8 months post op and had scar revision today

I'm 5'0" and very petite at 105lbs. If you saw me...

I'm 5'0" and very petite at 105lbs. If you saw me on the street, you'd think I was crazy to get a TT but after 3 kids and 2 of them over 9 lbs, my skin has stretched out. It bothers me. My boobs used to be nice, not big but perky. After bf'ing all my kids, they are deflated but not horrible. But dh is so supportive and told me to go ahead and do both since I am going under. I am fit and work out several times a week. But my skin bothers me and I am so self conscious about my midsection. So, at 42 this is something am doing for myself. I have found a great PS in my area and have my procedure set for 9/4, the day after Labor Day. My kids will be in school and dh won't have to worry about watching the kids all day. My kids are 8, 5 and 3. I am writing a review b/c I so appreciate all the reviews here so I could know what to expect.

8/17 Had my pre-op appt today and got sized for my BA. I am petite and about a 34B now but the top of my breasts are deflated. I'd like to regain the fullness more than anything. I am going with silicone and we decided mid profile 339cc. Or 304cc. PS will determine the day of surgery by placing them and deciding which looks best. I feel like 339 looked good at the office with lots of fullness but then I saw pics online of women who had 339cc and some of them look huge. =/ I run and don't want them to get in the way and don't want people to really know I had a BA. I don't want it to be obvious I had them done.

8/19 Okay, researching on the Internet is not the...

8/19 Okay, researching on the Internet is not the wisest thing to do 2 weeks before surgery. I go back and forth on my size and can't decide how big to go LOL. I want to be modest but then I don't want to regret going "too natural". I am thinking about going back for another appt to try on more sizers. Trying to gather everything I need for the surgery. I'm a planner. The surgery check list given to me by my dr is very short. Like 5 things. I haven't gotten a toilet seat riser and wonder if I'll really need it. I should probably do it. I just hate to buy things I know I'll use once. Oh, and did I mention I'll be on my period during that time. =/ My PS said it's not a problem and won't be anything to worry about except that I don't really want dh changing my pads. Poor guy will have enough to do helping me out of bed to pee every 2 hours. I am on the pill so I know for sure I'll have it then. Anyone else go through this? I'm wondering if I should just start a new pill pack and skip it this month.

And did I mention that I will have to take a car...

And did I mention that I will have to take a car service or cab to my surgery center? My surgery is at 7:30a and it takes an hour to get there. DH has to stay home to get all 3 kids to school. So I will be alone right before surgery. Things like that don't really bother me but I have a feeling I will be wishing he were there to give me a reassuring kiss before I go under.

Well, exactly one week to go. I am ready! I have...

Well, exactly one week to go. I am ready! I have been obsessing over my cc's though. Ugh, just when I thought I had decided I go back and forth. The longer I look, the bigger I want them. They are already ordered though. My PS ordered 304cc, 339cc and 371cc Natrelle mid range or mod +. I have most of my supplies. Trying to get the house clean and meals ready for dh to take care of the kids for several days. I'm such a control freak that I know I'll be stressed about dh and the kids. School just started and he'll have to get 3 kids ready for school (2 preschoolers and 1 in elementary). Mornings are crazy and some days there are 3 lunches that need to be made. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Having the house cleaned on Thursday so at least it will be clean for dh. Going to miss the gym for about 5-6 weeks. Going this morning for one of my last classes.

Trying to finish up last minute preparation for...

Trying to finish up last minute preparation for Tuesday's surgery. I finally feel comfortable and confident in my decision to go with mod+ profile 339cc or 371cc, depending on what looks best during surgery. I'm excited but it hasn't truly hit me yet! I'm sure I'll be a wreck Monday night. I am so ready to get this done. Looking at everyone's pictures and hearing about recovery makes me 100% sure this is the right decision. I"m having muscle repair too so hopefully it won't be too painful in addition to the TT itself. Trying to stop reading everything on the internet about BA and TT's but it's all I do all day. I"m a bit OCD so I can't help it.

Feeling nervous and excited now. At times I am...

