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10 weeks post op & feeling good!!! :)

I am a 40 yr old mother of 3, ages: 22, 19, &...

I am a 40 yr old mother of 3, ages: 22, 19, & 13. Most of the damage to my body was a result of my first pregnancy. I was only 17 at the time and was horrified by my post-baby belly. I was a size 4 with very loose skin that hung below my waist line. I've finally gotten the courage to have the surgery. I had a breast lift done in December and was very pleased with the results and how I was treated by my PS and his staff. They were wonderful and answered every question I had to prepare me for my surgery so it was a no brainer to return to him for my TT.

My surgery is scheduled for May 27th and I can't wait! Just 10 days away!!! I'm also having a Brazilian Butt Lift done at the same time, has anyone else done this at the same time as a TT?

I was told I would have to lay on my side to stay off my butt. I am worried about this because I've been reading the forums and have learned that most women can't lay on their sides after a TT. I'm afraid this will hurt quite a bit.

I'm mostly concerned about having to walk bent over. How long does that last? When will I be able to stand up straight again?

I'll post before pictures soon, I just have to get up the courage to take them first. lol

Nine days to go! My son came home from the...

Nine days to go! My son came home from the Airforce yesterday and I told him about my upcoming procedure, he is very supportive. I really lucked out with such a good kid! I'm still not sure what to tell my 13 yr. old to explain why Momma is walking bent over. Any advice? I don't wanna scare him.

Thank you all very much for your concerns. Looks...

Thank you all very much for your concerns. Looks like I'll be having another talk with my PS about this. I may have to give up on the BBL altogether then if that's the case, I want the tummy tuck more.
On Jan 10th of this year I had a full TT with muscle repair, and lipo. Girl, let me tell you.. I am 40.. and NO WAY will you be able to lay on your side. The only way I could sit or "lay" for 2 weeks was nearly sitting straight up, maybe 1-2 pillows behind my back. It was a couple of months before I could lay on either side. You will be MISERABLE if you do both of these at one time. And with the drain tubes you will come come with!!. I was sooo sore, I could not wipe my own butt for over 2 weeks. I would re-consider the BBL... I'd rather have a flat stomach, Buns of steele would come later for me! LOL. Hope everything goes well for you...it's a true experience!

Just a quick note to wish you much luck with your procedure. I am in the Houston area as well and will have my procedure done the day before you....I am actually having mine done in Katy. Please keep me posted on how you are doing!

Good Luck~

yes..you will be very uncomfortable, you should seriously put yr concerns of this to your ps..honestly you will not be able to lay on your side for a good while, the only way u can be comfortable after a tt is on yr back, this is worrying..please think about this.

Eight days to go! I'm really concerned about...

Eight days to go! I'm really concerned about having to walk bent over. How long does that last? When will I be able to stand up straight again?

Hi there,

From what I've read, you can expect to be a bit hunched over for two or three weeks, but it does improve! Please keep us posted. Looking forward to seeing those photos. :)

quote from my post op instructions.
we encourage you to mobilise gently 24 to 48 hrs after tt and slowley build up it is advisable to walk slightly bent (you dont have much choice in this one haha) for 7 days slightly bent at hips so as not to place tension on wound, after that gradualy straighten up.
I think that getting a tummy tuck is a good thing cause the only one that really know their body is the person who's getting it, especially us mom's that have a bulge or the sagging that won't go away no matter what.

6 days to go! I'm so excited, I can't...

6 days to go! I'm so excited, I can't believe this is actually happening!!! I have an appointment with my PS on Tuesday to further discuss my getting a BBL & a TT at the same time. I've been shopping for last minute items and getting things ready for the big day. I've been thinking about buying a walker to help me get around, I'm really afraid of getting a blood clot! Did anyone else get a walker? Did it help?
I still don't know :( I have an appt. to talk to my PS tomorrow. I'll post afterwards. Thank you for the walker advice. I just ordered one to be shipped overnight, I'll just donate it to charity after I'm done with it. :)
Hi mytummy,

The full TT costs $7700 and it was only $500 for the BBL since my TT included the cost of the liposuction so it didn't add much time to my surgery to do the fat injection to my bootie. The cost would have been $1000 but I got it half price because I was a return patient, he did my breast lift in December.

Thank you for the prayers! I'm so excited, just 4 days away!!!
Houston, I had a walker with wheels on it that my father had and it definitely helped me the first week when my back would start hurting from being hunched over. It helped take the strain/weight off my back, but I only needed it a few times a day for the first few days or so.

PS. what did you decide on the BBL?

3 days to go! Almost time!!! I had a visit...

3 days to go! Almost time!!!

