Horrible Experience With Dr. Lamonaco's Assistant Elizabeth -Houston, TX.

My best friend just got surgery from Dr. L and...

My best friend just got surgery from Dr. L and referred me to him, so i contacted his office on today 4/5/13 to set a consultation. Elizabeth answered the phone and was very nice until she started asking me my history (my height 5'2, and weight 185) After I told her my height and weight, she then informed me that she would need to check my BMI to make sure I was not overweight. (I had been to another plastic surgeon and had gotten a quote for my Tummy Tuck and he had no problem with my weight.) I decided to check out Dr. L because my best friend said that he was great and she loved her experience w/him. Well after Elizabeth checked my BMI, she informed me that I was over weight and that I would need to lose 25-30lbs. I am 30 years old and just had a newborn baby on 8/1/2012 so I gained weight from the baby. Before my son i was 160 with a size 30 waist and wore a size medium in clothing from Forever 21 and that was @ 160lbs. I was perfectly happy with my size before my son and did not need surgery. I have had 2 c-sections my oldest is 7 and my baby is 8 months, which is why I need the tummy tuck. I informed Elizabeth that if I lose 30 lbs i'd be back to the weight that I was before I had my son, which then i wouldn't need the tummy tuck. I also informed her that i would prefer to see the Dr. and let him tell me that. She told me that he does not see patients who are over weight and that she didn't want me to pay $100 for a consultation for him to tell me that. I informed her that it was my $100 and i would be fine with that, but she still refused to set the appointment. My issue is as a person who answers the phone your job should be just to set appointments, not get into future patients medical history or weight. She also asked me if i had diabetes or high blood pressure, and I informed her that I did not and have not ever had either. I have a curvy shape, and if you see me you would not know that I weigh 185 lbs. I do not appreciate the treatment and am very upset and feel like I have been treated poorly. Further more my best friend is 160lbs and is 5'4 so by the BMI she to would be overweight, but her surgery was performed. I feel that instead of judging a person by their weight, they may want to see the patient before, because a person can weigh more and not be over weight, due to many reasons (muscles, body frame, etc.) Furthur more if Elizabeth is not a nutritionist or medical professional she should NEVER give anyone weight loss advice. Sad thing is that Dr. L probably doesn't even know what she is doing or that she is causing him to loss countless of patients and money. Also my suggestion to Dr. L would be to not allow Elizabeth to answer his phone and not take personal information from the client until their consultation. I am going to post a picture of me @ 185lbs so everyone can see that I am not obese, which obviously ELizabeth thought I was due to my weight!!! (FEED BACK WOULD BE APPRECIATED) . Heck after looking @ Dr. L's patients who have had tummy tucks, my tummy looks smaller than most before their tummy tucks.

I think you may have some confusion on what this procedure is for. Maybe you thought you were getting gastric bypass? Props to that receptionist.
You just posted exactly what happened to me with a Dr. P in Tampa. I was also advised to lose 27 lbs and then call them back. If I could lose the 27 lbs on my own I wouldn't call them and give them my hard earned money. I have another consultation on 4/12. Will post what this dr. says. At least I get to see the dr. and not the assistant even though I am sure the assistants are only doing their job and the dr. has told them to screen patients like this even though you and I don't agree. They don't understand that the patient already feels upset with themselves about our appearance, we don't need someone making us feel worse. Their loss. As I have always said, it will be on GOD's time not mine and when I find the right doctor I will know. Keep on looking and don't let this experience get you down. You know your body better than anyone. Do what you feel is right n not what someone else tells you to do. Good luck with the looking and I'm sure you n I will find the perfect doctor and be on the flat side soon. Keep in touch.
I had my tummy tuck 2.5 weeks ago. I was 193 the morning of sx. I'm 5'3. I have so far had a very good overall experience and am quite happy with the results. I saw 3 total P.S's. the first was when I didn't even know about TT'S and wanted lipo, and she told me why I would not like lipo alone, and why TT would be life changing. Unfortunately when I googled her, there was some sketchy history, but I had the bug by then. The second PS told me I was to fat, that I had to loose 30 lbs, and recommended I look into a gastric bypass ( which I certainly would NOT qualify for). And I left in tears. I was only looking for a woman PS so I had not looked into the guy down the street- but on my way home in tears I stopped in that office and talked to them and they told me that the reason the one down the street wouldn't do it on someone my size is because she couldn't. And didn't want to admit she didn't have the experience and skill, so she made me feel like I was a hopeless case. I decided to put a down payment down that day more out because I was so emotionally devastated by the female dr, I put a $4K down payment down, then went home completely terrified that I made the decision to pay them all that money with out having researched them first. Not smart, However, I did do my background check, and luckily overall I found he had a very good record. The reason I'm telling you this is because what I learned is that instead of looking for a female, I should have been looking for experience, someone who is board certified, and someone who does THIS SURGERY all the time. They may be better at noses or breasts but they may be to proud to admit that this surgery, or doing this surgery on someone who isn't 126 lbs may be beyond their ability or comfort zone. So do your research well. Choose an older surgeon with plenty of experience. They will not be cheep, but I don't think a surgery like this is something to price shop on. ( though I find the idea of going to the DOminican republic is interesting because some seem quite experienced- I'd be to afraid, but many have had good experiences.). So, don't be discouraged, and don't try to convince someone to do it when they obviously don't feel like they will do someone with a higher BMI. If his nurse said he won't even consider it, then there is a reason. Move on!! You will find someone with more skill and you will be so glad you did!
Dr. Lamonaco

Horrible experience with front office person, i will not or cannot rating the doctor due to me being refused a appointment/consultation to see him!!!

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