Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery (dog ears) in Texas

I am 46 years old and a mother of three. My...

I am 46 years old and a mother of three. My children were all large rang from 8 to 10 lbs and as a result left my body full of stretched skin and massive stretch marks. I have always been a fit person but the frustration of not being able to change your mid section with diet and exercise is disheartening. My doctor also found that I have an umbilical hernia that needs to be repaired as well. My husband actually gave me his bonus money to have it done...such an awesome guy to let me do this for myself and to take care of the kiddos while I'm recovering.

Welcome to the community.  I am so glad you joined us and look forward to following your journey.

And yes he is an awesome hubby!


Counting down the days...33! Nervous and excited....

Counting down the days...33! Nervous and excited. I didn't put in my height and weight as of yet. I'm 140 lbs and 5'6. I hope to get down to 130 before my surgery but I know that will be tough. I girl can dream though. LOL
I know what you mean about the diet and exercise...did nothing for me! I think it's great that your hubby supports you so much!

Focus on being healthy and strong before surgery.  This will help in your recovery:)


Well, I finally got the call to do my pre-op. Wow,...

Well, I finally got the call to do my pre-op. Wow, what a long list of instructions they sent. Meds I can't have, foods I can't eat...not a big deal but who knew? I also have to
do pre op at the hospital the same week. It is all seeming very real and my nerves and my nails are starting to show some wear. LOL

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I wish I knew what to...

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I wish I knew what to expect. Kind of nervous about it.

The pre ops are a piece of cake.  No worries:)

Good luck tomorrow! For me these appts are hard because I hate showing people my tummy lol.

I am happy to say that the pre-ops were a breeze....

I am happy to say that the pre-ops were a breeze. At my PS pre-op of course they had me stand in all sorts of compromising poses so they could take pictures and mark me up with a sharpie. You lose all humility by t his point. LOL My doc is confident that they will be able to give me an amazing result so that reassures me this is all worth it.

The hospital had their own pre-op. They did blood work and an EKG and asked me a ton of questions. It went smoothly and now all my money is gone...paid to everyone except to myself. Another 2 weeks to go.

The PS gave me this "jungle juice" to drink two days before. It's the same stuff
they use for a colonoscopy. This will clear me out which is also a help in recovery. I have always gotten sick from the anesthesia and that is what worries me but he reassures me that this will definitely help. I hope so.

They are also making me have a liquid diet 2 days before.wow...so much for a last hoorah of fat before they suck it out. LOL

They set me up with pain meds, nausea meds so I think I'm set. What else will I need to get before the big day? Thoughts anyone?
They did you preop pretty early, my doc does it the day before surgery. How are you feeling?! My nerves are a little high because I know its approaching fast! I'm also in texas, I live in san antonio. My brother and his family are in houston. I bet you will have amazing results! Seriously keep in touch because my surgery is the 28th!!!
yea, I'm gonna stock up on ice pops...LOL
Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I also had to do the liquid diet thing 2 days before surgery due to the umbilical hernia. My mother-in-law made me lots of chicken broth. So I survived with the broth, gatorade and jello. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Best wishes!

I picked up all my meds and there are sure alot of...

I picked up all my meds and there are sure alot of them. Pain meds, meds for nausea and spasms and the dreaded "juice" to clear me out before surgery. I think I'm most apprehensive about it the liquid diet two days before. LOL I will probably thank them afterwards because the last thing I want to worry about is having to go to the bathroom and busting a stitch!

One week from tomorrow...good god, this is actually gonna happen!

Yes it's gonna happen!!  How exciting this is your week.

Hey Kim,

How long until you are able to sleep on your stomach? I'm not much of a back sleeper. Even on my side would be better but with the lipo I'm not sure how painful that will be.

Tummy sleeping took me about 6-8 weeks.  It was slow but felt so good when I finally got there.  It also took me a while to get on my side.  My outer thighs from the lipo were so painful!!!  I think I started leaning to the side with pillows at about -4 weeks.  Placing a pillow between your knees really helps.  

Do this at a slow pace and it will get easier and easier each week.  I was so glad when I could finally get back over on my tummy.


So, this weekend is my last hurrah. I get to eat...

So, this weekend is my last hurrah. I get to eat whatever I want because Monday starts the liquid diet for 2 days. My PS said I can have anything liquid which is a relief because I was freaking out knowing I couldn't have my creamer in my coffee. LOL

So, I stocked up on jello, applesauce and gatorade. I know I will be starving but I'm trying to to think about it.

