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My First Time Filler Under Eyes is Artefill - Houston, TX

I am middle 40's. I have always taken care of...

I am middle 40's. I have always taken care of my skin by taking lots of B complex vitamins, and all other vitamins for skin, especially vitamin C which promotes collagen. I never go in the Sun, and always wear powerful sun screen for the most minimal exposure. So I never needed collagen or botox. In the last year I just felt that my eyes were looking tired. The first thing I did 6 months ago was CO2 laser resurfacing (my story and pics are on Real Self) and I loved the results, except that it did not tighten the sunken in area of my lower lids from the nose to the center of my lower eye. This area greatly bothered me. I felt I would look much more awake and youthful if I could only fix that sunken in area. The rest of my eyes were acceptable to me. So I logged onto Real Self and asked some doctors how to correct this and they all said that filler was the way to do this.

I know some doctors cautioned about getting fillers that are too thick for the thin skin area under the eyes, but I had heard Artefill, though thick, lasted 5 yrs or permanent and that greatly appealed to me rather than going back every year for other fillers.

I was willing to take the chance that it might be too thick. I also researched on Real Self the fact that if Artefill is injected and overfilled that it can be massaged immediately after to disperse the overfill.

I had never had a single filler or botox around my eyes so I did not know what to expect at all. I imagined slight bruises and that I'd look okay to go to work the same day.

Holy crap, not so! I went to a houston clinic that I was giving a second chance before I judged whether I'd return there again. My appt was at 11:30 am. I drove from Galveston, Texas to SW Houston. When I got there the staff seemed unprepared. I am not exaggerating that they took me into a room and told me to get comfortable and then came in 3 more times and asked me to move to another room so they could do other pts. The problem was that that clinic location did not have Artefill in stock and had to drive to the Galleria location to pick it up. Finally in the last room they put lidocaine around my eyes and let it soak in.

The doctor finally knocked on the door and came in telling outright that Artefill is permanent, and if I do not like it he can not take it out. I will be stuck with my decision. Otherwise it's a good filler, but he'd have to go deep into the tissue because the lower lid skin is very thin and Artefill is very thick. Then he started telling me about the fact that 80% of the filler will eventually be absorbed by my body, then the 20% of microbeads in Artefill is what continues to build collagen. So I might see swelling then actual decreased volume, but in 3 months I will see the greatest results... So then I started feeling greatly confused. I started wondering if he was saying the filler might decrease in volume enough that it wouldn't look like I got anything done ... was he saying Artefill disappears and my $600 injection per eye = $1,200 was going to decrease a lot or a little? I know regular fillers are immediate and last for 6 months to a year pretty much keeping their volume. I had read that Artefill is great and last 5 yrs so I had to shake off what he was saying as me just misinterpreting what he was explaining and tell him to go ahead and do it. He explained that this is a different filler and so on. I was there and ready and told him to just go for it.

On the first eye he hit a blood vessel and that eye swelled greatly. Then the other eye seemed to go smoothly. When he handed me the mirror I was greatly horrified. I had assumed filler injections around the eyes would be so mild that I could just dab on a little cover over minimal bruises and leave better looking than before. Oh, crap was I wrong. My eyes were so violently swollen and asymmetrical that I didn't even trust that he injected the eyes evenly.

(I had gone to the same doctor 3 years ago and bought 3 syringes of Perlane for the commas around my mouth and one side was flat and one side didn't look adequately filled. I left with an uneven face. I didn't know if this was because of his skill or because everyone's face is slighly asymmetrical and perhaps I needed more filler on that other side. I kind of expect that a skilled doctor can analyze that and fill accordingly. I didn't blame the doctor then. I didn't feel happy with the result. I'm not a complainer, and maybe it was just my face. So I came back to the same clinic 3 yrs later for Artefill because most other clinics do not sell Artefill anymore. I would give the clinic the benefit of doubt, and try them again.)

After I saw the swollen uneven distorted condition of my eyes, I told the doctor that this happened last time I came, and I felt unhappy leaving uneven, and now I was scared that this might be the result of the physician and I asked him to come back in the room, but he seemed unconcerned. He said sometimes this happens, and lots of pts think that the injection was not done right because of swelling...and sometimes hitting a blood vessel is just something that happens. He said to let him know how I am doing in 3 months and walked out.

