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Awesome! I can't believe I am on this side of...

Awesome! I can't believe I am on this side of this message board. I have been reading experiences here for some time, and now I am in the process!

Had mine done yesterday at around 3:00 p.m. for severe acne scars. The doctor put it only 5% down from the highest level. Honestly, hurt more after it was over for about 2 hours (hurt like hell actually) because my face was ablaze, but the procedure itself was tolerable.

After that I had no pain and still don't. I will try to upload pictures for you all and continue to do so throughout this process.

Doctor says it will take 5 rounds for me, one month apart so we will see. My acne scarring is the one thing about myself I would change and I am hoping for good results. I really hate these scars on my face.

Woke up this morning and felt like something was stuck under my eye. It was swelling around my eye socket. Doesn't hurt but looks like it does.

I am very excited and can't believe I am able to post here now! Stay tuned....

BTW: Trying to upload these pics but can't right now. I will get some off my daughter's camera later this morning and post them. I know you all must be curious...I know I was when I used to read this board. :)

Hi Britt!

I just posted again with a lot more pics.

I feel wonderful! I only peeled when I was washing my face and healed very quickly. My doctor gave me PruTect and I know this is why I healed so fast.

I am very excited to see my results and promise to keep everyone up to date here.

My next treatment is May 20th and then once a month up to 5 (possibly 6) treatments.

I have really bad scarring and am trying to show accurate pics as I go along.

So far so good.

Thanks for the welcome!


Thanks Gerb,

Added info is awesome for the community. Yes, please do keep us updated when you go in on the 20th. Enjoy your weekend.



Hi Gerb,

Welcome to the Fraxel community. We too are glad you are on this side of the message board. How's your face feeling today? Do you know if you only need to have the procedure the one time, or are you going to need to go back for more? Yay, thanks for the pictures they are great. Please keep us updated to how the healing goes.

Thanks so much for the review,



I am now at the 8 day mark post fraxel treatment...

I am now at the 8 day mark post fraxel treatment one. It is one of 5 or possibly 6 and I may do fillers if I need them. I had numerous cysts removed in the past several years and some of my facial scars are deep.

The treatment itself didn't hurt that much it was just the next two or three hours your face feels ablaze. After that, no pain at all just have to follow doctors post care instructions.

My doctor prescibed me PruTect which is used on second and third degree burn victims, and skin grafts, other infections etc. I believe this is why I healed so doubt about it.

Had the laser on close to the highest level and the next day I was really swollen and very red. Had it done on Friday afternoon and went back to work on Monday.

I will post some pics here now and be sure to follow up with new ones throughout the process. I hate it when people post one or two and then disappear so I won't do that to anyone who is curious.

I do not have an opinion on Fraxel results so this experience is unbiased!


I heard that the second treatment is when you can really see a difference so I am excited to have it done.

Good to know about the eye swelling! Man...that was where it was the worst. I will have to pile pillows up beside me to keep from rolling over!

How many more treatments do you have?
I have 2 more treatment left my next is June 3. I can tell my eye lid has lifted some since the 2nd treatment (April 15) My face is red and peeling alot this time. But I'm also using OBAGI face products so I think that is making it red and peel more this time. But over all happy can't wait to get the last treatment under my belt
I have had 2 treatment, my face looks fuller, having alot more peeling this time and skin is alot dryer this time. But am happy with the results. I did find out that if you sleep on your back you do not have the swelling under the eyes

I am LOVING the results. I swear now, every day my...

I am LOVING the results. I swear now, every day my skin looks better and better. I have my next treatment on May 20th so will post a review then. I will try to get a pic this weekend and post it here.

The entire texture of my skin is different. Not looking rough and bumpy but smoothing out and looking fresh. I bought Neutrogena Face SPF 110, non-greasy. I love it! Before I was using one that was a lotion and I stayed greasy looking all day. Ug!

So far so wonderful!

This is the morning after my second fraxel...

This is the morning after my second fraxel treatment. I am more red than before, but about the same amount of swelling. The doctor took it up to full blast this time on most of my face. She was almost at the highest level last time, but since I tolerated it so well she decided to really try to get the best results by maximizing the procedure.

One thing that really helped immediately afterwards is the Biafin was applied right after the procedure, and I used it several times yesterday afternoon. It reduces the burning tremendously.

Even though the laser was higher this time, it was easier than the last time because I knew what to expect and the fear of the unknown was gone.

The texture of my skin is entirely different after the first treatment so I will upload pics this afternoon on this treatment so you all can see how it is working.

So far so good! I do not regret this one bit. I am very excited!
Don't do the second treatment! You're killing your skin!!