I don't know if anyone else had bad dreams but I am waking myself up thinking about my surgery. My heart was racing because I have such anxiety about it. I hope he can give me a sedative when I get to the hospital of my blood pressure will be thru the roof!
I am scheduled for March 28 also! TT with contouring lipo, and BA.
sorry had suprise guests, um day 4-7 was when things got tight & I had to walk slumped over just for about a day or two, it really is worth it but, even once you feel better do not over exert yourself or move too quickly to try and avoid build up of fluids, that was my only mistake feeling better & starting to move quickly. All the best
Hi there ,
You'll be fine, I had my TT on Jan 30th I'm the same age as you , my legs are a bit thicker then yours but, basically I looked the same, I asked the PS to make sure my incision was low like a thong & it worked out well, read my story & products I used . I posted my post op photo's . I go Mon March 26th for my Breast Augmentation, I should have done it at once but, oh well I chickened out. Also, ask for a mild sedative/anxiety pill while waiting to go in, I was nervous too but, it really helped me & saltine crackers after. Aslo, keep up the pain med dose for at least 48 hours. o

Last day for eating real food! Hmmm, what to...

Last day for eating real food! Hmmm, what to have?? LOL
Good Luck on your special day! :-)
Enjoy that last meal and eat eat eat!! Good luck with everything!
You are right, there are a bunch of us going in this week. We will all be rockin' the beaches this summer ;) with LOTS of sunscreen.

Today stats my fast...and the start of my "jamba...

Today stats my fast...and the start of my "jamba juice" laxative...fun fun. I guess I'll be close to the bathroom all day today. Luckily my 3 year old has some good disney movies to watch today LOL

God, this stuff is terrible. It came as unflavored...

God, this stuff is terrible. It came as unflavored so I added some flavoring to it and it's worse than ever. Ugh, I feel like I'm drinking salt water. And the nausea....it's even worse! Surgery will probably be a piece of cake after this! LOL
Keeping you in my thoughts.
Good luck Ally!!! Sending warm fuzzies and good vibes your way lol:)
Thank you so much ladies. I am literally a nervous wreck! I need my PS to give me a happy pill ASAP LOL

Yesterday was the worst, The laxative juice was...

Yesterday was the worst, The laxative juice was gross, I literally went until bed time. My stomach and my hemorroids took a toll. Sorry TMI.

I am feeling better today. Still on a liquid diet so alot of cup a soup, popsicles and unsweet tea...doesn't that sound lovely? LOL

I am so nervous about tomorrow. I have to be at the hospital at 6 Am with a surgery start time of 8Am. Hopefully I will get a happy pill upon arrival. Wish me luck ladies!!

Oooh, and good luck to the other ladies going in tomorrow as well!
Good luck, I had my tt almost three weeks ago!! Its not a picnic but it does get better and the results are amazing>.
Thanks ladies!
Good luck. Mine is the next day. Prayers and hugs

I took 1/2 a percocet to help me sleep and my mind...

I took 1/2 a percocet to help me sleep and my mind was still racing. I think I fell asleep because I had some weird dreams.

Up at 3:15 like I knew I would be. It is 4am and I just wait til it's time to wake my hubby and be there at 6. Surgery starts at 8.

thinking about u again! popping in to check for updates! hope all is well and i cant wait to see the results! i hope we are all "hotties" lol!
hope it went well girl!!! so far so good on This end!
Hope all is good Ally!!

Well I made it to the flat side. Still pretty...

Well I made it to the flat side. Still pretty groggy from the pain meds so I will post more later when I get home from the hospital.

I hope all my ladies who had surgery with me yesterday are doing well. Post your recoveries.

Home from the hospital and thankfully all the...

Home from the hospital and thankfully all the nausea is gone. The anesthesia always kicks my butt.

I can see ABS...unbelievable. I knew they were in there somewhere. The most amazing thing is my PS said he took belly skin that was 8 inches wide and 15 inches wide. He
showed me pics and I was amazed. He also got about 95% of my stretch marks. I really don't have any swelling but I'm sure it's coming. Very sore and can hardly get out of bed without screaming but I'm told it will get better each day.