Feeling nervous and excited now. At times I am starting to wonder if I am crazy. All my friends say I am brave but to me, it's not bravery. LOL. It's paid in full so no turning back now. Just a little scared of the unknown. I've read as much as I can to prepare myself but everyone's experience is different. Just worried (slightly) about the anesthesia and complications. I have 3 amazing kids and a wonderful husband and I hate even saying this out loud, but I don't want to leave them. I just want it to be done and over with. So I can get on with my life. All I do in my free time these days is read online about MM's or BA and obsess over size. I'm sure my husband is so over it already. Anyway, having a hard time sleeping lately. I wake during the night (last night, thanks to my 5 yo son) and I have a hard time going back to sleep. I keep thinking about surgery. So glad to have this place to share and read others' experiences.

So, not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight. ...

So, not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight. I am a pretty good sleeper so I should be able to fall asleep. The car service will be here at 6:45am to take me to the surgery center which is an hour away. DH has to get the kids ready for school and we have no help here. I have everything ready and prepared. I've made lists for dh on how to prepare lunches, etc and what the kids need everyday. LOL. I just hope recovery goes smoothly. My oldest has a birthday party next weekend and dh cannot take all 3 kids. And then, there is parent information night in one week at my oldest son's school and I don't want to miss that. Such a busy time but I wanted to schedule my surgery after school started so dh wouldn't have to entertain 3 kids all day everyday during the summer. I thought it'd be easier if they were gone most of the day and he could work and take care of me in peace. I had a little freak out today. I am not supposed to use any meds other than those approved by my PS and I forgot about a cream I use for eczema. I've used it for so long I completely forgot to clear it with my dr and used some this week. I just remembered this morning. It's a steroid cream so I wasn't sure if was a problem. My patient coordinator was nice enough to give me her number since it was a long weekend and I texted her about it. So she had the nurse call me and reassure me that it was fine. Phew! I could not reschedule all this after all the planning and working up the nerves. It would have been awful to have to reschedule. It's all good though. Gotta take a shower tonight with antibacterial soap and again in the morning and wash my hair. No lotion or creams or make up. Taking all my pain meds with me to the surgery center. Wearing sweat pants and a loose top with zip up hoodie and flip flops. Bringing my lowest pair of panties so dr can make the scar as low as possible. No water or anything after midnight. Tried to eat light today. It was hard as it was a holiday. I had frozen yogurt with the kids as a treat after dinner. I think that's everything. So thankful for all the support, prayers and encouragement here. The next post should be post-op tomorrow.

So, surgery was yesterday morning. I got the...

So, surgery was yesterday morning. I got the surgery center by way of car service. It was fine. I was so calm. DH gave me a kiss good bye and assured me everything would be fine. The nurses had a hard time finding a vein for the IV line due my dehydration. No water after midnight. So I got poked 3 times. After getting marked up and speaking to the anesthesiologist I went to the surgery table. I remember being there about a minute and next thing I know, I'm done and can barely open my eyes. I was so groggy. I remember being fed crackers and Sprite but that's about it. The ride was home was short as I was so sleepy. I threw up about 5 times yesterday. I took the anti nausea pill but threw that up. I threw up every time I tried to eat. Around 7 or 8p I took another anti nausea pill and ever since then I have been fine. I got up to pee a few times and dh helped me. My incision doesn't hurt much and my boobs don't hurt at all. The pain is very manageable. Maybe because I exercised regularly before. Anyway, I feel so much better today and ate eggs and toast this morning. I can even get up out my reclining bed by myself. I didn't have lipo which is probably one reason I'm not in as much pain too. I did have muscle repair though. Don't be scared ladies. It's honestly not bad at all. Stay on top of the pain meds as everyone else has said. I haven't looked at anything yet. Will probably shower tomorrow.

Okay, so I'm only 1 day post op but my stomach was...

Okay, so I'm only 1 day post op but my stomach was rumbling today and I have been eating. My CG is so tight and I wondered if it would help to remove it while I try for a BM. Thoughts? I took 2 stool softeners tonight so hopefully, tomorrow I'll get some action. Im a very regular person and hate this not going.

