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Awesome! I can't believe I am on this side of...

Awesome! I can't believe I am on this side of this message board. I have been reading experiences here for some time, and now I am in the process!

Had mine done yesterday at around 3:00 p.m. for severe acne scars. The doctor put it only 5% down from the highest level. Honestly, hurt more after it was over for about 2 hours (hurt like hell actually) because my face was ablaze, but the procedure itself was tolerable.

After that I had no pain and still don't. I will try to upload pictures for you all and continue to do so throughout this process.

Doctor says it will take 5 rounds for me, one month apart so we will see. My acne scarring is the one thing about myself I would change and I am hoping for good results. I really hate these scars on my face.

Woke up this morning and felt like something was stuck under my eye. It was swelling around my eye socket. Doesn't hurt but looks like it does.

I am very excited and can't believe I am able to post here now! Stay tuned....

BTW: Trying to upload these pics but can't right now. I will get some off my daughter's camera later this morning and post them. I know you all must be curious...I know I was when I used to read this board. :)

I am now at the 8 day mark post fraxel treatment...

I am now at the 8 day mark post fraxel treatment one. It is one of 5 or possibly 6 and I may do fillers if I need them. I had numerous cysts removed in the past several years and some of my facial scars are deep.

The treatment itself didn't hurt that much it was just the next two or three hours your face feels ablaze. After that, no pain at all just have to follow doctors post care instructions.

My doctor prescibed me PruTect which is used on second and third degree burn victims, and skin grafts, other infections etc. I believe this is why I healed so doubt about it.

Had the laser on close to the highest level and the next day I was really swollen and very red. Had it done on Friday afternoon and went back to work on Monday.

I will post some pics here now and be sure to follow up with new ones throughout the process. I hate it when people post one or two and then disappear so I won't do that to anyone who is curious.

I do not have an opinion on Fraxel results so this experience is unbiased!


I am LOVING the results. I swear now, every day my...

I am LOVING the results. I swear now, every day my skin looks better and better. I have my next treatment on May 20th so will post a review then. I will try to get a pic this weekend and post it here.

The entire texture of my skin is different. Not looking rough and bumpy but smoothing out and looking fresh. I bought Neutrogena Face SPF 110, non-greasy. I love it! Before I was using one that was a lotion and I stayed greasy looking all day. Ug!

So far so wonderful!

This is the morning after my second fraxel...

This is the morning after my second fraxel treatment. I am more red than before, but about the same amount of swelling. The doctor took it up to full blast this time on most of my face. She was almost at the highest level last time, but since I tolerated it so well she decided to really try to get the best results by maximizing the procedure.

One thing that really helped immediately afterwards is the Biafin was applied right after the procedure, and I used it several times yesterday afternoon. It reduces the burning tremendously.

Even though the laser was higher this time, it was easier than the last time because I knew what to expect and the fear of the unknown was gone.

The texture of my skin is entirely different after the first treatment so I will upload pics this afternoon on this treatment so you all can see how it is working.

So far so good! I do not regret this one bit. I am very excited!

20 days after the 2nd fraxel treatment and I am...

20 days after the 2nd fraxel treatment and I am loving the results so far. I have patches of skin with just smmmoootthhh! My 3rd treatment is in one week. Can hardly wait! Keeping sunscreen applied daily and avoiding the sun. Doing very well!

Okay, I had my third fraxel treatment yesterday....

Okay, I had my third fraxel treatment yesterday. Maximum power on the cheeks (as usual) but upped the power by 5 on the other areas. I am red and really puffy around my eyes and mouth but the new pic does not really show this.

I am tolerating the procedure much better because I know what to expect. I count the passes and know how many I have left in each area. This seems to keep my distracted! Like counting sheep or something..

I will upload more pics later in the week. I am thinking this treatment should yield some real results since it has been two and one half months of start, and three treatments later. We shall see!

Second day after third fraxel treatment. No news,...

