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I had my smart lipo performed today. But First I...

I had my smart lipo performed today. But First I must extend HUGE thank you to those who have shared before me because I was more prepared for this procedure than ever possible without you.

After seeing another local doctor and leaving in shock over the quoted price, I followed the referral of someone on this site and was told about another local doctor. After my consultation and subsequent fantastic quote, I was ready to go.

I went in for blood work about 2 weeks ago and was measured and consulted on all to be expected and I was again put at ease about this procedure. I weighted in at 138lbs and my height is 5'5". My age is 44.

I have always had a thin build but since I hit my 40's no matter what strict diet and rigorous exercise program I followed, the muffin top was not disappearing. Dr. Mac said this particular section (lower abs) is inherited and would never leave. Nice to know now!!

Anyway, I followed many other recommendations on here and started taking Arnica a week ago to help with the bruising and swelling. Also purchased some loose fitting clothing from Salvation Army for $6 so I could get them all stained with the blood tinge and discard them. Since I had refused to buy the next size up in my clothing - I had no loose clothing to wear.

I grabbed a bite to eat on my way to the office. I took my meds with me and I was given 2 tylenol with codeine (as I am allergic to vicodin) and 2 valium. Once they kicked in, I changed clothes into the office gown and was marked up by the doctor and pictures were taken. They took my vital signs and I was laid down on the table.

From the beginning of this procedure, until the very end I never experienced any pain or discomfort. It kind of had a funky strange feeling but nothing resembling pain. And when he finally got to the suction part, it tickled me so bad that I could not stop laughing the entire time. It was actually fun. Since your totally awake during the whole procedure, I had stimulating conversation with the doctor and the nurses which made it pass quickly and reduced anxiety.

Now, for the compression garment...I feel like I am wrapped up like a cannoli. It is a little difficult to get into and I have already had to change the maxi pads due to drainage. Remember, lots of drainage is very want as much out as possible.

My procedure started at 1 and I was out by 2:45. Though I must say this crotchless compression garment is a trip when you use the just is bizarre to use the restroom without pulling something down..LOL

I am able to walk around fine but I know I need to rest. I covered my car seats with a plastic table cloth and old towel but that really wasnt necessary. However I did the same thing for my bed and it is much needed as I am really draining.

It is 7:00 pm now and I am starting to feel some pain but not too much (yet).

I am already sick of laying on my back but I know I had better get used to it. I usually sleep on my stomach so this should be fun. I have some ambien on standby but I really hate to take that stuff. Especially since I am supposed to drink a lot of water and we all know what happens then!!

I hope to post pics when I have some available.

I will update you again tomorrow.

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DAY TWO: On a pain scale of 1-10; while laying in...

DAY TWO: On a pain scale of 1-10; while laying in bed=3; getting in and out of bed=8; once I am up and moving around=5.

I am glad that the doctor only made 2 incisions; each just above each side of c-section scar so I am able to sleep on my side.

I could probably get away with no pain meds but I am taking them because they help me rest.

Some swelling but no bruising (so far). I continue to take the Arnica to help with that. I am drinking lots of water so I am up and down a lot. I just took a shower and I have not really needed much help doing anything.

Washing the compression garment was irritating because hand washing does not get the blood tinge out of it (even with peroxide). I was told not to put it in the dryer so I pressed the water out with a big towel and now I am trying to utilize this Texas heat to hang dry the garment outside (probably as hot as the dryer though...hahaha)

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DAY 3: Spent most the night going to the bathroom...

DAY 3: Spent most the night going to the bathroom and dying of thirst but slept well between trips. My pain has almost completely gone. The only thing I am experiencing now is soreness from the swelling. I still have no bruising and my drainage has completely stopped. While I have gotten out of the house to run errands early, I am taking it easy for the most part.

I am taking daily pictures of my stomach however I don't have a before picture to compare it to so I hope the doctor will provide me one. I do have a picture of all the fat they sucked out but most people seem to not want to see you?

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DAY 4: No pain only a little soreness from the...

DAY 4: No pain only a little soreness from the mild swelling. I spent the day walking and shopping with no problem however I did take an Advil this morning. I slept on my stomach last night which was awesome but still I am so darn thirsty I can't seem to drink enough water so I did spend the evening with intermittent sleep and trips to the bathroom. I continue the Arnica, antibiotics but not the pain meds.

Now my abdomen is tender to touch and hard in some places and lumpy in others however I was told to expect this so I am not going to be concerned.


No I have my procedure this Friday! I'm going to take more rhe day I go in.
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ok...FYI......I started taking mine a week before my surgery (30ct x 5 pellets x 3 times a day) and it could be the reason why I have absolutely no bruising and very little swelling.
Well, I have been taking pictures everyday since I had it but I can't believe that I didn't take one before I went in. I have one another doctor took but it is at my office. I can post what pictures I have now but they are swollen and lumpy (which is to be expected). Have you been taking the Arnica?
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DAY SIX: for some reason I am feeling more...