Okay, so not sure if it's the meds or what but my taste buds are all weird. Everything tastes weird esp sweet things, which I normally love. I had a soda today and it was icky, way too sweet. I hope it's just the meds. Anyone else? I hadn't read anything about this. Maybe from all the nausea I had yesterday?

Haven't had my first post-op appt yet. My PS does...

Haven't had my first post-op appt yet. My PS does them after 7 days. Just wondering how long everyone's drs have said to wear their CG. It is so uncomfortable. I wonder if I should buy another, maybe one more comfy.

Today I am 4 days post op. After taking some...

Today I am 4 days post op. After taking some stool softener and Ex Lax the last 2 days I finally had a couple of small BM's today and yesterday. They were a bit difficult, to say the least as I mad my muscles sutured so it was hard to push without straining too hard LOL. But it happened and I feel so much better. I have been going up and down the stairs the last 2 days too. It has not been too hard at all getting around but my back is sore and achy. My last Hydrocodone was at midnight last night and it's now 11:00am and I don't feel any pain. Glad to be over that stuff b/c it makes me so heavy in the head and groggy. I might take one tonight to help me sleep. Overall I am feeling good and one drain is draining a lot less so I am sure I will get at least one drain out at Monday's post-op appt. I even managed a shower by myself today. Hubby was getting the kids ready for a birthday party and I sat on a chair in the shower. I haven't even had any problems raising my arms with the BA. I haven't had any pain really from the BA. Just a little tenderness or soreness but it's been very minimal. Will post pics soon.

5 days post op. I'm bored and not sleepy all the...

5 days post op. I'm bored and not sleepy all the time like I was earlier in the week. So I am downstairs with the rest of the family bc I am bored. My husband is doing a great job but it's a lot of work to take care of 3 small kids. I try to help too much and my back is killing me for it. I want to do more but I physically can't. It's hard to want to help but not be able to. The floors need a good cleaning and I so badly want to sweep them but I can't. I cannot wait to be able to do the normal things again. As a mom it's hard to just sit and rest. I know I'm not even a week post op and will take some time to get there. The waiting is hard.

6 dpo. Went in for my first post op appt today and...

6 dpo. Went in for my first post op appt today and got one drain removed. I'm not draining much in the other one but they don't remove both at the same time so I can go in Friday to get the other removed. Removing the drain did not hurt at all. I braced myself and it just felt funny. No pain at all. Waking more upright but still just slightly hunched. Just walking takes so much out of you. Anyway on a side note I just sneezed. Omg I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. I didnt brace myself. I haven't sneezed since surgery and forgot that it would hurt. Oh goodness that was painful. I hope I didn't pop an internal stitch.

10 DPO went to my 2nd PO appt today and got the...

10 DPO went to my 2nd PO appt today and got the 2nd drain removed. Talk about liberation. I swear I came out of my PS's office standing and walking straighter. I feel so much better. But of course, I am swelling more tonight. I am more swollen tonight than I have been and obviously it's b/c the drains are gone. I didn't understand what swell hell was but I think I am beginning to see. Anyway, steri strips came off. Scar doesn't look too bad. I have a small vertical scar as my PS said b/c of my belly button, I guess it is. I had a choice of a higher scar line or lower with a small vertical scar. Honestly, I've seen other pics from other reviewers and it's not bad at all. Don't be scared of a vertical scar. It will fade and my PS said it will look like a small stretch mark later. Overall, I am happy with my results. I could do without the swelling. The nurse made up a tube sock looking thing to place between my breasts to make sure they are not too close together. Anyone else experience this. Apparently, I have soft tissue around my sternum and can't have an space between my breasts. Some women like 1-2 finger width there for cleavage but my PS said I won't have any due to my soft tissue. Anyway, so I have to wear this vertical make shift thingee in between my breasts for 4 weeks until my next post op. I guess it's working already b/c my breasts are more sore tonight than they have ever been. I'm sure this thing is going to be nasty and sweaty and gross by the end of the 4 weeks. I'm in Texas and it's still hot here. I sweat a lot. Ick.

11dpo - I added a few more pics from this morning....