Second day after third fraxel treatment. No news, just one pic to show.

Well, I know I seem like I am sad or something in...

Well, I know I seem like I am sad or something in this pic, but I am actually just swollen all over my face and pretty red. My nose is peeling and my eyes look offset due to the swelling. Not so flattering folks! Anyways, I am very excited that all the treatments are behind me. I have an appointment in a month to see how all this has worked and to see if I might get additional help with the scars that did not heal so well. It is supposed to take 6 months after the last treatment to get full results so I am excited to move forward.

I can see overall good results. I will post side by side pics in a week or so. I can see marked improvements in the scarring and my overall texture of skin is completely different.

Stay tuned for more photos. I hope this blogging has helped others who may be considering this treatment for whatever reason they are choosing. :)

Okay folks....4th and last fraxel treatment day 5....

Okay folks....4th and last fraxel treatment day 5. This one has been a bit rougher than the others. My skin is still really scaley and not smooth. This is me in the raw (with the exception of eyes and lips). Usually on the third week is when I can really start seeing a major difference. My skin starts getting really smooth....but then it is time to go get it done again! I will continue to post pics and do a before and after in a few weeks when more of the collagen has filled in. That's all for now. Thanks for following along!

It is 8 months post fraxel and I am loving the...

It is 8 months post fraxel and I am loving the results! My skin continues to improve and I do not regret having it done one bit. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Someone requested a newer pic. The new one was...

Someone requested a newer pic. The new one was taken yesterday.
Galveston Dermatologist

She is awesome! So articulate and really caring. Loved her!

