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Hi i'm 42 and have considered this procedure...

Hi i'm 42 and have considered this procedure for a LONG TIME. I have maintained my weight for 3 years now, would (as always) like to be slimmer, but i'm happy to maintain year after year. I had a c-section but have always had flabby abs. I'm having it 'all' done. Upper/lower abs, bra/flanks fat, chin/neck, under arms and the inner thigh holds at a maybe. My downpayment is DOWN, and i'm ready to go.

Will post before and after when i get the chance. I'm nervous! But excited. I stand 5'6 1/2 and weigh 170, carrying the majority of my weight in my abdomen area.


Well well well
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Good Luck tomorrow Tired o blubb Ill be thinking of you at 430pm i know all will be good and you will be fine cant wait to share our stories together !!!!
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By the way....notice i am from the Houston area, but doing it in Plano (about 4 hours away). A few reasons for this, but my main one is i don't want my almost 8 year old daughter thiking mommy hates her body or anything...plus 3 of my very best friends all live in the Dallas area...and they are looking forward to the girl time...and well i'm sure the laughter..!
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5 Days post surgery! I believe you can read my...

5 Days post surgery! I believe you can read my experience down at the bottom? I still get these blog/ message boards confused, i'm sorry. I responded to Jade1967 but i think everyone can see it? I will be posting before and afters in the next two days. I am waiting on the good befores from the doctors office to be emailed to me,....then will take some current afters.


Plano aesthetics ...sorry i rarely check this email address of mine. Still waiting to post photos believe it or not, i want to post a true full six months after. i will say at this point that my neck/chin area is the most noticeable, but yet i am still not happy from the side, but from the front am very happy. But i am to understand that it can take up to twelve months for neck/chin to fully tighten and heal. lower abs great. Upper..jury is still out. Arms, something i need to discuss further with my doctor...so my satisfaction right now is sortof all over the place. Bra fat area, the area went down, but the crease is still there but i was warned of this so i'm ok with that.
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I live in Dallas area, can you tell me who was your doctor? thanks Can't wait to see pictures.
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Hey! I was in Dallas for 5 nights with my girlfriends...and three of the nights were parties...at the house i was staying at. Ug, yes...at the age of 42..it still goes on in my group! HA So i am finally HOME...yay....glad to be home for sure! How WAS YOURS? Omgooodness......ok....i have to say i had a very bad surgery experiene. It was no fault of the doctors...but for some RARE (of course leave it to ME!) my body metabolizes pain medication different from other patients. I had actually heart this once before from my dentist...but it was so long ago i really just didnt thing too much into it. Well, the procedure started out "ok" beginning with my abdomen, small kindof pinches from the inside...and of course the inserting of the numbing fluid itself...kinda hurt...the shots, or whatever it was that was making the little holes...was a cake walk. But as the procedure went on...Omm.....GAWDDD.....It really seemed that when he did the places that had like what i would call "firm tight fat" on my body hurt the worst. FOr instance my right arm, back side (i was laying face down) almost made me pass out from the pain. I heard them baffled...he told my friends later that he had given me 10 times what he would give a normal patient for pain via IV. But ODDLY....the right arm....was FINE. My left arm underneath turned horribly black and blue...the other arm...a light yellow and that's it. Then my hips hurt BAD...again a tighter fat area...best way to describe it. my neck and chin i felt NOT ONE THING....I may have gone into shock by then...hahaha! No joke...it felt VERY STRANGE...to have your neck blown up like THICK and FULL of fluid...and a weird sensation to have the wand thing in there...but ZERO pain. They kept saying you may not rememeber this at all (the entire thing), but i can remmber every second of it. He flat out just said, she is a rare case that just didn't take to pain meds intravaneously. So need i sayyyyy......WHOA. It HURT for me....but i ELECTED this...i kept telling myself it's almost over...it's almost over...and ilke i said i'd say 40 percent wasn't too bad...60 percent felt like acid was ripping inside me. just weird. The rest of the day i went home, was not even tired, but was very nauseated. The next morning i finally just threw up HEAVILY...and after that, and a 3 hour nap....i was literally good to go. FINE. I took NOTHING, no pain meds...no tylenol nada. I am in the head gear thing now as i type..as well as the sleeves and the body suit. My very lower abdomen was FAT....like giggly fat...my abs have NEVER been even close to tight...even when i was young...still just a soft stomach, so combine that with a c section, and weight gain over the years..and i had dunlap disease big time (when your belly dun laps over your panties) HA !! So i am thrilled so far with what he did...i'm still just swollen and waiting to see what it truly looks like in the end. I get my drs ofice before pics emailed to me tomorrow or wednesday....then i will take some "so far after" and post them.
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