11dpo - I added a few more pics from this morning. Less swelling and a shot of my breasts. I never had a gap between my breasts and my PS said I have soft tissue where my sternum is so I won't have a 1-2 finger gap like many women do. At my post op yesterday they gave me something to wear in my bra between my breasts to keep them separated. I'm guessing to make sure they don't get too close or they don't want me to develop symmastia?? Anyway, do you think they are too close together? My dh says I have a small frame and with my breasts and implants they are going to naturally be close. What do you think??

Can't believe it's only been 2 weeks ago since my...

Can't believe it's only been 2 weeks ago since my surgery. I am doing almost everything I was before except heavy lifting and exercising. I can pretty much stand up straight but it does take effort. By the end of the day I am a little hunched over. My abs feel very tight still which is a good thing, I suppose LOL. I'm sleeping flat in my bed now. I have an adjustable bed so I slept in that from day one as I could elevate my head and back. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed from the beginning. But now it's flat and dh is sleeping with me again. It's not completely comfortable as my abs are still tight. But I am a side sleeper and sleep gently on my sides now. I had a hard time getting comfy sleeping elevated and on my back all the time. I'm sure getting comfy in bed will take a while. Will have another post-op appt this Friday and will see my PS this time. I have not seen him since surgery for some weird reason. Probably b/c he is only at the office I drive to once a week and his main office is much farther for me to drive so we miss each other. Anyway, just slightly concerned about my breasts being so close but I am sure once they drop (they are still high and swollen) they will be fine. I am very pleased overall with everything. The surgery was so much easier than I expected.

Forgot to mention that the boobs have been pretty...

Forgot to mention that the boobs have been pretty sore lately. Not painful but very sore and tender. Since the tummy pain is gone I guess it's more noticeable. Anyway taking Aleve helps.

21 days post op and doing great! I feel good and...

21 days post op and doing great! I feel good and my abs are feeling stronger. When I sneeze it doesn't feel like my abs are on fire anymore. Yay!! I am sleeping in my bed but not entirely comfortable. Probably due to boobs too. I am a tummy sleeper and it'll be a while before I can do that. Pretty much back to normal except no exercise or heavy lifting. Boobs are dropping a little and softer but they are still so sensitive!! They don't hurt but they are sore like a sunburn when anything brushes against them and my nipples are so sore and sensitive, When I am at the grocery store and it's cold, they hurt! Anyone else experience this? LOL. Enjoying my new boobs and how they look in my tops. =) I still have swelling but it's not awful. I didn't have a lot of output when I got my drains out so maybe I don't have as much swelling. I had maybe 7 cc's when I got my last drain out at 10 days post op. But I do still swell esp at night. Overall very happy with my results and my progress. My ps's office has been very attentive and the staff is amazing. I would recommend them to anyone.

I've been obsessing over which control garment to...

I've been obsessing over which control garment to get for when my dr gives me the green light for something lighter. I've been looking at the different brands and wonder if there is a big difference. Obviously, there is a difference in price so I'd like to save money if I can. Anyway, if anyone is happy with theirs or has a recommendation, please share so I can stop obsessing. LOL.

I thought my TT line was healed up as it was dry...

I thought my TT line was healed up as it was dry and scabbed. But today I noticed a little blood around there as it got onto my clothes. So I put some Neosporin on there and gauze. I took it off tonight to take a shower and it was oozing a little. I took a shower and when that area got wet, the scab around that area got wet and came off and there was white stuff with a gooey consistency there. I put some betadine on it and put gauze over it. I'm gonna call my dr tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else had this problem. And now it looks like that area is open and I can see a separation of the stitch and raw skin under it. I did a search on realself and saw some other people who had this happen and supposedly it heals itself. I just thought it was all healed. =(

I've noticed in changing the gauze today that my...

I've noticed in changing the gauze today that my wound is sticking to the gauze when it's removed. My PS nurse gave me betadine to put on the wound and told me to cover with gauze. I have the non stick kind but it still sticks to the wound when I remove it. I'm wondering if this will prolong the healing since it's pulling off tissue. Anyone else come across this problem? I'm kinda bummed I'm having to deal with this. I thought all the healing was going so well and now this. =( I"ve read lots of spitting stitches and apparently they are most common at 3-8 weeks post op. Ugh, I feel others under my breast. I don't want all these open sores everywhere. I hate changing the gauze and the tape to hold the gauze is irritating my skin from having it on for days. Okay, whine over.

