Tummy Tuck with Barazilina Butt Lift on April 26 - Houston, TX

Hello real self,,im scheduled for tt with bbl on...

hello real self,,im scheduled for tt with bbl on april 26, ,,im 30 years old ,, i have three c-section ,and i was planning for another one but i decided to wait after doing the tt ,i asked my doctor ,she said as long u watch ur diet during ur pregnancy ,i don't need to do the tt again ,,so im not planning to have one within the next 5 years or so i weight 124 ,my height is 5.5 and i don't have any health problem ;)) i had scheduled my tt and my bbl in Dec 29 but my dad had stroke the day before and im glade my doctor understood every thing and told me when ever i feel im ready so i can scheduled my app again,she is very sweet. and being honest i was really scared to do the surgery and until now i keep thinking about it ,i dont have self confidence about the way i look ,my husband is supporting me cause he knows my life would change once i do it , my mom not really excited about it ,she don't want me to go through general anesthesia ,but at the end its my desition and i know what is the best for me. i was reading lots of stories about tt , i wish the pain would be less pain than c-section 26 more days and im so nervous ,,really scared ,i keep thinking about it the whole time , ,,the most thing im concerned about it is the general anesthesia ,,i never took it before,, i had local one during c section ,,,, i really wish im doing the right thing.

I heard about this maternity mattress that has a...

i heard about this maternity mattress that has a hole in the middle ,, i think it will be good idea to buy it so that way i could lay on my back and my side too ,, hope it work cause i know i will be so hard to keep laying on ur back the whole time
i had asked my doctor about it ,she said go head and buy but she never heard about it before ,,hope it works

I added some pic with my sexy stomach lol cant...

i added some pic with my sexy stomach lol
cant wait to get this surgery done ,,,13 more daysssssss

Still waiting for my Doc to come Hate being...

Still waiting for my Doc to come
Hate being waiting like that .. I'm allready stress out big time
Please keep me in ur prayer ... 30 more min ,, finally no more nightmare

Thanks to everyone who think about me Well start...

Thanks to everyone who think about me
Well start from the beginning
I went to the hospital at 6:00am they told me I have to arrive 2 hours before , the doc came into the room , I asked her so many question ( properly she got bored of me ) lol anyway , she start marking my body where she have to lipo the area and inject the fat in my butt , she couldn't tell how much she could inject until the surgery, they inject something on my iv and said that's going to relax u down and that was it lol
Then second thing I remember I was in my room , everything was good but sleeping on my side was not a joke ,,seriously when ppl say the first three days feels like hell,,they really mean it
Today is my 7 week and I'm doing much better can't wait for my drains to come out ,my doc told me I have to milk my drain twice aday and when I do it I could feel the precure from inside .
I was so happy to see my butt huge but now it's going away little by little ,,I'm expecting that ,,she could only inject 250 cc in each of my butt cheek,,my tummy is wonderful , I was able to stand up straight from the second day ;)
The thing I'm starting feeling so depressed ,being home at all the time is not something that woman wants to do ,,,two more weeks to go ,and I really don't know why when I want the days to fly fast it doesn't seem to be like it ,,but oh well I guess I just have to be patient ,,I'll post some pic as soon as I can today

I got my drains out yesterday woow I was so happy...