Also, thanks to Kristin for listen to my recovery pains, we did it girl!
Ulook great.
Thanks!! Same to you :-)
I am loving the new flat tummy!! You look awesome girl!! Congrats! Happy Healing!

First night sleeping was interesting. I have a...

First night sleeping was interesting. I have a high bed and it made getting in and out a challenge. I did see stars a few times. I never realized how much you use those muscles in everything you do.

I don't have much swelling which is good but I do have some nice bruising where thet lipoed,

Ya know what the worst part is? They put the drains on top of my vajayjay and it
hurts like hell. Noone told me that part!
hey how are you doing? my lower back is killin me! my swellng is starting to go down though! i drained 70 in my right and 50 in my left today... fingers crossed they are under 30 by tues and maybe ill get mine out too! lol so far they have been decreasing about 10-20cc per day... mine are on my vag too but near the folds of the leg which makes it awkward if they get pushed on... im just ready for them to be out!
I know what you mean about back pain. Its from being hunched over like a granny. I think the worse pain is coming from the drain and if I move the wrong way I see stars. My tummy has been very itchy as well and this Benadryl isn't helping.
I hope to have both of mine out by Monday. My nurse said if I drain less than 30 CCs a day he will take them out. I hope things go smoothly for you.

5 days PO. My tubes are still hurting but...

5 days PO. My tubes are still hurting but everything else is coming along. I'm able to get around a little better and I FINALLY had a bowel movement. I was so scared it was going to hurt. Thank god for Colace.

No major swelling to speak of which is great. My flanks are all black and blue and feeling sore.

I'm about to take my first shower too. I hope I can withstand being upwards for that long.
Make sure someone standing there i almost fell.
My hubby was in the bathroom with me. I had this clever idea how to hold the drains. I put on a pair of long Mardi Gras beads around my neck and piined the drains to it. Worked like a charm and freed my hands to wash. I feel somewhat human again.

Your tummy is very flat!!   Nice:)


Well, I had my 5 po appt with my PS. He said...

Well, I had my 5 po appt with my PS. He said everything looked good but my tummy seemed a little red to him. I think it was because I had the compression garment on directly and not over a shirt. I'm so sensitive and bruise so easily. Anyway, he looked at
my drain totals and it was still coming out quite a bit so I still have my drains in. So another 5 days or so with the drains...ugh!

I feel ok, I just get tired quick if I do too much. My hubby has been a complete lifesaver. He's done laundry, cooked, played with the kids, it's been awesome and he says he kinda likes being Mr. Mom and not having to go to work. I think that's funny and sweet and it's more of a novelty I think. Anyway, as long as everyone is happy, mom is good,

I have a picture that I'm going to scan that my PS gave me. It's the amount of skin he took off and I was flabbergasted to see it. It was 15 inches by 8 inches. Thats a
huge amount and also took my ab muscles in 6 inches...no wonder I'm so sore!
As soon as I scan the pic I will show you, it's outrageous!
You are looking amazing!! I am loving your new tummy! What a difference! I was the same as you... very sensitive skin and a very red tummy. The binder is what did most of that. Then I learned about the t-shirt. But the t-shirt wasn't enough for me, I had to do that plus some foamie thingies. Now it is all better. Happy Healing, you look amazing!
thank you Kay. I'm taking things slow and actually took a shower on my own this morning. Boy, was it exhausting! Next time I take a pain pill 30 mins before. How are you doing?
I am doing pretty good. I had my 1st lymphatic massage today. It felt really good. I was ready to take a nap by the time she was done. I go back to work tomorrow..dreading it.

One drain came out today...other one will come out...

One drain came out today...other one will come out on Monday. Doc is loving the results and how flat I am. I am too. Ooh, I sneezed today...pure torture!
Looking great. My surgery was on the 28th also.

Today my husband went back to work and I'm so...

Today my husband went back to work and I'm so nervous that I won't be able to handle everything. I woke up with my back screaming so I took a percocet and it's taken the edge off, thankfully.

I'm trying to keep from getting up too much but taking care of my 3 yr old means taking her to the potty, making her meals, etc.

Wish me luck!
Gets a little better each day. I started driving yesterday and made out ok..a little nervous since I don't feel like I can move around very easily. Still feel tired throughout the day. Mon start back to work.
I am sure you are glad to have all that skin off. Wow!!
You know it Kay!

Today is 11 PO and I am getting the second drain...

