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I went to consultation for smart lipo on my...

I went to consultation for smart lipo on my abdominal area and did my research and its funny when you look up Smart Lipo all you see is positive stuff and once something goes wrong all you see is negative. Well here is my story....

I am a fit 30 yr old standing at 5'3 and 115 lbs and wanted a Kelly Rippa stomach and ended up getting a Tara Reid stomach :-( It has only been a little over 2 weeks so maybe I am jumping the gun with the results but my stomach is disgusting to look at so far and I am beyond disappointed.

The pros so far is yes my stomach has a tighter feel, so tight that it actually hurts when I stand up...That is the ONLY pro.

Cons? The list goes on!

First let me tell you about my biggest complaint. That is the fat roll looking ridge thing above my belly button. Its soft on the outside and when you press it its a little painful and more hard. I read and was told from my pics that its "scar tissue" but I obviously have no clue and have to listen to the professionals. I havent gone in to my checkup appt its in Sept but this lumpy roll isnt going away at all and if anything I believe it is getting worse. I was pretty thorough in my questions and asked anything and everything and lumps were NEVER mentioned. Instead he showed me a pic of a girl with a flat, taut UNLUMPY stomach and said my results would be like that. Hmmm...he shouldve showed me a pic of Tara Reid after her botched job. Any feedback from others on this site would be greatly appreciated.

Well i talked to a nurse at their office today and...

well i talked to a nurse at their office today and she said without seeing it in person its hard to say but it looks like fat left over...

Holy ****, they better fix that. Look at my pictures and you'll see that us skinny people don't have good results. Who cares if my pants look better...I don't have sex or go boating with pants on. My stomach was worse after my redo. Just like me...we didn't have enough fat. But I would be furious about your upper abs. Better they can take more out than stripping me of everything and admitting to over doing my fat removal. Like a haircut, you can take more off but you can't put it back. At least not enough to fix me. Maybe your a fortunate? But your skin looks fine in your before, now it looks stretched above your belly button. I hope you get fixed sweetness. You got a beautiful body and I haven't ever seen that roll before on anyones after pics... prayers and well wishes from Cali
Was your Dr. board certified? how many days post opt are you now?
Just wondering what dr you used? I have an appt with dr in houston as well

Had a revision surgery OCT 6 and does NOT look better!

Had a revision surgery OCT 6 and does NOT look better!
Like you Im a petite girl. I had this done In Sept '06 to get rid of upper ab fat and that around the belly fat that is tough to get rid of after pregnancy. The upper abs looks nice and flattened and natural. The lower abs is less but I still have that 'donut' of fat around my belly button.
I think what helped me with the smoothness was the 3 velashape treatments that I had to the areas starting a month after the smart lipo. I was told to wait and see if the 'belly donut' would dissipate on its own. Its was still noticeable 9 months later and my doctor is using mesotherapy to try and get rid of it. I only had one mesotherapy as of now but it doesnt look dramatically different. - these extra treatments are of no extra charge. (Im 10 months post op, I was told I would have the results I wanted in 3 months, especially since I do work out and have tight stomach muscles underneath that stubborn donut!)
I agree with the previous commenter that skinnier people probably dont have the best results even though that is who this procedure is geared towards to get rid of the stubborn little pockets of fat. I think we are all trying to look good in our birthday suits not just in our jeans!
Botched Beauty, your doctor should have erred on the side of caution and taken out less as it would be much easier to correct. I hope you win your case and that you update us with any revisions you get.
Your abs looked so nice prior to the procedure. I am not sure why you wanted to get lipo. It is trickier on thin girls for a doctor to get this procedure right because afterwards you will be able to see every bit of uneveness and imperfection if not performed meticulously by the doctor. Best of luck to you and sorry you had such a bad experience :(
I'm sorry if I'm being harsh here but... Why in the world did u want to do this procedure to begin with?? You were already looking hot!! Is bodies like yours that put the rest of us to shame >.< If i had your body i would feel the hottest girl ever!! So damn sad. Anyway, I hope everything ends well for you, no one deserves this kind of experience =( Best wishes!!

Worst decision of my life. this dr has no idea...

worst decision of my life. this dr has no idea what hes doing and will lie to your face about his expertise on smart lipo. i do NOT recommend him.

It looks like you might have had too much fat removed. You might want to gain some weight, then after a while, tone up. Don't look to magazine covers and celebrities for perfection, they will LIE to you everytime. Everyone's abs are different, but they should also have contours. I'm still not sure what you were trying to do to your belly in the pre-op, you looked great.

Hey there, thanks for the update. I'm sorry your results aren't what you expected. Will you be having any type of revision?


Ok so its been over a year since my surgery and i...

ok so its been over a year since my surgery and i decided i would go ahead and post new pics. overall, i would NOT recommend this surgery to someone that is in their ideal weight range. you can still see some waviness and you cant see in the pics, but the upper abdominal, above the belly button is still uneven.
Look much better. Did any type treatment worked for u after the surgery? Am having similar problem any suggestion is apriciated. Thanks
Looks a lot better!
Your Dec 15 pic looks quite good... sexy if I may be so blunt.

Starting abs this week, ill keep it updated and...

starting abs this week, ill keep it updated and see if diet and abs will change the appearance or the waviness or not.
I cant wait till this part passes, on my part..! I think its to soon for me to start working out cause I'm still in somewhat pain. U look great, keep working hard to achieve ur goals..
Looks much better than the first surgery. ^_^ Great progress. I hope you reach the desired result soon.
i have a small lump in the same place and i have been rubbing it down everyday. I was told to start Lymphatic massages. Ouch..! I looked up some videos on you tube about it but of course I couldn't find much. I have been so nervous about doing this and now that i did it, i really didn't know what i was putting myself threw. I just have to give it time and wait and see.. U look Great btw.. :)

109/110 lbs and my stomach is STILL wavy. keep in...

109/110 lbs and my stomach is STILL wavy. keep in mind i have a crappy blackberry camera so you cannot really see the uneveness in the pic. my stomach also looks unnatural, when has anyone ever seen a stomach that looks like that? i havent!!!!
oops that was my other handle LOL thanks everyone for the comments, especially botched beauty who was such a sweetheart when i was going through this!!! i do NOT recommend this surgery at all, it was NOT worth it at all! I had maybe unrealistic expectations, but only because the DR said they were very possible. i posted my pics in order to help anyone considering this surgery and have a look at the pics the dr wont show you, a real hot mess of a situation!!! i am now down to 109/110 lbs and my stomach is still wavy and uneven. my belly button is too tight so it sticks out almost like a weird outtie but still an innie...i hope my pics can be of help to you in making a decision on this surgery. have a wonderful day everyone :-)
thanks everyone for the comments, especially botched beauty
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I say poor because I was not warned of the possibility of this outcome at all after I had asked over and over and was told how easy this procedure was and apparently bad outcomes are not even heard of in his office. I feel like I was duped. If it gets better then Id change this to an average rating.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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