I guess not everyone experiences these spitting...

I guess not everyone experiences these spitting stitches but man, they are a nuisance. The one I had is healing slowly but I found another one on my belly button and pulled the stitch out myself with tweezers and there is a small hole there now. I hate having to cover all these spots in gauze everyday. My skin is getting irritated from the tape now. Can we fast forward to 3 months post op now?? But on the flip side, my swelling is much better than it was last week. I can tell a difference. But at the end of the day I can still see some around the incision. And I cannot wait to get back to the gym. I can tell I am losing muscle daily. I am eating too many snacks and sweets and not burning any calories. =(

6.5 weeks post op... still have some swelling at...

6.5 weeks post op... still have some swelling at night. I've been cleared to exercise lightly. I started walking on the treadmill at the gym and I noticed a lot of swelling that night. Can't wait to start running and doing classes again. It still hurts a little to sneeze. I had muscle repair so maybe that's why. My abs are just a little sore still. Open wound from spitting stitch is closing very slowly. It's been over a month but it was pretty big. So ready for that to be over. Otherwise, doing pretty good. Still wearing the CG as per my PS. No spanx for me yet. Boobs are dropping and fluffing nicely. Happy with the size. No one can really tell I had anything done. Although several people have asked me this week if I have lost weight and if I work out. =) I'm not sure what to say. One was a friend/neighbor and I told her about the TT and BA. The other I just said I did exercise, which I do. But I feel a little weird, like I'm lying or have a secret LOLOL. Anyway, it made me feel good.

7 weeks post op... been cleared for exercise but...

7 weeks post op... been cleared for exercise but advised to take it slow. I went to the gym last week and got to walk on the treadmill fo about 30 minutes. I so badly wanted to run. I miss running. Sounds crazy, I know. But I really do. So I want to go to the gym tomorrow and try. I had muscle repair and I'm not sure if that matters. But my stomach muscles are getting stronger daily but not sure if I am ready. I need to update my pictures and will as soon as my open sore (spitting stitch) is completely healed. It was big so it's taking a while to heal.

Just wanted to update on the breasts. At 7 weeks...

Just wanted to update on the breasts. At 7 weeks post op they finally feel normal. They are no longer sore and tender and achy. They have dropped and look good. I think they look natural. I will post pics soon. Promise. My PS said I could wear an underwire and I wore one this week. Kinda uncomfortable so I'm still wearing my Genie bra, which I love. Supportive enough and no wires. I'm doing scar therapy. My PS recommended Biocorneum. It's pricey!! I hope it helps. I have been using it about 2 weeks now twice a day and I can tell a slight difference. It should last a long time though b/c a little goes a long way.

So, I've been pretty happy with my results so far...

So, I've been pretty happy with my results so far aside from open sores from spitting stitches. But one thing that has been bothering me a little is my belly button. It just looks weird. I've seen many women here whose BB's looked fine days after surgery but here I am at almost 2 months post op and my BB still doesn't look normal. I know every PS does them differently and my PS's after pics look fine of his other patients. Anyway, so last time I saw him a few weeks back, he said it has swelling and told me I could try a marble. So I had been using gauze as he told me and didn't have any marbles around. I just kinda forgot about it. 2 days ago I was at Toys R Us and remembered to get some glass marbles. So I cleaned it well and put one in there and taped it up. 2 days later... big difference. It's starting to look "normal". I will try to take some pics tomorrow. Anyway, I had also read about this trick on the Internet. So, just FYI for you ladies who might need to try this. It does help. Now, what to do with the other 11 marbles that came in the pack. =)

Went for my first post op run on Sunday and it was...

Went for my first post op run on Sunday and it was great. I expected to be able to do a mile at the most and ran for 2 miles. I could have gone longer but I thought I should take it easy. It felt so good. I had on a good jog bra for support and my new boobs were fine. No soreness at all. My stomach didn't tighten up at all or feel weird. I had on my compression garment, the one from my PS so I think that helped a lot. I am so glad to be back to running. Thanks for all the support of my fellow runners out there. =)

So I had my 2 mo post op appointment on Friday and...