Today is 11 PO and I am getting the second drain out today. It is also the first day I will drive since before the surgery. I'm not nervous I just don't know how I am gonna lift my kid into her car seat. LOL I'm hoping she just hop in herself but she can be fickle so we'll see.

I feel pretty good and am able to move around pretty good and stand upright. My lower back is not hurting as much as it was but if I stand too long, it sure let's me know to sit down. LOL

My abs section still seems super tight and I'm guessing thats normal. The bruising is
pretty much gone on the flank area but still pretty sore to the touch. Hopefully this white tape will come off soon so I can get a good idea of what my incision looks like.
It's pretty itchy so I guess it's drying out which is good.

Today also marks the day where everyone is back to school and work so it's just me and my daughter. I hope I can make it...I'm sure I can. :)
You look great, congrats!
Wow that's a lot of skin. Pretty gross though. I remember after i had my 3rd that in and out of car seat. I rewarded my son with candy and kept telling him how big he was. He was big so i could not lift him. He did it. When he gave me a problem i would ask if if hewas a big boy and remind him of treat. It worked. I have to watch my cousins. Any next week and i am so nervous. After all this we don't want to further comprise the incision. I hope u have a great day. It is going to feel great mentally to get back into the swing of things

Both drains are out, thank god. My PS also...

Both drains are out, thank god. My PS also removed all of the surgical tape which hurt like hell. I was finally able to see my incision which I was scared about. I was pleasantly surprised at how it's healing and he was even amazed at it's progress. It's not even red. I have more pain from where the drain was removed than I do from the incision. The lipo is still sore but getting better and my BB is looking better than it had which is a plus. The biggest complaint for me is the tightness of my tummy. It still feels like someone is pulling on it...and that's exactly what happened. LOL He said that will take weeks to relax.

He said I can let the scar relax for about another weeks and then I can start massaging it with the therapy oil I got. I also ordered some silicone strips because he said that will speed up the process which I'm all for.

I will post some incision pics today, tell me what you think. Thanks and best wishes for all my healing ladies :)
You look amazing!
you are looking AAAAAAmazing, HELLO LADY!
scar looks good.

Today I went back to the dr. for a new and lighter...

Today I went back to the dr. for a new and lighter compression garment. It's 1000X better than the original and I won't mind wearing this one. I did notice a little redness on one area of my incision and pointed it out to him. He opened it up (PAINFUL) but thankfully it was not infected. Just the same, he put me on antibiotics for another week. I looked at it earlier and it already looks much better.

I also started using the silicon strips. Sticky suckers they are but easy enough to put on. I needed two long ones to reach the length of my scar and I'm happy that my incision will be covered. I think it was so raw and then rubbing on my clothing and underwear made it red and sensitive. I hope it helps diminish my scar even more. Time will tell. I only have 6 weeks worth so I hope to see some results by then . Ladies...how long does it take to see any results??
You are ripped girl! Dang! You look like you have been doing crunches! Amazing result! I bought the Fx silicon scar strips through makemeheal and it says I can use for 12 weeks then they pretty much max out on their effectiveness. The reviews on the silicone strips are awesome so I'm excited to start. I still have my drain so I can't start just yet. Let me know how the strips work out for you. I'm also rubbing palmers vitamin e oil on my belly. I think in general it's good to stay moisturized. I plan to work on the scar as much as possible.
I worked out regularly and often wondered what my abs looked like under all the wrinkled skin. Was nice (and surprising) to see how much definition they have. FYI...you cant use the palmer's oil with the strips...the oil cancels out the effectiveness and they won't stick either.
Your scar seems to be healing nicely. It looks really thin. Your PS did a great job. I am also using the silicone strips. I believe the box says it could take up to 3 months before you can notice a difference. I have only been using the strips for 1 1/2 weeks. We shall see :-)

I fell asleep without my CG. I hope that was ok. I...

I fell asleep without my CG. I hope that was ok. I guess it was cause I slept like a baby. LOL

I still have periodical pain and the incision feels very strange when I massage it. Kinda like pins and needles. I guess that's normal.

Other than that, I tried to go food shopping. BAD IDEA. I'm so used to carrying 5 and 6 bags from the car at a time. I had to use my daughter's wagon to haul everything. I was so pooped by the time I put everything away. Valium saves me.