I had a visit with my PS today and we had a long talk about my upcoming surgery. We discussed my having a full TT and BBL at the same time. He was honest and straight forward, didn't sugar coat a thing. He told me that it will be a more painful recovery if I chose to have a BBL at the same time as a TT. He said I would have to lay on my side where I will have stitches and that I would hurt. He wanted me to be fully aware of the decision I was making. He also told me I can change my mind as late as the day of my surgery before I go to sleep. But ultimately, it's my decision.

I've thought about it a lot and I decided that I want both. I'm going to be in pain for the next 2-4 weeks anyway, so why not get everything I want and heal from them all at once? I'm not the first woman to do these procedures at the same time. I found 2 on this website alone without even looking for them: http://www.realself.com/photo/266481?offset=64&topic_id=553 and http://www.realself.com/review/chicago-il-brazilian-butt-lift-tummy-tuck-worth-ityet (granted the second one didn't have a good experience, but I think that was because of her choice in PS).

Anyhow, the point is I've made up my mind and am doing both, I hope I get more support than ridicule. If not, I understand. I am going to continue to post my experience here because this is a diary of sorts for me and maybe it will help another woman make their decision if they are faced with the same choice.

Most likely I'll be posting just how much pain I am in and all of you can all tell me “I told you so” and I know I will deserve it. But please be kind, ultimately I am a woman, just like you, who has paid for an expensive procedure, just like you, and in pain because of it. And, also, just like you, I will heal and be happier with my body as a result of (or in spite of) my pain.

2 days to go now! I think I'm all ready,...

2 days to go now! I think I'm all ready, laundry is done, house is relatively clean, I've purchased everything I can think of to help with the recovery. My walker just got delivered. I don't know what else to do with myself. I'm just so excited!!!

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm so very nervous...

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm so very nervous and excited at the same time. I don't think I'll get any sleep tonight and I have to check in at 6:00 am! Well, I guess I'll catch up on my sleep tomorrow.

How soon after surgery did you ladies get up and walk around? How often should I be walking? I'm so very afraid of getting a blood clot, but at the same time I don't want to over do it and end up doing more harm than good. Please, please advise!

Sending good thoughts your way for tomorrow:)


It's the end of the first day and I'm...

It's the end of the first day and I'm feeling good! I thought it would hurt laying on my side but it doesn't at all - yay!!!

The only time I feel pain is when I stand up for walks but even then, once I'm up it hurts very little. My walker is a god send!

Well I'm off you bed. Good night everyone. :)

Well day 2 is just as wonderful ;) I'm still...

Well day 2 is just as wonderful ;) I'm still waiting for the real pain to start but it hasn't yet.

I feel so wonderful that I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I hope you all are recovering just as easily!x
so glad that its all turned out for you and you are in not too much discomfort sleeping on your side..you must have a high pain threshold as i cant even sleep fully on my side five weeks on haha...ima wuss lol. anyway so glad that you are doing good...and remember we are all in this together to support each other and care hugs x

Post op day 3 and everything is going wondrful and...

Post op day 3 and everything is going wondrful and then bam! My period starts :( I had to give my husband crash course in putting on a pad (was too scared to let him try a tampon!) lol
congratulation.you v been really a brave girl and had high spirit.. You will pass this and enjoy your new body and will soon believe that this is the way it should always be, and not even remember how it was:),,..just please be very gentle and careful with your self specially when you think that u feel great and you can do any thing,,,that s when all drama happens!!!!..just think its 3weeks or 4weeks STILL ,and its too soon to do what you think you can do.. an exercise for example.take your time to heal .. Good luck.
Thank you littleolwin! I do appreciate that very much !!! :)

Day 4 and I'm doing as well as can be expected...

Day 4 and I'm doing as well as can be expected. I take regular walks around the house and I have 2 wonderful men at home taking cate of me and my 13 yr old son. Life is perfect except one thing,,, I haven't had a BM in 4 days. Getting pretty worried about that. I've drank prune juice and tried exlax. Any one else have a idea I can try? Getting kinda worried now :(
Thank you Suzanaask! I really appreciate the kind words of encouragement. I hope you doing well yoo! :)

5 days post op and still no BM. I've tried...

5 days post op and still no BM. I've tried exlax and prune juice so far and nothing. I think I'm gonna call my PS tomorrow to see if there is anything he can prescribe. Other than that I'm healing perfectly. Laying on my side still doesn't hurt (thank goodness for that) and I've gotten used to letting others do things for me. I hope all of you are healing as well! :)
Hi stir crazy :)

I've actually given up on leaving the house until my drains are out. My PS said that should be another week for me. The walker was my husbands idea and it was the smartest purchase I made! I'm not having back aches like other ladies have reported.

