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I am 25 yrs old, and I struggled losing certain...

I am 25 yrs old, and I struggled losing certain areas of fat my body was so graciously storing for me. I exercise at least 3 times a week, and my 3 boys keep me pretty active. I decided that lipo was the best thing for me to get rid of the areas I did not like. My husband of course told me I was beautiful the way I was, but as a woman, I want to feel good about the way I look in the mirror!

I had my surgery done on 11/11/11. I had my Abs/Love Handles/Back/Inner & Outer thighs done at the same time.

The day I had my surgery (friday), I went home and my husband stayed by my side the entire day! Of course I was in bed asleep for most of it, felt very little discomfort if any. I do not handle pain very well, so I made sure I had my meds on time every time!! I drank lots of water when I was awake, and having a straw really helps! I of course had to use the restroom quite frequently and my husband had to assist me, but we got through the first day!! I did vomit twice this day, but I felt it was from the anesthetic from the hospital.

Day 1 Saturday
I woke up feel very sore everywhere! Even in places I did not have the lipo. My doctor had let my husband know he wanted me up and moving around as soon as possible so my husband loaded me and the kids up, and the plan was to walk for about 2 hours. We made it about an hour, and my body was just way to sore to go any longer, so we headed back home. The walk was not bad at all, and it actually seemed to loosen up my body, but it was sore. I took my first pain pill after the walk, and then my first sponge bath. My husband(did I mention he was a HUGE asset)hand washed my garment, and then dried it with my hair dryer so I could put it back on ASAP! My sponge bath went very well, however the marker would not come off when I tried to wash it off! My stitches will dissolve, and they have a tape over them, but I was expecting some ooozing, or bleeding coming out of them, which I had none of on day 2!!

Day 2 (Sunday)
I slept in on sunday thought I may have over exerted myself on saturday, but once I was up and out of bed, I was fine. Of course I was still sore, felt as if I went to the gym and had one really good workout, but after moving around a bit in the house, I was fine. Still taking my pain meds, but cut the dose from 2 pills to only 1. Today I feel a little pulling on my inner thighs, but not bad. If I move wrong I can feel a bit of pulling. Overall Sunday was a good day.

I went to take my sponge bath, and told my husband I was fine and could do it by myself, so he did not assist this time. I took my garment off, gave myself my sponge bath, and as I was drying off, I felt very dizzy, nauseous, and I grabbed the bathroom counter and hit the floor on my knees. Felt as if I were going to pass out...Very strange because I was moving so slowly, no sudden movements, nothing weird, it just hit me. Not sure why, but I called for my husband and he helped me lay down in the bed with a bucket next to me in the event I were to vomit. I laid on my back for about 5-8 min and was fine. My husband washed my garment by hand again, and dried it again, and helped me put it on! I stayed in bed the rest of the night.

Day 3 (Monday)
Feeling so much better this day! Still sore, but nothing like I had been! I only took one pain pill during the day, and then one to help me sleep so I didn't toss and turn!

Day 4 (Tuesday)
My first day back at work! I work in an office environment, so not a strenuous job. A lot of up and down out of my seat, but tolerable. The worst part of today was driving my standard. And the fact that I have an incision right below each butt cheek, so up and down today really bothered them.

Day 5 (Wednesday...TODAY!)
Still pretty sore, not real bad, but when I move in certain ways, it hurts. Like I just worked out to hard at the gym.

I still have certain areas of my body that are numb to the touch, my incision areas are still covered with the original tape, and my stitches are itching me like crazy! The garment could be down past my knees just for comfort, but overall pretty comfortable. I am glad to get out of it but just as happy to put it back on.

I did get a little discouraged the other day, because even though I was not having this procedure done for weight loss, I did assume that I would have lost weight, but I jumped on the scale and to my surprise, found I weigh more now b/c of all the fluids in my body still. I'm hopeful, and trying not to expect too much too soon, it hasn't even been a full week yet, so keeping my head held high! So far I like what I see!!

I did stop eating sodium/salt 2 wks before my surgery date, and also started on Bromelain w/ Quercetin 1 wk before surgery date. I am currently still taking the Bromelain & Arnica that I purchased from the Doctor. It seems to be helping with the swelling and bruising! I am currently on a strict little/no sodium in my foods. Just to help with the swelling!

This is my story so far, Hope this helps someone! Pictures will come when I have some after photos!! Thanks for reading!