Happy Healing girls!
I love the wagon idea lol. Your incision looks great I'm getting some of those silicone strips!
I couldn't food shop till 4 mos after csection. Crazy. My PS say 6 Wk or may d he say 4 wk. For sex. Other woman on here have had already. I wouldn't want to screw anything up so IM waiting..
Yea, I know what you mean. My poor hubby has been so patient but I think he's going bonkers LOL

So, last night my hubby and I engaged in a little...

So, last night my hubby and I engaged in a little activity if you know what I mean. BAD IDEA. I started to cough and tried to supress it...and it made my abs contract, like I was gagging. NO FUN. It was immediately sore and I had it for the night. Needless to say, I will lay off of THAT for a little bit. LOL

I went to Kohls's today and purchased a control top camisole/tank top. What a godsend this thing is. I can wear it under my clothes when I go out and I don't have to look like a weight lifter with that huge CG. Yay!
Hey not trying to be too dirty but my ps told me when I asked about time with the hubby and when we could start relations he sd 4 weeks but we are impatient and we did the other day and even the ps told us to start off very gentle and in doggy style lmao I about died when he told us this. I don't mean to make anyone blush just figured I would let u know what my ps told me. Good luck:)
You look amazing!

I woke up feeling like I was punched in the...

I woke up feeling like I was punched in the stomach. I don't know what I could have possibly did. I didn't lift, didn't do any exercise or strain myself. Maybe the CG was too tight but it feels so sore in my midsection. Is this normal for being thee weeks out??

By the way, I can't stand my BB...is it...

By the way,

I can't stand my BB...is it supposed to look like an outie in an innie?
You do want to wait untill you are completely healed. You will have to let me know what your ps says.
According to the posting it works great to help round out your belly button. You take a clean marble, can use the smaller ones too, place it in your naval, tape it in place for about 20 minutes at a time, 1-2 to times per day, can increase to 4 hrs/day. Have to be careful to not over stretch the belly button. I am planning on trying it so I will see.
I've heard of that too. I guess I have to wait until it is completely healed first. I will ask my PS about it too. I don 't want to further mess it up. LOL

Doing better today. Still a little sore in my...

Doing better today. Still a little sore in my upper abs but it's not as bad as it was. I'm coming to terms with my BB...but I still do not like it. When I go to see my PS I will see what he says.

On another note, I'm expecting my period any time now. Did you ladies experience alot of swelling when it came. I always got swollen before and looked preggo because of my abs being distended but now I'm not sure what to expect. I got no
PMS symptoms at all this month so maybe this TT was a godsend on another level too...one can only hope. LOL

Ugh...first day of of my period since my TT. No...

Ugh...first day of of my period since my TT. No wonder I was so swollen. Luckily the pain meds are helping with the cramps.

More tired today, I guess since I have such a heavy period I'm weaker than usual. It's couch time for the next few days.

On another note, I tried on all my old shorts. I was trying to weed some out and to my amazement all but 3 fit. That makes me happy happy.
I am 5 days PO and I wish I looked half as good as you do. I look more like your before pics than someone who just had a TT. Happy healing.
Thanks for your posts, I am 44 days from my surgery and appreciate all the info I am learning from reading posts like yours. Amazing results, happy healing!
Yay. For shorts fitting. I can't really see Bb too clear but what i do see it look good to me. Hope u feel better

So, it's Monday and I'm almost 4 weeks PO. The...

So, it's Monday and I'm almost 4 weeks PO. The time really went by fast. At some points it dragged (when I couldn't get comfy or was in pain) but for the most part my recovery went pretty smooth. I was thankful I didn't have alot of swelling at all and am ale to wear pre TT clothes every day now, even during my period. That's a definate plus. I still get tired if I'm on my feet too long but as long as I take some sitting breaks, I'm good.

I am using the therapy oil daily and of course have my strips on 12 hours a day. I haven't seen much of a change yet but it's only been 2 weeks. Hopefully by June (vacation time) I will be good to go.

For all you ladies that asked...yes I am getting the marble for my BB...as soon as it's completely healed. It's about 90% at this point. Now, where do I buy 1 marble?? LOLOL

Happy healing ladies!

I'm attaching two new pics...one is a bathing suit...

I'm attaching two new pics...one is a bathing suit...my first two piece in over 20 years and the other is how my new BB is healing. I'm still on the fence about it. Please tell me what you think. Thanks ladies and please BE HONEST!
U look great!!!!! Congrats!!!!
I'm from the Houston area. I probably need to get the surgeon you had to do my tummy tuck.
You would love him, he's awesome!

