Help! Getting Implants Removed and Have Blood Clotting Disorder -Houston, Texas

I am so disappointed! Due to my blood clotting...

I am so disappointed! Due to my blood clotting disorder, I can only have the implants drained and removed, and the capsules will have to stay in me. I have already been diagnosed with lupus and may have to go on chemo soon for it.,..I am so scared that I won't be able to fully recover due to not having everything removed. Has anyone else had the same situation? Has anyone left the capsules in and recovered? Please pray that I can make a full recovery, I have lost my career and years of being a healthy mommy to my 3 kids... I want to get better so bad.


Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your lupus and other health issues. Here's what some doctors say about removing the capsules. Hopefully it isn't necessary in your case and you will get better without that. Not having the implants in seems like it has got to help on its own. Please do keep us posted on how you're doing through this. Really feeling for you right now. Hugs!
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How did you know you had a blood clothing disease? My platelets have been elevated everytime I have blood drawn for the past few years.. I haven't been diagnosed with anything though
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I had a mild stroke and pulmonary embolisms and so they tested me for blood clotting disorders and found that I have factor five Leiden.

Surgery scheduled for the 24th! At the same time, going through more lupus testing

Well, I am excited, even though I will only have the implants removed due to my blood clotting disorder, I am still excited to begin a new, healthier life in only 14 more days. I am still wondering if there are any of you out there who did not have the capsules removed, but still experienced improved health. Have any of you been diagnosed with lupus?


I had my saline implants removed four months ago, but did not have the capsules removed, and I've had no problems with recovery whatsoever. The capsules consist of scar tissue that your body forms around the implants. Capsules form around any foreign object introduced into your body, and after the foreign object is removed, they become reabsorbed over time, unless they're particularly thick and/or calcified. Removal of the capsules causes significantly more pain, bleeding and a longer recovery than leaving them in, and for those reasons I specifically requested that my PS leave them in. I'm very happy with that decision, since I had a quick, virtually painless recovery with no problems. My breasts are soft and my body must have reabsorbed the capsules already because I don't feel them at all. I had the implants for 17 years, so you would think I would have thick, calcified capsules after all that time, but I didn't. Here are some PS's explaining why it's not essential to remove the capsules: Good luck!
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Did you have any autoimmune illness or any symptoms that you feel were related to your implants. If so, have you noticed any improvements with those? I am so hoping to feel better and have more energy after I get them out. Thank-you soooo much for sharing your story with me, this really helps encourage me a bunch. Only 8 more days until I get to experience it myself. Thank-you again
No, I didn't have any autoimmune illness or symptoms. I think that's more common with silicone implants and mine were saline. I do feel as though I have more energy, though.

2 days post op

Am feeling better, my head feels a lot more clear. Today was the first day that I got to really see my new ( or natural) breasts. They look kind of sunken in, I find that imam still not comfortable feeling them too much..still a
Little sore. All in all, I am pleased, still hoping that they fluff a little.


I hope you feel better soon. Most women say that they do fluff out. Hang in there!! I am pulling for you!!
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I also had some symptoms that matched lupus. I changed my diet - trying to follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program. The symptoms cleared up a couple months after that and have not returned, thankfully. If you check out his website, there are many testimonials of autoimmune disorders being resolved. I wish I had found out about him years ago. My capsules were thin and I chose to leave them in. I think if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, your body can take care of the rest now that the implants are out. I'm glad you're doing well. You have great results!
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