The filler looked so uneven I started to massage the overfilled swollen one immediately. I applied pressure to disperse any overfill and kept massaging it for 72 hours and now it's starting to even out. I've been putting warm compresses on it for 20 minutes 3 times per day and doing light circular massage to help the bruising.

Maybe the physician is correct. Maybe this is normal or one of the hazards. I am glad to see that since my massaging and warm compresses it is turning out just fine, like the physician said it would. So maybe I should not blame this on the physician's skill. I just want readers to know exactly what can happen, and what to do if they feel their is overfill. You must massage it immediately. If you wait weeks, a month or two it will already be set.

It's day 5 and I had to return to work again...

It's day 5 and I had to return to work again with black shiner's around my eyes. Now the bruising is black and green so everyone at the hospital where I work kept asking if I was okay. Yep, just vanity gone wrong:) The swelling has evened out, but I bet it would not have had I not read on Real Self to massage the uneven overfill. I still am not certain if I should have massaged it or just left it alone, but one can see the ridges of the Artefill, and it did not look even and it did look bumpy, so massaging it evenly dispersed it. I think it was helpful info.

Having no prior experience in eye fillers I had no idea, but now I know what is involved. Be prepared that you might have some downtime.

I'll post some pics after the bruising heals.


I'm sorry to hear what you have gone through, but I agree with Dr Pearson, I too am glad you let the community know. Thanks for the pictures so far and yes please do keep us updated to how the healing goes.

Thanks so much!


Thanks Britt, I think it is important to let people know. I am not certain if I should have massaged the filler...but I swear I left there really uneven and got scared so I had read on your site Real Self that the overfill or incorrect filler can be massaged if done early, so I did. Maybe I pushed the filler away, maybe it helped they are looking more even, still bruised, and disappointingly not completely filled in places. As I said above I hope the micro beads do their job and start plumping. I'll post pics of up to how long it take for bruising to heal about 10 days, then the 3 month to see if Artefill did anything. I appreciate your concern.
Sorry to hear of your experience but I'm glad you're letting people know about it. This Dr. Keshwani, however, is trained in Family Practice... not Dermatology, Facial Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery or Oculoplastics.

Because of the permanent nature of Artefill (the PMMA microspheres are permanent), I think it's important that patients seek treatment only from "core trained" physicians (i.e., the four specialties I listed above) and not family docs.

I hope you continue to heal and with luck you may end up looking just fine. Thanks for sharing your experience.


It's day 7 and I only see minimal plumping...

It's day 7 and I only see minimal plumping effect from the Artefill. My bruising is healing, and at least I'm not permanently damaged. Maybe this is the deflation that the doctor told me. If it is it is so different than other fillers that stay plumped. Hopefully those micro beads in Artefill will fill in the rest of the indentions, otherwise I have to pay to get another filler. I'll post up to day 10. Then post a pic at 3 months. To show readers if any improvement happens. I hope I can wait that long before wanting to run to the nearest real cosmetic surgeon and get another filler. I wanted smooth flatness under my eyes. This is not that.

My first ever injectable, which was Radiesse, led to extreme bruising on one side of my face from my cheek down towards the corner of my mouth. It was rather frightening! Some people are more vascular than others, and, of course - I'm assuming there's always a risk of bruising when having a needle in the face. All in all, over a period of a couple months - the discoloration disappeared 100%. The effects were really nice looking - and had lasted for more than two years. Hang in there!

I had high hopes for Artefill, but feel let down. ...

I had high hopes for Artefill, but feel let down. I don't know if my lack of results was the product or doctor's skills? The bruising healed within 12 days but the product deflated as if nothing was ever injected. $1,200 wasted.
I have to wonder if this is what the doctor meant when he told me that I would see a deflation of product? Then he said in about 3 months the micro beads will plump up. Who the heck wants to wait 3 months. I really really wonder and want to ask Doctors if they use Artefill and if they see the product disappear within 10-12 days? If they see tangible improvement over a couple of months or is this hogwash? (Sorry I have not posted more pics. I took them each day of healing and deflation, and have to download them. My computer was in the shop getting repairs.) Now I have to definitely say not worth it, I am suspicious that the doctor didn't have the product upon my arrival, and had to go retrieve some and I really really wonder if he actually injected Artefill. If so the product didn't work on me. I believe that I could have gotten the bruising no matter what filler I used. That is one of the hazards of injecting anywhere. I am just shaking my head in disbelief that my whole $1,200 went for no result at all. It is as if I did nothing at all! If you are planning on any filler what so ever you need to give yourself at least 10-15 days of healing just in case you end up bruising. After experiencing this I could never ever believe in those "Lunch time beauty treatments" where some doctors advertise you can go in at lunch time and come out looking refreshed and beautiful ready to go. UMMMMMMM NO.

