Rhinoplasty, June 2012, Houston, TX...I did it!!!

This review has been in the works for awhile now....

This review has been in the works for awhile now. My rhinoplasty journey started years ago. I am happy with my features, but I have always wanted a nose that functions and looks better. I want a nose that blends in, not stands out. My main concerns are 1)hump on nose 2)bulbous tip 3)slightly crooked 4)breathing, allergies and sinus issues.

I plan to have my surgery this summer. I have not rushed my search to find the right doctor. I'd rather be patient, rather than have a bad experience. I have been very thorough in learning about this whole process and I hope my reviews help you out.

These reviews are in order from most recent visits to the oldest. PLEASE REMEMBER, these reviews are soley my opinion. What may not work for me, might be perfect for you. It's like finding a (nose) mate! Here goes...

Dr. Fred Bressler-

Pros/Cons: TBD consultation scheduled in March

Dr. Etai Funk ~going for a 2nd consult in March

Pros: answered all my questions/concerns, very friendly, extremely thorough when examining the nose (inside & outside of nose), sweet office staff, accomodating, great computer imaging skills, great before/after pics, very patient and calm, good sense of humour, mailed me a letter with a friendly note & prescription in it for my allergies (note was hand-written- nice gesture)

Cons: need to see more before/after pics, not as experienced incomparison to other docs I've met, haven't read a lot of reviews on him

Dr. Raghu Athre

Pros: very personal, ONLY doctor who has ever called me personally to answer questions and schedule appointments, informative, patient, nice office

Cons: not as experienced, poor computer imaging skills (in my case), didn't have a lot of before/after pics available, seemed upset when I decided to continue my search (which is understandable)

Dr. Russell Kridel ~going for a 2nd consult in March

Pros: very informative doctor and staff, gave me a folder with a wealth of info, very friendly and warm, accomodating office staff, tons of before/after pics, very experienced, explained everything carefully and patiently

Cons: very expensive, very busy, fellow does the imaging-not the doctor

Dr. Michel Siegel ~had 2 consultations with him

Pros: nice person, modern office, good reviews online, smart, good computer imaging skills

Cons: didn't ask too many questions about what I wanted/needed functionally/aesthetically, not the most professional office staff, felt rushed, not a lot of before/after pics available during my consultation, office staff/doctor unprepared for consultation (couldn't recall why I came..that scared me away), doctor was too quiet (I felt like I was imposing on his time), saw 2 real-life patients who seemed to have a pinched look (but they might have wanted it that way)

Dr. Eisemann

Pros: intelligent & informative, helped prescribe meds for some skin issues (as a courtesy), computer imaging, experienced

Cons: read too many negative reviews online, long-wait time in office, too busy, just didn't get a good vibe (my opinion) Saw 1 other doctor years ago. I can't even recall their names. They charged fees for the consultation and didnt even have digital imaging available in their office. Safe to say, I didn't go back.

I hope these reviews have helped in some small way. I will keep you posted on my journey. Good luck to all of you on your journies! Thanks for reading my story.

Dr. Fred Bressler Pros: patient, very...

Dr. Fred Bressler
Pros: patient, very experienced, a lot of before/after pics, very friendly, great staff, very easy to talk to, very informative and answered all my questions in detail
Cons: Nothing really negative..even though he didnt do the actual imaging- he sat with me and explained the entire picture in detail

I have seen MANY Houston doctors. And after carefully visiting and researching all these physicians- I have chosen Dr. Russell Kridel for my surgery. I am very excited and nervous! I will be having my surgery in June 2012.

My decision was based on the overall feeling I got with Dr. Kridel and his staff. Although he is very expensive, he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. And his staff was very friendly and helpful!

I will keep you all posted on my surgery pre/post journey!

My main concerns about my nose are: bulbous tip,...

My main concerns about my nose are: bulbous tip, droops down, small hump and slightly crooked. Along with the aesthetic wish list, I also have some breathing, sinus and allergy issues. These issues cannot be “fixed” completely, but this surgery will definitely improve my breathing and sinuses. I am very excited and also very nervous. Please keep me in your positive thoughts! This website and its members have been very helpful and informative. I hope to also help anyone on their journey by sharing mine! Thanks for reading!

Updates, complete doctor's rating & pictures to come …

Sorry for the delayed response! ITS BEEN A CRAZY...

sorry for the delayed response! ITS BEEN A CRAZY WHIRLWIND!!
first of all, anyone who says that this surgery is a breeze is either lying or superwoman!

