Having Tummy Tuck,breast Lift,implants,lipo on Neck,arms ,back,hips and Thighs. - Houston, TX

Surgery is Suppose to Be 7 Hours 45 Minutes. What...

Surgery is Suppose to Be 7 Hours 45 Minutes. What are some of the times of others? Has anyone had this much done at once? My doctor said it is safe.I have never been put under.I am very scared.The surgery is scheduled for Jan 14th. I am 35 years old 155 pounds i work out regulary and have lost 40 pounds in the last year.I dont smoke or drink and eat healthy so my doctor says it is okay to do it all but i am still nervous so much that i get anxiety attacks when i think of it.I also have a mitral valve prolapse but he says that shouldnt affect anything.Does anyone else have this?Sorry for the overload..

Sorry just read my post again. My main questions...

Sorry just read my post again. My main questions was what is the normal length of time that most women have for this type of surgery? Do most do all together?

I decided to go ahead and split the surgeries in...

I decided to go ahead and split the surgeries in half. Still scheduled for the 14th.Still trying to decide which to do first.And still scared as can be. Kids are scared and dont want me to do it.So much pressure.

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Hi Houston,

Being nervous is totally normal!   I see that you have decided to break up the surgery into two sessions.  I really think that is a great idea...personally.   I think the anesthesia part would be fine but the recovery would be terrible.   That is a ton of trauma to put your body under at one time. 

Personally I would do the tummy and breasts first and then the lipo in a second surgery.  I just know how painful the tummy tuck recovery was for myself and could not imagine having all of that done together. 

I am sure you are in really good hands with your surgeon and do not have anything to worry about there. 

If you were having lipo done on just one area that might be a different story but 5 areas is a lot. 

I had my breasts done first and then the second surgery was the tummy tuck and very light lipo on the outer thighs and hips. 

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your before and after pictures.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Congratulations on taking this step to make yourself feel better.  You deserve it :)  I can tell you that this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  It gave me a very big confidence boost and made me extremely happy.   Glad I did it and would do it all over again if necessary.
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usually doctor recommend no more than 6 hours under general anesthesia, I think it was very wise of you to separate the surgery, I'm going under for 5 1/2 hours and I'm nervous as hell so your not the only one who feels this way. good luck:)
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It's completely normal to be scared so don't worry. We're all here for you when you feel like you might lose your mind. :)

How old are your kids? It might sound like a lot to them at first but it's amazing how resilient kids are... much better than us at dealing with things, I think. ;)

Good luck with your surgery!

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They are 16,11,7.. What have u had done
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Those are good ages. Hopefully the older one will be able to help you out? :)

I haven't had anything done, though I may need it after I get down to my goal weight. :)

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Hey, have you decided to do all that at one time?
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Actually when I wrote this it was already planned for jan 14th to do it all. I called to go ahead and cut it in half and then talked myself into doing it all together again..lol..I know the doctor and staff think I am crazy by now.. I do feel like I am losing my mind. I am getting TT , Breast lift and inplants and smart lipo on bra area,arms,chin,hips and thighs. I have read some that say it is safe to do all then others say not to. I am so confused right now. My doctor said that my health is good and it will be ok. I need to trust God... So as of right now yes it is scheduled for all..
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I can totally understand your turmoil. I would be feeling the exact same way!

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My doctor only recommended that I undergo the full TT, breast lift/implants and lipo of the flanks in one surgery. He recommended that I have a little more lipo done at a later date but that it would be too much trauma on the body to do it all at once. But like others have said, I would quickly ask another doctor if that amount of work is safely recommended at one time.

Good luck and I hope everything goes great for you. Remember, the pain goes away!!
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Hi there,

I was just reading your question over in the Mommy Makeover Q&A about your long surgery and Mitral Valve Prolapse. It sounds like you got some great doctor's answers. I hope you'll get more input from the ladies over here...

Wondering what the longest mommy makeover surgery is of the women in the this group?

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Hi Houston. What procedures are u having? I had a full TT, breast lift and aug, and lipo of thighs, flanks, knees. My PS blocked surgery for 6 hours and did it about 5.5
Are you planning on staying overnight in the hospital? Initially I threw around the idea of a thigh lift too, but he recommended it be a separate surgery or a definite overnight.
I can sympathize with your anxious feelings...I felt the same way. You have come to the right place. Read some of the other reviews and ask lots of questions! We are here for you!
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Just saw the header..lol..that is a lot! Try posting that question or looking through the Q& A ....they are answered by docs so it helps to get some different opinions.
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