The long term damage and side effects haven't been studied. Don't do it!

20 days after the 2nd fraxel treatment and I am...

20 days after the 2nd fraxel treatment and I am loving the results so far. I have patches of skin with just smmmoootthhh! My 3rd treatment is in one week. Can hardly wait! Keeping sunscreen applied daily and avoiding the sun. Doing very well!

Okay, I had my third fraxel treatment yesterday....

Okay, I had my third fraxel treatment yesterday. Maximum power on the cheeks (as usual) but upped the power by 5 on the other areas. I am red and really puffy around my eyes and mouth but the new pic does not really show this.

I am tolerating the procedure much better because I know what to expect. I count the passes and know how many I have left in each area. This seems to keep my distracted! Like counting sheep or something..

I will upload more pics later in the week. I am thinking this treatment should yield some real results since it has been two and one half months of start, and three treatments later. We shall see!

Second day after third fraxel treatment. No news,...

Second day after third fraxel treatment. No news, just one pic to show.
Thanks Donna. You have been very helpful and thanks for posting pictures they help too. I will do the same if I decide to have it done Carolyn
Hi there! I would go for it! I do not regret having it done one bit! My face was looking tired, just worn, you know. Now, the entire texture is completely different. My scars so far are about 30% better. I have my last treatment today at noon. She said it takes up to a year for full results of the collagen rebuilding to see 100% what the results are, so I am excited.

Don't be afraid. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Please keep us posted.

And, I will upload a new round of pics this week, and then once a month for a few months afterwards so everyone can see!

Good luck!
Hi Donna,
Just wondered how you like your fraxel resutls and if you have experienced any of bad results simular to the others on this thread. I have a consult today and am not sure I want to have this procedure done after reading all of the bad things that could go wrong. It would be nice to see an updated picture of you now that you have had 3 done. I have to say that the reddness and swelling you had doesn't look so bad in the pictures.

Well, I know I seem like I am sad or something in...

Well, I know I seem like I am sad or something in this pic, but I am actually just swollen all over my face and pretty red. My nose is peeling and my eyes look offset due to the swelling. Not so flattering folks! Anyways, I am very excited that all the treatments are behind me. I have an appointment in a month to see how all this has worked and to see if I might get additional help with the scars that did not heal so well. It is supposed to take 6 months after the last treatment to get full results so I am excited to move forward.

I can see overall good results. I will post side by side pics in a week or so. I can see marked improvements in the scarring and my overall texture of skin is completely different.

Stay tuned for more photos. I hope this blogging has helped others who may be considering this treatment for whatever reason they are choosing. :)

Okay folks....4th and last fraxel treatment day 5....

Okay folks....4th and last fraxel treatment day 5. This one has been a bit rougher than the others. My skin is still really scaley and not smooth. This is me in the raw (with the exception of eyes and lips). Usually on the third week is when I can really start seeing a major difference. My skin starts getting really smooth....but then it is time to go get it done again! I will continue to post pics and do a before and after in a few weeks when more of the collagen has filled in. That's all for now. Thanks for following along!

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Do you mind sharing who you used? Also, did you have other consults? Thanks so much!!
HI there~

What is a fraxel dual treatment? I haven't heard of it.

Thanks for the post.

It is 8 months post fraxel and I am loving the...

It is 8 months post fraxel and I am loving the results! My skin continues to improve and I do not regret having it done one bit. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
OMG, you were even pretty before you had this done! I had Ulthera in Feb and noticed that my skin has lifted (I got about 10 years back) but still have a lot of lines. You've convinced me to have the laser done now....thanks!
I think u look GREAT Gerb00!!!! I want to hv this done but am sooooo confused on all the different types of treatments. Every dr seems to say smthn different. I hv sun damage & wrinkles under my eyes. Is the type of Fraxel u had used for this as well? I don't hv acne or any scars. Did u dr happen to tell u about Deep/Active FX as well? Supposedly u most likely only need one treatment but more down time is necessary. Thx ahead of time for any responses.
Btw, I'm n Houston too & trying to find a dr I can trust.

Someone requested a newer pic. The new one was...

Someone requested a newer pic. The new one was taken yesterday.
Hello, I'm curious to know how you feel almost 1 year and a half after your treatment? Some people are saying that damage did appear after one year. What about your experience? Still happy? Thanks in advance. Regards,
I have a lot of doubts about this review because much of it seems "staged" to me.
Did you find the fraxel evened out those deep lines people get on their necks?
Galveston Dermatologist

She is awesome! So articulate and really caring. Loved her!

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