Have fun at the wedding and be careful dancing :)
Thanks. And good luck in your healing process.
Hi we had our surgeries on the same day and have a few similar issues. I am 47, my kids are 7, 16, 18 & 21. All natural births no c section so I am blown away by the size of this scare. I had a TT for loss skin and a tumor the size of a grape fruit inside my back shoulder muscle removed at the same time. Similar to your sitting problem I was afraid I would not be able to lie down. But with lots of pillow propping it is working out. I also had same issue with the bowl movement but finally went yesterday. My doctor said this is pretty normal for all types of surgeries. It is related to body stress. Brilliant idea on the walker - wish I had thought of that one! How are you doing with the ports? I had one removed yesterday and two are still in and draining. I heard the longer they are in the speedier the recovery. Funny - I thought I was going to control this entire process, blow straight through recovery and be back to work last Monday. For the lady that went shopping the day after child birth - boy was I wrong. I have a wedding on Saturday and I am trying to figure out how I can appear perfectly normal. Will we ever wear bikinis again?

1 week post op updates: after having had a TT and...

1 week post op updates: after having had a TT and BBL at the same time I'm in surprisingly little pain. I have to lay on my sides because of the BBL which was slightly uncomfortable the first night but has caused no pain since. In fact the only pain I feel is in my back if I walk without the aid of my walker and from my liposuction areas. Mostly in my thighs when I have to stand up or sit down.

Laying around all day is getting old, too! I can't sit on my bottom because of the BBL and I can't stand straight up without pain because of the TT. Aaaaarg!!!

I feel like such a burden on my family even though they tell me everyday that I'm not. I know in a month this will all be worth it but I'm not feeling it today.

I do have before and after pictures to post I just have to wait until I have the energy to stand long enough to do it.

Hugs for now!

I'm finally sitting upright (with a pillow...

I'm finally sitting upright (with a pillow folded under my thighs so my bootie isn't touching the chair) so I can now post some pictures. I'm already swelling so you can't see the results of the liposuction yet. My PS said it may take 2-3 months to see the full results so for now no girly figure. :( So my pictures are pre surgery, 5 days after surgery and 8 days after surgery. I also had a BBL and I asked my PS not to go too big, I just wanted a little something back there, I'm really pleased with the results, what do you think? :)

the whole thing is so unbelievably tough and would any of us have gone through it if we really knew what we were in for. I can;t even imagine ever having sex again - it's alls o crazy. the blues are THE worst

12 days post op and I want these drains out!!! I...

12 days post op and I want these drains out!!! I can only lay on my side because of my BBL so instead of letting my drains rest on my belly they are hanging off my belly and it's painful. :(

At the same time I'm scared of having them taken out too soon then I'll have to go back to my PS to have him drain my belly with a huge needle.

On top of this I'm swelling up now!

I can't wait for all this to be over so I can feel normal again!
Hey Houston...how's it going now? Drains out yet? Just checking in to see how you are doing and make sure you are surviving the heatwave we are having!

I GOT MY DRAINS OUT!!! !!! It felt so...



It felt so weird like snakes slithering down the inside of my body. They didn't hurt coming out but I have a dull pain now (I got them out 1 hr ago).

I'm so happy, this is one step closer to normal.
Yes, the drains are out! Yay me! I just had first shower without the drains and it was fabulous!

Your pictures look good, too! Your belly button looks so cute! Mine isn't as tiny as yours is but I still love my new belly! lol
You finally got your drains out?! You must feel great! I am so happy for you! Your pics look beautiful!
Thank you 45isnew25! Your pictures look so good! I can't wait to get my stitches out, that's next week for me.

And I seriously hope all areas put a firework ban. I cant believe anyone would be stupid enough to do that!

18 days post op and I'm in more pain than day...

18 days post op and I'm in more pain than day one. Ever since I got my drains taken out it started with a dull pain an hour after they came out then it kept getting worse. Laying down hurts, standing up hurts and is tiring. I'm almost out of pain pills and I don't know what to do!

I have an appointment with my PS in 2 days and I'm hoping he'll know what to do, but right now I have my doubts. I'm so unhappy right now. :(
Thank you ladies for your advice. I called my PS today but they are totally booked. Looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow after all. At least my appt is at 8:45 am so I won't have to wait all day.
Houston, don't wait for 2 days, get in to your ps NOW! And get another scrip for pain meds if you need them.
Call your dr right away and tell him about your pains,,always keep him updated and dont be shy ..he will advice you wt to do and take, its normal i think to start to feel the pain ( it was about time :)) your body is starting to realize wt it passed through,and getting back to its routine ..be well and take care dear..