WOW - I have to say that my experience in Denver, Colorado at Dr. Ben Lee ( Plastic Surgery office ) was the complete opposite of what "T in Texas" experienced!!
I am in my late 40's and have done Botox, Restylane and Juvederm for years and have spent thousands of dollars so I wanted to try something more long lasting.
I looked online in the Denver, Colorado area for a good place to go and for a long lasting filler (for my smile lines and under my eyes. I found a website for a Plastic Surgeon I had a consultation with one of his nurses "Kathleen". I was totally impressed with the information I recieved, she took time explaining what it is and how it works differently from other products I had used before and what to expect during the "process". She listened to what I wanted, showed me lots of their before and after photos and talked to me about what to expect, like that was important to avoid asprin, vitamin E, alcohol and any sort of blood thinner for a few weeks before I came back for my appointment (no one really explained that before that these things could make bruises worse so I appreciated that she let me know). I was told that that under the eye is usually a spot that will bruise "no mater what" because of the veins under the thin skin and to expect swelling and brusing and to not plan any social activities for awhile after the appointment. She also recommended me to start taking Arnica Montana tablets a few days before I came in for the Artefill.
I was told that the Artefill is a filler that is very "advanced and responds differently from Restylane and Juvederm and only really experienced injectors at a Plastic Surgery or Dermatology office should inject it", and that it takes a few appointments over several months to get the best result, which is really different from the old fillers I had done before. She told me it is government (FDA) approved for the smile lines only but she and Dr. Ben Lee had done alot of people with it under the eyes and her own looked awesome from the Artefill Dr. Lee did. It looked smooth and did not look lumpy or too puffy under her eyes like mine did from the Restylane I had done at a med spa a few years ago. So I decided I had to have mine done as soon as possible!
I had my skin test done that day and then made an appointment for a month later to have the treatment done. Since she checked the skin test and it was fine I had 2 tubes of Artefill put in and was totally amazed with how it looked! I was glad she told me to stop taking my vitamins and other medication since I only got a small bruse under my right eye but it healed up in no time. I have had much worse bruising and a lot of swelling and lumpiness from Restylane from another doctor. It seems like her technique was more gentle and she had a lot of experience doing it - so I was totally comfortable in her office from the very beginning. She gave me some Arnica Montana gel to put on it and a ice pack after the injection which really helped.
I came back about a month later and had 2 more tubes put in and totally love my look and though I know nothing last forever, I am so happy with how natural it looks since I had it done by Kathleen 9 months ago, I am planning to go in and have her do more as soon as I can! Its been about a year now and even though it costs a little more it is totally worth it to me. I hope women in Denver will give it a try!!
See...so many people just like you said they had great results and I really really wanted that. This is why I am now wondering if the doctor even used actual Artefill. I did not see the packaging. I can not imagine that my skin would just eat up the collagen within 12 days, but it did. If...the doctor did use Artefill, my body just disposed of it. The only way I would do Artefill again is if someone offered me a free trial. That's probably not gonna happen so I'm saving right now for something thick and lasting. Perlane worked really great. I had it done 3 yrs ago in my comma's around my mouth and it seems like it's still there even now. I hardly see any lines there. I really wanted the Artefill to work. I had told several friends about it, and then I had to go back to work with the black eye and no results, and the loss of $1,200. I liked the part about you being in Denver even more! Oh my gosh I went to Colorado for the 1st time New Years to Beaver Creek Colorado and was so awestruck by Colorado that I am saving to move there in one or two years and I wanted to look really good before I move there. I googled several towns near Beaver Creek and decided I love the Rocky Mountain area the most, like Estes Park Colorado. I wanted to move there and look and feel spectacular. I still have some work to do. I am so glad the product worked for you.
If you come to Colorado you totally need to get an appointment with Dr. Ben Lee's office, they are awesome and Kathleen the nurse is artistic and great! She can fix anything and get on the right path to what you want. I can get you the office number if you want.
BTW love love love, Beaver Creek and Vail it has been a beautiful summer - so green! cant wait for fall in the Rocky Mountains!

Okay...one month has passed since my first time...