4 weeks today...it has flown by! I am down to pre...

4 weeks today...it has flown by! I am down to pre pregnancy weight which is also an added bonus considering I haven't exercised hard core like I'm used to. Today is also the day my doc has cleared me for relations with my hubby. He can hardly wait LOLOL
you look great!!!

Here is a new pic on my BB...I think I need the...

Here is a new pic on my BB...I think I need the marble...hate the outie in an innie...what do you think?
I think you look amazing! Belly button and all!
Yes...wear that bikini, you look fabulous AllyinTX!
I personally think its to early to tell how your end result will be. It looks great and will more than likely shrink in time, mine did!

So, I read several posts about the marble trick. I...

So, I read several posts about the marble trick. I have been looking all over for a stinkin' marble...can't find any. I also read about PS suggestion at a silicone ear plug. That I had...so while I was sitting this morning, I cut it in half and used just the cylinder piece and taped it in. Most PS suggest 30 mins a day to a max of 4 hours. Within 20 minutes it was starting to change shape. I COULD NOT believe my eyes. I was stunned. I thought it would immediately bounce back when I took it out but it didn't. I went to lunch with hubby and even showed him the progression and he was like "wow". When I came home 2 hours later I did see it recede a little but not much. I figure if I do this a little each day til it completely changes the way I like that would be great. I'm going to take new pics so you can see the difference...it's simply amazing.

Also, I thought I'd also mention that Arnica Montana is supurb. I reado so many stories about this little gem and how it helps with soreness and pain but was skeptical. This is only my 2nd day I and I feel amazing. I was even able to sleep in my bed for the WHOLE night. I haven't been able to do that since before the surgery.

Your belly button looks just like mine did before I had kids. I miss that belly button so much.Have not seen it in 26 years. I hope mine looks like yours when this is all over.
Where do you get the silicone plugs? I have those ear plugs that you squeeze to make small to fit in your ear and then they bounce back to shape. I have to tape it into my BB and a lot of times I end up moving it out while putting my corset on. Not sure if the kind I have is the silicone kind.
Yes, you can use them if you like. I got mine at Walgreens or you can order some on Amazon. I cut my ear plug so it fits in more secure.

I will be 5 weeks PO tomorrow and in the...

I will be 5 weeks PO tomorrow and in the homestretch of my recovery. Mind you, I know recovery will go on for up to a year but I'm referring to the compression garment. One more week and it comes off for good. I feel so good. and even lost weight since my surgery. I didn't know it was possible considering I'm hardly working out these days. I always ate right so I guess that helps.

I'm still taking the Arnica and using the oil and scaraway everyday. My incision looks fabulous. No swelling with the daily bromelain I'm eating and size 6 and 8 are my normal size now. How nice it feels to not have to tuck in my pooch anymore.

I haven't really told anyone about my surgery and haven't seen any family since. This weekend I'm throwing a party for my husband so I'll be curious if anyone sees any change in me.

Next week is my after pics at my PS. I will post as soon as I get them. Have a good day ladies and let me know if this review has been helpful by clicking on the thank you button. Thanks and have a wonderful day fellow RealSelfers :))
i will deff try that marble trick i want a more round bb..glad its working 4 ya!!
I cant wait to see the after pics from the ps how exciting! It is going to be such a wonderful difference:)
You look fantastic! I am 1 week post op today, feel pretty good except for the tightness. I have been using a heating pad and it seems to help with stiffness. Just be careful it's not too hot! Happy healing!!!

Today is my 6 week PO appt with my PS. I am...

Today is my 6 week PO appt with my PS. I am supposed to take the "after" pics. I don't know why I'm nervous about it. I just hope they look good. LOL

I feel otherwise ok. I get twinges of pain and stiffness every now and again but I'm about 90 percent back to normal. My BB is still healing and the "marble trick" doesn't work as good as I'd hoped. I started with an ear pluf but I felt like it didn't have enough pressure to stay i n place and do it's job. The marble did work well but as soon as I took it out it would revert back to it's original shape. I'll see what my PS says is the best course of action. If it stays an outtie in an innie that's not the worst thing in the world. I also have a dog ear on one side but I know he will make me wait on that.