I go in for my first follow up tomorrow. I still...

I go in for my first follow up tomorrow. I still have some numbness in my back & outer thigh area, but this morning, I woke up and I always rub the areas that are numb just to see if they have come around yet, and this morning one area of my back is no longer numb, and boy 'o' boy I felt the pain. A little worse today, but I think I may have over done myself yesterday at work.

My stitches still itch like crazy, and the incisions under each butt cheek hurt every time I stand or sit. No happy medium! ugh. Oh well.

What women do to Feel Beautiful!

2nd follow up today. Dr. removed the tape from my...

2nd follow up today. Dr. removed the tape from my incisions and i'm healing very well. Dr. told me not to start buying new clothes yet ... said I haven't started shrinking yet.

Above my pubic bone, where I had 3 incisions, I am swollen and hard by the end of the day, doc said that was normal.

I am also experiencing sharp little pains, like a tiny bee sting, in random places where I had lipo, at random times. Very brief, but it's annoying!! Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm still very stiff after sitting or laying down, strong pulling sensation on my muscles when I first stand, but I do realize i'm healing..Not a lot of fun I must say.

Otherwise doing very well!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

The Dr. and staff are amazing! I thought about having a second opinion since this was my first consultation ever, but I enjoyed them so much, and felt very confident in the Dr., that I stayed put. :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Can you please post some pics? And how much weight was taken off?
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thanks beautiful me! I am getting a BA and lipo of the flanks and tummy. I was getting consults for a mommy makeover, but none of the PS wanted to do it on me because of the size of the scar and age, but Dr. V seems to think he can get some good results through lipo... we will see! I read a lot of reviews saying that lipo hurt more than the BA, which is kinda scary, but I am ready!
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Good Luck! He is great! I will say I wasn't nervous until I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital...then the anxiety hit hard! When they took me back to prep me, and all the nurses come up and ask the same questions over and over and then I felt really scared! I almost talked myself out of it, but when they started to wheel me back to the operating room, I remember going through a set of doors, and then waking up with a nurse getting me dressed!

I'm really glad I went through with the surgery! Lipo feels like you worked out extremely hard at the gym, little bit of actual pain, but mostly soreness. I took the pain meds, but for the most part i'm fine. The swelling is a little concerning...but it's normal.
I wish you luck! If they request you get the Bromelain & Arnica I would highly recommend it. I purchased the small set which was $40 but since you are having a BA as well, you might need the larger set! Keep me updated...What areas are you have Lipo??
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I am having BA and lipo with dr. V on January 5th.. I am soo excited!!! (and scared!)
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My post op went well. I forgot to ask how much he removed, but he said everything looks good, and that I have NOT started to shrink yet! I started taking the Bromelain 1 week before surgery, 2 pills 3 times a day. And then after surgery I stayed with it but also started on Arnica. My Bromelain is out & I do not believe I will be buying more, but I'm still taking the Arnica & will most likely be taking it for another month.

I do still have numbness where my love handles used to be! Not real bad, but it's numb...also on my outer thighs. Most of my bruising on the side of my ribs went away, never had any real bruising on my tummy, but my thighs are still pretty bruised. Especially behind my knees as yours is!

I started massaging and it makes it feels wonderful!

I have been back to work for a little over a week now, and I still have a hard time getting up because i'm so stiff! After warming up, i'm fine, but it's the initial standing up and the first few steps! Bending over is still a task for me. As far as sitting down, my stitches no longer hurt, so I assume they have started to dissolve. They still have the surgical tape, so I can't see it.

Glad to hear you are doing better. How is the tightness in your thighs doing? Mine is only there if i am in one spot for too long...like sitting or first thing in the morning.
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How was your post op? Do you still have numbness? I do under my buttocks for the most part and little bit in my inner thighs.

My inner knees are still deep purple.

I still keep massaging in the shower in the morning and with lotion at night along with using Bio Oil 2x a day on my scars. Wow is all this time consuming! But hopefully it will all be worth it.

I'm on day 4 w/ Bromelain. I can't tell yet whether its helping or not, but worth a try.

I did go back to work today. It killed me to keep sitting for a little over an hour while I was working with a client. I went and walked around the breakroom table 4 times and went down and up long staircase. That really helped and made me feel better. Sitting down is pretty painful still! I'm still very stiff when I get up from sitting down. Takes about 5 seconds to warm up.
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