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Hello, I'm curious to know how you feel almost 1 year and a half after your treatment? Some people are saying that damage did appear after one year. What about your experience? Still happy? Thanks in advance. Regards,
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I have a lot of doubts about this review because much of it seems "staged" to me.
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Did you find the fraxel evened out those deep lines people get on their necks?
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I don't know about that because I only had it done on my face. I have seen pics of others who had their neck done and it seemed to work, but I don't know for sure. :)
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I just wanted to say thank you for posting your pictures. I have been on the fence and nervous about doing this but you have given me the courage. I know that everyone's results will be different but you look amazing! I have the dreaded acne scars that I'm trying to improve as well as just awful texture. It have damaged my self esteem more than anyone would know. I hope that this procedure helps me get that confidence that I use to have back. So again, thank you, for showing us what it was like for you. You have not only helped me but others, I am sure.
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Did you have the procedure? I have the same issues you describe with my skin and the resulting embarassment from having these scars on my face.
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Had Ulthera in Feb and one Fraxel in May, I have about 30% improvement in tightening, and guess I got back at least 5 years,which is enough to make it worthwhile. Anyone who has any of these treatments remember to take plenty of Vitamin C afterwards, because this is a main building block of Collagen. It's hard to take too much because it's water based and your body removes the excess. I take about 1,000 to 1,500 mg a day. Protein is important too
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Would be great if you could post the clear and detailed pictures from the clinic 2-3 years after your last treatment. That is generally when the real evidence of Fraxel becomes apparent.
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Two years down the road, I will post a detailed photo! I am not there yet, but will update my review.
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Just saw your pictures. You look great. I can't believe you can go out on day 4 esp after 8 passes! I'm a week out from restore w/4 passes & still staying in. Don't want any sun hitting me at all & I still feel tight. I didn't get blisters til around day 5 & I didn't have peeling unless you call the dark dots coming off peeling. Glad to hear you doing good. Starting to see my scars again but hopefully they won't look as bad as before. I figure around the 2nd or 3rd week I'll know more.Then back again for another! In Aug if the scars still bother me I'll try sculpra.
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I went through that, one a month for 4 months.. I had the Restore Dual Sept to Dec. Now that it's 6months out I figured I can go for more treatments. A few of my scars are deep & I have a lot all over so I need more than just 4 treatments.. I've had so many laser treatmeInts in the past 5 yrs I could have paid for a dam machine by now. I asked both my laser doctors what cream to use & both said to just put a moisturizer on. Any kind that isn't harsh. I thought they would say put a copper peptides or antibiotic but no. Just moisturizer. You'll be fine. Just a little puffy & stuck in a few days. Keep us posted, esp me since I'm stuck in now too!
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Hi Sats & All, had my Fraxel two days ago and posted photos and my story. Doing well, but started the flaking process. Constantly applying aloe and moisturizer. Hope you're doing well too. :-)
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How do you see photos?? I can't find them. One week out from mine. I broke out a bit on my chin & around my mouth. Little blisters. Don't pop them, I did & it made a red bloody spot. Stil healing. My skin is very sensitive & has a tight feeling under it. I get red when i touch it. But it needs still needs to heal. I don't know how people go out a few days after cause I couldn't. I was puffy for a few days. I feel like as soon as I feel good about it it will be time to go back for another. Hope I get some good results after all this. Still have moisturizer on & aloe. It's nice that we all went through this together so when things happen we don't get scared. Roughness is gone. Very smooth but I still see my scars. Time will tell.
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Hi Sats, you'll need to go to my review called "Fraxel in my Forties" my photos are there. I have not had any blisters, only red and peeling. Today is four days post Fraxel. I work out of my home right now, but if I didn't I could have gone in.
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Hi Sats, thanks for updating us. I go in on Monday for my first of four Fraxel Restore treatments. Excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Curious, did the office recommend any particular sunscreen or hydrating lotion for after the procedure?
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Well I did it. I went to the same place Marie1175 went Tampa, Dr Cross! She's so nice. I was glad to hear Marie had good results with her, I'm hoping I do too. Right now I'm puffy & red, actually I like the way I look this time. with the other Restore treatments I would sometimes see lines or spots that were missed. This time my whole face is red, not spotty or white spots. I also got the groupon so it was very reasonable. Keep us posted on your recovery & I will too. I go back on July 12th for my 2nd treatment.
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Got the date wrong, going today at 11. I'll let ya know how it goes. So nervous! Still not sure if she's going to do it since she hasn't seen me yet. Only talked on the phone. I hope if she does it helps. Otherwise I'll try needling on my own & a tca cross for the pitted scars.
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Hey Sats, Did you get your tx on June 9th? How did it go?
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Just wodering, has anyone ever heard of the Palo Via being good for scars? I was reading the reviews & it sounds like it's like a fraxel laser treatment, kinda like needleing that helped some people with their scars. They give you 2 months to try it out. I have the dermaroller but this sounds pretty good too & a lot less then laser treatments & can do it at home.
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Hi Gerb00,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience! This is my first day after fraxel treatment and my cheeks are so swollen still. Its been 22 hours post treatment already and its not improving. But from what I have read here it seems to take atleast 3 days for the swelling to improve. There is also the rough texture and scabbing on my skin. I was given a moisturizer by the clinic that I am applying but also applied some vaseline over it since my skin was feeling very rough, and tense. Hopefully I will see some difference in few more days..
Again it was very encouraging to read your review.
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I had Fraxel Restore Dual 4 x's. He spaced them out a month inbetween. I'm going for Restore on June 9th. I'd like to hear how yours comes out & I'll let you know about mine. I'll be getting 2 treatments this summer.
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Will let you know Sats. Just over a week to go until treatment number one. Hope you're continuing to do well after your first one.
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Your face looks great!! I see a big difference! Im glad it worked out for you :) Does this also work for stretch marks?
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2-3 months*
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Hey, Brad496...the overall texture of my skin is different. It does not look as "tired" as it used to. There is no change in my skin color that I can tell. I am very careful however, about the sun. Avoid it as much as possible and always were strong sunblock when I have to be in it for any length of time...even at that I find some kind of shade.
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