I am happy with the results-- but i need to foreworn--this surgery does take an emotional and physical toll on you. The emotional toll is definitely larger than the physical. NO MATTER HOW MUCH you prep yourself.. it is still hard to see your face swollen, bruised and in bandages. BE PATIENT..YOUR NOSE WILL NOT LOOK LIKE WHAT YOU HAD SEEN OR THOUGHT RIGHT AFTER YOUR SURGERY..IT WONT LOOK RIGHT for some time. BUT in time (in my case a couple of months), everything starts to look good. I promise!! DONT PANIC :) (i did at times..hahah) Surround yourself with GOOD friends and family that will take care of you!

PLEASE- take time to review surgeons. I was very lucky to be in great hands. And, even with such experts taking care of me- I still went on rollercoaster ride.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions! I am very happy that I did this! And, I am evern happier that I took my time to choose a decent, qualified surgeon and office staff!!

pictures will be posted soon!
Dr. Russell Kridel

After a careful and lengthy search, I chose Dr. Kridel as my surgeon. He is very qualified, experienced and had many pictures for me to see. I also liked his staff and how they treated me. I will complete my ratings of him and his staff after my surgery! So far, so good!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi... Your nose looks great! So far one of the best I've seen here.. He did a great job.
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Hi! I have had a consultation with Siegel and Bressler so far and on Monday will have a third with consultation, first time appt. though, with Funk. I have contemplated making one with Kridel because of mixed reviews (mainly pricing, and some mentioned some arrogance and other minor things as such). I am hoping to schedule my surgery within the next month or so and would like to make a confident decision! Being a very detail-oriented person that asks tons of questions, I feel like I won't be 110% with whomever I choose, just because they can't promise the outcome, no matter the pictures they've shown or the conversations had. Any advice on your experiences? I appreciate the input so far! :) Great results, too!
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I am hoping dr Kridel can fix a severe saddle deformity and turbinectomy bc I cant breathe, and snore horribly :/ my BCBS will cover very little for the necessary part. plz....any idea what Kridel charges for graft work? my bridge is non existent, ill need cartilage graft. ty so much! gorgeous result!
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Hello! I got mine done around the same time as Bnosy, 8 months ago & had minimal bruising but Lots of swelling! Emotional roller coaster for sure but even still, sometimes daily I notice swelling changes, this healing takes more Time than you expect. I also was freaking out about how wide the frontal view appeared the first few months after surgery, but the swelling plays a big part in it I think.. the tip & under part of my nose is still extreamely hard, also my nostrils are now a bit uneven I think because of the stitches..hoping with time they correct themselves. Overall I am happy with the results & can't wait for another 6 months to pass so this hardness & swelling subside!! Dr. Funk = A+
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Thank you so much for all ur responses! This helps so much and calms my nerves! I'm really only a little over two months and it really does take sooo long to heal. It's such a strange concept to look in the mirror n know ur nose will continue to change!! Thank you all again, I appreciate it so much!
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Can I ask you, did your nose ever feel bigger at like the two month mark than what it did at the one month mark? I'm about two months now and I feel like I'm mega swollen right now. My nurse said that is normal n can be caused by the pressure change in air/allergies etc... She said it could actually continue to bounce between swollen n not swollen for several months. I just want reassurance it will go back down bc it was starting to look so good and I was getting so excited about it! Did you ever experience anything like this?
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Mine was not more swollen but i have been on antibiotics for months. If anything mine is way to skinny this early in the game. That tells me my grafts have more than likely reabsorbed already. But you hang in there everyone heals differently.
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Hi Morgan7! Yes, my nose definitely "bounced" between swollen and not swollen. At times, it does suck to wake up and feel like you're regressing in progress. But, I agree, hang in there! Each body heals differently. Try to follow your doctor's recommendations and also make sure to keep focused on the "'end" product! Swelling can really play with our minds! I did go through and at times continue to go through "Oh NO!" moments.. but, it does get better. It's just a very slow process :). Hope this helped!
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Thank you so much!! I'm glad you understand. There was like a week it looked great and I could really see the dif n now it's been like a week of feeling like my old nose again... I've been so scared that it's going to just keep getting bigger n not go down. I'm glad to know that other people have felt this same way. Even tho logically I know it can't get bigger than before it's still scary to see it swell so much. I'm just ready for it to be down! Thank you again for your response, it's very encouraging!!
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People talk about Arnica gel. Does that help with swelling? Would it help with swelling at this point or just right after surgery?
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At 3-4 months your nose is still healing yes? Like this isn't the "end" result? It will continue to look "softer" and flow better with your face?
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You are so lucky ---- I interviewed 3 docs in Houston, this was my 3rd rhinoplasty and I am 2 months out and it is terrible. My nostrils are so uneven, I have been on antibiotics for the whole time, I have a huge bumb under my nostril and my side profile is terrible. My nose now curves and you can see the graft! I am devastated and I spent so long finding someone to help me!! Out of places to turn and money!