So I had my 2 mo post op appointment on Friday and I've been using BioCorneum for about 3-4 weeks now and see no difference. That stuff is expensive so I better start seeing some results soon. Anyway, at my appt my PS told me he found out a little trick that might help. He said he had a patient who used her Clarisonic facial cleanser on her scar for the massage aspect. She did it b/c it felt good and after a while she noticed it was improving her scar. So he said to start using it on my scars. I already have one so I'm doing it twice a day before I apply my BioCorneum. I hope it helps!! Maybe this will help someone else too.

I have had a few stitches that opened or spit and...

I have had a few stitches that opened or spit and today I have another one. Even after 3 mos and along my tt scar where it was fully healed. It's annoying but I'm glad I was able to get it out myself with tweezers so I didn't have to go in. My PS is an hour away. I have had quite a few and noticed an area along my tt scar that would hurt when I'd massage there. I thought I heard a popping sound there last week. Anyway, it started to get red and irritated. I could see it was maybe bleeding under the skin. I figured it might be a spitting stitch or a stitch that hadn't dissolved yet. I am prone to get these. I have gotten used to them. At first I couldn't even look when the nurse would look for them and try to remove them. But now I can do them myself. The area under the scar was red and I noticed the skin on top of the scar was flaking and peeling and red. I peeled away the skin and it was open. I pushed on it to see if I could see the stitch. I couldn't. So I got some tweezers and cleaned them well with hot water and soap. I found the culprit and pulled it out. It doesn't hurt at all b/c the area is still so numb. Anyway, it was a knotted piece. When you find them and squeeze them, they dissolve and turn to dust. Anyway, I'm just detailing this in case anyone else has this happen. So, it should heal up soon. I covered it some manuka honey and gauze.

I am 4 months post op and doing well. My spitting...

I am 4 months post op and doing well. My spitting stitches have healed and hopefully I am done with those. I have less and less swelling weekly so I am thrilled about that. Although the area around my belly button is swollen maybe b/c I had tightening of the muscles done there. My scars are still red and I've been pretty consistently using BioCorneum. Might need to try some silicone strips later. No longer wearing a CG. My breasts look nice and very natural. Happy with those. I will need a scar revision per my PS as I had a pretty big hole in the center where I have my T incision when I had a spitting stitch there. So he said we will talk about that around 6 mos post op. Hopefully, that won't hurt.

I'll be 5 mos post op next week. I had a follow...

I'll be 5 mos post op next week. I had a follow up with my PS today. Things are looking better. After all my spitting stitches and swelling, I feel like I'm on my way! My boobs look good and my PS is happy with the way things look. My scars are a little red but I'm Asian and my PS told me that I will have a tendency to have more issues with scarring. The scars on the side by my waist and pretty light but towards the center they are redder and darker. So, he gave me some steroid shots along the scar line, Kenalog. He lied when he said it wouldn't hurt LOL. Um, yeah. It stings and burns. Some areas are still pretty numb and I didn't feel those much. But some areas hurt like heck. Anyway, he said I may need 3 treatments of it total. So, things are better. I am just happy that I have no more spitting stitches. Those were the thorn in my side. Such a pain. Hope this helps some of you who are struggling still. It will be worth it once you get farther along and your body has healed more. Good luck.

4/17/13 Things are going well. I had my 3rd and...

4/17/13 Things are going well. I had my 3rd and final steroid shots for my TT scar. Breasts look great but my scar is not looking so good. It's dark and I had a couple of open places (spitting stitches) and those caused the scar to heal darker and larger than the rest of my TT scar. I will see my PS at my next appt in a few weeks so we will see what he says. I am Asian so we tend to have darker scars but mine seem pretty dark compared to others I've seen. At my last appt, my nurse mentioned being IV sedated as an option b/c just local anesthesia can be a little painful for some, she said. She said someone would email me a quote. So I'm wondering for those who had scar revision, was it part of your total price or did you have to pay for it??? I don't know if the quote she is sending is just for the IV sedation or to have a revision period? Seems like it should be part of the price for the surgery. But I don't know. I guess I assumed it was. And please share what the revision was like if you can. Thanks.