Okay...one month has passed since my first time injection. The results are not impressive. I have a permanent blue mark under one eye. Perhaps the product or the blood vessel that died when accidently injected. Here are the one month photos: I wanted Artefill to fill my tear trough area. It didn't. That was one 0.8 cc syringe per eye.
You're not the only one who got absolutely no results from Artefill. See my several posts under the Artefill topic for my sad details.
I read your posts, and the doctors who commented on yours. I do not think it's anything you or I did. I didn't even have deep lines. I think the product doesn't really work or live up to it's promises. There may be a few rare people who react to it. i recently heart of a product called Silicon 1000, which is a Silicon oil that is permanent. Anyone heard of this? If I can't try that, I'll stick with the thickest filler Perlane.
I agree with you. I had Artefill in my nasel folds (2 years ago), for the permenent reason as well and it was costly and it doesn't look like it did anything. Hopefully, the microspheres in the artefill that continue to promote collagen will be our plus.

Are you ready for my 3 month post Artefill...

Are you ready for my 3 month post Artefill injection photo where the doctor claimed I'd see the best result. There was absolutely no miraculous collagen building. My lower tear trough area still looks sunken in. And there is a permanent dark mark under the one eye in the crease where he injected. I've heard others say this happen to them too. I feel so disappointed. I really had high hopes for Artefill, and the product let me down and took my $1,200 and did nothing but bruise me and leave me with zero results. The other day I heard a commercial for another slow building filler named Scultra. The commercial said 'Sculptra builds collagen slowly because no one aged overnight and you wouldn't want to anti-age overnight...' Bullcrap! I want a filler that works immediately so I leave the dr. office looking years younger immediately. I'd never choose a slow acting filler ever again, or even believe in one. Not no, but heck no. I want to see the results for my money right in the dr's office and leave feeling beautiful and refreshed. Remember my dr told me that if I wait 3 months the micro crystals in Artefill will fill in the creases and continue to build collagen...Look at my 3 month photo below and look and the permanent dark mark in the injection crease. Not happy.
I currently have 8 syringes of Artefill in my face and LOVE it! 5 were placed about 10 weeks ago with 1/2 syringe placed under each eye. The last three were placed last week right before my Fractional C02 laser treatment (another 1/2 syringe under each eye) I am an RN Aesthetic Injector and where I work we ONLY inject Artefill under the eyes. Juvederm and other hyaluronic acids can pull in too much hydration and give a puffy look under the eyes whenever you retain fluid and can also give a Tyndal effect (blue streak). Artefill has none of these side effects. At our office we offer many things that cut down on bruising, nerve blocks with epi, ICE, blunt tip cannulas that push aside veins rather than piercing them! We often place a 5 pack of Artefill in a patient and end up with no bruising at all. It sounds like you may have gotten a bit of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) if you still have a bruise type discoloration on your skin a month or more out. A person with any ethnic color in their skin can get this reaction. Bottom line is, when anyone is looking to get Botox, fillers, laser…..when you go in for your consult, ask tons of questions, tell the injector what bothers you and ask for his/her opinion of how they would treat your concerns. Go with your gut, if they are not 100% patient with you and answering intelligently then walk away and keep looking. Our office has been injecting Artefill for 5 years, if you are going to get Artefill injected, go to a top selling office for Artefill, Artefill is best placed with a micro droplet technique which is truly an art form. It shouldn’t just be slammed in by someone who doesn’t use it on a weekly basis. I have had Juvederm and Radiesse in the past and I can honestly say that I have never had anything feel more natural than Artefill and at 48… my under eye area (along with the rest of my face) looks amazing : ) Also, to help cut down on and treat bruising, start taking Arnica and Bromelain tablets several days before your injections and for a week after. Traumeel cream is very helpful to put on bruises 2 to 3 times a day. Ask your Aesthetic office if they have a laser to treat your bruise…we do! Most people are going to want 1 to 3 treatments in the under eye area depending on age and how well your body builds around the spheres (the permanent aspect), it is considered the industry standard to only inject ½ syringe under each eye at a time and to wait 4-6 months for the next treatment. When you are satisfied, you should be happy for at least the next decade!
My thoughts as I read what you wrote were first that I could afford 8 syringes of any filler! The second interesting thing you said was that you got your undereyes filled just before your CO2 laser procedure...and this has been something I was toying around with, wanting to do a second Co2 around my eyes, but wondering if I should get a eye filler before or after the CO2 because such a procedure leads to a lot of lymphatic drainage and I'd hate to waste another filler. I'm glad Artefill worked for you. I really don't think I'd ever try it again. Some people just do not react to certain things and it seemed like the biggest waste of my life. I had a full syringe put under each eye and it deflated within 10-12 days and now 3 months later I've seen zero results. I think the only filler I'd ever trust again is Perlane because it's so thick. I only had one inject 3-4 yrs ago and still never needed a touch up around my mouth commas. That's great sustaining power. I'd try the new stuff called Silicon 1000 before I'd try Artefill again. The one and only way I'd try Artefill again is if someone did it for free. I didn't have good results and can't chance losing money again. I won't even consider Sculptra cause I want nothing that I have to wait for results for. I want immediate results.
Hi T - thanks for posting the update. I just tried Jouviderm under the eyes. All in all I'm happy and the circles under my eyes have lightened. It may be worth looking into...