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Oh no! I am so sorry that after 3 rhinoplasty procedures you were not able to get what you wanted. Try to wait it out, maybe the swelling is distracting the nose from what it will actually look like. 2 months is still so early. I am 8+ months out and I am still continuing to change and heal monthly. Have you consulted with your doctor about this? Did he offer any help or advice? I wish you all the best! If your doctor is not helping, maybe you can consult another recommended doctor for advice on what to do. I really hope all goes well. Again, I am so sorry! My nostrils are uneven too, i think nostrils are just normally uneven and the surgery brings it out even more. But, if you are seeing bumps and other concerning things, you should definitely ask your surgeon why this is happening. Stay posted! I hope you find some answers!
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Unfortunately, it is the same doctor you used. I do not even know if they can operate again, really I can not afford it..$25K broke the bank.:(
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Two months really is very early to see real changes. I absolutely understand the fear of not receiving what you wanted but I hope after more time things will be one more positive for you!
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did u use dr Kridel? I am coming in from New Orleans bc I think he is the one to finally fix my severe saddle deformity from 1989 bad nose job. I would be happy to share my photos with you. plz email me tfitzgerald1969@gmail.com
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Wow your nose looks great! I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me. I actually just had a rhinoplasty procedure done with Dr. Russell Kridel and I am 9 days post-op. I am actually going in to get my tape off tomorrow and I am excited, but also nervous at the same time. When I got my splint off earlier this week, I was freaked out at how huge my nose looked, especially the tip of my nose. I know that my nose was really swollen, as I had work done on my septum and turbinates, as well as aesthetic work on my bridge and a base reduction. I noticed that from a side profile the hump I once had was gone (thank goodness) but from a front view all I could notice was how huge/bulbous my tip looked. My nose actually appears to look shorter than before and more narrow through the bridge, which is fine except for how huge my tip looks. I am hoping that it is just swollen and will go down in time. Did you experience this at all during your recovery? I am really trying to keep high hopes that my nose will change in the coming months, as I know I am probably just overreacting and becoming too "emotional" about it. Could you shed a little bit more light on your recovery experience and when you really started to notice the most change ( was it after the bandages came off? 2 weeks? 1month?) I would really appreciate any input you could give me as I just want some re-assurance. Thank you! :-)
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hi stylesgirl- please do not worry or panic. what you are seeing is completely normal! i promise! i remember feeling very hurt and frightened when i came home after the bandages came off. i looked so weird, swollen, big and just different. my main advice is: -give it time :) i know its easier said.. but you just have to take care of yourself and give it time :) -don't make the mistake i did.. dont compare your healing to ANYONE elses :) we all HEAL DIFFERENTLY.. i wish i had that inked on my head hahah.. we all really heal so differently and just take care of yourself and allow your face/nose to heal.. they have been through a lot :)! -also, the healing for this surgery is very subtle and very slow.. you will never wake up and say "wow its what i wanted.." it will take days, months to start seeing the results you wanted.. remember: a few months of healing is worth a lifetime of having the nose you wanted. i made the mistake of being so hard on myself.. just keep yourself busy, try not to focus and look at your nose so closely everyday, surround yourself with movies, food, friends, shopping (lightly..rest is sooo important!!) i promise you will feel and look great and how you wanted in the next few months to come or even sooner!!! :) best wishes & keep me posted! i will also try to update my pics when i am back in town!!
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your nose looks great!!! did you get the shots in your nose to help with the swelling??
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no shots, i just rested a lot and applied cool compresses and my arnica ;). so sorry for the late reply!!
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Your post was very helpful, thanks! If you don't mind me asking, how much was your surgery going to be with Dr. Funk? I am thinking about scheduling a consult with him and am just wondering what his price range is. I don't want to waste my time consulting with him if he's going to be way out of my budget
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Hi Cara790! Well every surgery is priced depending on the extent of work you'll need..cosmetic and functional issues can raise or lower the price! Also, I would PLEAD anyone to save up and go to someone they like rather than someone cheaper. This surgery is very EMOTIONAL!! You have to be in the right hands! I went up & down SO many times.. and having a good surgeon and office staff makes a BIG difference. His price range for me was close to 9-10,000. I cant remember the actual quote..but it was definitely in that ballpark! Best Wishes!!!
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Siegel was originally on my list of Doc's to visit, but I decided not to go once I realized he wasn't covered under my insurance. I did visit Dr. E Alford who was very nice, but the desk lady in his office was so rude to me I almost walked out before I even got to meet him..
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Did you visit Dr. Siegel?
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I hope everything works out! :D
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