I will post the after pics as soon as I get them. Have a good day ladies!

I just got home from my 6 week check up. My PS was...

I just got home from my 6 week check up. My PS was equally unhappy with my outie in an innie. He told me to wait until I'm 3 months out and then he will trim the excess skin in my BB. He said it was due to my hernia and the skin being so thin. He said it's no biggie and I'm not really worried about it. He also said he will trim my dog ear which to me is nothing but he's a perfectionist. This is why I chose him to begin with. All in all I lost 3 inches on my waist and have been cleared to exercise minus core work. That will come when I'm fully healed. I will post more pics when they email me them.

Your tummy is so flat and beautiful:)   You should be very proud and happy.

thanks Kim...it's still hard to believe it's mine. LOL
Yes, you pics are great!

Some other pics posted, some graphic. I know it...

Some other pics posted, some graphic. I know it may seem intense but I think it will help educate some women to see what's actually involved. If this helps one person, I'm all for it. Please rate my review if you like :P
Yes ,I agree..I am glad toy posted the graphic photo as well!it gives us all good ideas of what is gonna happen to us and I like to be informed!
you really look great!! love the new pics!! i also like the "graphic" photo...it helps me remember to SLOW DOWN and take this healing thing slow...i feel so good now, that i am resuming my life at "almost" full speed but your graphic surgery photo is a wake up call to me that says..."remember, you just had major surgery! take it easy"....thanks for sharing
Glad to have helped sunny. This is the reason I posted it. If women can get over the shock value of it, they will hopefully do as you did...and stop rushing the recovery. :)

It's now 7 weeks PO and I'm feeling great. Minimal...

It's now 7 weeks PO and I'm feeling great. Minimal twinges in the ab area. No swelling at all, even when I was pmsing. What a difference tightening ab muscles make. I'm also started my workouts which kick my butt because I've slacked for the last 6 weeks.
I did buy a new bikini and was surprised that I didn't want to throw up when I saw myself in it. LOL I've lost a little weight and most of
my old clothes are in the back of the closet. Size 6 and 8 are my go to size which thrills me to pieces. This is definitely the best thing I ever did for myself.

You look absolutely fantastic!!! 

HI there, thanks so much for your great review, very helpful info and great pics..even the surgery ones! You look fantastic, you must be thrilled.
hey Ally! looking hot and ready for summer! are you with me when i say it was all worth it! im so thrilled with The new me!

What a bad week I'm having. As most of you know...

What a bad week I'm having. As most of you know when you have TT surgery that exercise must be ceased for 6 weeks. It has
been disastrous for me. I have a torn ACL and MCL ligaments in my knee from a fall years ago. The docs said I could have a limp for the rest of my life or I can take the bull by the horns and with lots of therapy and exercise get it to where I can live without pain. That is how I maintained exercise all these years, knowing it was a do or die kind of thing. Since having to cease exercise after TT surgery, it has been pretty tough on my knees. So this past week, I've attempted to get back into the groove albiet very slowly. It
has been hard getting to the level I was once on. Long story short, my knee gave out from being too weak. Now I feel like I'm right
back to when the accident happened. I'm layed up with a knee brace and walk with a limp again.I didn't even do anything to aggravate it, just moved the wrong way. So, who knows how long this recovery will take. Oooh, and just for some added enjoyment, I got a bladder infection so now on antibiotics.

Such a fun week.
So sorry about your knee. Hang in there. The good news is you look awesome!! I am loving the before and after pic.
thanks alot Kim.

My knee is slowing getting back to normal. I don't...

My knee is slowing getting back to normal. I don't know what happened but as quickly as it gave out it even quicker bounced back. My calves are paying the price though so they still hurt but that I can deal with.

This will be the first bathing suit weekend. I will try to get some pics taken. I can nervous and I'm sure I'll be very self conscious. In
Texas it'll be in the 90s so maybe I can even get a little color on these fair white bones of mine. LOL
Hi Ally, you look fantastic! Love the bilkini. I am 9 wks post and cant wait to go bikini shopping. Hope your knee feels better.
thanks Ana....it does feel better. I never got to go swimming so I will just have to debut it next time LOL
thanks Kay, how are you doing?

I'm almost at my goal weight...woot woot. I am...