Well now I feel stupid. I thought once my drains...

Well now I feel stupid. I thought once my drains were out I could exercise more so I did alot of walking. Basically I overdid it so the pain was my own fault. *blush*

So I was sent home with a new prescription for pain meds and orders to slow down.

I also got my stitches taken out so it's one more step towards normal. Yay me!!!
Yes, definitely wait till your PS tells you it's ok to work out. I was literally in tears with pain but still walking around like a dummy thinking exercising was helping not hurting.
So glad I read your post today. I am 3 weeks today and was thinking to myself that tomorrow, I am gonna up my activity and start pushing a bit harder, maybe go for a longer faster walk . Oh no not anymore, I will wait a bit longer just to be on the safe side.

Almost 4 weeks post op and I've gotten an...

Almost 4 weeks post op and I've gotten an infection. I was standing up and touched the side of my dress and was surprised to find it wet so we lifted the skirt to find the compression garment was even more wet. So we undressed me to see that on my side where my stitches were was draining, alot. My husband pressed on it and it drained even more.

We called my PS and he called in a prescription for antibiotics and instructions to come in first thing on the morning. My PS is shocked to see me form an infection this far post op. He said this sort of infection usually only happens in week one.

Now my husband has to clean the site twice a day and pack the hole in with gauze. Literally push gauze into the hole packing it in. My PS wants it to heal from the inside out. So my husband now has to do this for about the next 4 weeks depending on how I heal.

I'm so unhappy right now I'm crying

The infection is gone now, thank god! There is no longer any draining - yay!

Now it's a waiting game for the hole to heal. It's 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch deep. My PS said just one more week of packing then he will seal it either with surgical tape or stitches depending on how it looks then.

I am feeling better though. Thank you so much for your comments! :) they mean alot to me. Thank you, thank you!!!
Just wanting to see how you are feeling now. Is the infection better? Hope things are much better now.
just read your post about getting an infection. dont worry too much it will heal, i had the same thing around four weeks but my ps decided to give me six stitches so i have been spared the packing. i am now nearly ten weeks out and have now had the stitches out and it is healing nicely, just got a couple of scabs..honestly dont worry it will all turn out it just means longer healing time which is a pain i know, but hang in there.

7 weeks post op: Well I went to see my PS for a...

7 weeks post op: Well I went to see my PS for a follow up. The hole isn't ready to be stitched yet so still packing it in. :(

On top of that the other side has formed an infection! So now we have to pack that side, too. Aarrg!

I just keep telling myself it will all be ok. It's just a delay and nothing more. Besides, the rest of the scar is healing beautifully! :)

It will all be ok.
It will all be ok...

I want to share a cute story with you ladies...

I want to share a cute story with you ladies :)

When I came home after my surgery my 13 yr old son was alarmed to see me in so much pain! I tried to explain to him that I had some muscled repaired in my tummy and the PS made my belly prettier. Not sure he understood but he accepted that story.

But seeing me in so much pain made him desperate to help any way that he could so I hired myself a new nurse: HIM! :)

We agreed on $5 a day for my care (he had been saving up for a new video game so he was excited about this!)

That was the best decision I made! My water glass is always full with fresh ice water, he brings me all my Meds on time, helps me sit up, makes most of my meals, tucks my blanket in around me when he thinks I'm napping... Just the best nurse ever!

I didn't allow him to do all the gross stuff like redressing my bandages or dealing with the drains, my husband did all that. But my son did offer to do that, too! Bless his heart :)

I feel like the luckiest mom ever! I'm no longer bummed about my infections now after writing this. I guess it is good to count your blessings! :)
One hip is healing beautifully, the other side not so much. My PS says he sees improvement, but I don't yet. I'm suprisingly not depressed about it, though. This site and kind words from ladies like you, helenes, keep me going. :)

We really are lucky to have this website! :)
great! glad you feel ok!
How's the infection healing??

Adding 10 weeks pictures. I still have the open...

Adding 10 weeks pictures. I still have the open wounds on my hips from the infections but other than that my scar line is looking pretty good! :)
Looks great! You say there is an infection on both sides now, did it appear as a result of your incision opening up? Was it because of too much activity too soon?
I too had some setbacks so I understand but we still look hot!
plus ur son is so sweet i wish i could get this help from my kids after recovery? my husbend he is supporting me but i always have to hear negative comments from other people , but oh well its my decision and im gonna do it
Dr Todd W Adam

My PC and hi staff were very wonderful. Answered all of my questions and concerns. This is my second plastic surgery with Dr. Adam and if I need another I'm definitely going back to him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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