DAY SIX: for some reason I am feeling more swollen and more sore than in previous days. I am having trouble sleeping at night and its making me cranky during the day. I am ready to be out of this first compression garment as the zipper is rubbing irritations on my flanks. Tomorrow is my first post op and I get another garment so hopefully it will be less irritating and a lot of questions and concerns will be addressed.

As for the appearance, still very tender (but no bruising), several lumps. I look very bloated which is attempting to discourage me but I am trying to resist. It is too early to judge as yet.

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DAY 7: my post op was today...gained a pound but...

DAY 7: my post op was today...gained a pound but I had just eaten lunch so maybe that was it. Got my new compression garment and I cant believe how tight this thing is but somehow I got into it. I like this garment much better because it is without the zipper and hooks. I am experiencing a bit of an itch and rash on my flanks which then nurse said treat with lotrimin and/or benedryl cream.

I was not happy when the nurse told me that people who are slender to begin with...experience swelling much worse and for much longer than heavier people.

I have just not felt well this week probably from not being able to fully sleep on my stomach all through the night and get a good nights rest (going to the restroom multiple times thru the night) and it is catching up with me. I am just dragging through the day with a struggle finding energy...almost mimicking depression.


What a difference time makes! Everyday I am feeling better & the compassion garment is a must! I put a very thin t-shirt underneath it as the side zippers were rubbing into my side incisions...ouch!
My Phase 2 undergarment was just ordered & that does not have side zippers.

I scheduled by next surgery, inner & out thighs...cannot wait! I'm having that done later this summer to give myself time to heal.
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Thanks! Good luck to you! You look great by the way.
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Hi! I had my surgery on the 7th & 10th. You are so right about the compression garment with the zippers; ouch on the side incisions! What I ended up doing was putting on a thin t-shirt on before putting on my compression garment & this has helped alot!

I am swollen & I feel hot to the touch in the areas I had my work done.

I am suppose to go back on the 25th of July for my inner & outer thighs, but I think I'm holding off until I heal a bit more, so I'm looking at end of August perhaps September. But not 100% sure on my decision, just hate being sore & swollen!
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WOW....had my first abdominal massage yesterday...

WOW....had my first abdominal massage yesterday and it was very painful and I had more than normal swelling that evening; however today I have had very little discomfort and swelling so it definitely is beneficial to get them often. I just booked 2 a week at 1/2 hour for now. The burning feeling during the massage is just too difficult to endure for an entire hour at this point in my recovery.


Thank you for the info, I had read that it was normal, but never talked with anyone that experienced the same thing. So thanks!
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I have a your skin smooth or do you feel bumps under your skin. Under my skin I feel lumps & bumps & I wanted to know if it's normal.
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well...because of that horrible burning sensation when I put pressure on my abs...I don't feel them much but as for the appearance...YES...I have lumps and bumps and I was told by my doctor this is VERY normal. The majority of lumps for me is in the lower abs (where I had the most fat). However, getting 2 massages per week have greatly improved the bumps and lumps but I occasionally ask the lady doing the massages what she feels so she can tell if she feels improvement. It is right at 23 days for me and I am just now starting to see improvement. it was very difficult for me to look at my abs until now because they were very ugly with the lumps and saggy skin (it almost made me cry how bad it looked). But I am working out again and my flanks are starting to look really good. I will post an updated picture this weekend.

I am right around week 7 and I feel the twice...

I am right around week 7 and I feel the twice weekly abdominal massages are helping tremendously. I have a few dimples on my lower ab and some loose skin but I am starting to see improvement in these areas. I no longer wear the compression garment while I sleep and it is just too irritating. The compression garment provided with my surgery causes a lot of skin irritations so I am pretty much only wearing Spanx during the day. The material is just so much more comfortable. I still feel the burning sensation at times and experience slight discomfort during massages. I only experience swelling occasionally but that has almost completely subsided as well. I can really see great definition in my flanks but I still have "hard" areas on each side of my flanks in identical positions and she is working on them with each massage. I am starting to feel better about my decision to have this surgery but it has been discouraging up until now with the dimples and loose skin. I am taking pictures regularly and will try to remember to upload the pictures soon.


Would you recommend this doctor, you say u are displeased with your results, is it due to the doctor?
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I would definitely recommend this doctor. I do not believe my results are due to anything he did or didn't do...
Hi, no...I continue to be displeased with my results. However, due to an medical issue, I have not been able to workout and have put on some weight. Believe or not, my stomach looks better now but there is no way I keep this weight on. I am about to start working out again. I am not willing to undergo touch up as I was told by the doctor I have to start back at the beginning of the process with the garments, swelling, etc. I will likely seek a mini-tummy tuck in the near future as many people who are extremely happy with this procedure also had that performed as well. I continue to have unsightly lumps. You can't see them from a distance but can up close (which is how I see them). I had no issues with swelling though...but I took a regular dose of the ARNICA which I believe helped tremendously. I hope you have better results.
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