I'm almost at my goal weight...woot woot. I am feeling great, knee is better and back to the gym! SO happy. New 2 month pics to come.
Ally, look at your abs!!! Thats amazing! You look so wonderful. Congratulations!!
You are looking so good Ally! You are totally rocking that swim suit! I hope you get to your goal weight but you look great right now!
you look awesome!

I went for my 3 month PO visit. Dr. says I look...

I went for my 3 month PO visit. Dr. says I look amazing and he was happy to see my abs muscles starting to emerge. Work outs are full on although I do feel some tightness and sensitivity from time to time. Anyway, here is a 3 month pic.
i'm getting close and just had to come back and see how great you look! It excites me!!! Can't wait to get back to working out and see some abs! =)
You look great! Congrats on the ab muscles. Hard work does in fact pay off!

I went in for my 4 month post op. I did notice an...

I went in for my 4 month post op. I did notice an M&M sized bump by my scar site. It's not red and doesn't hurt but I thought I should bring it up to him. He said it looked like a suture underneath that caused a little inflammation but totally normal. I am still planning on having him correct my dog ears at the 6 month visit and he said if it's still there he will take it out as well.

I feel good. Still sensitivity when I or anyone touches my mid section. Not a bad feeling just a feeling of sunburn or something similar to that.My belly button is slightly darker than my skin so my dr. gave me some bleaching cream for it. We will see if it works. I am still losing weight, or trying to and finally came to terms about donated all of my "pre-op" chubby clothes. Workouts are still kicking my butt and in another month, I will be 47...so yea, I think I look good for 47 LOL

Another piece of news. Since I had my hernia surgery along with the TT, my insurance paid for all but 85 dollars for the anesthesia. So, was nice to get 775.00 that I prepaid for the surgery.
Hi There! I'm just curious- are the "dog ear" revisions going to be covered since they are a revision? Or is that extra? I am in need of dog ear repair, tightening of the top part of my tummy, and fixing what looks like a belly button at the base of my arm pit (had an arm lift done). I know I'll need to discuss it with my doctor, but would like to know what the norm is. Thanks!
It is covered by the doctor. In his eyes, he's just making it "perfect". I don't know if that is every doctors philosophy though. :)
Fingers crossed that my doctor will have the same philosophy! :o) Thanks for your reply :o)

5 months out...I still feel tenderness whenever my...

5 months out...I still feel tenderness whenever my hubby touches my tummy. My belly button has gotten SO much better looking...it's flattened out considerably. No other news to report other than I go back in a few months to smooth out the dog ears...which is minimal. Still the best decision I ever made. Also, celebrated my 47th birthday and was feeling good :)
u look great. good luck with your revision
Those pictures are amazing! I freaked out at the skin but thought it was awesome too... so I couldn't look away! It's nice that you continue to update for us.

At my 6 month PO visit with my doctor, he will be...

At my 6 month PO visit with my doctor, he will be doing revisions on my dog ears. They are minor but I hate the look of them...and my doc is so fabulous, he wants me to look fabulous too. So happy with him and my surgery. My TT is still so amazing to me and after this brief healing (he says a week and minimal pain) I will be all set.
What is "dog ears" ??
Dog ears is when the skin gets pulled so tight by the hipbone that it leaves a pouch of skin that needs to be trimmed. It looks like a lil pointed dog ear on each side.

Well, I had my revision surgery yesterday and...

Well, I had my revision surgery yesterday and everything went fine. He fixed the dog ears but that extended my scar another inch on each side. He also used a
chemical peel on my belly button to lighten it up....it seems a darker skin tone than my tummy. I feel ok, still groggy from the anesthesia. I will post some pics when I'm able to climb the stairs. All in all, recovery is NOTHING compared to TT surgery so for that, I am grateful.
You look amazing! Thank you for your thorough reports - very helpful. I'm 5 weeks pre-op and gleaming as much information as I can.
Im fixing to get a tummy tuck and I have tricare and assigned Charles N. Verheyden, MD, PhD, FACS but i cant find none of the work he has done. Im worried.
Hello :). Thanks for the update. I'm getting a revision on my hip but I think it's local anesthesia. Did you have general anesthesia? I also have a darker pigment in my belly button. I hope all goes smooth with your recovery. Your last pic of your tummy is amazing :).
Dr. Feldman

I love Dr. Feldman and his entire staff. They made this process so much easier for me. I went to several PS for consults and he was the only one who made me feel at ease and gave me truthful expectations.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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