Spoke to someone at my PS office today and I asked...

Spoke to someone at my PS office today and I asked some questions about what I'll have to pay for my revision. She said no dr fees but possibly might have to pay "supply fees" which could be around $500. Ugh. Seriously, might not even do it then. I figured it would be covered. Anyway, just wondering what is the "norm" with others when it comes to revisions. What did you have to pay? My patient coordinator will call me back tomorrow so I'll know for sure tomorrow. We will see.

My PS agreed at my last post op appt that scar...

My PS agreed at my last post op appt that scar revision would benefit me. I had 3 rounds of steroid shots already and the areas where I had open wounds due to spitting stitches are dark and raised. So, I went in today to get my scar revision surgery. I was nervous b/c who likes needles and I would be awake the whole time. It's just done under local anesthesia. Honestly, it wasn't bad at all. Some areas of my stomach are still numb from the TT so it didn't hurt too badly getting all the local anesthesia. I had about 10-15 injections and after the first round, some areas weren't numb enough so I got some more. Yay for local anesthesia!! After that, it was all fine. Didn't feel anything. Just some pulling from stitches. It took about 30 minutes and it was done. He fixed the area around the T where the scar was dark and even fixed the vertical scar b/c it's a little wide. We chatted casually while he worked. And the nurse was so nice and held my hand b/c I was nervous. Dr. Basu's staff is just so great! Anyway, will post pics after I get the stitches out in 2 weeks.

One week after my scar revision and it looks great!

