amazing! I am so happy with my results!!

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