I got my drains out yesterday woow I was so happy
At the begining I was so scared to take them off ,, they said it hurts but it didn't hurt me abit ,, I sow my insision for the first time it's very low and I'm so happy about it
Im wearing dif garment now size small and it feels so tight
I could perly breath , I like the one that has zipper from the side u can control it when ever u want
I lost some volume in my butt allready but still I could see some change , hope it doesn't go smaller than now
Honestly the whole tt thing didn't not bother me or neither didn't feel pain at alllll
But sleeping in my side and can't sit until now what makes me feel week
I belive the tt is so worth it but the bbl is not worth all this unless u have enough fat ...
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ill post pic as soon as i can ,,and yes i did buy the bed but i didn't use it ,,it was just waste of money ,,its not comfortable what so ever ,,so its not recomanded
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Hi hope you are feeling better. Did you buy the bed and if so has it helped you?
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No I haven't found one yet I really want it done so bad... did you post pics? If so how do I see them?
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hi ,, she would give u 10% if u pay cash and u have to pay everything at once ,,it was lot of money but at the end its worth it ,,do u have any doc or u still looking around
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sorry i see the doc and cost. but did you have to pay for it all up front with like cash or like a payment plan, also how long was the process before you got it actually done
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Who was your doc and how much did you pay?
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I will thank u bigbooty
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;) lookin good chickie!!!!! I'm
Glad all went well!!! Keep us posted!!
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She said , she tried to get fat as much as she can , but seriousely I weight 125 because of my bone and I really belive that she couldn't do much
And yes I'm so happy with my flat tummy ,, never seen my tummy flat like this since I had kids ,actually I'm able to walk straight from the second day but now my drains are still in and it's bothering
T and what makes it worse that I'm getting my period soon ,,,I am not soo ready for that.
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Bigbooty,,thank u so much ,,btw I'm big fan of u ,,trust me I read all ur post and comment ,,sometimes I use to feel so bad for u and me because what ur going through and what I'm going to have lol
I lost kinda volume on my butt already it wasn't like before but I know it was only swelling ,and plus I didn't have enough fat ,she could inject 250 for each one if my butt cheek,,but at least I'm super happy with my tummy ,,it's flat and I really luv it
And to talk about the matirnity air matress ,,it's not worth the price ,,it's not comfy what so ever ,,and I don't thinkits even comfortable for pregnant woman too ,,so I'm glade u didn't buy it ,,
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Wow just looking at you, she could have given you more than 250cc. Why was she so cheap with the fat? Lovejoy and smaller than you and I was wondering where he was going to get the fat from and he gave her 1300cc. You are really not a big person but she could have given you more than that.
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Well Imani, I must admit, you look good. Your stomach is flat and it will get flatter as the swelling goes down. And you have a little booty business going on there lol lol
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250 in each huh? Hopefully most of that will stick around for you. Where did she lipo? I'm super happy that ur loving ur results from the tummy tuck!!! It's nice to feel n look flat isn't it?! Ur gonna look FAB in a few weeks when swelling subsides a little!!! =}
Post more pics!!!!!
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That's all she could get from me , she lipo my abdominal area and the sides which is I didn't have much ,, how many cc did ur doc inject into ur butt
I had an app with the doc , she told me ill see my final result for the next week . Is that right since ur expert now ;
And yes I'm so happy with my flat tummy
It's gonna take a while til the swelling go down but at least better than having saggy ugly loose skin ;))
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I'll post more pic soon thanks sexy
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I had 500 cc's in each side...Lipo from full tummy, lower back, upper back and a tiny bit from inner thighs..like 50 cc's from each leg. You should see ur final results on ur booty in 2-3 months. You're still subseptable to absorbing fat up until that time. I just got clearance to sit regularly today! Gezz took long enough!!! Lol
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Omg ur kidding me .. Lol
Well I dont think I will have anything left ouchhh
Are u going for 2 round ..
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Thank u uniquelynoone and candyp7 ,,
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Hope all went well!!! Cant wait to see some pics!! Be patient girl.....if you go back and read my posts...lol...you'll probably cringe...as I bitched, ALOT! LOL Use lots and lots of pillows to keep ur new bootie up and off the bed/couch!! Its tough...but you can do it!!!! :) xxoo
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Sending prayers and hugs
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Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon.
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Thanks ... I'm leaving the house in 15 min ,, going under at 8 ,, wish me luck guys
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Here you go girl!!! I'm thinking about you on your big day!!
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Gorgouse -DR- red head Thanks alot
My dad is doing much better but u know how it is
It's gonna take him a while , he can't move his right side and it's going tO be like that for his whOle Entire life , he needs phisical therapy .
Yay two more weeks , I hope I don't change my mind cause that's my third time rescaduling my surgery , I'm being a chiken lol
So many things in my mind woman , I'm very scared , nervouse , just wanna close my eyes and open them and baaaam it was just like dream lol but that's not gonna happen . So I'll keep dreaming until the day comes hehe
I'll keep u apdate ;)
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