Just had my bandages taken off after a week from having my scar revision. My scar is pencil thin and looks great! I have stitches taken in another week. Will snap some pics when I have the stitches taken out. I'm very happy I decided to do this.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I read lots of great reviews on realself.com and decided to see for myself. I also went on another consultation and Dr. Basu's office blew the other place out of the water. Elizabeth, my patient coordinator, was amazing with answering my questions and following up. The nurses and staff have been great. From the beginning to surgery to follow up care, they have been great and always make me feel cared for. I would recommend Dr. Basu to anyone who is interested in having a TT and BA done.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your story is awesome! You look fabulous! I picked dr basu too! :) an I read your good review On him! I have a Pre op next Monday with him but felt so comfortable at the consultation as well! I'm having breast implants but don't wanna go to big either I'm 5'3 100 pounds an he said a c cup would be good! Can't believe it' never thought I'd do this surgery is June 27th! You have giving me more hope for a good outcome! Thankyou
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Congrats on a successful revision!
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Thank you Sunsets!
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Your vertical scar and mine are so similar, I'm glad I have that small vertical scar vs a higher scar. Thank you for posting your updates. You look fantastic! Your stomach looks so flat! I'm jealous. :)
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LOL, you still have a ways to go with swelling so it will get flatter.
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Glad it wasn't so bad for you:) now, you just concentrate with healing well :)
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Thanks LLLL. I appreciate the support. Will post pics after the bandages comes off.
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Thank you for sharing you story. I have two huge sports on my TT incision that are really bad with spitting sutures. I cover with gauze and they two get stuck to my incision and hurts so bad when i take it off. Any tips? should i shower with gauze? or remove it before the shower. Also how long did it take them to heal?
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They may take weeks to fully heal depending on how big they are. I used Vaseline with gauze so they didn't stick but I'd check with your PS to be sure. You can search for wound care on the Internet too.
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Hi! I'm asian too, and my PS did have this talk with me about wound healing and how we can be form keloids, be hyperthropic or hyperpigmented. I guess, there's nothing we can do about that :( and I also have the scar split open with after it was healed. that area has healed back but the area is still so red. But I'm only 6 weeks PO, so I'm hoping it will go down. As for scar revision, I did it before under LA for another non related emergency ward scar that healed badly. My scars are about 12-13cm long (i've got 2) I did it sitting at his clinic treatment room and it did not hurt 1 bit. the most painful part is the LA injection.. thereafter, numbing bliss..
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Thanks for the feedback about the scar revision. I looked at your pics. OMG, you have such a small waist. You look great!! Yes, I guess we are doomed to bad scars. Are you using anything for scar therapy? I found the silicone strips helped some. Good luck!
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wow I just saw my own comment and am disgusted with the bad English :( sorry if you had problems understanding. :( oh yea, If i were to do a scar revision of my tuck, it would be 'free' but i would still have to pay for the facilities fee... which works out to be about S$300. After reading your comment, I immediately put on my silicone strips. I had them for some time but never got around to putting them on. And, from previous experiences with the strips, I prefer mepiform as compared to ScarFx and the least preferred is the CicaCare. It keeps falling off. and how's it supposed to work if it doesn't even stay on?
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Hi HTown-I am now about 7 months post op as well and having scar revision next week-a bit of lipo on the right hip at the end of the TT incision. where there is a slight fat pocket, and directly below my BB, where the scar is a bit more vertical than my PS likes, but it doesnt show in a bikini or anything. Both places will have stitches and I will do it in the office, with no extra expense, as scar revision is included in the initial costs. I am not sure if your revision is more extensive then maybe being sedated is more appropriate. My PS said any revisions made are done without charge. Good luck!
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Are you having to pay a "supply" fee? The nurse I just spoke to said I may have to pay for that if anything. A suture pack is about $500. Hmm, anyone else? The coordinator is going to get back to me about this but does this sound right?
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SoCalMM, just checking to see how the revision went? Hope things improve and get better!
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Hi HTown-i went in today for my appt., but ended up not doing it because I was not made aware that I wasn't supposed to take any type of aspirin or advil this week and I had actually taken quite a bit this past week, much more than usual, when I wasn't feeling well, so we rescheduled for this Monday the 29th to reduce the small risk of unnecessary bruising and bleeding from the Advil that stays in your system for 10 days and could effect the results ofbthe revision. If i have a chance I will post a picture since it has been so long since I have updated. Have you scheduled anything yet?
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How did the revision go? Wow, didn't know about the Advil either. Good to know. I may have a small revision done next week and if not, the end of the summer. Hope yours went well!!
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But if I had to go to the surgical center to get it fixed I would of had to pay them just not his fee. Luckily I can get mine done in his office.
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I am having touch up lipo and my ps is doing it for free- he said if there is anything I don't like he will fix it. 
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Thank you for your response. I have not gotten a quote yet so I don't know if they are asking me to pay for the procedure or just the sedation, if I want that option.
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Hi HTown Mom! How is your belly button scar doing? I was just at Dr. Basu's office last week and he put the steriod shot into my bellybutton scar because it is pretty red and was starting to get kind of thick. I'm not as worried about the big scar, because I can cover it with a bathing suit, but the bellybutton scar is going to look wierd in a couple of months on my vacation to the Dominican! I wish the belly button scar wasn't so prominent. Anyway, how is yours doing? Are the scar away strips working? I just bought BioCorneum last week, and have been applying it and massaging since I got the steroid shot and it seems to be getting less tough or thick around my bb.
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Hi HTownMof3-It has been so long since I have posted or updated my review, but wanted to ask you about silicone strips. I am 4 1/2 months PO now and have been, according to my PS, using Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Bleaching & Corrector Cream first, then BioCorneum after on my TT and BA incision sites and it seems like I am not really seeing much of a difference. Have you noticed a change since you switched? I am thinking that maybe I should try something else. Also, could you recommend a site to order the silicone strips? Thanks!
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I just put the strips on yesterday so I can't say yet if they are working. My PS just said to get the drugstore ones not the $90 ones online. I bought ScarAway. Will report after a month or so.
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Sorry, didn't see your comments either until today. I used BioCorneum and didn't see any results. Waste of $150! Then my PS suggested I use silicone strips. I picked up some ScarAway from the drugstore and have noticed a difference in 2 weeks. The redness is still there but the scar is getting flatter and smoother. I just ordered the ScarAway for tummy scars. They are long and wide strips. HTH.
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Thanks so much for your update. You look fantastic!! I'm a little over 2 weeks and am just starting to see spitting stitches. I'm also Asian and was going to purchase biocorneum for my scars as well. How is that going for you? Happy healing and I hope you're able to get your scar revised to your satisfaction.
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