My birthday is coming up on Oct 27th and there is...

My birthday is coming up on Oct 27th and there is an opening that day at the Cosmetic surgery clinic.I am going to UTMB (where I am employed) to a board certified plastic surgeon to get Juvaderm injected under my eyes. I'm getting a great price of $425 per 1cc syringe so I'm getting one per eye. No more trips to these special discount beauty clinics.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do the days before to prevent bruising. I must go to work the very next day. I'll post photos.

Note: I just got diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and can't take the usual vitamin C and am on a very bland diet. I can't take any supplement that irritates the stomach. I have vitamin E but some cosmetic procedures actually advise against taking it before procedures so I'm confused what to do to help minimize bruising. Can anyone offer advice. I know Juvaderm will fill in my tear troughs immediately, unlike my bad results of Artefill. This is my present to myself. I like to look my very best and I deserve a pick me up. I can hardly count down the days till the 27th. I do expect some bruising because the tear trough has a lot of blood vessels. I'll post results as soon as I get it done. Juvaderm might not last 5 yrs, but at least it will work for about a yr. I can live with that.
You must see my immediate results for Juvaderm Ultra and 20 units of Botox Special. No bruising immediate results. Great Spa. Look for my write up.

Months later, after no results from Artefill, I...

Months later, after no results from Artefill, I found a wonderful place called Oasis Spa in Webster, Texas owned by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Todd Adams and his wife.

There I got the most professional injection of both Juvaderm Ultra, Botox and Perlane and was very please with the result. To see this just click on the Blue "T in Texas" to read my other posts. Thank you.
WOW! I am so for all your horrible experiences. I have only gone to Hope Harris at Aegea Medi Spa in The Woodlands, who works with my plastic surgeon Dr Thomas Shannon. All have been extremely professional from consultant to follow-up. I met them in 2008 when Dr Shannon fixed a botched BA from another Dr. Hope has become a friend while resurfacing my face from old acne scars, refreshing my crowlines wrinkles with botox and getting ready now for my first Artefill. And I completely trust her. She has never let me walk out the door feeling insecure or ugly! I always feel like a beautiful new woman. With two new babies, in my mid-40s, she's a miracle worker!
i had a tiny amount of juvaderm done in serial puntures under my eyes almost a year ago, and the areas are still 'plump enough' that i don't need any more at this writing.
everything i've read says that the skin below the eyes is too thin for artefill. technically, it's only approved for the smile and marionette line areas, but doctors do use it in a lot of other places. it doesn't do any good to mention at this point, but for anyone else considering a filler below the eyes, actually any ha based filler would last along time there because the body makes new collagen, even with temporary ha -based fillers.
Dr. Keshwani, M.D. MedCure Anti-Aging

The staff @ Med Cure Anti Aging and Skin Care had my appt schedule weeks in advance, but didn't have my product in stock when I arrived. It was weird for them to keep shuffling me from room to room 3-4 times so they could do other pts. Dr. Naz. Keshwani did not seem concerned about my fears, he just did the procedure and spouted off a few replies and left the room. The told me let him know in 3 months how things go... He said his pts tell him he makes them beautiful. I told him I didn't feel beautiful leaving all swollen and asymmetrical, and how a pt feels is important. I said if this didn't come out even I may never return, but if it comes out okay I might just accept that I had no idea what to expect with no prior experience of fillers around my eyes. Maybe It will turn out okay. There was nothing discreet about this procedure. I could not hid the bruising or swelling with the thickest makeup.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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